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Monday, 01/30/2012, 02:11 pm

UFC NEWS | Countdown To “UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit” Airs Tomorrow On Fuel TV

Tomorrow, the UFC and FUEL TV are set to air the Countdown to UFC 143 special tomorrow.

Starting at 9 p.m. ET the show will debut tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan 31.) and will replay throughout the week. (check your local listings for replays)
While this weekend’s “UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit” event is also getting the full “UFC Primetime” treatment, that doesn’t mean the typical “Countdown” show has been nixed.

UFC 143 is set to take place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on February 4th. Nick Diaz will face Carlos Condit for the UFC’s interim welterweight title live on pay-per-view.

GSP vs. Condit was originally scheduled for the event until a brash Diaz got into the head of GSP with a variety of insults which eventually prompted the champion to request to face the Stockton fighter, Nick Diaz, as soon as possible in the place of Condit.

Condit was than scheduled to face off with Josh Koscheck and Diaz with GSP in February’s main and co-main UFC 143 featured bouts. However, in this circle of top welterweights nothing ever seems to go as planned.

With the announcement that welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre was injured and out for 10 months Condit was then put in position to face off with Diaz in the main event of UFC 143 for the UFC’s interim welterweight title.

For this first time since Shane Carwin beat Frank Mir at UFC 111 in 2010, the organization is set to put in place an interim title in the champions extended absence. The bout will serve as the first interim title bout in nearly two years.

The lineup for UFC 143 includes:

Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz (for interim welterweight title)
Roy Nelson vs. Fabricio Werdum
Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce
Renan Barao vs. Scott Jorgensen
Ed Herman vs. Clifford Starks

Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier
Jorge Lopez vs. Matt Riddle
Alex Caceres vs. Edwin Figueroa
Matt Brown vs. Chris Cope

Dan Stittgen vs. Stephen Thompson
Rafael Natal vs. Michael Kuiper

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11 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Countdown To “UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit” Airs Tomorrow On Fuel TV”

  1. slacker says:

    I think people are going to be surprised at how often Condit takes Diaz down in this fight. He is going to work a well-balanced strategy of stand – up and ground game. Well, at least that’s what I am thinking. lol

    • big cheese says:

      lol. ur a goon

    • JB Spencer says:

      Well… i would be surprised. Im pretty sure greg jacksons giving condit the same advice as he gave cerrone: do NOT get on the ground with this guy. Stylisticaly, this fight matches up alot like lil diaz v cerrone plus the same coaching staff, so u gota figure gameplan wise this fight should be simular, and yeah, i see it playing out simular also – diaz ud.

      Then again, since that gameplan didnt work out too well for them last time, u mite be right, so who knows, but still diaz ud

      • slacker says:

        Well, you don’t have to keep a guy down after the take-down. You just do it to give your opponent more to think about so that you can be more effective in the stand-up. At the very least, you interrupt Diaz’ flow, because he is a volume puncher. I think it would be a very smart tactic. That being said, I think Condit will get the better of Nick standing with all his different strikes and the power in his hands. I see him tagging Diaz hard the way Daley did and hurting him early. But unlike Daley, Carlos is a finisher and may end it if he gets such an opportunity. Otherwise, I see this being a war of attrition. They have equal reaches at 76 inches, so it will be interesting to see who can gain the upper hand there. Also, it will be interesting to see who has the upper hand in the clinch. If Carlos is the stronger guy, and I think he is, Diaz will be eating some hard knees and elbows up against the fence. I think the power and strength advantage of Condit will be the difference in this fight. It will be a good win.

        • JB Spencer says:

          yeah but thats simular to what everyone said cerrone was gona do to nate and it all seems possible and even likely, but its hard to elbow, knee, push up against the fence… when ur eatn non stop punchs to the face. That rata pat pat stockton slap throws everyone off there game.

          Dont get me wrong, condits in my top five fav fighters, and if it wer anybody else… but diaz wants this a little bit more and i think hes got condits number, plus diaz is ranked afew fighters higher on my top five fav list so hes gotta win.

        • slacker says:

          The big difference here though is they have a dead even reach. Nate had a 3 inch advantage on Cerrone. Diaz had a 6 inch reach advantage on Penn. Diaz has never fought a striker like Condit who not only throws amazing combinations, but throws deadly knees, high and low kicks, front kicks, shin kicks, elbows etc… Diaz leaves his lead leg open to take-downs as he nudges forward to measure his opponent. B.J. and Parillo showed the blueprint for using that against him by taking down that exposed leg. Only problem was, because B.J. is not big enough (more of a natural lightweight), he could only do it once. Condit is big enough and strong enough and will just take him down when necessary, I believe. Diaz has also never fought someone as tough as Condit. Anyways, it will be a great fight. They both have enough tools and possible strategies to beat the other. Could be fight of the year!

  2. jay says:

    Dias is looking past this fight already…hugh mistake taking Condit lightly.

  3. Mike says:

    Cesar Gracie Jujitsu “ALL DAY,” Viva la raza “ALL DAY,” K-Dawg “ALL DAY,” Carne Asada burrito “ALL DAY,” Stockton, California “ALL DAY,” Taco Bell “ALL DAY,” Rap music “ALL DAY,” Marijuana “ALL DAY,” Oscar Dela Hoya “ALL DAY,” low riderz “ALL DAY…”

  4. Luke'sFather says:

    WAR DIACON or CONDIAZ!! both of these guys are in my top 5 as well, i just want to see a good scrap

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