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Monday, 11/14/2011, 04:38 pm

UFC NEWS – Cheick Kongo " I was not in shape for Cain Velasquez"


43 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Cheick Kongo " I was not in shape for Cain Velasquez"”

  1. P R O D I G Y says:

    Stfu Cheick ur nothing without ur groin shots Cain will run ur candy ass around the block again.

  2. brandon thomas says:

    Excuses your a sacred lazy bitch he will eat you anytime you talk shit after he fights and loses also wait tell overeem is standing across the cage and your shiting your shorts when your mouth gets you in trouble like always

  3. Digs says:

    Fishin for a rematch

  4. DOC SANTOS says:

    lol, is full of haters.

  5. Kevin a says:

    ^ agree, doc santos….

  6. mmafactchecker says:

    kongo sucks big time. he was lucky cain didnt put him in hospital. such a shit figher, all he does is knee you to your groin. he got a lucky KO against barry and was shit against mitrione.

  7. mezzanoche says:

    Damn Cain loses a tough fight against the best in the world JDS, and everybody and their dead Grandmother is coming out of the fucking word works talking about…”Yeah, when I fought Cain I was battling the flu, dislocated my knee 2 days prior etc.” lol. I love this sport for multiple reason, but this has to be at the top of my list…the bullshit! Who is next? Big Nog going to come out and say, “Yeah, my mother just died 5 days earlier, my dog died, and my wife wouldn’t give me pleasure for over 5 months, that is why I got KTFO when I fought Cain”

    Stop the bullshit and just fought the fights and move on 😉

  8. marquezwasrobbed says:

    Congo rocks and he showed Mitrione who the better athlete was taking him down whenever he wanted to win the rounds. Cain would likely take him down and gnp him again though. But you never know in mma!

    • ryu says:

      well actually, congo basically avoided contact for 2 rounds and then gotta take down, that mightve been more than a little lucky to win the last round. i was dissapointed in his performance cause ima congo fan, and maybe i expected too much after the barry KO.

  9. Fightclub says:

    I agree, I think Cain would take him out again no problem. Cheick didn’t show much in the Mitrione fight; that shit was boring.

  10. cheap says:

    kongo, what a joke…he took the fight and lost. stop making excuses.

  11. Harry says:

    If congo could stop the takedown, it would be a good fight. He was easily out boxing cain. Of course, we all know he can’t stop the takedown.

    • ryan says:

      cain has evolved, but i completely disagree with your second statement. cain has knocked out one person standing up in all of his fights (which are all TKO’s, except his win against kongo). cain hit kongo with an insane amount of punches but could not knock him out; while every time the fight was on the feet, cain was buckled with a punch by kongo. if kongo HAS improved his takedown defense, he has a CHANCE to beat cain; because as seen in cain’s last fight, he CAN be knocked out.

  12. Mike says:

    All he has to do is land 1 big punch just like JDS did and Cain goes to sleep. Cain is still a big favorite in that fight but all the nut huggers on here need to get a reality check. Its fighting and these guys are some of the best in the world, and anything can happen in a fight. I agree he will probably loose if they fight again but he absolutely has the 1 punch knock out power to put anybody in the world to sleep with a well placed punch. If your too ignorant to realize that then you have obviously never been in the fight game and have no idea of the reality of getting hit on the button.

    • ryu says:

      i think congo’s biggest weakness as a pro mma fighter is that hes a bit too tentative. if he believed more in himself and seized the moment hed have alot better chance at beating big name opponents, and, if nothing else, giving the fans a hell of a fight to watch. i think he wastes his athleticism and talent by being too cautious. dont get me wrong i think its smart to protect ur self and not do anything careless and stupid, but sometimes ur opponent can read ur tense and take advantage. i guess im sayin congo needs to find his flow in there. if he could get his flow going i think hed have a lot more success

  13. mmaislandjunkie says:

    stop jinxing cain already i think u brought him enough bad luck lol!

  14. ryan says:

    u all think kongo was shit in the mitrione fight how was he! mitrione was on a tear destroying every1 i no they were not big names but kongo done what he had to do mitrione has heavy and fast hands and a very good core strength from nfl, i no cain would beat kongo in a rematch but if kongo could stuff more takedowns he could have a chance and kongo has never been knocked out so how does he have a shit chin??/

  15. mick says:

    BJ could beat Cheick

  16. snoop froggy dog says:

    kongo serves his purpose in the UFC AS A stepping stone fighter so we should appreciate his skills until he proves fans otherwise anyway kongo gettin paid!

  17. Creature says:

    If Kongo’s chin wasnt getting worse with every passing fight i honestly think he could be a top HW. Hes got very legit striking skill and has developed some pretty decent wrestling and gnp. But since his chin is starting to go the way of Liddell hes too tentative standing up and has seemed to have lost a lot of his confidence since the Mir loss. If he was a few years younger hed be a top guy, but hes just a mid tier gatekeeper. And i think Cain would dominate him again

  18. Ninjaman says:

    Kongo rocked the living snot out of Cain and because he was not in shape and has no ground skills he lost to Cain. Kongo’s chin is not an issue, the problem is he is getting punched by large powerful heavyweights who on their worst day would do serious damage to all you Kongo haters.

  19. josh says:

    wondering if you guys watched that fight because cain in no way wrecked kongo. How many damn times did Kongo drop him? Cain used his wrestling to win a decision. The fight would prolly go the same way. Cain wont stand with Kongo because he knows his standup isnt close to Kongo’s. So he will just shoot and get another decision victory.

  20. Ninjaman says:

    Kongo has been working hard with Bret the Hitman Hart and his wrestling is seriously improved!

  21. gary says:

    at least kongo not as lazy as bj….bj has a KALBI belly

  22. brandon thomas says:

    Hey Gary talk shit about bj maybe you can blow Congo bitch bj would f ck him up

  23. Long-Strong says:

    a lot of people are saying Kongo and Big Country are going to fight next.

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