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Saturday, 01/14/2012, 09:05 am


Check out BJPENN.COM’s Corissa Furr and Dru breakdown this weekend’s UFC 142 and give their predictions for the main and co-main events of the evening.

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47 Responses to “UFC NEWS – CHECK OUT OUR "UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes" PREDICTIONS WITH BJPENN.COM’s CORISSA FURR (Video)”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    She’s so damn seXXXy it rediculous

  2. Jacob Abisinello says:

    That punch-out shirt is awesome.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Aldo will hurt Mendes’ legs and stuff the take downs. I think Aldo’s gameplan will be about the same as he used against Faber.

    It’s gonna be a very long night or very short fight for Mendes. Aldo wins by decision with Chad Mendes’ legs and ego bruised, or with a KO.

    • Michael says:

      unfortunately I disagree. I think Mendes is going to win the most boring non-fitch fight we’ve ever seen. I also think he will retain the title via extremely boring fights for a very long time, its really a shame but its going to happen. Homminck dominated from the top in the 4th and 5th and Mendes will do the same.

  4. Mo says:

    Jose Aldo will finish Mendes, Johnson will finish Belfort ! Mark my wards Corissa ! BTW, you are beyond beautiful !

  5. GMoney$han says:

    I feel like this card is decently stacked. People just don’t know how vicous barboza is with his muy thai or how freakishly strong and skilled palhares’ jitz is. Plus u got vitor belfort vs anthony johnson, that could be boring but at the same time that could be the sickest fight on the card. Then u got the main event where u got arguably one of the best p4p fighters facing an undefeated wrestling machine in mendes, who is fast as shit and has arguably the best wrestling in mma. This card is making so amped right now, its almost like im gettin ready to fight. Gonna be sick. Oh n also corissa is sooo damn fine n even sexier that she knows her mma :)

  6. J Dub says:

    Why do I wish I was a dog now???? Damn, Spider, you so lucky!!!

  7. Corissa Furr says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Looking forward to the fights this weekend =)

  8. DevonAK86 says:

    Come predict who you think will win at UFC 142 Rio D@DMMA

  9. DevonAK86 says:

    As far as making a prediction for this fight, what it comes down to is can Chad take Aldo down? Mendes is a powerful wretler and uses his skills to domanate other fighters. As good as his wrestling is his strinking is still a work in porogress. Chad will not be the first person to face aldo with the game plan centered on take downs. 4 of Aldos previous opponents tried to take Aldo down and they combined a record of 1 for 35. Aldo has next level take down defense and his is BJJ black belt so if the fight goes to the ground he is far from unprepared. Look for Aldo to use his nasty leg kicks and wicked fast hands with beautiful take down defense.

    Jose Aldo FTW via tko

  10. mmaislandjunkie says:

    i got money on vitor, dont let me down irmão!

  11. bizzle says:

    Vitor and Aldo for the Win..

  12. Corissa Furr says:

    Have you guys gotten FUEL TV yet? I just got it and there’s UFC on like everyday… The only thing that sucks is that they don’t have a HD channel yet

    • Xaninho says:

      No HD? That’s ghetto..So Fuel TV is just a step up from someone standing next to the tv in some weird position, holding the antenna to get the best reception with as little distortion as possible….

  13. Hines ketchup says:

    I have fuel and loving it
    PS: Corissa you are a stunner!

  14. I’m an Aldo fan, but think mendes is going to shock everyone with his explosive TDs! Vitor n Paulo FTW!

  15. Xaninho says:

    Mendes won’t make it past round 2. Aldo will KO the humper.

  16. Mike McMack says:

    Nice picks, I’ve got Aldo for the Main Event since I think he’s in a whole different league then anybody at 145 but Mendes is capable of grinding out a decision.

    You rock Corissa and Dru!

  17. Vern says:

    I’m predominantly a boxing fan when it comes to fighting but I bet on UFC and I agree with the
    girl’s picks. Interesting seeing a female speak relatively intelligently about fighters. Not used to seeing that as women have no involvement with boxing for the most part. At any rate good job your voice isn’t annoying like Erin Andrews and you’re pretty easy on the eyes. Nice shirt man Punch Out is a classic.

  18. Corissa Furr says:

    2 more days guys! Lots of fight of the night candidates. I’m thinking Barboza vs Etim or Belfort vs Johnson(or KO of the night).

  19. Corissa Furr says:

    Wow, who would’ve thought weight would STILL be an issue with Johnson moving up to 185

    • DevonAK86 says:

      Yea this has turned into an even more unpredictable fight with all that has gone on! I still want to believe that Rumble can win but win or lose that man needs to start cutting weight sooner or move to LHW because this is Strike 3! Not sure if Dana will cut him! I also think Anthony needs to be apologetic about the situation instead he rights I DONT GIVE A FUCK!! I will have a better understanding of him in a few hours! FIGHT NIGHT PEOPLE!

    • They need to make a Super HW division for Fat Albert so he can make weight. Plus a rumor of a knee injury with Rumble. I think Vitor will get KO of the night on this one.

  20. nick soule says:

    ok wow these people are stupid, this is a great card, and if ur a hardcore fan then u know all these fights are all gonna be raw, these people only did 2 fights….and these werent even the most exciting fights that happened, and they were totally wrong about anothny johnson.. he missed weight by 12 pounds…….cant beleive bj endorses these pple… must be cus of the hot chick..

  21. Jack says:

    Can’t really blame them! Most people on here are adults, respect should be a part of your life…

    On that note, I’m glad she is doing these videos she is hott

  22. come on Ed – Jack is 100% correct – Corissa and Dru are welcome additions to TEAM PENN….


  23. GRT 3000 says:

    Those pea size things???

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