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Friday, 01/20/2012, 08:07 am

UFC NEWS – Chael Sonnen Is A Failure, Says Bisping

“To be honest Chael Sonnen is a failed partisan and a failed politician. He also failed as being a champion because he had many times in the past to achieve that and didn’t succeed. Honestly, I would have expected something a bit better from him than just calling me Pip. He could have done a hell of a lot better and frankly I’m disappointed. He failed a politician and his first insult was also a failure… I don’t think the words will be going back and forth like other fights because of the short amount of time we have. We were supposed to do the Ultimate Fighter together and that would have probably caused a nice stir of on-screen drama, but we still have a week. I’m sure we will talk some sh*t, but I’m looking forward to the Press Conference to see what he brings to the table. The thing is he thinks he’s going to win and I know that I’m going to win, which makes this fight that much more enjoyable. Sonnen is a world class fighter and with a title shot on the line, what else would you want to see? This is a fight that you don’t want to miss and forget all the trash talk, just watch the fight next Saturday.”

In talking to, Michael “The Count” Bisping gives his best shot at insulting Chael Sonnen in the lead up to their last-minute booking set for next week on FOX TV.

Originally scheduled to face Demian Maia on the card, Bisping now faces off with Chael Sonnen in a number-one contender bout that puts the winner in the cage for the UFC’s middleweight title against Anderson Silva.

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115 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Chael Sonnen Is A Failure, Says Bisping”

  1. Pip says:

    oy, Pip is actually quite hilarious

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      What the heck is a Pip?

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Never say never. I never thought in a million years i would be rooting for spitsping. no way Cheat sonnen deserves another title shot. Sonnen is scum of the earth to me. Being a Real Estate Broker noone I have have ever done business with respects a federally convicted FRAUD Felon like Sonnen and not to mention a lifetime steroid abuser. No no for the sonnen nuthuggers who think his 3400 testosterone level was his only offense. Every coach or teamate person who has ever known Sonnen throughout his life knows its 100% FACT he been shooting up steroids since he was in high school. MMA would be a far better sport without scum like Sonnen. Whats really funny is Sonnen is always talking about wanting to make his deceased father proud. Poor man is probably glad he’s not here to be discraced by a world class cheater-FELON of a son

  2. FunCrusher says:

    This is the only time, and I mean ONLY time I will ever root for u Bisping. With that being said, you are going to get manhandled. Chael is going to take you down, and there is nothing you can do about it. You were preparing for Maia, who does not have an explosive bull rush double leg like Sonnen. Hopefully u can grab an arm or a neck while your down there… you better hope you can before u get rabbit punched to death.

    • spiritsplice says:

      All he has to do is work his triangles and Sonnen will be easy.

      • Tmoney says:

        LMFAO!! Are you serious!? There is NO possible way Bisping can win!!! Work your triangle?? Did you see the Stann fight? Do you know how strong Stann is?! Chael manhandled him! Striking..? Chael outstruck Sylva! You’ve had to many tea and crumpetts boy!!

        • D says:

          I forgot who won the silva Phael fight, oh thats right silva did. Pull sonnens d@ck out ur mouth so u can see what’s actually goin on around u

        • DBKlein69 says:

          he didn’t say sonnen won the sonnen-silva fight. he said he OUTSTRUCK him. and he did. if that bothers u, too bad. it happened. deal with it.

        • Chris says:

          Sonnen has lost by triangle so many times its comical. Anybody who’s fighting a top contender has a chance to land a lucky punch or capitalize on a mistake. Sonnen makes submission mistakes alot, so its certainly not impossible Bisping could catch him. I like Sonnen but get off his nuts.

      • dlee says:

        LOL another mma tard… welcome to mma. Think real hard about the men who have subbed Chael. Also its chaels aggressiveness that even makes him susceptible to triangles and such. Youre probably a fitch fan

      • Zoeldog27 says:

        Gee you can really tell by your comment that youve done lots of MMA trainging hey fanboy, gee people like you make me laugh you actually think you know something about brazillian ju jitsu from watching grow a brain you fucking idiot keep playing world of warcratf everyday fuckhead!!! LMAO what a loser!

    • Stupid ASSCLOWNS ..Chael has achieved more in a short time then Bisping has his entire career. Chael is giving bis an op to be a contender..failed attemp! Chael will win convincingly..dominantly ..forcibly! BYE BYE Bisping back to the bottom bitchassz Brit!!

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        Short time? He’s been in the game for a long time, it’s just no one paid attention until he had that upset win over Nate Marquardt.

        • Let me break it down genius.. Chael has went from losing to Maia within seconds to beating the FK out of Anderson and surpassing every mw except it now?

        • #no wwe in mma says:

          Good ole uncle steroid. I guess he is commited to say he has micropenis in order to be able to improve so quickly, genius. I swear I think you could jingle keys in front of Sonnen fans and those idiots would go wild.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Exactly. Good call

  3. azusa says:

    Bisping has been crying that he’s a top 3 middleweight, now here’s your chance ol’ chap

  4. wat says:

    pip is dum, calling him frenchie would have been hilarious. or michael “the c***” bispig.

  5. rayed says:

    I thought it was faf on TUF when Miller said “lets get this Guy some subtitles!” HAHA! fahken wankah!

  6. kevin9999 says:

    Chael Sonnen is the most entertaining person in mma period.

  7. dante040 says:

    What makes it funny is that Bisping doesn’t get the Pip reference from south park.

  8. Trolligans says:

    Sonnen has actually defeated top 10 fighters. Bisping is 0-2 against top 10 fighters.

  9. Jb says:

    Bis has pillows for hands and hasn’t beaten anyone worth mentioning but I’m no huge sonnen fam either.its like watching two assholes go at it outside a bar. Just gonna have to see which one wins. Tho Pip in my opinion is screwed.

  10. Tikler says:

    Bisping is going to get his a.s.s. handed to him. He could NEVER do to Anderson Silva what Chael did. All that shit talk about Mayhem going back to the bottom is going to come full circle after this fight. I can’t wait to watch Bisping get his face smashed in. Bring your pillow to the octagon Bisping because you are going to sleep!

  11. Bisping will get destroyed and should consider leaving the division .

  12. Hightower says:

    Bisping sure talks alot of shit for a guy who hasn’t beat a single top tier fighter. Prepare to be on your back getting smacked for 15 minutes.

  13. maurice says:

    Chael is so overrated! His best performance was against and injured silva, while chaels testosterone was through the roof…and he still gassed and got subbed. And I’m not saying bisping is gonna win, jus saying this fight will be a lot closer then ppl think. Bisping doesn’t exactly settle for bottom position. U guys say bisping has pillow hands, well he sure knos how to finish ppl with them…unlike chael.

    • Tmoney says:

      Who has he finished with them? Rivera after he kneed him in the head? Name a top 50 fighter he’s finished with his hands?!

      • KingRon says:

        Name a fight Chael has finished outside of Stann, you would probably have to go back like 5 or 6 years. Thats right Chael is going to destroy someone but he has only finished 1 fight in the last 5 or 6 years.

    • Mike says:

      Gassed? You’re joking right? He definitely wasn’t gassed, he just has horrible sub defense.

      Also, if you’re injured, and you fight anways, you have no excuse for your performance. Fans(or rather nuthuggers) need to stop using excuses, you don’t hear Silva constantly using them.

      If Bisping wins this one, it’d be the biggest upset I’ve ever seen. Worse than Serra/GSP.

    • zach says:

      testoterone levels where hardly high enought to test positive you idiot, i think is fucking funny the all you on this site[except a select few] just talk out of there ass and research nothing, MAKE SURE YOUR FASTS ARE CORRECT BEFORE YOU POST THEM, go be a poser somewher else

  14. Josh Colson says:

    There are many people who dislike both of these guys, but Bisping does limit himself to generally only talking s*it before the fight, unless he loses, then all bets are off. Chael only targets specific fighters when they get under his skin. No that doesn’t take much effort, but his main target for his tirades are Anderson Silva, who has blatently refused to fight Chael again and has used every excuse under the sun. He’s scared of Chael because he got beat down the last time and had to get lucky to pull out the “submission” which I never saw happen… Live, in color, 1080p, DVR. So Chael has to beat Bisping now to get him. The Pip joke is funny. I think Chael will take him down and hold him there. People disreguard him as a clown(you know nothing about MMA if you do) but Mayhem took Bisping down and held him there and if it weren’t for the adrenaline dump, I think Jason would have won. When Bisping had him hurt and couldn’t finish the fight, it told me 2 things: Mayhem wants this more and Bisping took this lightly. I think that he does that alot and against someone like Chael Sonnen, that’ll get you f***** up Pip.

    • toneloc24 says:

      U sir are an idiot. I’m not gunna waste my time telling u all the moronic things u just said but I just wanted to tell u that you’re an idiot. Ok now carry on moron

    • Mike says:

      Wow, who are you to tell anyone that they “know nothing about MMA”? If you didn’t see the submission, get a pair of glasses, and you’ll notice that Chael tapped. To a triangle armbar(I believe he had an armbar with it, correct me if I’m wrong). Pulling off any type of triangle from the bottom is no easy task. Certainly not “lucky.” Chael will constantly claim there was no submission and he didn’t tap. He’s doing this to gain attention. Only a moron would believe him. We’ve all saw it.

      The funny part of this is? I believe Chael is going to win the rematch. I’m just not an idiot who’s going to make as many excuses as possible for what happened in the fight. For either side.

      • DragonAzteca says:

        If Anderson is not hurt, and Chael is not shooting illegal shit, and the fight is in Brazil: There is no doubt Anderson not only wins, but demolishes Chael to a bloody pulp, and then all of u faggots sucking Sonnen’s tiny penis will star crying and see reality!

  15. lakoni says:

    Im going to be shocked if pip
    wins and im going to fucking laugh!

  16. SanSooRob says:

    Bis spits the truth !!!! War Pip waaahaaaa

  17. Oyston says:

    Pip isn’t funny at all mabye funny to someone with around 3 brain cells, But to a normal person its a lame insult. Chael Should ask his dad for some insults that’s funny

  18. josh says:

    Cant wait for Sonnen to hold bisbing down for 15 minutes. I hate him.

  19. Kris says:

    Anyone who thinks Bisping has any chance in hell in this fight is retarded. I read an interview where Bisping outlined how he’d handled Miller, and was preparing for Maia so he should be good. Sonnen is just on another level from those guys. I personally think, while he won’t admit it, that his loss to Silva has humbled Sonnen a bit, but he looks like a man on a mission now. I’m not even a Sonnen fan, but he demolished Stann and Stann is a tough SOB, but I think Sonnen right now is just on a whole other level. He’s going to smash the daylights out of Bisping. It might not be a KO, it might not be a submission, but I truly think Bisping is gonna get fucked up in this fight.

    • DragonAzteca says:

      get facts straight “keyboard warrior” Maia defeated Cheater Sonnen fast and easily, watch the fight u idiot and then try to make smart comments please!

  20. ya herd says:

    do u guys think bispong has been training with jake sheilds for no reason? yes sonnen will take bisping down but he wont pass his guard then get submitted simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yodummy says:

      where did u hear bout bisPip training with shields? Im surprised cuz cheal helped train shields for gsp even though it didnt go so well? Revenge maybe?

    • Mike says:

      Chael’s comfortable in guard. He doesn’t need to pass it. Bisping is going to throw his legs up a lot though, and I’m thinking Chael’s going to pass after a failed submission attempt.

  21. Bobby says:

    I think Bisping just opened the flood gates. Release the Kraken!

  22. maurice says:

    Bisping should be confident. I rather have chael on top of me over maia.

    • The funny thing is... says:

      Chael was finished by Maia (one of my favorite fighters) in what, barely 3 minutes. But Chael put a beatdown on Anderson for nearly five minutes while Maia was ridiculed in Abu Dhabi by the same Anderson. Some fighters just got the “number” of others, like Jeremy Horn has on Chael. Comparisons are hard to do in MMA because results do defy logic in many cases.

      I think Bisping is in trouble because he hasn’t faced a fighter with the takedown ability like Chael. Bisping has all the cardio in world and great punching ability, but that ability is hindered greatly when you’re on your back.

      Chael by UD.

  23. G says:

    Sonnen is going to get embarrassed, as usual.

  24. Thetude says:

    i cant believe bisping actually thinks he is gonna get a title shot. Even if he gets by sonnen, silva vs bisping would be a snooze fest and Dana white aint gonna have it

  25. kevin h says:

    who has bisping beat that is really worth a shit,the opponent has to make it an exciting fight because hes back peddling the whole time.this really is going to be a cock fight.

    • danielrchargers says:

      no one! 😀
      on the MMA ENCYCLOPEDIA they accidentally wrote that he fought and BEAT Wanderlei… ha. like its been said. he is 0-2 against Top Tier fighters.

      • yodummy says:

        I had to go factcheck u on that info. PAGE 15 FIGHTER BIO says ” after a decision defeat to wanderlei”. Had to read it twice but its correct. I had to make sure its correct because i hate that bitch.

  26. bugsy mcgraw says:

    bisping has no power, he cant stop the takedown of sonnen.hes not a top level submission guy.i really will be shocked if he wins but ive been shocked serra over gsp crazy shit happens.

  27. dude says:

    Hate them both, hope they KO themselves or something, fucking tards

  28. Chael Twitterbird Sonnen says:

    He also failed Geometry because he couldn’t recongnize triangle’s

  29. GreenTeaBagger says:

    No matter who wins, they will lose to Silva. So this is really just a fight to see who is going to get their ass kicked in 4 months.

  30. Koshchek is a felcher says:

    Wow Bisping. It’s gonna suck to get your ass kicked by a failure. To the back of the line boy!

  31. stone cold says:

    not sure who i want to win this fight. both fighters talk a lotta shit, but so what? it’s really entertaining and i guess it gets them going. it’s also good for promoting the fight as well. hmmm i guess i would rather want chael sonnen to win so we can see that rematch we all want to see with silva!

  32. sonnen=bitch says:

    Hahaha first of all damian maia triangled chael sonnen easily, secondly anderson let chael outstrike him so he could tap him, silva NEVER wears a gy so figured it out no coincidence he lost by bjj, sonnen will gets fucking smashed by silva before the 2nd round if they fight again guaranteed

  33. Don Dangerously says:

    Oh ya, he definitely opened a door for Sonnen. Pip’s gonna eat his words.

  34. Lmao ohkay Spitsbing considering you have a plethora of top 10 UFC wins and half the guys you fought arent even in the UFC anymore. What a joke.

  35. maurice says:

    Funny thing is silva set up the triangle with PUNCHES. Chael was gassed and pillow punching when anderson caught him wit a hard right hand dat turned chaels head. Then silva threw a couple elbows and chael put his head down to avoid the sudden onslaught of strikes. Silva faked another punch then slapped on dat triangle lightning quick. Anderson spent dat entire fight trying to bait sonnen into a sub. There we times he would let chael land about 4 baby punches and try to snatch his arm or neck on da 5th punch. I own best of 2011, so I seen da fight a million times. Half way through the 3rd rnd chael began to gas and throw weak gnp. All the while silva began to bust his face wit elbows and control chaels right wrist wit ease. Some1 said chael didn’t gas, dat sum1 is wrong. Silva fought a smart fight, and a lot of the takedowns silva controlled his descent to da ground ala nick diaz. And silva wore his gi to da cage for da first time eva, and PROMISED big nog a sub victory. All this and silva was far from even 60 percent, and chael was atleast at 140 percent from dat testoterone overdose!

    • Mike says:

      Tell me, where are you getting your facts from? Far from 60%? Please, give me a credible source, and I’ll stop my argument. But you’re not going to. Because you’re blowing it all out your ass. You’re a Silva apologizer. He doesn’t need one. Let him prove he’s 10 times the fighter Sonnen is. He doesn’t need people making excuses for him because of a bad performance.

      PS, if he was fighting smart, why did he wait for the 5th round to finish? Why not the third when Chael was apparently so gassed? Also, if he was gassed, how in the hell was he able to keep Anderson on his back, and even put him on his back several more times?

  36. maurice says:

    So wit alk that said, Bisping is absolutely correct! CHAEL SONNEN IS A FAILURE! If silva testoterone was above average and chael had the rib injury, silva would have finished it way before 25 mins.

  37. jeremy says:

    Bisping don’t get all bent out of shape. He actually said a lot of good things about you which is strange. Maybe that’s what he need to get himself worked up about the fight. I think chael has done more in his career than you have. The guy almost beat anderson silva. In a title fight. What’s the last title fight you”ve been in!! Chaels a better fighter than bisping and that’s the end of story. And by the way I’m not even a sonnen fan.

  38. maurice says:

    Ok, I nvr said bisping will win. I jus said its going to be a tougher fite then ppl think. I think chaels overrated cus he cheated against a injured spider. Ppl seem to ignore dat he’s a cheat and a loser. I think its goin to be a much closer fight cus nobody seems capable of jus holdieg bisping down. And u called me bisping becus I think chaels a loser? Lol. I would say that’s a fail, but da joke was so dumb it atleast made me smile.

    • Mike says:

      You know, there’s this nice little reply button here,so people can let you know that you’re referring to them. Might be easier to spread your…er trolling? I hope, because it’s a pretty terrible argument.

  39. Billy says:

    Michael “The Cunt” Bisping

  40. Zyro says:

    absolute hatred of bisping is only slighty less than the hatred I have for sonnen I hope the roof collapses on them both

  41. davee says:

    bisbing is not evem top 5 ,,,he has no power he just out works his guys…he can get up rathher quickly when taken down this will be interesting to see how well cheal can hold him down///and this gives anderson another excuse to wait for mark munoz to fight

  42. Xaninho says:

    Bisping is a better fighter than what most of you give him credit for. Nevertheless I think he will lose coming fight against Sonnen.

    Funny he was supposed to fight Maia, who defeated Sonnen too though….So he should have a better chance now.

  43. Zoeldog27 says:

    Is that right Bitchping? well how come the bookmakers have you at 4.25 and have Sonnen at 1.20 because its a wrap already keep talking shit Bitchping youll never beat anyone whos any good ever let alone Sonnen or Silva, keep wishing england!!

  44. Zoeldog27 says:

    AND btw Sonnen was the srikeforce champion but the guy he fought for the title paulo filliho didnt make weight so after Sonnen won the match he didnt have to give up the belt which is crap so he technically has beaten a champion before and Silva wont fight Paulo fillho so what does that tell you

    • e says:

      sonnen was never strikeforce champ.. he fought twice for WEC belt. he lost the first time, and the second “title” fight ended up a non-title fight because paulo filho didnt make weight.

      • Zoeldog27 says:

        well what do u call that he beat the champ for the belt but didnt get the belt cause the guy didnt make weight thats crap you seriously cannot say he wasnt the champ cause he basiclly was if the other guy was a proffessional like hes meant to be Sonnen would have won the title.

        • e says:

          lmao @ your rant. you have no IDEA what you’re talking about. and regarding your last statement, if paulo filho showed up to fight, the fight wouldve ended in the same fashion as the first fight.


        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          filho was already mentally unstable in their rematch and has been lost since. so what if chael would have been the wec champ who gives a crap he didnt get the belt cuz filho didnt make weight stop whining like a lil cry baby.

  45. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    im callin an upset, bisping has good takedown defence..remember the rashad fight..and hes gotten better..i like both but style wise if sonnen cant get the takedown bisping has him in every other aspect of the game..

  46. DeeBullet says:

    Everyone goes on about how Sonnen took it to Silva, Did no-one else notice that Silva wasn’t even trying in that fight. He was bored and wanted to go 5 rounds, could have finished way earlier than what he did. Sonnen is Jon Fitch with a bigger mouth, his punches look about as hard hitting as a fairy. Bisping isn’t top 10. This is just a fight between two hacks, there is no winner really.

  47. mmaislandjunkie says:

    bisping spits the TRUTH chael is a disgraceful loser and will be one of mmas all time losers. chael sonnen is like the kenny florian of the middleweight division.

    • Zoeldog27 says:

      hey @mmaislandjunkie every time i come into this forum you hve nothing good to say about anyone do u hate everyone or something, K-Flo is a great fighter he has nothing to be ashamed of id like to see you get in the cage with bj penn, you probably couldnt get in the cage with the juniors that train were i train get a brain stop being so negative and stop putting shit on people, If Sonnen was standing in front of you not one word would come outta your mouth i guarantee it……Get A Life and stop pulling your dick over World of Warcraft better still join a MMA gym maybe then ull have half a clue what your talking about!!!! Or are you one of these people that think you know all about MMA from watching!!! Probably!! lol

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        hey zoe dog i like kenflo but the fact is he always loses big fights. dont like it? go cry about it to him u lil cry baby. chael sonnen lost at lhw dropped to mw and will lose to silva again and then he will either drop to 170 or retire.

  48. Zoeldog27 says:

    I cant believe how many people talk about A.Silva like he is god or something who has he beaten really apart from Sonnen, Lutter & Hendo whos he beaten he is no Jon Jones I assuer you all by the end of Jones career he will be considered 4 times as good as Silva, look at a guy like Jose Aldo he’s beaten better quality opponents than Silva has same with GSP, GSP has cleared out his whole division almost twice now thats a real fighter not a little bitch who moans and complains about i dont wanna fight him you all need to get of his dick seriously, He’d never beat GSP or Jones and if he wanted to he cold fight both at there weights or his put simply he just wants easy fights or hed have fought Sonnen already, The one he should really be scared of is Weidman that guys a future champion for sure unbeaten too, dont be fooled into thinking that Maia will beat him either!!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      lil bitch whiner. anderson is the best mma champion alive sure jones is making a strong case for it and after a few more defense he will definitely be considered the best ever but not now, now its anderson silva tough cookies lil girl scout.

    • e says:

      im a MMA fan before silva fan and i dont think he is god. i recognize game. only you chael nuthuggers are obsessed with silva cryin bout him on the daily. in fact you fools NUT HUGGIN THE SHIT OUTA SILVA with all the bitch ass whining going on. you fools blatantly praise the shit outa phael, some even call him a saint or a fuckin king of the world or whatever the fuck you wanna fantasize about him. you’re telling me thats not some HARDCORE NUT HUGGIN SHIT. (IF PEOPLE SPEW THE SAME SHIT AS YOU GUYS NUT HUGGIN PHAEL, THEN THEY’RE NUTHUGGERS JUST LIKE YOU) YOU FOOLS ARE IN SERIOUS DENIAL ABOUT YOUR IDENTITIES AND YOUR SHORTCOMING HERO. i dont even give a fuck about this phael/silva soap opera bullshit that EVERYONE is so emotional about, because it’s been played and everyone has been saying the same shit since day 1.

      • e says:


        when i said people i meant silva fans

        • DragonAzteca says:

          naw man Silva and Aldo have proven to be the best fighters so far, don’t fail to recognize all of their consecutive wins and most importantly; their finishes and domination over other fighters. I’m in no one’s nuts, but I do like to recognize talent. but I guess u shouldn’t judge either if they want to be on somebody’s nuts, especially cause we know who’s nuts u like to suck. as in giving bj a BJ.

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