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Wednesday, 11/16/2011, 08:09 pm

UFC NEWS – Chael Sonnen Goes Off On Canadian Reporter, Gets Angry and Walks Off Set (VIDEO)

“You might want to take the base out of your tone, I’m not sure you know who you’re talking to here, but I’ve never backed down from anything, so check your facts,” Sonnen said.If I tell you I’ll sell you my car for $10,000, do you think I can just call you back a year from now and say, ‘I’ll take the $10,000 for the car’? That’s not how offers work. Is that how you do business in Canada? Cause in my country, that created business, offers expire.I made him an offer, apparently it didn’t work, he didn’t accept it. It’s not that I backed down, but apparently I need to present him with a new offer. You guys probably don’t do that in socialism, but in America, in a capitalistic society, that’s how things work.”

“What are you talking about? What is this, your first day on the job? You’re mixing five different stories here. This is like doing amateur hour or something. What show am I on here? Is this for public radio?”


0 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Chael Sonnen Goes Off On Canadian Reporter, Gets Angry and Walks Off Set (VIDEO)”

  1. Chris says:

    Do I like Sonnen? Yes. Did he back down? Ehhhh……

  2. Kalani says:

    Steriods have elements that can cause irritablilty and anger issues. Team Black House Sliva!!!

  3. Swookster says:

    Grease-Saint Pierre. Epic

    • Fuck america says:

      Fuck u buddy, Canada is the most respected country, where way more economics stable, we have jobs, and one hell of a good champion. Fuck usa

      • Swookster says:

        At least we are not cheaters.

      • Frekklz says:

        I think you mean Australia. But we lack the champ 😉

        • aaxantonio says:

          USA Champs – Dominic Cruz, Frankie edgar, Jon Jones

          Brazil Champs – junior dos santos, anderson silva, jose aldo

          Canadian champs- GSP and……… oh thats right thats all they have. hokey and canada suck

      • fuck you says:

        canada = pussies… the end

        • GRT 3000 says:

          america = fatties…the end.


        • THE INUK says:

          killed it lmao… why would Americans hate Canada? I just dont understand, they dont got that beef with anyone else.. It has 2 be be that our economy is way better then theres, and generally we followed route towards our success…

          I am not a fan of gsp, some how All canadians are cheaters… what about chael sonnen testing positive for trt? nate marquart.. buncha americans actually testing positive for PEDs and gsp has never got busted with anythin…. hmm… dana even says gsp is the biggest ppv fighter in the ufc….. again, not a fan of gsp….. also not a fan of mis informed American fucking rejects

      • jeff says:

        Come to flint mi n say that Fuckin canuck go drink your red wine n play hockey Fuckin Chump

      • Brandon says:

        @Fuck america
        Grease SP is a cheater. Even though he greased up, the Canadians still loves and supports him. Pathetic.
        Here in Japan, we don’t do that. When Sexyama greased, we fucking booed and hate him.

      • TAGGS says:

        Ha ha ha! Most people in the world couldn’t even find Canada on a map.

        You try to state how Canada is better yet you can’t even use proper English. First off it’s you, not “u”. Secondly, I believe you were trying for “we’re” but you used “where”. Maybe you were speaking Canadian?
        GSP is great but he is just one champion. The USA has Dominck Cruz, Frankie Edgar, and Jon Jones. Brazil has Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos, and Jose Aldo. So each country has three great champs and amazing fighters.

        The world sees Canada for what it is, the USA’s little brother.

        • rai says:

          uh, where’s usa on the map again?

        • GRT 3000 says:

          between Burger King and McDonalds.

        • aaxantonio says:

          its the country that is currently changing its borders from the bottom of mexico to the top of canada, if you dont like america i would leave canada cuz soon they will be the same counrty, ever heard of the north american alliance? or the amero? so bye canada you had a goo. ….. ….. you had a run but now its over

        • mrsoulo says:

          That was a very ignorant statement. If you can’t find Canada on the map then that is a testament to the poor education system in the USA.

          Yes, Canada only has one champion in the UFC his name is Georges St. Pierre and this champion has BEATEN EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN FIGHTER put before him. So choke on that while you eat your Apple Pie!

          As far as GSP is concerned you need to take another look at the video where “grease gate” allegedly occurred. You act as if Phil Nurse was lathering Georges with multiple jars of Vaseline. This thing went to “court” and Georges was found NOT GUILTY. Making a mountain out of a mole hill never works so give it a rest.

          BJ Penn and Matt Hughes couldn’t cope with the severe betting they received at the hands of GSP and their subcequent loss. So they justified this loss by lying to themselves that Georges greased up. Finding excuses for your loss is very common Psychological problem that many athletes have…especially sore losers.

          In reality they have no one to blame for their loss but themselves. BJ is a very good fighter but he slacked off and didn’t train properly….just look at the Primetime piece that was done on St. Pierre vs Penn 2 just before the fight. Dana was pissed that BJ wasn’t taking the fight seriously enough and that his training was lacking.

          Matt Hughes was always an arrogant, cocky, piece of shit sore loser and he grossly underestimated GSP in their 2nd fight that why “HE GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT”!

          Pointe finale. (this is French, use Bablefish to translate because i’m quite sure the only other “language” you know is Ebonics)

        • magoo says:

          Damn don’t hold back bro….lol thats the best comment Ive read in a long time!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          LOL! Why don’t you ask her?!

      • levi says:

        hey im not hatin on cananda but dnt say tht well fuck u up in war

      • 3ric says:

        u dumb motherfuk3r

      • Jmad says:

        fuck you, you’re thing should say ‘fuck chael’ not fuck usa, he was the only one talking shit ……… bitch

      • jacob lee says:

        hey u better cool it buddy..this is an American website and I am not going to have that kkind of crap…..u better not say anything else about America u jerk. Get off Gsp’s nuts and go back to Canada and have ur bacon…u have no place here

      • Haha says:

        Respected by whom? Canada is the butt of all the jokes. You are known as slow, stupid people, that instead of standing up for yourself you just conform to what’s around you.

        • sideasoundlab says:

          Sorry dude, but only uneducated american dumbasses like you think that way about Canada…
          Go travel, learn life and maybe grow some braincells…
          Cheers from Europe.

      • guamy says:

        dude there is more bums in canada then i have seen in any other country ive been to.

    • Proud To Be American says:

      eh fuck america? aint got shit to say now huh. To busy listening to justin bieber eh or watching hockey eh or hunting moose eh or eating maple syrup eh… ya fuck canada

      • retards says:

        fuck americans are retards. every other country in the world thinks you guys are fat ignorant slobs. only people who like america are dumbass americans themselves who dont know anything about life outside of pathetic usa

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i rag on america because of the retards that represent it but in reality america is still the best country in the world. its tough to accept for outsiders especially with our enforced immigration laws but your country and every country you THINK is better all suck on americas nipples. btw ur name suits you well.

        • fuckusa says:

          USA is most hated country in the world. no one likes you. you are fat your econmy is shit.

        • sideasoundlab says:

          America “Best country in the world” ? based on what ? Who’s ranked n°3 ? My bet is that you never got out of the border, and talk like that by ignorance. You should travel a bit and will discover amazing countries… you’ll realize there is no n°1 country. This is just plain stupid.

          Also, USA suck on Israel’s nipples, so that mean Israel is actually the best country in the world ? USA only comes 2nd, then… sorry dude.

          I love your country, it’s a great country, you’re right, but sometimes americans are just so arrogant about their culture and so clueless about everyone else, it’s quite sad.

          It’s also quite sad to end up with all those racists comments around here, from both sides ( not talking about you specifically islandjunkie). This is not what this sport is about

        • e says:

          one thing that separates america from the rest is that we don’t focus on bitching and whining about a particular country or their citizens. all of these hating countries aren’t even worth a sweat to us or our daily lives. get off AMERICAS NUTS and stop acting like a bunch of pussies. grow some nuts and handle your business. until then fuck you.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Damn, you just went H.A.M on that ass!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Screw you damn Dudley Do Right Canadian! These fat slobs can and will obliterate anyone that crosses us including lame oh Canada.

        • aaxantonio says:

          yeah but we spend more on our military then every other country combined, so they can sit in their own countries and hate, but thats all they can do.

        • Cletus Jackson says:

          The government spends a lot of money on military force for what? getting our people killed by people with no proper education.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Hypocrisy is all this is. They talk shit behind our backs and when they need help we’re the first they call. During Arab Spring all of those Muslim nations were knocking on our door for a handout from the good ol’ USA. We’re always fighting for other nations who leech off of us and talk behind our back. UN couldn’t even fight in Libya without our tech. But you know what we’re still better than boring oh weak ass Canada because we always come through.

      • mrsoulo says:

        Justin Bieber has sold millions of records, is crazy rich and is banging an AMERICAN GIRL.

        Hockey is a Canadian sport that is played, loved and watched by millions of people around the world including Americans.

        Yes, in Canada we hunt Moose, Deer, Elk, Beaver and other types of Animals. In the USA you hunt visible minorities….just look at your history.

        Maple syrup is quite delicious and goes extremely well with Pancakes and Waffles. Canada produces 80% of the world’s Maple syrup.

        Happy now?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You better check your math on Hockey because very few Americans watch Hockey. Also a million is a very vague number. Try more like several thousands maybe. Hockey is as exclusive to Canada as Football is to America. No one likes Hockey as much as you silly Canadians.

          Justin Beber couldn’t get it done if he tried. He has the same haircut as Ellen DeGeneres. It is clear he is only interested in men. Don’t you have better celebrities? Your best exports coming out of Canada are GSP, Seth Rogan and Maple Syrup.

          I will concede to your wonderful Maple Syrup because I like to pour it all over my PAUL BUNYON FLAPJACKS!

        • Mo says:

          “very few americans watch hockey” fuck you’re dumb. and canada doesnt care about your precious little NFL we have the CFL which is were the big boys play ball, real rules no chicken shit. anyways your ignorance level is pretty funny stuff. chael sonnen is a fuckin douche plain and simple.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Also, you aren’t thinking big enough… A small minority around the world may play Hockey or Football but it is no where near as popular as Soccer. I know NO ONE who likes Hockey and I know NO ONE who plays Hockey. Neither do I know foreigners who know how to play football. So it’s safe to say that Hockey and Football are pretty exclusive sports but there are exceptions to the rule. Foreigners from overseas have Rugby and that’s their version of football. Maybe it’s extremely popular in Russia and Canada but I doubt many other places hold your precious Hockey in such high regard.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          @ MO, do you know what the word exclusive means? I guess you don’t. Up your reading level you ass, Justin Beber beckons for your butt hole. Maybe he’ll use some of that viscous maple syrup to fulfill your Canadian wet dreams.

        • Rusk says:

          But the best syrup comes from Vermont your argument is invalid

  4. mmaislandjunkie says:

    at least chael is right about one thing, canada is whack and so is their champion.

  5. P R O D I G Y says:

    This interviewer was he was hardly asking questions instead just saying dumb shit. and he blinks like 40 times per 3 seconds which also got real annoying. he got owned and he prlly got scared. the funniest part of this video is chael saluting before he walks off.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      sure, delusions are a normal thing in your life obviously. chael likes saying dumb things to anderson and this poindexter asks him a few questions and his panties start getting all bunched up.

      • P R O D I G Y says:

        maybe chael regretted giving this clown a free interview and was in a shitty mood before it even started cause thats what it looked like. Chael is one of the classiest guys in the sport so his sudden outburst of rage surprised the hell out of me and im sure everyone else. Chael is normally real nice and humble to the ppl interviewing him.

        • Marty says:

          Did you seriously just say Chael is one of the classiest guys in the sport? That’s….. literally unbelievable. We must have VERY different ideas about what’s classy…..

        • Frekklz says:

          He did.
          He is retarded.
          That is all.

        • KP says:

          Sonnen is classy??? What part of “I’ll smack your wife in the ass” is classy??? What part of “I didn’t know they had computers in Brazil” is classy??? What part of “So my testosterone levels were one tenth higher than the average man, you must have caught me on a low day” is classy???

          I can post another “classy” Chael Sonnen quotes. He is one entertaining interview, but I wouldn’t call him classy.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          kobasky, i think you should write sonnen a letter and ask him if he has an opening for biggest ass kisser. im sure if he read your posts he would create a position just for you!

        • Wasnt even an outburst.. The dude picked at him from the beginning and that was his agenda! What a Canadian bacon!

        • Lou says:

          Your all idiot’s, Sonnen is a fucking professional and even if he doesn’t agree with the questions doesn’t mean he should act like a child. Grow the fuck up Sonnen. The questions were non-intrusive and were straight to the point which is what the show “Off The Record” is known for. The interviewer just called Sonnen out and Sonnen got mad because he knows he doesnt have an answer to back up his words. Instead he chooses to make stupid remarks about the show and the host, irrelevant to anything, and furthers it up with remarks about the Canadian Government. The Interviewer basically knows he touched a nerve and asks to start the interview over only to get a childesh “No No No” from Sonnen who was already past the interview and just wanted to make an ass of himself at that point. All you Sonnen fanboys who think these questions were picking on him and trying to corner need to watch this interview again. Even if some of the questions didn’t pass the right way with Sonnen, he should still act like a fucking professional instead of a child.

  6. Dante says:

    ” i dont even know what mixed martial arts stands for”

  7. Zeke says:

    Holy freekin a man, that was the best, that was the greatest display of just wow, Chael is the freekin’ man. That is what’s up.

  8. Mike S says:

    I hate niggers!!!

  9. Zeke says:

    lol, that crack was retarded, I must correct you there though my friend, this guy did NOT in any way shape or form “get the best of anyone or anything”, well maybe he did, he got the best footage of Chael that’s for sure. He got the best footage of a man “in control and master of his domain”. In my country anyways.

  10. Will says:

    Chael’s such a baby when it comes to this crap, but he’s a good fighter….. and this reporter was so scattered with his questions

    • GRT 3000 says:

      5-4 in the UFC. He’s…ok.

    • Brian B says:

      How is he scattered with his questions? He doesn’t get a chance to ask anything because he keeps getting cut off. This show is called off the record…its known for the host asking straight to the point, direct questions. I don’t know how many times I have wanted to pull my hair out watching an interviewer just sit there and smile while Chael tells him he won the fight against Anderson and is the real champion. The reporters have no balls to say “by tapping you said I don’t want to fight anymore Mr.Silva”. At least this guy is asking the questions I wanted to hear and isn’t afraid of him. The guys ego is out of control and the only reason he has so many fans is that he represents the republican American racist country hick idiot that makes up a vast portion of the American population.

  11. Respectexpected says:

    Interview Weasel…. answers every question with some variation of “are you an idiot? are you even gonna ask me a question here? isn’t this an interview?”
    apparently he doesn’t remember the date he “became the champion”

    • KP says:

      He probably wasn’t expecting an interview that was going to put him in his place by stating facts like the exact moment that Anderson submitted him, or the contradiction about his very public opinion of GSP, or even his understanding of the word “fight” (he thinks a fight is a wrestling match and he has showed this in numerous interviews over the years). Sonnen is a pretty smart guy and he needs to man up and accept that not everyone is going to kiss his ass all the time, i.e. the interviewer.

  12. Zeke says:

    Anyways, Chael vs Anderson Silva II, I’m not watchin’ Anderson fight anyone but.

  13. Deeks says:

    Must have caught him at a bad time of his “TRT” cycle…

  14. magoo says:

    Lansburgh got him flustered

    • GRT 3000 says:

      not hard to fluster an arrogant retard; he just asked questions that required Chael to back his bullshit. Obviously there is no real answer he can give; sooooo, (what to do, what to do?!) act like a pissy teenager & walk off. A+ douche-bag. I’m sure all of your idiot fans are filling out their playbooks.

  15. JayDEEZ says:

    Fuck All the Talk! FREE HAWAII

  16. LCM says:

    Michael Landsberg is a giant douche.

  17. Omar says:

    the reporter just kept on urking him on more n more

  18. Brian says:

    Chael Sonnen is a complete douchbag. He has been crying ever since he LOST to Silva, trashing Brazilian fighters and in general disrespecting everything in his path (except Brian Stann, who he did not trash talk).
    He walks around calling himself the champion…the champion of what?! Douchbaggery?
    I’m not even a big fan of Anderson Silva but you can’t deny that he has beat every single guy the UFC has put in front of him, what more do you want?
    Silva doesn’t make his own fights, the UFC makes the matches, so it is retarded for Sonnen to keep throwing out meaningless “challenges” for Silva to accept like this is Professional Wrestling.
    Chael had his shot and he lost. If he wants another shot his job is to STFU and keep beating whoever the UFC puts in front of him until they decided he is the #1 contender again.
    The fight will happen eventually and when it does Silva will most likely beat him again. Hopefully after that Chael will pack up his big mouth and awful attitude and just go away.

  19. e says:

    lol @ “grease st. pierre”

    this shit was damn hilarious at both of their expense.

  20. Jimbo says:

    LOL Chael was 100% justified in leaving, the host doesn’t know whats going on. I think he just wanted to get sound bites, you don’t need to try that hard, just ask the questions and let him respond, easy peasy.

  21. Anthony says:

    The interviewer was horrible because it was clear that he was not a person who keeps up with MMA news. Sonnen says he likes GSPs style of fighting – but think he doesn’t fight anymore. He has answered questions about BJJ in the past, and pulling the plug on his offer? What the hell?

    • Brian says:

      That challenge or offer or whatever you want to call what Sonnen did after his last fight was a joke anyways.
      Think about it, Chael says if he looses then he will leave the UFC forever…guess what, if he looses to Silva for a second time after all the trash talk what else is he going to do anyways? Get back in line and hope Silva retires? Sonnen has talked himself into a corner at this point and the only way out is to actually beat Silva in a rematch.
      By saying if Chael wins that he wants Anderson to agree to leave the division only sounds to me like Chael wants no part of what would be an obvious third fight rubber match between the two.
      From Silvas side they have nothing to prove, Chael is just another guy that Anderson has already beat, there is no reason to trash talk or lobby for a rematch.

  22. dizzle says:

    WOW! That guy was such a DOUCHE.

  23. fourtetshou says:

    This reporter is retarded…

  24. Eric El Bestia says:

    Chael will definitely do good in WWE or in a fucking circus. Saying stuff like “master of domain” being fucking racist about other countries, bragging to much about his country in where he is an example of a lair, cheater, thief with no ethic at all. I can swear he is just doing that for fun but, at the same time he apparently got no life outside the cameras. Calling bucnh of name to anderson adn grease st. pierre. If Randy Couture say those kind of stuff people “might” respect his opinion but, how can u respect Chael’s?

  25. mmaislandjunkie says:

    you just want to see chael beat himself off.

  26. Ekeezy says:

    LMFAO! This Interviewer is such a DUMB FUCK and doesn’t know SHIT about the UFC or and of the Fighters in it! This was such an awkward interview to watch, kind of like watching the show The Office when it was the most Awkward it could get LOL!!!!!

  27. tim says:

    Look… The bottom line is…. Chael has mental issues. So anything he says.. is just his sickness. No one.. not one person on this site can say that Chael only talks shit. He lost the competition against Silva. Did I say fight, no.. But Chael speaks like anyone in washington… full of shit and lies and still has people loving him for doing so.

  28. chanel sonnen says:

    fuck you all let me rage in peace !
    im angry cause im a loser and im running out of steroids !
    silva is gonna fuck me in the ass ! so what? at least im on tv !

  29. Bertram says:

    sonnen is an idiot, as are most americans lol. i love all the eh comments, and canadian language comments, yet americans dont even realize you have more accents and slang than canada, times about 5 lol. americans are ignorant for 2 reason, a) you actually buy into all that patriotic crap the media spews, and b) you dont realize that the rest of the world really does hate you lol. Canada may be USA’s little brother, but people like us. I know TONS of Americans who when travel, say they are canadian so when they hit the bars they dont get the shit beat out of them. And pussies? we ALL play hockey, which is arguably the next roughest mainstream sport behind mma and boxing. oh and to the broke motherfucker from flint who said come to flint….WHY WOULD I GO TO FLINT lol. we may say eh, we may like maple syrup, we may wear tuque’s, play hockey, and yes some people from the east say aboot. but at the end of the day, p4p, canada DOMINATES america in every aspect possible, except for military..which is why thats the ONLY defense americans have to come up with lol. so yes america, you do suck. realize it, because 6.5 billion other people do lol. oh and you have 3 champs to our 1 because you have 350 million people and we have 30. so i finish with this, OH CANADA BITCHES!!! everyone american ive met, trained with, or talked too, is a dumb bitch who talks so much, so stupidly, and cant back up shit. if you really knew your country you’d be embarassed to brag one bit.

  30. CB says:

    “he needs to do some pushups” ahahahahahhha.. fat fuck sonnen

  31. GRT 3000 says:

    I think this just further illustrates the depths of cheese that Chael is operating at. He’s now becoming a full-blown sideshow & just got owned by a Canadian reporter (who is no expert in MMA). The guy is a cheat, a crook, and an arrogant prick; those are facts. Now an opinion: it seems the the guy gets pissed off when he can’t drag others down to his level. (the above vid an example) & Anderson is the best MMA fighter (ever) and he’s a classy guy. Chael wants to drag him through a circus shit-show and Anderson isn’t having any of it; how upsetting it must be for Chael to constantly be looking for the asshole, only to discover that its himself.

    Dude is a low life…& a sub-par MMA fighter. 5-4 in the UFC is no champion. not even close.


    I do not blame Chael for this at all.. this interviewer had questions that insult your intelligence.. That last question that makes Chael leave is already answered when asked..

    Bad interview but hilarious to see Chael call him out on it.

  33. ivan says:

    Sonnen point blank you were kicking ass for four rounds then got tapped out thats MMA asshole you didnt win any fight so stop acting like you did! Whatta dumb fuck, embarrasment to the sport!

  34. GRT 3000 says:

    hey shithead; in the meantime maybe this will tide you over.

    Listen to your hero carefully at 1:23. amazing stuff.

  35. RJ KANEAO says:

    man o man! I’m not here to start a war between ethnic backgrounds or who’s country is what..But that interviewer dude was over the top.. Chael might have been a little irritable but I’m pretty sure that guy would have changed his tune if it was a in studio “live” face to face interview.. Pretty big balls on the teleprompter..That is all.. AS for Chael he’s a strong fighter with or without any chemical help. I think he’s come the closest to finishing Anderson’s reign as middle-weight champ. With that said, You need to agree that he surely knows how to sell and to pick a fight. I might not agree with some things he might say but damn the dude is just being real and putting a gag over his mouth, And that can work in a good or bad way. It’s amazing how this journalist / interviewer mixed everything up and made it all into one story.. But I think of it like this, He obviously respects the hell out of Anderson’s abilities and to be the best you need to fight the best if not I think he’d be in Dream / Bellator or somewhere like that scrapping every one & making a killing.. And obviously although he might not admit it I think Anderson has some kinda respect too for Chael.. All in all a second fight would be amazing and would sell-out instantly.. Aloha =)

  36. cy martin says:

    i’m not a sonnen fan. however, i was a trained TV reporter. this was a BAD attempt at ‘gotcha’ journalism that started with the interviewer mentioning brian stann fight, then jumping to the ‘sonnen is a coward for backing down from silva’ wagon. then it went downhill from there – the topper being the interviewer’s back-handed and insincere mea culpa after the segment broke down.

    please guy, stop with the need to ‘create’ news and just ‘report’ news. the interviewer came off as an amateurish boor, and sonnen (apparently REALLY needing that coffee to wake up) became grouchy.

    new real news here, except to say there are better and more professional ways to handle a videolinked interview.

  37. Philippe says:

    I’ve met this guy before in Toronto and he is the biggest douche ever. He doesn’t do any research about any athletes and only goes by what he heard and asks questions based on that. On top of that his questions that are all over the place. I wish it was face to face interview so Chael would’ve demolished him. Just a terrible interview job by the douche.

  38. You bitchess might want to take the bass out of your tone do you know what country your talking.. The U S of A.. Baddest mthrfkn country in the world. We’ll punch you in the mouth and then impregnate your woman! Chael is the mthrfkn man.. but y’all already know this!

  39. SP says:

    Ok nationalism, patriotism and racism aside that interviewer was total shit.
    No direction, shit questions – Ariel Helwani is much better.

    Some of you ppl, unless your govt shares the money they make from wars with you, need to relax on the “we’re better than you” talk. Believe me your govts dont care that you die out there. As long as they get rich.
    The ppl of different countries have more in common with you than your leaders.
    Politics and propaganda really does work on the populous it’s crazy. Ppl let them send them on bullshit wars, hate other countries, and govts make all the money. Get off your govts nuts. If they cared about you, they would spend their war money on all your own poor. When you need help, on the sick and homeless etc etc.

  40. Philippe says:

    Also its funny how at 6:20 Chael tells him to read the notes of the palm of his hand and thats exactly what he did LOL

  41. KingGareth says:

    Those were dumb and dated questions. It’s like asking “why didn’t you win?”

  42. Jamie Read says:

    This interviewer guy is a bellend.

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  44. Xaninho says:

    Wow! Talk about ROÏD RAGE! That was one epic Phael!

    He DID say the loser would have to leave UFC. Now all of a sudden it was an expiring offer? Why didn’t he add an end date to that offer while he was publically acting all tough and turning the fucking UFC into WWE?

    It’s obvious what kind of ‘man’ this biggot is. Not a man of his word, but we already knew because he cheated with PED’s, claimed he didn’t tap like the bitch he is, AND committed fraud on a large scale.

    A man only has his word and his balls…This roïd raged dumbass has neither.

  45. dana white says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha sonnen got owned by this guy walks of like a big baby lmao sonnen u suck bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if that was bisping and he walked of like that there would be so much haters

  46. Michael Bullock says:

    Comical!!! Better than most boxing matches i have seen recently.

  47. zack says:

    ya chael failed there hahahaha what a fuckin tool

  48. Mike R says:

    You can tell the interviewer was looking to get confrontational when right of the bat he made suggestions that Chael backed out of a deal instead of asking anything else like “how is your training going?” or “if he knows what date he will fight Anderson Silva?” something a little more appropriate . Nope went straight to basicly saying Chael I heard you punked out of the stipulations that you created. Chael never has a problem with anyone that interviews him, some thing no one can argue but this guy was really trying to get a show going like he’s bill o’reilly or some thing. Chael had a right to get mad at some one that was asking rhetorical questions about stuff everyone else talked about long ago.

    • Xaninho says:

      The only one not letting things go and saying inappropriate things is Chael Sonnen himself.

      He TAPPED and LOST, so instead of proclaiming he is the true champion he should have moved on. The shit he said in public about Anderson Silva wasn’t exactly appropriate and classy either, was it?

      He’s a douchebag, and it’s a shame a group of fanboys are in denial and just don’t want to see how it really is.

      • Mike R says:

        what does your reply have to do with what i was saying, Im talking about the interviewers approach was uncalled for and your talking about random thing Chael says to obviously get attention and be funny. wtf

        • Xaninho says:

          I don’t get why you think the interviewers approach was uncalled for. It was a normal question.

          Are you going to back up what you said about the loser having to leave the UFC?

          Sonnen’s response is ranting and raving about offers expiring and ignorance in Canada and shit. THAT was uncalled for.

          He should have been a man of his word and acknowledge what he said and leave the UFC after the fight.

        • Mike R says:

          if you watch the interview again you will see that the interviewer said “i heard you made a offer to Anderson Silva and now your backing out” clearly trying to ruffle feather, obviously Chael will get offended as so should anyone else if some one was trying to state that your not a man of your word or a punk

        • Xaninho says:

          Obviously you haven’t been paying attention……. why didn’t he just say “Thats a stupid question that I’ll answer anyway: No I’m a man of my word. If I lose I’ll leave the UFC”?

          Well I can tell you why. Cause he IS, in fact, backing out. And he isn’t a man of his word.

        • Mike R says:

          no dude, is because he knew this interviewer was trying to bait him into a argument for ratings. If i said i heard you got YOUR ass whooped and truth is you didn’t, wouldn’t you get offended right away? One thing about Chael is that he sounds crazy but in fact he is very smart because what he says creates attention and marketing. i doubt he would want to loose media attention by re-chanting his offer of leaving if lost , even if he doesn’t mean it he wouldn’t make that publicly unless after the fight if he lost

        • Xaninho says:

          Now you’re giving him way too much credit…He’s not that smart. He’s also breaking his word and backing out period.

        • Mike R says:

          who said he backed out , you tell me one credible source were they caught him saying he is taking back the stipulation that imposed. As far as i know i heard it from the horses mouth that he didn’t back out

      • Xaninho says:

        Dude, Sonnen himself was saying in the interview the offer expired!

        See? like I said you weren’t paying attention….

  49. Maka says:

    Horrible questions, but was hilarious. You could feel the real dislike!

  50. Hrr Drr american says:

    Hrr drr im an American and I know nothing about Canada or the world around me, dont dragons exist in Canada?

  51. James Wolfe says:

    I love it…this clown in Canada was just dreadful. Good for Sonnen, he is witty, highly intelligent, funny, a lot brighter then most and he is bang on, I live in Canada and you can’t imagine how stupid and brain dead the people are. He is also right, our governments are socialist. They run and control just about everything, we are over taxed, highly regulated and one province (Queerbec) has banned the English language and our government has allowed this to happen, just pathetic.

    This was great; he played this clown for the whole interview. I’ve watched the show a few times…this host is just dreadful.

    As for Sonnen, Silva, we have to get a re match, it will be great.

    • Xaninho says:

      I’m sorry but you are the reason Americans make jokes about Canadians. But Canada shouldn’t worry cause you are just a small percentage……How can you say Sonnen is witty, funny, intelligent? He was just ranting like a fool..Didn’t know what to answer to a normal question.

      Cause it was a normal question, asking if he was still behind what he said about the loser having to leave the UFC. The reason this lowlife got mad was because he knows he will lose and doesn’t want to back his words up with actions.

  52. Calabama says:

    I’m from Alabama. I like Canada and the US. I’m currently living in Germany which I also like. Not really going anywhere with this just stating facts. People need to chill.

  53. danny gaves says:

    the interviewer wanted to get a rise out of chael, maybe have him start talking shit. Then he insults chael by saying he maybe needs to do a few situps? I’m canadien and that was embarrasing. The dude needs to get fired

    • Mike R says:

      Yeah im with you on that, you can tell the type of interviewer he was and his intent just by listening to the insults at the end instead of sticking with professionalism

    • mrsoulo says:

      Message to Chael, “If u can’t take it, then don’t dish it out”. Sonnen got served a big plate of verbal whop-ass and he deserved it!

      Some people just can’t handle a dose of their own medicine and Chael Sonnen just proved he’s one of them.

      BTW, i’m not a fan of Michael Landsburg.

  54. Rafi Bomb, homie says:

    That reporter was sarcastically awesome.

  55. CALI says:

    Are people really that blind that they can’t see a “show” being put on when they watch all 10 minutes of it ? Talk about a script….

  56. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This interviewer is so unprofessional and not even likable. How does he have viewers? “Can you beat GSP in a fight?” What kind of lame question is that? They aren’t in the same weight class you smug jerk. Ariel Hawani should take his job because this guy doesn’t know how to coax answers out of his guest. You don’t have to be a genius to know that you can catch more flys with honey.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      you calling Ariel Hawani honey? fruitcake. Chael would prob. call him a terrorist and start bashing the middle east. but of course you’d all be down with that too right?!

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I’m down with calling you an idiot troll who knows nothing of common phrases. I just nominated Ariel for a job he is more qualified to have. Let me guess your from Canada? You guys just make up your own reality. USA! USA! USA!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          whats that…? manifest destiny? fuck ups; the physical embodiment of everything that’s wrong. go shithead go!

  57. Nathan says:

    One more reason for fans to hate Chael Sonnnen. I can’t tell whether he is really this unlikeable, or if he’s just going for the ‘bad guy’ persona. Either way, fans around the world love to hate Sonnen.

  58. BigT says:

    What a joke! Sonnen backed down, which is smart on his part. Silva would knock him out

  59. BJ Penn Fan says:

    this interviewer is a jackass.

  60. Hostile hunter says:

    Id love that guy to say that to a fighters face. Skype tough guy over there, He wasnt disrespecting me and i still would love to knock this guy out! Chael Sonnen for President!!!!!!

  61. BobbO says:

    “Perhaps, He should do a few more sit ups as well”

    What a joke. What a joke coming from the lips of a gutless weakling that has never stepped into the Octagon, let alone even brawled with anyone in his entire life. ~BobbO

  62. Mike says:

    This interviewer is a right twat. I’d love to see Chael smash his face in. The guy is clueless as well with his dumb ass questions.

  63. Jim says:

    LMAO, Chael’s awesome.

  64. Doomybrook says:

    LOL… That shit was classic, the special olympic reporter had Sonnen fucked right up! Chael didn’t know what to say for fear of looking like a coward.

  65. SaberTooth says:

    Gotta have the last word: Listen Up and shut Up. Canadians are socialists pigs and All Hail Chael the King!!

    • mrsoulo says:

      Your statement demonstrated your American ignorance. If you look at the true meaning of Socialism you will find that it’s not such a bad thing as your redneck Republican Politicians like to portray.

      Your Police and Fire Departments are both socialist entities. Does this mean you WILL NOT call either of them in case of an emergency?

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