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Monday, 11/28/2011, 09:15 am

UFC NEWS – Chael Sonnen And Arianny Celeste In A War Of Words

This is gossip in its purest form, however, who doesn’t appreciate a good Chael Sonnen rant?

One person who I know for sure doesn’t is none other than UFC ring girl, Arianny Celeste who recently engaged in verbal warfare with the king of the art after Chael Sonnen’s recent comments about her in an interview with

This feud in the making all started when Sonnen was asked who he thought should take home “Ring Girl of the Year” awards at this year’s World MMA Awards event. He responded with…

“We only had one and that was Chandella [Powell]. The other was the IQ card girl. Arianny [Celeste] kind of walks around and holds up her latest test score. One time when there was a title fight, she got all the way up to five and we were very proud of her.”

To which Arriany took to twitter and stuck up for herself with…

“Hey what’s ur name.. after @spideranderson kicks your ass..u won’t even be able to count to 5!! Get ready to kiss brazils ass! <3”

“Talking crap about me in interviews is like when a boy picks on a girl he likes in 1st grade… GROW UP! Doesn’t work anymore sir!”

Sonnen’s latest jab in response to the response stated… (via twitter)

“Seems easy to wear a bikini and seems easy to walk in a circle, but try walking in a circle while wearing a bikini. Talented girl!”

And there you have it. I predict that Ms. Celeste will keep a low profile and not continue to provoke the “ChaelMonster” any further, but she will now and possibly forever have to endure his wrath of trash talking because if history has taught us anything, once you are on his list, there’s nothing you can do to get off it.


0 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Chael Sonnen And Arianny Celeste In A War Of Words”

  1. Lex w says:

    Arianny is so fine… I had to save this pic

  2. Lex w says:

    What chael said is funny tho

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    He’ll say anything to make sure his name gets mentioned in an article.

  4. Jason Phalen says:

    Does anyone else need further proof that Chael is a fucking media whore!? Honestly, what does this guy get out of clowning on Arianny? She isn’t a middleweight. She isn’t even a competitor in the sport. I think that if Sonnen even believed a fraction of the garbage he spews about him being the best then he could drop the smack talk and let his hump-fighting do the talking. ( To nut-huggers who disagree, look at the guy’s record )
    As far as what he is actually saying about her…who cares!? Look at her! It doesn’t matter to me if she is Mensa material or legally retarded. That girl is smokin’ hot! She is paid to be attractive not intelligent. Chael is paid to physically fight, not run his cock sucker.

    • Lex w says:

      Lol looks like his comments got to u

      • Jason Phalen says:

        You know, I think they did. Ha!
        When he is promoting possible match-ups, I’m all ears. This kind of gum bumping is just shameful. How am I supposed to take him seriously when he is using his free time to take pot-shots at the UFC’s eye candy?
        Now if this is part of a master plan that includes a career in stand-up, I get it.
        If he is honestly pursuing that belt, my suggestion would be to use the time he has been wasting arguing with fans on social media outlets on training. His time would be much better spent on submission defense, don’t you think?

    • xyz1994abc says:

      *Claps* Very well said.

    • Rusk says:


      Chael wins

    • Kevin says:

      Jason he get paid to talk and fight you dummy thats what makes up the ufc or diaz wouldn’t have gotten his first title shot gsp tooken away silly,apparently you don’t know the ufc and how dana want it….dummy

      • Jason Phalen says:

        First off, I refuse to take offense to being called “dummy” from someone with primary school level spelling and grammar, so throwing it in there twice was really quite pointless. And while we are on the subject, this topic is one that you may want to avoid in the future considering we are discussing intelligence, just sayin’.
        Secondly, I don’t have the UFC PR handbook in front of me, but I believe I have a pretty good grasp of “How Dana want it” as far as selling fights goes. I agree that he probably enjoys Chael’s banter as much as the next guy, but I’m gonna guess that no matter how much Sonnen talks on Arianny, Dana is NOT going to put that fight together.
        But with words like “tooken” I would be willing to bet that you’re reading is as sub-par as your writing prowess.
        Thanks for the nod though.

        • Joe says:

          i cant. belive you just spent you’re time righting a paragraph about someones grammar, why don’t you go on your communnity forum or better yet msn and chat with the 50 yrs old about grmmARRRR

        • Jason Phalen says:

          Wait…So, criticizing someone’s grammar who insults you is a waste of time….but interjecting on a strangers behalf to defend their poor grammar to someone who can spell…is NOT?
          You went to school with Kevin didn’t you Joe?

        • Bjjwizard says:

          Joe is just as much of a dumb fuck as Kevin, well said Jason.

        • Ryan M says:

          50 year olds… dumb ass

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          ^ +1

        • james p says:

          He pooped on kevin

        • Bob says:

          Jason: tooken could be a typing error not a spelling one, if I you I would check my grammar before talking about someone else’s spelling .

          Your belief that you have a pretty good gasp on “How Dana want”
          is more skewed then a possible typing error.

        • Rob says:

          Bob: You are a funny one aren’t you?

          “if I you I would”

          “pretty good gasp”

          Also, a long way between “taken” and “tooken” for a simple spelling error, don’t you think?

        • Jason Phalen says:

          Well Bob, “How Dana want it” was in quotations for a reason. That is how your little sister Kevin chose to word it. Though you failed miserably, I really appreciate your efforts in trying to clear that up. As far as typing errors go, calling you BOOB would fall under that umbrella. However, anyone finding the ‘o’ key twice in place of the ‘a’ key once is, in my opinion, open to ridicule.

    • steve says:

      he gets more attention which equals more money. you bitching about him is just getting him more famous and more money. he should thank you.

      • Jason Phalen says:

        No thanks in order. Just doing my part. But if he did I wouldn’t even answer that bum’s call.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          you’re rippin’ it up man! Tell it like it is; imo Chael is a smarmy real estate agent, a crook, a roider (or TRT post roider for you cryers) and an OK fighter. 5-4 in the UFC is no champion. Right now he’s haggering his 15 minutes in the most lurid dick-cheese way possible; one day he’s going to realize his quest for ‘who’s the asshole’ ends with him.

        • Jason Phalen says:

          Haha The quest ends with him. That is SO true!

    • nOW tHATS fUnNy says:

      @Jason – Mensa material or legally retarded – That is the funniest damn thing thing I have read all day. You are spot on. This girl is HOOTTTT! If anyone doesnt see it, they are obviously gay! From her reply, she doesnt sound like she swings toward retarded…….

    • dan says:

      very well put jason LMMFAO!!!!!!

    • John says:

      Dude, you have made the most intelligent post I’ve read so far. Who gives a fuck about how smart she is? She’s not paid to be smart, and she didn’t get to that position on her brains, whether she’s smart or not. And as far as “Diarrhea of the Mouth” Chael is concerned, he’s a halfway decent fighter, I guess, but would be much better served to let his fighting do the talking. That’s what good players or fighters respect and do. Shut up and put up.

    • wowuplr-retards says:

      You idiots on here truly have know common sense,nor do you have any sensense of humor. Chael is fucking funny ” IT CALLED JOKING” can’t you see his grin his smile. Do you know what that is. If everyone said oh he’s my buddy I really don’t wanna fight him, but dana is making us. Lame and boring. Get a life put a smile on your face and have a sense off humor you damn nags.. Cry babies like your little b*sch fighter silvia. He boring to watch just like get if they faught each other it would be the first stall mate.

      • Jason Phalen says:

        THANK YOU! Thank you for your point of view man. You see, this is EXACTLY what I have been saying. You are the quintessential Sonnen fan; angry, insulting, defensive, and above all…ignorant. Your whole post reads like a suicide note. And beyond that, if you actually read what we have been saying, the drama should be left to the WWE. If your comedian friend wants to act, as you are apparently claiming he is doing, then take it elsewhere. I like my world-class athletes to conduct themselves with honor and respect. Sure, a rivalry does add intrigue but Chael has crossed the line. He went from instigating, to insults, to defamation, to lying, to taking pot-shots at girls. There is no integrity left with this punk.
        You say he is trying to get laughs. I think he is making a mockery of the process that is supposed to be in place for title contention.

  5. John M says:

    Chael’s comment about the IQ was pretty damn funny, but she needs to realize who he is and this isn’t anything unusual for him to say. Sorry Arianny don’t take this one to heart! I will have to admit she fired back pretty well with the Silva comment.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      yea but unfortunetly that silva comment just proved how dumb she really is. after silva kicks ur ass?? really? um, arianny, honey, what were u doing during the first fight? were u busy chewing bubble gum or checking ur twitter feed? did u actually watch the fight? ah well, its ok. just sit there and look beautiful :)

      • Tom Klonowski says:

        She was busy watching Chael Sonnen tap like a bish.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        nah I think she probably seen the whole hump-a-thon; although if you watch a minute of any Chael fight, you’ve seen the whole thing. I’d check my twitter feeds too. (or if I was her maybe play with myself cuz I’m so fuckin hot) ne-way I’m getting side tracked here, what was I saying? oh yeah, Chael’s a bitch that tapped.

  6. Rusk says:

    I’m thinkin there’s more to this somethin must of happen at an event or w/e she had to of done or said some really stupid shit for chael to call you dumb lol

    • Lex w says:

      I’m thinking they used to date and had a bad break up or something cuz he takes shots at her a lot on tha slick side

      • THE INUK says:

        lol yeah they used 2 date… ur just as dumb as Arianny dude LOL jk..

        I think Chael is honestly the biggest faggot in mma… dude is honestly the biggest media whore in the business.. so for him 2 talk about what arianny does, hes more of a little girl than she is..

        • Lex w says:

          U said nothing original what did u do copy n paste what other people wrote? Moral of tha story keep it to your self next time kid.

  7. Mach00man says:

    Yeah she could probably make him tap too.

  8. Cristian says:


    (sooner or later, he´ll dig her)

  9. DAVID TAYLOR says:

    Chael Sonnen is the biggest joke in mma he is a wrestler that is more fit for a joke like the WWE than the UFC he is a criminal a loud mouth and a roid monkey has a loud mouth couldn’t handle being beat and a sore loser all around he walked of OTR can’t handle confrontation and the best thing Ufc can do is dump his sorry ass before he makes more of a joke of the sport

    • Rusk says:

      You must think Ali is a joke too then right? He talked way more and way worse shit then chael ever has and he did prison time, you either never followed boxing or have a real short memory yeah chael talks a lot of shit but the stuff he says is timid at best compared to some of the stuff boxers have said

  10. James Maney says:

    It’s s sarcasm reflex, nothing more. Stupid question gets a comical answer. Next…

  11. Chris says:

    I think everyone of you are missing the whole point of who Sonnen is. He’s a real man who isnt afraid to say the plain and simple truth about things. They asked him a question about who would be ring girl of the year and he answered with his honest opinion. She might be one of the best looking ring girls but doesn’t mean she is the brightest one of the bunch. He’s right though. Its so hard to shake your tits and ass and walk in a circle. The only reason they have ring girls is to draw in the male crowd. Have you every noticed the UFC commercials or theme song at the beginning of TUF they just show random shots of tits and ass.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      so it’s the ring girls that balance out MMA’s massive female following? You’re high off your ass buddy…the fights bring the fans & I’d wager the vast majority of fans > are dudes. The ring girls provide those fans (men) with some eye candy between rounds. get it right. & if what your saying about Chael is true, that he just speaks the truth…than he’s even a bigger douche than I thought.

  12. David says:

    Lol chael makes me laugh, i hate arianna, shes not even that hot, i miss edith labelle

  13. Jason Phalen says:

    I like this theory! Chandella could use a boost in coverage. Unfortunately this will only rally supporters to take Arianny’s back.
    But yea, Chandella deserves some props.
    I doubt she is more scholarly than Ms. Celeste, but we can pretend.

  14. Jb says:

    By all of you guys squawking Chael has archived what he wanted. People talking about him.

  15. Shawn says:

    Now that Sonnen got his wish fighting Silva, which made him ‘turtle head’ when he got the news (no more backing out or trying to egg Silva on). He’s now resorted to picking on girls. Seems to b d only ones he can intimidate. Seems. Lol

  16. The Chaelmonster will make Celeste a superstar just bc he mentioned her name! Arianny don’t get caught in his web let it go bc he’s just giving chandella some white chocolate!

  17. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hot chicks like Arianny love it when they are insulted and they love assholes alpha males. They’ll be on a date after Chael hands the spider his first UFC defeat. I slow clap for you Chael… I slow clap for you.

  18. jersey says:

    hes kinda right , really what is she. they heave her all over the place, whats her talent besides the fact that she looks good. i mean come on she walks around the octagon with a round card big fuckin deal. i think brittany palmer blows her away

  19. Joe says:

    arianny don’t care what you got to say unless you’re mandingo

  20. AAxAntonio says:

    why even bother with this idiots coments anymore?

  21. drew says:

    chandella powell>celeste pretty apparent

  22. drew says:

    palmer is second, celeste is 3rd…plus i think celeste is probably a cocky bitch in real life anyway which in the long run makes her even beater but shes still a dime

  23. tiki says:

    i say bisping vs sonnen for title eliminator match to fight silva sounds fair if bisping gets through mayhem tho.

  24. Hayaruka says:

    HMMMM Chaelmonster doesn’t like hot girls, favors wrestling men for a career, and is a huge advocate of steroids. To all the gay’s out there, Chael Sonnen is with you just don’t be too rough in bed cause Wittle Chaely doesn’t like to be choked

  25. Getbelted says:

    ^^ “Wittle Chaely doesn’t like to be choked” -too funny

  26. Respectexpected says:

    Chael’s mad that she doesn’t have talent? maybe be mad at the person who offers that job, what hot girl wouldn’t agree to walk around an octagon holding a card for big dollars and national fame. Oh but that’s right Chael calls the president Uncle Dana and doesn’t want to get spankings, so he vents his roid rage on the hottest chick close by that doesn’t know jiu jitsu

  27. Chris says:

    Thanks for the new desktop background! She’s bad!

  28. Mikael says:

    To Jason Phalen! “Never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience”…

  29. Omar says:

    Chael is a str8 g,her test scores..lmao

  30. Lmaooo pedro gave Chart a callout with the ‘ChaelMonster’ quote.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      what u expect? charts his lil biznitch. he makes threads for him and emails him love letters just so he could be “in” with moderators.

      • Donnybrook says:

        There you go being jealous again. It would be like a wet dream if they ever gave you a shout out hey fruitcake.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          if i wanted shout outs old man i would be a lil groupie like chart. i rather just debate mma and ridicule ppl like who who contradict yourself. “hi im donnybrook i made tons of money of ONE gsp fight” lol gtfoh loser.

        • Donnybrook says:

          You obviously only made it to grade 5 with spelling like that… go get your GED you poor soul and do something with your life. I guess eneducated dumbs like yourself make enough on welfare to afford means and access to the Internet… what a fuckin waste of tax dollars!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          so i guess u made it to sixth grade since u refer to ppl as dumbs when the word is an adjective. now please go to ur death bed and die old man, must be nice to run your old mouth on forums cuz if u ever tried it in real life you wouldnt need your bed to be dead.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          im gonna go out on a limb here. mmaisland and donnybrook are NOT exchanging christmas gifts this year.

        • JAJUKA says:

          I got on this blog by accident. Eveyone of youse are idoits!

        • Donnybrook says:

          Physically threatening me now eh fruitcake… pretty easy to do behind the security of your keyboard tough guy, I bet you couldn’t even beat your way out of a wet paper bag.

        • Donnybrook says:

          The truth?… you have no idea fruitcake. Gran Torino you say now that’s a nice car! (not like the plastic junk they make now) don’t know about the movie, never seen it.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          gran torinos are sweet rides. i just mention the movie cuz clint eastwood kicks ass in it.

        • Donnybrook says:

          Good to hear old balls Clint is still kicking ass, I’ll have to watch it.

        • You are groupie.. your always on this MUTHERFKR like must of us.. U groupie! Transparent mofo.. everybody sees it!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yeah im the groupie. i call you out for all your bullshit. u talk mad shit about gsp then now ur his biggest fan. u act like your bj and fedors biggest fan then once they lose all ppl hear from u is that u think they should both retire. everything outta your pig mouth is a lie. ur too stupid to outsmart ppl when everything u say and do is online. the funniest thing is ur the biggest groupie of them all until ur fighter loses. then u find a new big mouth loser to cling on to who u think will win cuz they cheat to win i.e. chael sonnen and gsp. get a life loser.

        • Man.. U sure are bent tonight. Bj knows I’m a huge supporter of his and will always be. Your good at twisting words Lil guy.. I said I will support whatever Bj wants to do. Like I need to justify myself to my squire.. hey junkie shut the fk up and go fetch my horse.. Shield and sword and u stay here and look after the animals while I go into battle u bookkeeper. Remember your talking to a KNIGHT, and your just a peasant!

      • Donny is right.. JEALOUSY is a munkie= bitchh! Me and bradduh Pedro go way back bitchess! Why u disrespecting one of Bj’s top guys FOOL?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          did i disrespect him? i said u were his bitch. hows that disrespecting him? lmao u trying to get me banned by doing a lil crying for your bradduh from way back? youre so pathetic i knew youd resort to your snitch ways pig. of course you guys go way back, you been blowing him since u found out he was in charge of this site.

        • Never once snitched on you..hernanz suspended both our account bc of the squabble over munk’s video. You have tons of preconceived idea with facts, but that you. I blow Pedro? Haven’t talked to Pedro in months.. Pedro is watching and knows the deal. You sound pretty disrespectful to me, and like usual a Lil out of control w your tongue. Pedro should suspend your dumbass to teach you a lesson for disrespecting this site..

    • Prodigy.. When did bradduh Pedro do that?

  31. Xaninho says:

    Seems easy to Lay and Pray, seems easy to land 300 pitter patter pillow ‘strikes’, now try to do that for the full 5 rounds!

  32. spiritsplice says:

    Sonnen finally saod something worth listening to. So tired of hearing about that walking pair of implants.

  33. pk9grrr says:

    these 2 are on totaly diferent wave lengths that they most probably cancel eachother out in an arguement..makes for a good couple bahaha

  34. mudwump says:

    WOW! An I.Q. of up to five(5)! I could go for that! If you treat ’em with love and respect, it will go far, I bet! I was married twice-both of them wanted to wear the pants and considered themselves the only ones who mattered….AND, this lady is really good looking! She’s probably the way she is because of the way YOU are.. OK, I’ll step back now and watch the “Jerk” parade. Oh wait! I’ll put her up as my background!

  35. mmaislandjunkie says:

    finally a fight chael can win AGAINST A GIRL lmao. way to go no wonder chart loves this guy, he fights girls just like the woman beating online cop does.

    • Lex w says:

      Finally a fight he can win….really?……what a dumbass

    • Still at it with false ism eh .. whatever makes you feel better about your Lil self. Take ownership of your insecurity and start building some self esteem so you can become man lil guy. I know it’s hard no personal life.. No relationship.. Dead end job keep your chin up there’s hope.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        dead end job? you probably never even went to college u uneducated pig. u live the life of an idiot thats why u think ur happy, u dont know any better cuz ur just a plain old dummy.

        • Don’t worry about me dum dum my college was free .. does Guam have a higher learning facility now or what, or did you have to go Hawaii to get it. No matter how much college u have your still a fkn MORON w a dead end job.. no girl.. no personality, but your somebody on The infamous MMAISLANDJERKOFF. Lmao

          Mentioning my name again eh junk? You can’t shake it..

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          free college must mean ZERO COLLEGE. u probably flunked outta high school with all your idiotic hypocritical comments u make. i like how u say my name in all ur responses, whenever a slave speaks to his master they have to say their name and u r my lil bitch.

        • Lmao.. Really bookie? Your not fit to tie my tactical boot Lil man. It is amusing u pumping yourself up w garbage. Remember who u are bookkeeper.. That’s all u are in this world. Go fetch my sword u squire leave the battles to the warriors… go count the bags of grain and sharpen my sword.. u can pretend to be more but in life your just a squire / bookkeeper. You take notes and I’ll hunt down criminals.. u make laugh my Lil pen warrior…I carry the shield and battle axe boy..period, maybe’s that why your jealous!

  36. Nick says:

    Arianny is so fine, but damn Chael just tore that ass up,

  37. bobsasser says:

    pic does nothing for you? do you have a little sugar in your gas tank?

  38. dynomania says:

    I see a harassment claim getting shoved right up Chael’s ass if he isn’t too careful. She could have the last laugh and make this a legal nightmare for the UFC if she wanted to.

  39. UFCFan says:

    this is pretty sad, chael can come up with something better than that.. after all the ring girls are not there to prove their intelligence.. they are there to look sexy and to give us viewers something to look at besides 2 half naked guys rubbing on each other. And I’m pretty shocked that he would even waste his time talking about a ring girl… doesnt he have a fighter to talk trash about or is he afraid of getting his face smashed in because of his mouth that never stops running???

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      that is the bottom line about chael: hes a sad attention seeking loser.

      • UFCFan says:

        they shouldnt even give this guy attention… he’s like a little kid acting out to get what he wants.. which obviously isn’t a fight against another fighter but a fight with a woman who could probably beat his ass. when she slaps a harassment suit on his ass i bet he’ll learn to keep his mouth shut.. and where is dana while all this is going on?? its his company and he’s allowing this childish stuff to go on.. if she files a claim, he’ll be held responsible too for allowing it to go on.


        I hate you Junkie as much as the next guy.. But I can’t stand cops.. Im with you on this one..

        Cops are fuckin pussies that cant do shit with out their other gang of cops..

        Cops are fuckin ignorant as fuck

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i hate you more than you would ever know. however, i feel the same way u do towards a lot of cops. i know we need them to help protect and serve the community and there are a lot of good cops out there, but when you see one online as much as chart and see the way he talks to ppl and really thinks, it really shows how some retards can pass police academy. charts a disgrace to every police officer actually doing their job. i wonder what his superior officer would think if they ever saw how much time he spent online compared to actual hours worked, and mind you its our tax dollars that pays for this idiots salary.

        • Xaninho says:

          Cuntmonster is a pig? hahaha! Wow! Talk about being a minority man! A gay cop!

          At least I suspect him being gay, cause of all the gay referrals when he tries to insult people…

        • Sounds like a bunch of Lil hater bitchess to me! Only Lil punk asses hate cops..need I say more junkfag ..jarass and ex-ho the three buttholie amigos! Ha ha

          How do Lil ole me become the center of attention ..hmm puzzling! Charticus .. The last emperor!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          how does an idiot like you get attention? hmm lemme see maybe by saying dumb shit like chael sonnen is a GOAT for one. i could go on and on about how stupid you are but you keep coming back for more, you remind me of your thai whore of a mother – always coming back for more beatdowns. but momma can take it and i see the apple hasnt fell far from her bush.

        • I won’t lower myself to your level Lil man. Pathetic attempts.. Your not even in my classification. Hey how your daughter? Oh that right the injunction won’t let u see her that’s ok she’s not missing anything except a bitter Lil guy the cubical keyboard warrior. LOL

  40. Mike McMack says:

    Chael’s just made cause he needs synthetic hormones for his balls to work properly. Chael has no bounds with his mouth. This isn’t as bad as talking about Anderson Silvas wife.

  41. sean says:


    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      if someone offered u 100k to pose naked i wonder what u would do.

    • Xaninho says:

      She’s smart enough to take the money while she can. She could also be stuck in a dead-end job for minimum wage. I think she definitely did the smart thing.

    • Jason Phalen says:

      Wait…So any women who bares her breasts to the general public is of lower intelligence? She posed for Playboy, THE premier gentlemen’s magazine in the world, not Smut Weekly bro. Just to be clear, I’m in no way claiming that she is a genius. I’m just saying that flashing a pair of nips ( Which I am very grateful of ) doesn’t make her Corky from ‘Life Goes On’!

  42. Robin says:

    It is a nice picture of her.

  43. bizzle says:

    LOL at “his list”.. I swear Chael throws the bait out and the media jumps with no regard to relevance or facts..

    • He’s the most interesting man Biz.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        interesting with his words not his actions. maybe if he fought as well as he spoke ppl would think ur such an idiot for supporting the douche.

        • Eagles don’t care what the field mouse says about them bc all they are is lunch to me. You don’t think Chael’s last 5 performances has been splendid even with a last minute sub from Andy? You call yourself a fan of the sport… Hmmm questionable! Chael was incredible against Stann, and I expect a better performance against Munoz!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Nukes don’t care for the destruction they reap on testing Sites!!! lol, what are you 5? I’m a dog and your a cat! You like big guns, well I like LASER guns! Chart…don’t know you man, but you sound like you have the emotional intelligence of a young child.

  44. Ruben says:

    Chaels in trouble, no one talks shit about Danas girlfriend and gets away with it

  45. JJ says:

    Chael is just mad cus he cant dry hump ariyanny for 5 rounds and get finished in her triangle..that or maybe she seen his shriveled roid dick and told everyone about it!!

  46. J R Brown says:

    Wow…takes a real man to pick on a woman. What’s next…Taliban MMA?

    • moby dick says:

      Hey that is a good idea just as long as it is to the death on each fight. That way they can all get there 72 virgins. Ooops thats right Alla lied to them about that part. Then again no big loss they still can die

  47. nightbaby says:

    lol…..i love reading all of your comments. i just had to put my 2 cents in. who cares about what this guy has to say anyway? someone mentioned his record…look at how old he is…he is about all washed up anyway….his comments remind me of a man who thinks he’s all that but got shot down…..

  48. LonnieX says:

    Does Chael always look to keep his brand alive? hell yeah… But it seems Ms. Celeste is doing the same thing, otherwise she would have ignored it..

  49. AZA says:

    hmmm, Thinks Chael, How do I get more people to hate me…

    I know, I’ll dog out the sexiest Ring girl ever, That’ll get me more hate.

    What a nob, We get it, He wants more PPV’s, people want to see him get his head smacked in,
    but seriously… your a dick ! 😀

  50. Jae Rhee says:

    She can tackle me anytime

  51. Long-Strong says:


    • Big Ben Hayley says:

      This guy right here is the only one who got’s a clue. Mr.Sonnon is a bright dude. Look at how all of you flock to write bs about every last thing he say’s…. and you all are doing just what he want’s you to be doing. See chael know’s how to stir the shit and kuddo’s to him. Dude beat some respect into me. He was my first pro fight…. NO JOKE……. Look it up.

  52. Rich says:

    I read was Chael said and twice he said “we” (we were proud of her). I’d like to know who else was with him when he made that comment. Damn funny what he said. Arianny should take a IQ test and to prove Chael wrong and if she gets a high score then she can expand her talents to boxing, they can go 12 rounds. :)

  53. east red says:

    it don’t matter how smart she is, its when we can bang her that matters!!

  54. fuck sonnen says:

    He’s alittle bitch and ya you fuck with danas woman and see what happens I hope silva retires him for good in the same way as hendo did bisbing that would be Awsome knocked the fuck out

  55. really? says:

    Taking jabs at ring card girls??? What a total DB.

  56. ADG says:

    Chael Sonnen is nothin but ugly face and yap yap yap, he needs to give up and quit his shittalking cause he fucking sucks, plain and simple!

  57. fuck sonnen says:

    If that pic of her does nothing for you maybe you can fuck yourself !!! To bad you Dont no what your missing

  58. Ed brown says:

    Hey, I like Sonnen, but didn’t he test positive for high testrone before the Silva fight? I think that stuff kills your sex organs. Sonnen still couldn’t get the job done. Silva will make sure he’ s tested well before the fight. Silva really wants to hurt this guy! Go Army!

  59. nyce says:

    At first I use to laugh at Chale now he’s just being an asshole

  60. diggly doo says:

    hahaha it all makes sense now.

  61. Walks-In-Storms says:

    Let’s see if I got this right: a MMA “fighter” calls a “ring girl” stupid – even manages to attempt wit? And it’s for the benefit of MMA fans? One visualizes a duel between guys using empty pistols or wet noodle swords – before an audience that’s blind.

    Thanks for the comedy mental movie that will stay with me all day. That’s really funny.

    • reality check says:

      Exactly! Or a game of Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun in which he volunteers to go first thus improving the gene pool.

      While we’re on the subject as clearly this is extremely important: What Are the intelligence requirements for a “ring girl”? Obviously there’s none for the fighters at least once their head’s been bashed in a few times. And who’s more intelligent, a pretty girl who holds up a card or a guy who repeatedly gets his head knocked in? Hmmm. Good question.

  62. lonesome dave says:

    Gotta admit, Chandela is winner – she’s all real too.
    Sonnen is a smart guy, can get his name in somewhere every time.
    He better learn how to put the Spider away cuz he can’t last 5 rounds without getting triangled again.

  63. docslady says:

    i hope he is made miserable by her and her followers.she is a pretty woman who happens to get paid for it.sonnen should learn to use his time a little wiser and like lonesome dave said leanr to put spider away.he prolly got turned down by her and that’s why he is pissy….

  64. Jblak5 says:

    he’s just pissed cuz she won’t touch him.

  65. Chael's Dirty says:

    You should see the type of chicks that Chael bags. Arianny is a dime and he clowns on her yet he pounds as that scores 2 when being generous. I have proof of him pounding out flea-bitten grossies here in Portland.

  66. says:

    Sexy feet

  67. Tony says:

    Talking trash about Arianny is not going to solve Sonnen’s problem!!I think this is it the end of Sonnen corier..Arianny is just a beautiful girl and entertainer,,without her in the ring the UFC boxing does not make sence….You have all our love Arianny babes

    Tony T

  68. kong52 says:

    This girl is so fine, number 1 ring girl in the world!!! I live in Portland, Or and Sonnen needs to be slapped.

  69. Neil Hart says:

    Chael is a bitch. Only a bitch would pick on a girl like that. Apparently Chael “doesn’t like girls”..LMFAO!! Go Arianny!! He can put me on his little hit list all he wants and basically kiss my ass…what a loser. But most of all, he supposedly runs a little league wrestling club. What a poor excuse for a role model for those young kids. My kids would never wrestle for a pud like him. And finally did the author call him the “ChaelMolester”? What a punk…bahahahaha…

  70. Triple D says:

    Now that he is off the juice his testicles have shrunk back down to their raisin status.

  71. indi says:

    Sounds to Me like Sonnen tried to make a play on the hottie and got turned down. So now he is trying to make himself look good to all his buddies.

  72. FYI.. I was asked to pass this on! You know who you are that this warning is going too!

    Inbox Alerts Sent Archive Compose

    just FYI. we are now able to ban IP addresses so Let them know
    From BJPENN.COM to You
    Sent 10 hours ago
    ReplyForwardArchive MessageDelete MessageBlock Messages
    just FYI. we are now able to ban IP addresses so Let them know

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      of course the lil snitch was asked to pass the message on. u start most this bs with ur weak putdowns then u run to the mods when u get put in ur place. just go rep chael and hope bj and fedor retire. cuz no matter what chael has done in his career he still has more losses than those two legends have combined. bj fedor anderson jds bones jones shogun hendo all these guys r LEGENDS go rep ur weak shriveled balls hero.

      h btw i aint no squire im the mofkn general and i send my minions like you out to do my dirty work. unfortunately when u have morons on the battlefield they tend to hurt themselves, n it appears you suffered brain damage cuz you havent been on a battlefield other than here on the internet for the past few years.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      Finally mods taking action on the trolls. I’ve been wondering why that loser Jonesy hasn’t been around.

  73. The manliest man in this room says:

    Everyone in this room is a homosexual compared to me.

  74. YoungLove says:

    I bet Arianny could get the Spider on his back faster than Chael ever could and probably even submit him after a few intense rounds.

  75. SlipSlap says:

    For once Chael talks sense.

  76. bensta says:

    Chael is a big ass baby talk shit and cant even back it up
    He gets his ass kicked.. Hes just jealous that he cant look
    as good as Arianny in a bikini…..So Chael keep you big ass mouth closed
    And stop talking shit about the ring girls..your jealous that
    your wife is not as beautiful and sexy and cant even pull off what Arianny can do
    In the ring…

  77. Blacks says:

    Chael should probably worry more about not getting his face caved in by Wanderlei instead of teasing a pretty girl.

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