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Thursday, 01/12/2012, 02:22 pm

UFC NEWS – Chad Mendes: Urijah Is My Mentor, But We Are Different


“Urijah is my mentor and he’s played a key role in helping me develop a strategy for this fight. He knows where Jose is strong and where he’s not. But Urijah’s style and my style are completely different. He shoots a lot of single legs and has incredible speed. For me, I have an explosive style of wrestling that knocks guys off their feet. I don’t think Jose has fought anyone like me.”

“We’ve worked on that in camp, particularly in getting ready for his striking. Without giving away too much strategy, I am really confident in my ability to take this fight where I want it. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid. A few years ago, I’d never fought outside of California. Saturday, I’m walking into the Octagon in Rio and I’m planning on leaving with the UFC featherweight title.”


Heading into this weekend’s main event the comparison of Chad Mendes to his mentor, Urijah Faber has been made countless times.

Analysts point to the destruction of Faber handed out by the current featherweight champion as an indicator to the success Mendes is expected to have in this Saturday’s title fight in Rio.

However, having not lost even one-round in his entire MMA career, Mendes wants to remind people that even though Faber is his mentor, the two are completely different fighters and he believes his style is perfect to take the upset and the UFC’s featherweight title back to Sacramento where it used to sit during Urijah Faber’s WEC reign.

Can he do it? Will he prove the doubters wrong?

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46 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Chad Mendes: Urijah Is My Mentor, But We Are Different”

  1. Sweet says:

    Mendez will win this easily. Aldo looked average against Florian and hated being on his back against Hominick

    • bruts says:

      aldo was also sick during the hominick fight, and he destroyed florian, florian just kept it cool and made it a good fight, watch it again please for the sake of mma. Aldo will win. Plain and Simple Honestly he could go intense but man, you dont know what its like to hold a belt, i sure know i dont, but i bet they treasure it, and never want to lose it. they start to fight to win, and maintain not please. Whats this easily crap bullshit? no ones eases threw aldo and it sure wont be chad… will be a good fight tho

    • Jake says:

      lmfao u must be new to mma. Aldo is going to tool mendes, this is going to be a one sided beatdown, mark my words.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Easily? You must be trippin’…

  2. magoo says:

    That’s right Chad,but most importantly Faber lost to Aldo……you won’t!

  3. @BmoDollaz on twitter says:

    Aldo is a beast Mendez will be 11-1 after this fight prolly gon get knocked out..

  4. Chael Sonnen Rubs Cox says:

    Yeah I’m not sure what fight you were watching by Kenny most certainly should not have got the decision and even he knew it. His game plan failed when he found out Aldo was not so easy to push around and take down. Aldo’s quick striking and elusiveness were too much for Kenny and I’m even a big KenFlo fan. =/

  5. Creature says:

    Kenflo didnt win the fight, watching live i thought he might have, but after watching it twice my opinion changed, but that fight was closer than anyone seems to be giving it credit for..

    • zk says:

      +1 It was alot closer then people give credit for, Kenny could have won but he stuck to his original game plan that wasn’t working at all. Love the info and articles on this site but half you guys on here are ignorant as all hell and won’t give credit where credit should be giving, mainly because 90% of you know nothing about mma and have just watched too much ufc and think you know everything

      Also making predictions is fucking retarded half you rtards were so positive Brock was going to win but “2 rd tko” and his ass got fucked up. That’s why you dont make predictions like that, you make yourself look like a fucking idiot

  6. Thom says:

    Hope ALdo whoops him.. no offense

  7. Xaninho says:

    Mendes better use the best mouthguard money can buy, cuz else Aldo will knee his teeth out.

  8. Jc says:

    you may not be the same as faber but your still getting leg kicked

  9. jasonsimmons says:

    Y is any1 sayin florian won? Shut the fuk up wit dat bs. Florian had a descent 1st round, but aldo took dat round as well. Florian ate a lot of big shots and sum knees. But florian chin once again proved unbreakable. And when the fight hit da ground aldo outgrappled the shit out of him. Lol at da haters who said kenny won. Aldos legit, any man that can hand florian a ass whoopin is the real deal. Lmao. Lol. “kenny won.” lmao.

    • TravisAlbee says:

      I think you are right in saying Aldo is legit, but lately it seems he has lost his killer instinct. I am still perplexed as to why he didn’t try and finish Faber, Florian, Hominick…he seems overly cautious at times, understandable I guess. But that is what I always loved about watching BJ fight, he was always looking for the finish. Anyways, Aldo is a beast and I hope we see the Aldo from the WEC days.

  10. bizzle says:

    Yes you are different, mainly Urijah is better then you..

  11. magoo says:

    Hominick was on top of Aldo for the majority of the last round,dishing out some decent GNP. Aldo better not give Mendes that same opportunity other wise there will be a new king at FW.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      u think being on top is all u need to do to win fights lol. u forgot the 4 previous rounds of ass kickery he was receiving, aldo probably felt bad cuz he thought hominick was pregnant on his forehead.

      • magoo says:

        All I’m saying is hominick found a hole in Aldo’s game, and if any one can expose to the fullest it will be Mendes. Why do you think Aldo was training with Maynard? It wasn’t to improve his striking I can guarantee you that!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          hes preparing for the tds of a wrestler who cant fight. i know watching gsp over the years has tainted your view of what a real fight is but thankfully bones is making see what an exciting fight is all about! lol

        • magoo says:

          Haha say what you will,I got Mendes winning gold Sat night, he’s gonna show the world Aldo ain’t all that!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          only you would wish boredom to reign a ufc fighting division lol.

      • yeah bruh i like Aldo but hes human and your overrating him a little bit. I would not be the least bit shocked if Mendes pulled out the W. Idk I just respect the shit out of the really good MMA wrestlers (except GSP) their grind and how hard they trained and prepae. Their physical and mental toughness is crazy. Wrestling is hard AF.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          wrestling is hard AF. u have to have mean cardio to keep up with all the action, i just think in a fight aldos gonna pick him apart. aldo could have murdered faber but took it easy on him and mendes isnt as good as faber.

        • His wrestling, cardio, pace, and strength is better and he is a natural 45er. Faber was fighting above his weight class Mendes is not. And besides Faber didnt attempt any TD’s really he wanted to stand 1 round than shoot later but that first round took so much spring out of his shot he was doomed.

        • Xaninho says:

          I don’t particularly like wrestling. The take downs are a great tool, but other than that wrestling is a boring style. Especially the way wrestlers use it in MMA to avoid fighting and steal the decision.

        • King Prodigy Levreau says:

          Word up young MC…and some of those guys think they are the baddest and toughest in the sport! What I’m trying to say is…half naked men laying on someone would make me do everything to keep it a FIGHT!!! Although it is part of the sport, it seems like a SUCKA’ way to be the only way they fight to win. That’s why I love Mr. PENN…heart of a LION. WIn or loose. WAR PENN WAR!!!

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        +100 for “pregnant on his forehead.” LMFAO

  12. magoo says:

    May the best “fighter” win!!!!!

  13. John M says:

    Like like Chad a lot the only thing I’m giving him in this fight is his wrestling and he cuts weight way better than Aldo

  14. Austin says:

    catch aldo’s leg kicks… come on, they are to fast for anyone including kickboxing champ hominick to even check them. that being said mendes is an outstanding wrestler and although aldo has great td defense chad will probably get some take downs early but aldo’s striking will take its toll and mendes will barely be able to shoot after taking some of those low kicks. mendes is pretty much a novice in striking compared to aldo and will be lucky if he isnt knocked out. I think aldo is to explosive, to dangerous and just plain better than mendes

  15. Xaninho says:

    Hahahah! Yeah let him try and grab one of Aldo’s kicks! The poor guy will end up with a broken arm!

    Seriously those kicks aren’t that easy to time and even if Mendes manages to time, it he will hurt/break the arm.

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