UFC NEWS – Chad Mendes: Urijah Is My Mentor, But We Are Different

January 12, 2012 2:22 pm 46 Comments
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“Urijah is my mentor and he’s played a key role in helping me develop a strategy for this fight. He knows where Jose is strong and where he’s not. But Urijah’s style and my style are completely different. He shoots a lot of single legs and has incredible speed. For me, I have an explosive style of wrestling that knocks guys off their feet. I don’t think Jose has fought anyone like me.”

“We’ve worked on that in camp, particularly in getting ready for his striking. Without giving away too much strategy, I am really confident in my ability to take this fight where I want it. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid. A few years ago, I’d never fought outside of California. Saturday, I’m walking into the Octagon in Rio and I’m planning on leaving with the UFC featherweight title.”


Heading into this weekend’s main event the comparison of Chad Mendes to his mentor, Urijah Faber has been made countless times.

Analysts point to the destruction of Faber handed out by the current featherweight champion as an indicator to the success Mendes is expected to have in this Saturday’s title fight in Rio.

However, having not lost even one-round in his entire MMA career, Mendes wants to remind people that even though Faber is his mentor, the two are completely different fighters and he believes his style is perfect to take the upset and the UFC’s featherweight title back to Sacramento where it used to sit during Urijah Faber’s WEC reign.

Can he do it? Will he prove the doubters wrong?

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