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Tuesday, 01/10/2012, 12:14 pm

UFC NEWS – Chad Mendes: “I don’t shoot; I blast people off their feet with my takedowns and shut down BJJ black belts”

[box_light]“I believe in my skills and knew that if I trained hard and fought right, things would work out for me and they did. These guys that have black belts in jiu-jitsu, I’ve pretty much just shut them down basically because of my athleticism and my strength. I think it’s going to be tough for him to throw any kind of submission when I’m on top punching him in the face. I don’t think he’s got this big advantage on the ground. Jose Aldo is a great champion, but I don’t think he’s fought anybody with the athleticism, the strength, and the wrestling background that I have. I don’t shoot; I blast people of their feet with my takedowns. I’m going to go to Brazil and I’m going to take that belt from Aldo. I’m the next featherweight champion of the world. It happens for me this Saturday and it is time to prove myself.”[/box_light]

Chad “Money” Mendes is the undefeated title challenger getting ready to take a stab at taking Jose Aldo’s title this weekend in the UFC 142 main event of the evening.

Having not even lost one-round in his young MMA career the Team Alpha Male product believes he will be able to take down and shut down the Jiu Jitsu of the champ in route to earning his title.

It’s a tough task for anyone, but Mendes has without a doubt solidified himself as the number two featherweight fighter in the world. The number one spot is reserved to this weekend’s winner.

So who takes it BJPENN.COM? 4 days left until the UFC heads to Rio!

(image by Tracy Lee courtesy YahooSports!)

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43 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Chad Mendes: “I don’t shoot; I blast people off their feet with my takedowns and shut down BJJ black belts””

  1. Grammar Police says:

    “to take down and shit the champ in route to earning his title.


  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Mendes blasts people off their feet with takedowns, Aldo blasts people off their feet with strikes. Let’s see who gets blasted.

  3. Ian Mearns says:

    Someones gettin merked bad i hope its a good fight

  4. Justen says:

    Something tells me Mendes is gunna eat a lot of flying knees. lol

  5. Julio Figueroa says:

    Chad i don´t see how you pretend to blast the champ!!! he is coming for an early tko.. be sure is not in the 1st round…

  6. say1what says:

    the man is delusional

  7. CanILive says:

    whoevers getting blasted….someones beemin up to scotty

  8. seprodrigo says:

    Aldo by whatever he wants

    • FunCrush says:

      Agreed, Aldo is a beast, and dry humping practice all those gate keepers at Alpha Male is not enough prep for Jose. Aldo will KO him since Mendes has been so vocal.

      • Gatekeepers? thats the dumbest shit i have ever heard in my life. Joseph Benavidez will probably be the Flyweight champ, Faber can beat Cruz he already has actually, and Mendes has a legit shot at beating Aldo. Mendes would have Aldo if he was in Hominick or Florians spot. Even Danny Castillo has been doing good as of late.

        • Ricardo says:

          danny got ktfo by pettis..
          so did t.j
          mendez lay n pray
          faber is overrated he is 4-3 in last 7 how the fuck does he get title shot? bcus he is a gatekeeper

        • Thats 1 loss for Castillo to a top guy dosent make him a can. TJ Dillashaw wwill be back. Faber ges a title shot because him and Cruz are head and shoulders above the rest of the division. What about Black House. Machida just got put to sleep, Big Nog got his arm snapped, Lil Nog lost 2 in a row before beating a washed up Tito, Aldo has looked average lately, and Anderson got whipped by Chael.

  9. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha! Mendes better not be putting “money” on that!

    And it’s sickening he’s proud of ‘shutting down’ the opponent…Cuz I’m pretty sure he means lay ‘n’ pray himself to a decision. If he does that it will be a boring ass fight, with a lot of humping and pillow fists.

  10. Ricardo says:

    IMO the best boxing, not striking, boxing only, will have to go to Edgar, T. Ferguson, and Aldo.
    They’re good boxers they got head movement, feet and good combos.
    This is my opinion, call me crazy but this is my opinion.
    What does think?? lol
    #just asking

  11. dana says:

    theres a diffrence between striking and boxing silva has the best striking not boxing in mma

  12. dana says:

    this is to prodigy r u on drugs u fuckin fag i have read your statements!!!! what camp got voted best camp for 2011? and when u cheat in a combat sport taking drugs that will make u more aggresive which means he would get up in silvas face just like he did yea . he would of been like the rest if he was clean he would of froze do u not think he would of been telling okami and traning okami to do the same thing it was the drug he used made him have thatt performance. and not to mention fighting a guy not fully fit yea u gona look realy good i pray sonnen gets silva a rematch not to mention he has munoz to get by, i dont hate chael hes 1 of the best fighters out there but we all know silvas 10 times the fighter u talk like hes better than silva tell me then prodigy what has chael sonnen ever won in mma thats worth talking about or has he even won anythings silvas fought the best of the best for years chaels only been starting 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MMFT says:

      if your mom got matched up with silva she’d probably mount him right off the bat and ride him for 20 minutes. and then there’d be a huge climax and silva would wrap his legs around her head and they’d both get what they wanted.

      and then sonnen would smack your mom on the butt while she’s making him a steak. your mom is a slut.

  13. Mike McMack says:

    A lot of people are sleeping on this fight but I’ve rarely seen Aldo in a boring fight. I think Aldo will win by decision.

  14. mmaislandjunkie says:

    interesting they couldnt find another picture of mendes cuz this is pretty much all he does every fight.

    • krafty11 says:

      gotta agree there.. and he mentions that Aldo has never fought a guy with his athleticism, strength, and wrestling background he has.. I guess he forgot his teammate Faber fought him and got lit up.. way to throw your teammate under the bus Mendes.. have fun eating those knees on Sat night..

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