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Monday, 01/30/2012, 11:14 am

UFC NEWS | Cesar Gracie Says Nick Diaz Won’t Fight, Will Wait For GSP If Victorious This Weekend

“We are not taking another fight. There is only one way in my mind that we are taking another fight… Hypothetically if we are fortunate and win this fight, I would advise Nick not to take another fight unless it’s the GSP fight or unless it’s in another weight class. We want to wait for that fight.”

A guest on today’s MMA Hour, trainer/manager of Nick Diaz, Cesar Gracie confirmed that if Nick wins this weekend he will not fight again in the welterweight division until GSP returns to unify the titles.

Many welterweight fighters have been posturing for a shot at the winner of Diaz vs. Condit, however if Nick wins it would appear as if they will not get that opportunity.


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69 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Cesar Gracie Says Nick Diaz Won’t Fight, Will Wait For GSP If Victorious This Weekend”

  1. andy says:

    Off is the direction in which I wish Cesar Gracie would fuck.

  2. Mr.Rusk says:

    In other words “if we win the interm title we will wait as long as possible before we defend it” am I understanding that right?

    • josh husfelt says:

      Not at all. If nick takes a fight before gsp then gsp will either get booked for a fight or have to wait and unifying the belts will be a big fiasko. We will have another Jones Evans type situation.

  3. toppler says:

    Dont Be scared homie defend that strap

  4. Richard says:

    How’s about Nick face off with BJ, after talking all his shit on him. BJ where you at Hawaiian, F this retirement BS everyone knows you still have fight in you. With the right coaches you can stomp anyone!


  5. Steve O says:

    I think Cesar is confused, maybe he thinks his name is Joe Silva or Dana White! That chump has nothing to do with when Diaz fights next! IF Diaz wins he will have to defend that title whenever the UFC says so or be stripped!

  6. Philippe says:

    technically if GSP is not able to fight Nick in within 6 -8 mths after ufc 143 then GSP would have give up the title and the second fight with the interim title would be for the actual belt otherwise it would be a joke having to keep defending a 2nd belt

  7. BJC says:

    And what happens to a belt holder if he refuses a fight.The belt is stripped

  8. If it was Nick’s choice he would fight anyone at any place at any time we all know this..

    Doesn’t matter because no one is gonna be able to beat Nick right now except Anderson Silva.. Any other moron who trys to fight him will be worn down and beat up PERIOD!!!!

    • Hitmanclark says:

      ANYONE? yeah, I’m sure Bones Jones and Dos Santos are terrified of Diaz.

      And honestly, I couldn’t see him beating Sonnen or Munoz at middleweight. And I don’t see him beating a 100 percent GSP.

      • Jason N says:

        i think nick would destroy sonnan

        • io31 says:

          Yeah, because Diaz always did great against wrestlers who can keep top control and beat him up during his glorious 6-4 career in the UFC. Wake up people, he couldn’t even get 5″6′ Sherk from doing that, how do you think it would look if he fought one of the wrestlers at 185.

        • learntoread says:

          @ io31:

          Actually, if you had even watched the Diaz vs. Sherk fight, (which, obviously you haven’t), you would know that Nick stuffed 17 of Sean’s 19 take-down attempts during that fight (stuffed all 10 attempts in the first round alone).

          It amazes me the ignorance of some posters in here. They probably just go on Wiki and look at the results of a match and suspect that Sherk “must have” dominated Diaz being that some silly judges gave him a 30-27 UD, when in actuality the fight was a VERY close one. Even Joe and Mike stated that, if anything, the fight was a draw. Secondly, you’re talking about a fight that occurred during the year 2006!

          Get your facts straight pal.

        • io31 says:


          Yeah, I did watch that fight and I gave that example to make a point because Sherk did eventually get him down and when he couldn’t, he didn’t do so bad on his feet either since Diaz had his hands so low, dead scared of the take down. Sherk is a LW. Sanchez is still at WW and Diaz wants to become the champ and wait for one guy when there are others who already beat him fighting at the UFC.

          So take those facts, take a good look at them and put them in a suitable orifice of yours.

        • learntoread says:

          @ io31:

          – “he didn’t do so bad on his feet either”

          Actually pal, Sherk was out-struck 131 to 80 during that fight, out-struck in every round at that. Their significant strike ratio was 42% (for Diaz) and 25% (for Sherk).

          Again, get your facts straight. Why the hell would Diaz be “dead scared” of a takedown when he stuffed all of them during the 1st and was only taken down once in each of the following two round?

          Your attempt at a valid point fails again. Cheers, dummy.

    • Hostile Hunter says:

      Mark my words. GSP will cut nick up and there will be a doctor stoppage. This will be GSP’s first finish in a looong time.

  9. Vincent says:

    Anybody with great wrestling and bjj purple belt or higher can beat nick Diaz. Like with the Sanchez fight all Diego had to do was wait til diaz started throwing combos then take him down and ground and pound. That’s why GSP will beat Diaz if Diaz wins.

    • If GSP goes to the ground with Nick.. He will realize REALLY fast that Nick isn’t gonna lay there and will grab a arm or a leg lock..

      Watch Nicks ground game a little more carefully before making a ridiculous comment.. Nick has the best game off his back in MMA PERIOD!!!!!!!!

      • Hitmanclark says:

        Shinya Aoki? Big Nog? Mir? Names not ring a bell?

        Also, GSP hasn’t been subbed in seven years. Not gonna happen against Diaz.

      • McCombski says:

        Best ground game in MMA haha yah not even close!!! and i bet sence gsp has been training with rodger gracie who is one of he best in the game for like 3 years now he isent worried abut nick and cesar gracie JJ

    • learntoread says:

      @ Vincent:

      There’s so much sheer ignorance in this comment I don’t know where to begin…We should probably start with the fact that Vincent keeps attempting to refer to a fight (vs. Sanchez) which occurred OVER 6 YEARS AGO as some sort of relevant factor in terms of how Nick Diaz fights TODAY. I can’t express how truly lame it it when fans pull that crap.

      If any ‘MMA fan’ actually believes that Nick Diaz is the same fighter he was back in 2005, they’re sorely mistaken, and plain delusional.

  10. Luke'sFather says:

    He’s trying to prevent a situation where he ends up taking anohter fight and oh, look at this GSP is all better and wants a fight as soon as poosible, preventing diaz from getting the fight. Don’t get me wrong, in no way do i think GSP is scared but I think that’s what Cesar Gracie is trying to do, he just doesn’t want to get screwed out of the shot.

    • learntoread says:

      Pretty much, yes.

      Just like when Condit declined to fight Koscheck when he challenged him at UFC 137, (directly after GSP pulled out), Condit’s camp siting that they wanted to wait for Georges to heal and get the title shot rather than risk it.

  11. MJ says:

    I think only one guy at 170 can beat GSP and no one is talking about him. He is a great wrestler and put sheilds to sleep in seconds. Im picking Jake E. at the guy to finally beat GSP.

  12. Vincent says:

    Yeah he showed it in the Sanchez fight lol stop being a Diaz cum guzzler dude.

  13. GSPlovesDiaz55 says:

    Sanchez vs Diaz happen like 5years ago. If you idiots still think the same would happen then you don’t know shit. GSP vs Diaz will be a tough fight for both. No one is going to be comfortable during the fight.

  14. guamy says:

    any 1 with wrestling and a purple belt can beat DIAZ? wow some one is smoking some good shit. its apparent that Vincent does not know shit about BJJ or fighting in general.
    BJ has great wrestling and a blackbelt in BJJ and he lost to diaz, so how does your logic work again? if you say BJ dont have wrestling just ask matt hughs or jon fitch about it.

  15. Vincent says:

    Did you see Bj try to take him down? Yeah once and Bj let him up. Bj’s gameplan was to stand with him not to take him down. Stop being a Diaz cum guzzler there’s more to life than living in your moms basement playing world of Warcraft all day. All of diaz’s losses have come from guys who take him down and beat him up you need to watch more UFC unleashed.

  16. guamy says:

    runners up for stupidest shit ever said:
    #1 Vincent aka. internet toughguy
    Anybody with great wrestling and bjj purple belt or higher can beat nick Diaz.
    #2 vincent aka. internet toughguy
    WAR GSP.

    and the winner goes to Vincent. congrats you won the biggest IDIOT on BJ PENN.COM
    tell us how do you feel?

  17. Vincent says:

    I feel great actually just won and now I’m banging your mom while your girlfriend watches and wishes you were half the man I was. You don’t have anything to say that’s why you comeup with something stupid like that I would pound your ass into the ground if we ever met just ask your girlfriend.

    • Luke'sFather says:

      dude, they are just giving their 2 cents and you have to call everyone cum guzzler. what kinda gay shit is that? and from your comment above you seem like a douchey high school kid

  18. Vincent says:

    Diaz fights the same way dumbass Diaz ground game is purely jiu jitsu he’s not a bad fighter but anybody with great wrestling can beat him easy. It’s amazing how many nick Diaz cum guzzlers come out when their hero is in trouble a Stockton gangster who does triathlons and cries when people make fun of him on national television

  19. guamy says:

    jeez man now you want to pound my ass? sorry i dont swing that way just ask your girlfriend lol. anyways back to real talk with real men. im thinking Diaz wins this by superior boxing. condit has great stand up but i think the boxing will be to much for him, both these guys are real fighters so this should be an awsome fight.

  20. G says:

    Cesar Gracie is treating Nick Diaz like a BITCH. Fuck that shit. I ALREADY miss G.S.P. G.S.P. would just fucking constantly take fights and win … like a true champion.

  21. Vincent says:

    Of course you want a “real man” conversation about two sweaty guys getting in a cage half naked grabbing each other lol you sure you don’t swing that way?

  22. guamy says:

    I guess they let middle school out early today.

  23. John M says:

    It makes sense that this mentality is coming out of Diaz’s camp. Diaz wouldn’t understand if he wins what it consist of to be a champion. Acting like a fuck tard and doing what ever he wants when he gets the belt is just like is previous actions with the press conference.

  24. dave says:

    diaz is the best ww out there..he can lose to many guys that lay an prey an fight for points only…but he will beat condit,,and he has a right to wait for the gsp fight after,,ufc fuct him and promise him a title shot so he would not go make more money at boxing…nick just wants a big pay day…from the start nick always cryd about money ..i dont know how he always says he dont make money///maybew if he talked nice he would get more sponsers…but diaz has a right to wait and he also knows there are guys that can possibly hold him down and avoid fighting for 15 min…nick belongs in japan fighting where you need more skill///diaz will smash cindit than smash gsp just like penn

  25. guamy says:

    i fhe wins the interim title and george cant make the next fight. they strip GSP of his title and Diaz’s interim is now the offcial. correct me if im wrong but i think thats how it goes.

  26. guamy says:

    i wouldnt go as far as to say he smashed bj. beatem up pretty good but never dropped him once. there was large size diffrence but thats how bj gets down so hats off to diaz. BJ showed the heart of a warrior that night, even tho he lost the fight he still won the hearts and minds of the fans. BJ PENN the true peoples champ.

  27. BJ Pencil says:

    lol “unless its in another weight class” . they’re already thinking about Anderson Silva & GSP when this weekend aint even over with yet. Cesar Gracie talks too much and lives his dreams through his students.

  28. DIAZVSGSP says:

    Diaz is good, no doubt. He is, period. I am a die hard BJ fan but I admit Diaz is good.

    Will be beat GSP? Nope. Not likely. When was the last time he face an elite wrestler? Someone as good as GSP? It ain’t pretty but lets face it folks, it will probably happen. GSP by hump and grind. Possibly cuts.

    Can Diaz win? Yes, he has a chance. Is it likely? Nope. IMHO

    Will he beat Condit? Honestly, I give it 60/40 Diaz. I think Condit has a real shot though. The guy has talent. They both do. VERY EXCITING MATCHUP.

  29. austin says:

    even though i hate gsp i want him to tear up diaz

  30. pp4bb says:

    diaz vs mayhem at middleweight?

  31. mmaislandjunkie says:

    nick diaz only wants gsp or anderson, hope gsp doesnt bitch out for another full year so that he can finally get his ass kicked. nick doesnt stand a chance v anderson.

  32. Xaninho says:

    What’s this ‘we’ shit Cesar Gracie keeps talking about? Last time I watched I saw only Nick Diaz doing the fighting?

    Cesar Gracie is living the life he wanted through Nick Diaz.

  33. Mike Diaz says:

    Diaz’ solid chin and triathlon level cardio is the best foundation to build on imo. He may not have Chael’s wrestling but his tough as nails chin can take all GSP has to offer, which isn’t much but a humpfest! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!

  34. Trolligans says:

    And then he sneaks out the back door again…

  35. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    How about BJ VS Diaz II at 160lbs…

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      real question should be for gsp, wtf is the point of being a champion if u never defend it. defending it once a year should be grounds for stripping a title.

  36. NoahG says:

    what the fuck is the point of fighting for an interim title if he’s not gonna defend it?

  37. GUAMY says:

    an interim title is to set up who fights the champion. if champion cant make the unification then the interim is now the official champion.

  38. DBKlein69 says:

    then strip anderson cuz that coward hasn’t defeded his belt since august and still is out for another 5 months. (or if chael loses a fight and loses title shot, whichever comes first)

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