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Monday, 01/30/2012, 03:08 pm

UFC NEWS | Cesar Gracie Comments on Beef Between Penn Camp, Thinks Penn's "Yes Men" To Blame

“I truly don’t know [what the issue with BJ is], it’s something I don’t want to get too specific about. I don’t know what’s going on with BJ. I don’t know if it’s his people writing for him. We tried to help him out… I think he took that somehow as an insult. I don’t know who is in his ear advising him but he seemed to flip out a bit and had some issues with it. Hopefully he gets it together over there… I don’t know if that was him saying that or his group of yes man around him. They kind of worship him over there. I don’t really know if that was BJ so it’s hard for me to comment on it.”

A few weeks back the internet was swarming with comments from BJ Penn as he seemed to voice his opinions for the first time since his UFC 137 match against Nick Diaz.

The target of some of these comments was Diaz coach, Cesar Gracie. For the first time since the back and forth, Cesar commented on the issue on today’s “The MMA Hour” podcast over at

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