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Monday, 01/30/2012, 03:08 pm

UFC NEWS | Cesar Gracie Comments on Beef Between Penn Camp, Thinks Penn's "Yes Men" To Blame

“I truly don’t know [what the issue with BJ is], it’s something I don’t want to get too specific about. I don’t know what’s going on with BJ. I don’t know if it’s his people writing for him. We tried to help him out… I think he took that somehow as an insult. I don’t know who is in his ear advising him but he seemed to flip out a bit and had some issues with it. Hopefully he gets it together over there… I don’t know if that was him saying that or his group of yes man around him. They kind of worship him over there. I don’t really know if that was BJ so it’s hard for me to comment on it.”

A few weeks back the internet was swarming with comments from BJ Penn as he seemed to voice his opinions for the first time since his UFC 137 match against Nick Diaz.

The target of some of these comments was Diaz coach, Cesar Gracie. For the first time since the back and forth, Cesar commented on the issue on today’s “The MMA Hour” podcast over at

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59 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Cesar Gracie Comments on Beef Between Penn Camp, Thinks Penn's "Yes Men" To Blame”

  1. Dynamic Pinoy says:

    I hope it wasn’t BJ

    • jacob lee says:

      bj is a fighter and i bet it was him

    • I'm a BJ fan but GSP is a class act says:

      man, this shit sucks. i’ve been surfing this site and it hurts reading all the negative comments [recent past and present] about Beej lately. its just so hard to accept that these events are transpiring now. i remember that electricity that filled these islands when we spoke BJ’s name, and the respect everyone had. but since his devasting loss/beating he got from Diaz, it seems like BJ’s legacy is in a vicious downward spiral. And the thing is, BJ is not saying anything about it. i strongly feel that BJ should address this matter. because, if he can send a tweet, or authorize the sending of the tweet [that caused all this controversy], he should at the very least – address the fans!

      it’s seems like so much is changing for the negative. BJ is suffering. BJ’s people seem like they are just “commercializing” him. i’m like, so fricken what about the “improvement of this site’s appearance?” you mods/administrators spend so much time and effort changing this fuken site – and most fans have voiced that it SUCKS! i miss the older format when BJ posted videos and even actually wrote back for himself! all this fancy shit does nothing for us local BJ fans!

      Come on BJ. Please, saddle up, get back to the greatness we all know you to be! I know….WE know you still have it. You are a warrior and you’ve kicked so many asses, do not end it like this. Do whatever it is to light the fire and start racking up those bodies again! I know you probably have your hands full with the 2 babies and all but, we miss seeing the fire in you BJ!

  2. Richard says:

    I’m telling you BJ do this Nick Diaz re-match after Condit, then when you mop him up, fight GSP! Go out with bang…..

    • brett says:

      Im pretty sure its not BJ’s decision to just get to fight Diaz for the interim belt to fight GSP for the real belt. I love Penn, but hes got some work to do to get back in the mix. Lets be real about this.

    • vinny says:

      Oh yah, do you think he will do any better the next time around. I think that would just make Diaz twice as pissed off and probably permanently end BJ Penn’s career. Quit talking bull shit about any potential rematch with someone who is just a very bad match up against Penn. Nick Diaz is just starting to reach his peak and BJ is on his way down. Nick Diaz will destroy BJ, doesn’t matter if it’s 3 or 5 rounds, the more rounds the worst beating BJ will take unless Diaz has mercy and ends it fast. As far as Cesar Gracie is concerned, he was asked a question on mmafighting and gave his answer. I dont see any issue with him. It seems to be the knuckleheads surrounding BJ. They are obviously just feeding him bull shit, if BJ is that blind and he can not see it then I say hang it up because you are no longer a fighter.

      • cheez pono says:

        @vinny: agreed!

        I love BJ, but man, he needs to up his conditioning game. i’ve watched that first round of penn vs diaz over 20 times, and shit if he just had the tank man, that would’ve been fight of the year. Notice i didn’t call it fight of the year, cause watching, Penn turn to the human punching bag for 2 rounds, heart my heart.

        • jim says:


        • spiritsplice says:

          Bj didn’t look tired, he looked spooked, like he was confused by how much he was getting hit. Round 2 he didn’t even try and just got hit a lot. On the ground he didn’t try shit either. Round 3 was netter but it was too late. Bj doesn’t have his killer instinct and tries to box the whole time. He is fighting like an idiot. Where were the leg kicks? the head kicks? the bjj? This is mma not boxing.

    • DFLonDrums says:

      why exactly would u want them to rematch? u dont want that to happen again do u? penn should just man up and go train w these triathletes that are kicking everybodies asses.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I love BJ as a fighter, but seriously, what is he gonna do if they were to fight again, that would be so much different than last time, that would allow him to “mop” Diaz up? Wake up, bruh. BJ can’t be the best forever.

  3. Nick says:

    I can’t sand Cesar Gracie but I love Nick Diaz. Man Cesar just needs to shut up.

  4. kevin says:

    ^^ this. i think in the end, cesar will be the downfall of nick.

  5. DBKlein69 says:

    someone tell cesar to shut up already

  6. roberts says:

    ya cesar seems very evil…

  7. tim says:

    Who cares really at the end of the day?

  8. still nothing from BJ says:

    it all doesn’t matter. and it all does not make any sense. the tweet came out [calling out Nick], then it resulted in a bunch of internet nonsense. yet, we still here nothing from BJ. WTF? Oh well, it’s all fading away. BJ is fading away. his yes men are fading away. this fuqen weak website is absolutely fading away. this site posts more other bullshit other than coverage of BJ. I am a huge BJ supporter but, that is slowly fading too. come on BJ speak up man! either prove or disprove all this bullshit. your fuqen fans want to know!

  9. Dustin says:

    @Tim i like the way you think

  10. Jay Unidos says:

    He isn’t the first guy to say what he said, and at the end of the day I also agree with Tim’s comment.

  11. Philippe says:

    I’d rather see BJ fight someone else instead of facing Diaz right away. He got beat up physically and morally really bad and he needs a warm up fight before he tries to redeem his loss against Diaz. Personally, Cesar is right in a way about his camp. He needs to change things up big time and train somewhere where he is not always in charge.

  12. magoo says:

    Whats with all you wing nuts thinking BJ got owned by Diaz? Did he knock him down? Did he rock him? Did he finish him? If and when BJ comes back and if he can get himself into the shape he was when he fought ,Florian and Sanchez,and even Sherk, he will rock Diaz,he will knock him on his ass, and he will no doubt finish him…….Fuck Cesar Gracie!

  13. DAVE says:

    BJ does not deserve a rematch! !Acting like a bitch, he was calling out Diaz how long after the fight???claiming he was bigger,and holding him against the fence-and all of you watched the fight, Diaz beat the piss out of him,you should only get a rematch if the fight was close,And this was a beatdown-And Im a big BJ fan,Of his fights,not his girlyman actions after the fight!

  14. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    well diaz said he could finish him, penn said he would be ready next time, if diaz wins the interm title and has to wait 4 gsp this would makea great grudge match, bj needs marv , like tyson needed custamato, like rocky needed micky,like a fish needs water, listen to penns interviews about marv hel tell ya in his own words what he did for him..rebuilt his body and made him a hungry vicious s.o.b…i would give my left nut to see bj training with marv and rematching diaz, BJ PUT YOUR HART AND SOUL IN TO 1 MORE CAMP AND REDEEM YOURSELF

  15. done says:

    The way that BJ has looked at 170, he is simply a gate keeper there. He needs to fight at 155 or retire.

  16. Hostile Hunter says:

    +2.. Love BJ to death. Favorite fighter heads down but if he wants a chance at holding that gold strap then he will have to fight at 155. Do it baby J!!!!! Leave this Nick Diaz shit behind you.

  17. The King says:


    LMFAO how Penn wasn’t even able to get in any training due to his cut on his eye..

    Yup! DIAZ WAS THE 1st to be a coward and use he GSP Fence like plan.. (not street fighter like)

    Both Diaz and Cesar are weak!

    LMFAO how bigger fighters ALWAYS have to tire Penn before they can do anything..

    And lastly LMFAO how YOU choose to ignore the 1st round.


    • done says:

      Maybe BJ should stop fighting above his weight. He clearly belongs at 155. Guess what? Cardiograph is part of MMA. BJ can’t hang with someone that can push him around. Last time that I checked, Nick and BJ were in an MMA fight, not a street fight.

    • Ronnin says:

      LMFAO? What are you? Penns girlfriend? Stick his dick out off your mouth… Penn got beated up, end of the story

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        I concur, my man. Dude sounding like he got Penn Penis on his breath. I’m a big Penn fan, but damn! Some of people are gonna find an excuse for every one of his losses, and the shit is ridiculous. Diaz beat him straight up. End of story. If he woulda stayed standing up, you woulda heard, “Diaz was too pussy to take it to the ground with Penn.” If he woulda subbed him right away, he woulda been too pussy to box, blah, blah, blah…

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Are you kidding me? Listen. Tiring your opponent is a brilliant strategy. And this just doesn’t apply to MMA or any other contact sport. This applies to war. And not just recent war, but wars that have been fought throughout the ages. The side with the ability to tire out the other and then strike will usually have the advantage. As for MMA, most fighters come into the fight with a strategy. Diaz used the cage to tire out his opponent. He fought an intelligent fight analogous to all those “bigger fighters” you were talking about. Does it really matter if the fighter was bigger or smaller though? The fact remains Penn’s opponents have found a hole in his game and are exploiting it. Nothing against Penn. He’s a great fighter, a pioneer, and seems like a great guy outside the Octagon. But that’s his own fault for not plugging up that hole. Lastly, I cannot really agree or disagree about the first round in the Penn-Diaz fight because I only saw it once. Even if Penn won round 1, which could be the case, there were two more rounds. So who really cares about the first round. We all know the end result and we all know who won the fight.

      I don’t come on this site to talk shit to people or get it into petty arguments. I like to keep abreast of what is going on in the MMA world and enjoy reading people’s insight and opinions. However, this is the first and only time I will engage. King, you are truly a fucking idiot. Your lack of intelligence embarrasses me for you.

    • Piss off says:

      Youre right. Nick should of just laid down and let BJ kick the shit out of him. Why would he tire BJ out and try to use his superior cardio as an advantage. What an asshole! UFC needs to start making all their fights just 1 round fights from now on too. This three round shit is stupid! Piss off buddy!

  18. Drizzal says:

    what is this WWE?! there shouldn’t be drama in MMA!

  19. Mike says:

    Cesar Gracie Jujitsu “ALL DAY,” Viva la raza “ALL DAY,” K-Dawg “ALL DAY,” Carne Asada burrito “ALL DAY,” Stockton, California “ALL DAY,” Taco Bell “ALL DAY,” Rap music “ALL DAY,” Marijuana “ALL DAY,” Oscar Dela Hoya “ALL DAY,” Menudo “ALL DAY,” Corona “ALL DAY,” low riderz “ALL DAY…”

    Is Cesar Gracie the only Gracie to have his first name start with the letter “C?” Or do you just pronounce his name “Hesar?”

  20. CanILive says:

    diaz and bj should just burn one down and start training together…..

  21. lol says:

    I love b.j but Ceasar is right on this one. I hope its not B.J who wrote that and if it was the only way ill accept it is if he backs his words up otherwise talk is cheap. B.J use to back his words up but once he reached greatness he got cocky and settled for less with his laziness. In order to be champ you have to act, train, eat and think like one. I think b.j had it all except the training part. I guess that comes with commitment and its hard to stay hungry when you have/had it all..

    B.J is still top 5 in welterweight and top 3 in lightweight in my books and if he decides he wants to be serious he can be a champion contender again. At least update us b.j because fans want to know and many are thinking about parting.. anyways much love and respect… peace

  22. ill agree with gracie on bj needing to train somewhere else but to train with him is bullshit..diaz has to great weapons his cardio and his boxing neither of which cesar gracie can take credit for…..and gracie can blame the people around Penn for him being pissed all day but I’m sure Penn is pissed about the disrespect diaz showed him before and after the fight when bj did nothing but talk respectfully about him in all his interviews. If it was all of these so called yes men’s fault then why does he have nothing bad to say about gsp? Because gsp treated him with more respect then diaz did and diaz has trained with bjpenn….the incident at wheigh ins fine he needed to get pumped up but after the fight was uncalled for. If bjpenn fights again he should go to the 505 and train with the Jackson camp get a house and stay out there 80% of the time preparing for a fight. Not only is jacksons training and strategy some of the best but the elevation might also help his cardio.

  23. jamie says:

    Why not drop to lightweight and beat up Nate Diaz? Thats would piss cesar and nick right off lol

  24. big furr fan says:

    If bj said it then hell ya he can do or say what ever he likes if they ever fight again it will be a nightmare for diaz so bjs been stewing since that time and one day decides to say something about it oh well get over it fuck you Penn rules can’t wait to see Condit smash that little bitch

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Why you sound all pissed like someone slapped up your girlfriend up, or something, bruh? Why Diaz gotta be a bitch because he beat Penn? Get a grip. Even the best can’t stay the best forever. His time at the very top of the heap is up. Maybe he can regain the title at 155 (when Edgar gets knocked off the throne), but he’s clearly not the best at 170, so don’t sound all butt hurt just because the truth hurts

  25. James Wolfe says:

    I’ve been saying it for years. BJ is the best first round fighter in the sport. The Reality is, you have to be able to fight for 3 or 5 rounds and most of the time BJ’s cardio and strengthening was not up to par. I’m the biggest BJ fan in Canada, but it has been so difficult to watch BJ dominate fighters for the first round or so, then go on to lose and get dominated in the later rounds time and time again…

    Other then a great stretch when he was on a roll against Sherk, Florian, Sanchez…his cardio has been dreadful. He fought a great first round against Diaz, but could not keep it up again. No more excuses guys. We are all BJ fans but the truth is the truth no matter how people spin it. This needs to be addressed once and for all.

  26. Draco says:


  27. Tony says:

    If it was BJ making those comments…I hope he lets actions speak louder than words. If he’s going to come back and fight again, then come back with a vengance, cardio, killer instinct, and most of all MORE CARDIO. HE either needs the Marinovich’s back or some other killer cardio coaches.

  28. Scotty says:

    Dont get why people are getting pissed at Caesar? He is being asked a question by the media and he is answering it.. BJ is my favorite fighter of all time but I have to agree with Caesar.. BJ’s camp are “yes men” to BJ! They all say yes to him and listen to him when it should be the other way around in camp.. Caesar offered to help BJ out and people get mad.. Hahaha it was a helpful offering to get BJ’s career back on the right path.. Look at Nick’s boxing, now image BJ with his boxing skills improving in that camp! Their JJ training is amazing and wouldn’t be a set back to BJ plus adding their cardio training, BJ would be at his best again! Can’t be mad Caesar..

  29. He need to go to jacksons camp he could be the best if permanently moved there

  30. Duane says:

    Site sucks, i wrote a 30 min. essay and the sh!t sends me to a error page after i hit post…. hahah go cliff dive into shore break, site sucks already!

    Much Respect to Da Prodigy

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