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Tuesday, 12/27/2011, 07:35 am

UFC NEWS – Cerrone Wants To Go Pro In Two Additional Sports

“My two goals next year (are): I’m trying to work with the PBR (Professional Bull Riders, Inc.). I actually want to ride. I want to work with the UFC and work with the PBR and make a publicity junket out of it. Get on one of the baddest m———–s. Why not? I’m (also) gonna become a pro wake boarder next year, that’s one of the goals I got… I’ve ridden tons of bulls. I’ve ridden bulls before a couple of my fights — about a week before (a fight). This summer, I believe it was before the Vagner Rocha fight. That’s what I do. This summer I’m really gonna start chasing rodeo. Just once. Just one time.”

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone told that he doesn’t want to stop at MMA when it comes to living up to his athletic dreams.

In fact, the rising lightweight fighter is looking to head to the Rodeo circuit as a bull rider in 2012 in addition to wanting to turn pro as a wake boarder.

It is not unheard of for gifted athletes to take on more than one-sport, but the UFC has often frowned upon these types of career choices.

However, not being in the combat field of sporting may give Cerrone a chance to live out his dreams as a three-sport athlete.

Can he do it?

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44 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Cerrone Wants To Go Pro In Two Additional Sports”

  1. evilbeast says:

    Go for it. You only live once!!

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    It only takes one stomp from a bull to end all three careers at once.

  3. Damn says:

    How does greg jackson sleep at night?

  4. lloyd says:

    Cowboy is a legit bad ass.. better be ready to fight come friday tho

  5. aj says:

    3 sports lol wwe is as much a sport as bull riding and pro wake boarder?? I’m going to take up darts and bowling so I can be a two sport star.

    • Jonesin says:

      Your joking right?!! Bullriding is as much a sport as wwe?!! You obviously have never been on a bull or been to a rodeo. Those bullriders are definitely some tough ass athletes.

  6. rondo says:

    cowboys are tough mother fukcers!

  7. TdV says:

    @Rusk, awesome reply, true classic!!!

  8. Xaninho says:

    I don’t think Dana and the Fertita’s will be jumping with joy…Taking on these extra sports enhance the risk of injuries. UFC has enough fight cards changed due to injuries lately, no way they’re going to keep him on if he persists on doing this…

  9. Long-Strong says:

    don’t pull a frank mir here, donald…

  10. Damn says:

    Diaz vs Cerrone, Fight of the Night.

  11. dave says:

    it will never happen…after dANA gets wind of this it is over..they have something in there contract that they cant compete anywhere else///

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      true, but the no-compete clauses usually say something like the employee can’t work for a competing company. i could see something in the contract that says he couldn’t pursue a fight in Bellator, BAMMA, etc. but not a completely different sport.

  12. Robster the Mobster says:

    Why not? I think he should try “Dancing With the Stars” too; that would be cool.

  13. ricardo says:

    Whoever gets tired first will lose these guys got good chins.
    Nobodys getting KO’d i love both of them i hope its FOTN and they tie lol.
    I dont want to see none of them get tko’d so im hoping for a submission by either

  14. Cowboy cant do bullriding he needs to protect his balls for when hes pounding Brittany Palmer: 8======D~~ (())

  15. ricardo says:

    Cerrone is a pretty boy.
    i am jealous. NO HOMO.

  16. GRT 3000 says:

    Well power to em’ but it’s fuckin’ stupid…wake-boarding maybe, but a bull-riding MMA fighter as cool as it sounds is just dumb. No need to mention the risks involved in that sport; other bull-riders can take time off once a bull kicks their ass (and they do) but old’ Donnie is going to have to face top MMA guys in his shoulder season…stupid. He’ll be out of all three if he doesn’t wise up.

  17. Jujitsu Player says:

    Can’t see Dana letting him do this, wait till he sees the clauses they add when they extend his contract…..

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