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Thursday, 12/29/2011, 01:38 pm

UFC NEWS – Cerrone Blog: "I'm In Nate's Head"

What I can say is that Nate Diaz is a little (individual) who is going to get his ass kicked at UFC 141 tomorrow night.

What happened yesterday when Dana White brought us together to do a pose-down? That was all Diaz. He came towards me, he was mumbling something stupid – who knows what, you can’t tell a word of it and when you do it still makes no sense – and I said “let’s bring it” and he swatted my cowboy hat and acted all tough guy.

That’s a $1000 hat he knocked on the ground.

Yeah, I am pretty damn mad. But I’m not getting paid to fight at press conferences. I get paid to fight at UFC 141 on tomorrow night, co-main event, when it counts and where it counts: in the Octagon.

Let’s see if this little (individual) is brave and such a tough guy on Friday. Let’s see if he gets in my face then. Let’s see if he even has the balls to even come close. I acted like a professional yesterday, and I will act like one today at the weigh-in. Tomorrow night, I’m gonna make him pay.

What yesterday showed was that the bully is getting bullied. The Diaz brothers are bullies, all that street-thug stuff gets inside opponent’s heads. They are the guys who punk everyone out and get in everyone else’s heads, but what’s happened now, tough guy? Now the tables have been turned on you and you are getting punked out, you are the guy freaking out and looking uncomfortable and your delusions of being this intimidating bad ass aren’t working no more.

…That same dumb hands-up tough-guy pose he did at the press conference? He does that in the Octagon too. That’s going to be his ticket to a world of hurt. That’s going to get his head bashed in and his ribs cracked open.

Check out Cerrone’s full blog entry from our good buddies over at HERE.


49 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Cerrone Blog: "I'm In Nate's Head"”

  1. Steve says:

    Cerrone is obviously a snake. One interview he says something, the next he says something else. Why is everybody at jacksons camp fake?

  2. tim says:

    Funny how fighters have to make some blog to explain things because they are so insecure about what the world thinks of them. Its like Donald just for the first time in his life figured out that the Diaz brothers roll like this. Bjpenn wasnt suprized when Nick did his weigh in antics… why.. because everyone knows its the same thing again and again. I used to like the cowboy.. but now his ego is too much.

    • jeff hollihan says:

      The Diaz brothers are a couple of frickin morons, these guys belong in a schoolyard trying to take the kids milk money.

      • Stevo the great says:

        So someone who beat Bj Penn worse than he has ever been beaten in the entire span of his career only deserves to be in a schoolyard taking milk money? I think you are a moron….and a hater. Nick will be the next UFC welterweight champ. Nate may not be champ anytime soon but he can scrap. People need to quit hating so hard….it’s okay for a fighter to have a rough personality….they fight for a living jackass. Now shut up before I take your milk money. Don’t be scared homie……

        • The King says:

          Stevo – BJ losing to Diaz has nothing to do with how much of a prick the diaz brothers are. All jeff is saying is they are a bunch of morons, kinda like you.

          Get your head outta your ass brother! Diaz bros are straight ASS HOLES.

  3. Jon says:

    how is he a fake? Nate disrespected him… has all the right in the world to call him out. Ceronne wins via TKO from hell.

    • Michael says:

      If Nate doesn’t like him, he doesn’t like him, that doesn’t mean that he’s hating. In my opinion the Diaz brothers are the furthest thing from fake. I like to think they keep it real, they aren’t ‘company guys’, they come to fight! Never have I seen either of them look to win on points, or steal rounds. They come to throw down and throw caution to the wind.

      • zach says:

        +1, I have always loved the diaz bros and I always will, this will be a great fight, not gunna make and predictions because thats fucking retarded to do in an unpredictable sport..

      • io31 says:

        hahah… you need to look closer. Go watch NAte’s fight with Rory. Between second and third rounds Nick tells him to “land a combo to the head, something flashy“. Or go watch the last Inside MMA segment where Nick talks about how “he doesn’t come across as he wants but this is getting him the fights he want”. Or how they go from continuous sh!t talking to shaking hands as soon as a fight ends. How real can you be when someone else (Joe Silva) tells you who to hate ?


    oh man i cant wait for this fight to go down!!! cowboy aint playin around!!

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    Cerrone is getting his a** knocked back to broke back mountain so he can get in someone’s a**! LOL TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  6. Phalen says:

    Both Nate and Cowboy are SO sure that they are in the other one’s head. And I agree! But I think they are both taking this one personally. Which is great for us fans! I mean, I’m excited as hell any time we get to see two guys that truly loath each other slug it out.
    Let’s just hope that Donald can focus that rage the way the Diaz brothers do. Nick and Nate seem to thrive on hatred for their opponents. Donald had beef with Varner and that turned out ok for him, performance-wise.
    I’ll be rooting for Cowboy. I’m not much for the thug mentality or the prosperity of thugs. But I think it’s safe to say that they are both half right. They HAVE gotten in their opponent’s head…but they have both gotten emotional over this match-up.

    • Xaninho says:

      The fight against Varner didn’t turn out ok for Cerrone…That fight was ruled a no-contest cause of an illegal knee to Varner’s head if I’m remembering correctly.

      So at least in the past he had trouble thinking when it’s personal..Let’s hope that is one of the things he evolved in the past year.

  7. stix says:

    lol, I doubt nate really cares

    cerrone is really curious to “see if nate has the balls to even come close” to him? seriously?

    come on, dude, now you’re the one sounding like you have delusions

    this should be a great fight though, I’m 50/50 on who’s gonna win.. could very well be more exciting than the main event

  8. Dan dondo says:

    The stupid fuck who wrote this article doesn’t even know the Diaz brothers! Calling them bullies is the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. I bet anyone who knows the Diaz bros will tell u that they are far from that. Idiot. I’ll punk ur bitch ass. Lol

  9. tim says:

    Cesar Gracie quote
    “With that thing, I guess Cerrone said something, that’s what I heard. ‘I’m gonna get up in that ass’ or something like that, it’s like, really, you’re going to get up in someone’s ass? Well maybe you should do something like Broke Back Mountain instead of fighting with that cowboy hat on.”

    If donald really said Im going to GET UP IN THAT ASS… then who is worse?

    • Phalen says:

      Cesar is full of shit! Honestly, Cesar will say anything. This is a guy who repeatedly defends these two. Nate and Nick are tremendously gifted fighters, but as far as personalities go they are tools bro. Cesar Gracie is the aggressive asshole version of Ed Soares.

      • zach says:

        cesar is a disgrace from the gracie family, not even full blood and on top of that will do anything for the spotlight, a real gracie rolls with his students

        • learntoread says:

          @ ZACH:
          @ Phalen:

          Actually, Dana White has also stated that he heard Cerrone state something along the lines of: “I’m gonna get up in that ass”.
          So before you go off calling Cesar a liar or whatever, do some proper research first…just a thought.

        • primalmasher says:

          dana is a liar too, go love your liar idols.

  10. Baughman says:

    Mess him up ! I wanna train Stockton !? Hit me up 7172542943 shoots

  11. JR Viking says:

    I think Nate and Nick Diaz are both THUGS and Bullies! We had a lot of trouble makers just like them come into our nightclub in Clear Lake Texas and get their ASS’s beat! I would have loved to have a go with either of them in my day and really see what they are made of! No rules in a bar fight. He would get all his teeth knock out of his “potty” mouth and then sent to jail with the Houston Police when it was finished. It happened every night! He’s a fucking JOKE and lucky the UFC has rules. COWBOY is the real deal and will kick the shit out of him! Teach him some respect COWBOY!

    • learntoread says:

      I take it you’ve never seen Cerrone’s doosh-bag / unsportsmanlike behavior in the cage….go watch the 2nd Jamie Varner fight then come back and act like ‘ol “Cowboy” is some saint.

      • Jmad says:

        yea but it’s jamie varner so who cares. he acted like a bitch and didn’t continue after that illegal knee in their first fight. that’s why cowboy acted like that.

  12. maurice says:

    Any1 who says a diaz bro will be too afraid to get close is havin there own mental issue. Seems da closer da fight gets da more bs comes outta cowboys mouth. From cowboy to jds, diaz bros will walk down and bang wit anybody. Diaz is in cowboys mind. Nates mind fuckin da shit out of diaz.

  13. Candyman says:

    Man!!! This better not be a lame a$$ fight where two fighters start to respect each other in the Octagon come fight time after all the B.S. talking!!!!

  14. Axel39 says:

    $1000 ? Oh shit.

  15. SanSooRob says:

    Lol a bully waaahaaa like how you bullied Jamie Varner lol
    Really classy at that fight cowboy lol Jackson camp good guy right waaahaaa
    War Diaz !!!!

  16. James Wolfe says:

    The Diaz brothers are predictable, bullies to the core. Good for Cerrone, he is right and Diaz will have his ass kicked tomorrow, it won’t even be close. Same with Brock, he is going top get messed up bad. Diaz and Brock are not in the same leagues, just watch.

  17. Hurricane says:

    I hope cerrone puts Diaz in a coma!

  18. w.r. smith says:

    I really dont think NastyNate is sweatin the Cowboy too much…

  19. G says:

    Who the fuck pays $1,000.00 for a hat? Fuck that, that’s stupid. Cerrone will win, though.

  20. Steveward says:

    Nate Diaz can talk all the shit he wants because he can back it up!!!

  21. Jmad says:

    this is all for hype guys

  22. Foxy79_ says:

    War DIAZ baby!!!!!!

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