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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 05:45 am

UFC NEWS – Brock Lesnar Makes Millions in 2010

A recent report from ESPN the Magazine stated that the WWE star turned UFC fighter accrued 5.3 million dollars for fighting in 2010.

While most top fighters in the UFC only earn figures in the hundreds of thousands, Lesnar is known to bring in mainstream crowds towards the UFC’s ever growing mixed martial arts niche. While some fighters and fans will consider this uneven salary dichotomy unfair, Brock Lesnar joined Mike Tyson as the only fighters to ever draw over 1 million pay-per-view buys in a single year. Tyson reportedly gained over a million viewers three times in 1996.

The bigger argument may be that boxing still boasts a higher payroll for its fighters over the UFC’s fighters. Whether the UFC has the money to pay its fighters millions of dollars or whether it chooses not to still remains a mystery.

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14 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Brock Lesnar Makes Millions in 2010”

  1. Fab says:

    True BS !

    They should pay the fighters who deserve it that kind of money,
    not some overhyped dude ..

    • toby says:

      like bisping for example.. dont know why that douchebag got so much money for his win over mayhem..

    • aj says:

      The BS comment must be coming from a douchebag with no business acumen. It’s very simple, you bring in over 1 million PPV viewers, you get paid. Sadly, that’s a tenth if what Mayweather gets for one fight alone. Pay your guys, Dana!

  2. wayne kirby says:

    mayhem was a disgrace in that fight he should of had his purse witheld he did nothing but let bisping beat him up.Dana white seems to have his head stuck up bispings arse for some reason dont blame bisping its dana white thats at fault here

  3. Kevin a says:

    Fab and Toby…..$ 55 million in pay per view alone by brock lesnar, he got $5 MILLION of it…….GSP only had 400K in pay per view buys for perspective……got 5 million……stop hating people…..

  4. Erik says:

    Thank you Kevin. And why hate on Brock? You tell that you are going to turn down the money or are not going to try to get the most you can? Please people, like him or hate him, he got paid his worth to the company.

  5. C.P says:

    Obviously this guy has never heard of De La Hoya, Pacman, or Money May all who have put up over a million ppv buys in mutuple years. Regardless Dana does need to up the pay scale.

  6. G says:

    I just hope that all this money doesn’t mess up the sport. Like, I hope it doesn’t change the consistency of how many of the guys fight. I worry, I suppose.

    • Long-Strong says:

      same. right now, we’re getting a quality product because the UFC controls that quality. SImple case of bourgeois and proletariat. I would never want to see a UFC lock down or a fight like Mayweather – Pacquaio not fighting because of money.

  7. Mike.Ontiveros says:

    Brock has defiantly earned his big pay days… You don’t earn big paydays by being a great fighter.. You earn them by selling tickets putting butts in seats and selling PPVs… If you do that by knocking every one out.. or buy being a big trash talking douche bag that everyone wants to see loose…it don’t matter.. If the UFC can make big money with you then you get paid… Its business and its very fair… It don’t go by who has been around longer or who’s nicer.. It goes by who makes the UFC the most money… Good example… KIMBO SLICE… horrible fighter but a big draw..!! So he gets a big pay day…

    If the ufc fighters want to make more money or get paid like boxers then they need to become their own businesses like boxers… Dana and his partners own the company and take all the financial risk so they deserve to make the lion’s share of the money… If two fighters want to leave the UFC take a risk and put their own money up to promote a fight.. Work a deal with HBO or something to set up a PPV..and rent an arena and do all the things it takes to put on a fight… all on the chance that they can sell enough tickets to turn a profit.. Then that’s what they should do.. then they would be entitled to huge paydays like boxers…

    This is the United States of America.. We have a free market economy… for the most part you get paid what you are worth…!! By the mere definition of the word worth..

  8. aaxantonio says:

    oh shit quick hide this from nick diaz!!!!! he is gonna go nutz

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