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Thursday, 01/12/2012, 09:43 am

UFC NEWS – “Brock Lesnar Is Done” Says UFC President

[box_light]“I think Brock’s done. The conversations I’ve had with Brock Lesnar since that fight, all indications point to it’s over. This isn’t baseball man, half in, half out, you can go out and party the night before and then play a game. These guys have to be 100-percent into this mentally, physically, emotionally… Here’s what Brock said to me, he said ‘I’ll tell you what after my surgery from diverticulitis, this last surgery I had, I have never felt so good in my life’. He said ‘I’ve had the best camp I’ve ever had, no injuries, I was in great shape, all the things that could go right, went right, that guy is just that much better than me and it’s time for me to retire’.”[/box_light]

UFC president Dana White told Jim Rome that he believes Brock Lesnar’s recent retirement announcement is legit and that the former heavyweight champion will more than likely not be returning to Mixed Martial Arts.

Often times after a disappointing performance fighter’s with nothing more to prove announce retirement in the cage when Joe Rogan goes in for the post-fight reaction. However, often times it’s these same fighters who do eventually return to action once emotions settle in and they realize they still have that burning desire to compete.

It would appear, and should come as no surprise that Brock Lesnar does not fall into this category. The Man was destroyed in his last two professional fights by better fighters who were able to expose his weakness in the striking department.

As a result, he announced his retirement in the cage following last month’s UFC 141 defeat to Alistair Overeem and Dana White believes the retirement announcement is legit, so do I.

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64 Responses to “UFC NEWS – “Brock Lesnar Is Done” Says UFC President”

  1. Jason says:

    His size and freakish athletic abilities raised the bar for the entire division. I wish he could have stuck around a bit longer to weed out the lesser fighters and to challenge them but it doesn’t sound like his heart is in it. Better to play it safe and leave now. Hopefully he’ll do some coaching.

    • Jimbo Slice says:

      Who the hell can he beat? Kimbo Slice? He was Dana’s PAPER CHAMP! He can’t TAKE A PUNCH! He’d better retire! His “freakish” athletic ability was on display his last two fights! Follow a real fighter now!

      • Mike McMack says:

        Brock beat Herring, Couture, Mir and Carwin. None of those guys are chumps by any standard. Since he entered MMA there are now a lot of guys with tremendous skill at the top of the HW division unlike the days of Sylvia and Rizzo. Cain and Alistair are just better MMA fighters but I’m one of those who believe that Brock was the real deal. He can still be a top 10 and perhaps even a top 5 HW in the UFC if he wanted too but he’s one of those guys that doesn’t want to compete if he can’t be the best. It was a short career but one that I find very respectable when you look at who he beat.

        • overrated says:

          he beat herring, who hasn’t been a contender in a very long time. He beat an out of his prime couture who was almost 30 pounds smaller than him. The ONLY reasons he beat Carwin were a ref that let an asskicking go on too long and poor conditioning on Carwins part. The submission was poorly done and would have been easily escaped if Carwin hadn’t gassed so hard. The only legit victory on his resume was Mir, and it took him 2 tries to get that one. Don’t get me wrong I respect the guy for getting in there against and doing something most people will never have the chance to do, but lets be realistic, he was a publicity stunt that ran its course. No one should be fighting in the UFC with 1 amature fight, they sure as hell shouldn’t be fighting for a title with less than 5 career wins, and they definately shouldn’t be in a #1 contender fight after getting KO’d in their previous fight.

        • Yeah sure says:

          You summed it up perfectly…
          Hope they bring more talent to the HW division that has always been kinda shitty in the UFC

        • Disagree says:

          Brock was no publicity stunt, he was one of the top HW fighters of his time. It’s just that his time was short-lived. Maybe it would’ve been shorter (who knows) if it wasn’t for his 2 bouts with diverculitis, but the flip side to that is that maybe he might’ve improved greatly. We will never know. What we do know is that Lesnar had and beat some worthy opponents: Herring, long time fighter and Pride vet, Mir, Captain America, and Carwin. Relative short career, but definitely sweet.

          Because Brock WAS in a championship fight and WON IT, then the UFC was correct in putting him in the fight.

        • overrated says:

          again not saying it wasn’t an impressive achievement to win those fights but he WAS a publicity stunt by the ufc to reach a more mainstream audience. Look at the people who have fought for the heavyweight title recently and you’ll notice they all have one thing in common, huge win streaks. Lesnar shows up and gets a title shot after 3 fights (one being a loss). As for him beating herring, you said it yourself. Herring was a long term vet that was out of his prime and on the way out. Couture was 40 years old and weighed 30 pounds less than Brock. Had he not had the fan base he had coming into the sport this guy would never have gotten into the UFC much less be listed as a title contender.

        • jdubx says:

          you do realize that couture got a title shot after 3 wins, right? dont talk if you dont know dude. for how inexperienced brock was entering the UFC he did better than anyone could period. now imagine if brock started MMA when he was ~20-21, now that would’ve been something to see.

        • Disagree says:

          Herring was Top 10 when he was beat by Lesnar. Yes, on his way down, but Lesnar came in and beat him. Can’t talk about age when Hendo is still out there kicking ass; Couture was ranked 3rd in the world back then at HW. Brock definitely was afforded privileges because of his wrestling popularity, but it wasn’t like that James Toney bullshit that you knew was going to end ridiculously. Brock had ability that translated into MMA skills, and he won. He won. Mir was actually ranked higher than Brock at 100, and Brock destroyed Mir there. And I’ve watched the Carwin fight several times–Lesnar never stopped moving, therefore never stopped defending. Blame Carwin for punching sloppy when he gassed. Carwin was undefeated when Lesnar beat him.
          Short career, but illustrious career. Brock is not HOF, but definitely deserves respect.

        • bruts says:

          uhm actually your talking about them not being chumps but really they all are, carwin hasent fought since JDS, herring is fighting is some lack luster events… and couture retired and mir has no chin… i dunno what you are talking about in real life brock should of never fought in MMA his only skill is size and hes terrible at using that to his advantage now… brock lesnar was a terrible fighter from the start, i dont even know how you can think he has any skill, did he land one punch? one take down? or anything against reem? nah he didnt hes amateur

        • magoo says:

          Your mma knowledge is amateur !

        • Scott says:

          That’s kind of the point, he didn’t have the skills the guys he fought had. Brocks very inexperienced, yet he still went out won some fights against good fighters. In case you missed Couture’s previous fights, he won the title and defended it being “old”, so out of his prime, I don’t think so. Maybe Brock’s losses would have end differently if he did have the experience.

        • 3ric says:

          Very well said. You sir are a true unbiased fan with real knowledge of the sport.

        • phace says:

          I agree with Mike McMack. I don’t think his heart was in it anymore after Cain beat him. He did his thing though and it was an entertaining run. People can say what they want about his competition but you don’t just become a UFC champ and have a successful title defense from being soft or a chump. Randy Couture was the heavyweight champion at the time and highly rated(even though he was older). Shane Carwin was undefeated and in his prime. He lost to Cain but what he did to Cain in the beginning of the fight would have ended it for a lot of fighters. On top of that A LOT of people were rating him top 3 before and even after Cain. Now that he lost after his (2nd operation) to a guy who is getting the same praise he got before everyone wants to bad mouth. People can be so fickle 😀 He wasn’t the best, but he also wasn’t a joke.

        • Calabama says:

          I agree with phace and the others… im not even a fan of Brock’s but he did his thaaaang and proved his isn’t a chump… nothing to be ashamed of at all

      • Thomas says:

        I like Brock, but I agrre. Han can’t take a punch.
        The best of luck to him in the future!

      • LOL says:

        Yeah I always thought Brocks chin was suspect.
        I mean who else has taken Carwins bricks and still stood there.
        I liked how lesnar was knocked out by Overeem (KICK TO THE LIVER IS A NICE PUNCH TO THE CHIN)
        Yeah putting the beatdown of the year on Frank Mir, choking out Carwin and beating Randy Couture and Herring and being the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the UFC.
        He lost to Cain who will be champion again no doubt about that and Overeem who was the K1 heavyweight, strikeforce and dream heavyweight title champion and soon to be UFC champion
        Yeah Brock Lesnar was a chump LOL
        You obviously just started watching the UFC 1 week ago mate and must of thought Overeem was some sort of spud.

    • Phalen says:

      I completely agree! He sure did raise the bar. He put the whole division on notice. Today’s HW division is far better than the one before Brock. Not all of that can be credited to him, but you would be delusional if you think he didn’t help.

      And for anyone looking to dog him out because he couldn’t compete with the few elite HWs who are better….F*ck you guys! I’m not a fan of Brock, TBH, but I can respect the level of self evaluation and soul searching it takes to come to the conclusion that you aren’t the baddest dude alive, despite what you have convinced yourself of your entire life.

      I for one say thanks for the fights you big viking bastard!

  2. Jb says:

    Good luck Brock!!!!!

  3. magoo says:

    If you can’t hang with the best, hang em up. Not to many men could accomplish what Lesnar did in such little time and at his age. Thanks for everything Brock!

  4. DanaBrown says:

    Sorry fellas but Brock needs to give it up. He’s waaay overrated, and in my opinion, didnt deserve a title shot after three fights in the first place. They gave him on cause his name is “Brock Lesnar” He would do a much better job F’5ing people in WWE. Lol

    • Jeremy says:

      If Brock thinks he can’t compete anymore then my hats off to him. He did what very few people could do. In a different world and starting earlier things could have been different.

      As far as Brock being overrated…perhaps. On the other hand he did retire Heath Hearing, destroyed Frank Mir (Yeah, the same guy that KO’d Nog, Broke Nogs Arm, and KO’d Congo, former champ…not exactly a bad fighter.), beat Randy Couture (Champ, and good enough for everyone to want him to fight Fedor), came back to submit Carwin after taking a full round beating unlike anyone else had survived.

      Not saying Brock is the greatest, but he should not be dismissed… That is a slap in the face to not only him, but all the fighters he has faced.

  5. aaxantonio says:

    too bad brock didnt stick it out he good of been great, he had a couple things to work on but his size strength and speed were amazing

  6. Ninjaman says:

    DanaBrown I agree that he did not deserve the title shot but he won and made the most out of the situation. He beat a legend in Randy Couture and Shane Carwin. I dont think hes overated as much as he is one dimentional as a fighter and in todays sport that gets you nowhere.

  7. Jujitsu Player says:

    Think this is the right decision, I don’t think he raised the bar, I think his size, strength and athletic ability got him the title via a pretty easy route. When he faced the top guys he was found out by their superior technical striking and all round MMA ability. I wish the best of luck for him and his family and hope he stays healthy.

  8. Yeah sure says:

    Finally that fake overrated redneck is gone. Im tired of hearing “all what he has accomplished..”. Hes done nothing! hes 5-3 and the only reason he was on everybody’s mouth was because Dana love the millions he can pull from his roid ass.
    I was laughing my ass off with his performances against Cain and Overeem, striking awakardly and going into pussy turtle mode when hit, zero heart at all, all the time.
    The only thing that I give him is that he doesnt give excuses when he lose, other than that Im glad hes gone.

    • Rob says:

      You are a fool and as with the intelligence that you have shown in your comment you are not a very smart MMA fan or just a Brock hater. To say he has done nothing is a completely ignorant statement. And to say a guy who came back to fight again after two MAJOR surgerys has no heart is just as dumb.

      • Yeah sure says:

        Ok tell me what hes done…. Couture? (old and overrated too), Carwin? (old, zero cardio, brawler without technique?

        Yes he has zero heart, he folds with any good hit.

        Maybe Im not a mainstream mma fan like you but I train boxing and I surely can recognize a good fighter when I see it. Give me the money they gave Brock and I willl fight anyone after any surgery and fold as soon as hit just to cash my check

        • Yeah Right says:

          But you’d have to get past Frank, Heath, Randy, Frank, and Shane prior to “folding.” You up for it??? Didn’t think so.

        • LOL says:

          You are stupid
          You train boxing so you know good fighters hey.
          So Toney, you must like him, he must be good. One of the best boxers ever.
          Randy Couture made him look like a chump mate and this was after Lesnar beat him.
          You obviously dont know what your talking about.
          And YES brock landed a jab and a low kick in the first round to whoever said he landed nothing and called him bad.
          Brock landed as much as Cain landed on JDS and the Reem is much better striker then JDS
          does that make Cain an amatuer as well??

        • stua says:

          funny thing is.. James Toney has accomplished as much as Brock lesnar. lol

        • Stool says:

          in the Octagon? Not even close. in the Ring? much more.

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  9. MMFT says:

    get outta here, titties.

  10. Andrew says:

    Good riddance to an overhype shitty fighter who crumbles like a paper after any intimidating strike. FAIL

  11. G says:

    Lesnar just had a horrible fight. It didn’t even make it past the first round. That’s not Overeem being great, that’s Lesnar being horrible.

  12. BobbyLemons says:

    The amount of haters on here always makes me laugh.

    Brock accomplished a lot in a short time, and I think it was great having him in the UFC. That said, I think his retirement is a good decision. To hang with the UFC elite for any length of time you need to be well rounded, and it’s obvious Brock doesn’t like getting punched, and will never dedicate himself 100% to being a great striker.

    It was fun while it lasted…

  13. Phalen says:

    Anybody wonder if fast-tracking him into the big leagues could have been a bad idea? I mean, nobody doubted his pay-per-view draw power, but does anybody think that he should have taken his time reeling some wins off of guys like Morecraft, Russow, Rothwell, or Beltran. Experience is so crucial at this level. That and it couldn’t have hurt him to take some time away from the Dakotas to train with more elite fighters. You know he would have been welcomed at almost any gym. Just a thought.

  14. Xaninho says:

    At least he’s not making up excuses.

  15. MMAnalyst says:

    when he was fearless he was better – Shane Carwin scared him into a tentative fighter I think… the old bull rush Brock would be great to still see fighting – though maybe some lower caliber fighters (Cain/Overeem/JDS are all pretty elite HW).

  16. the tase of your salry tears says:

    at least he was a man about it and admitted oveream was better and dident blame it on his surgeries. I believe the surgeries did play a big fact in it as well. And NO way am I a Lesner fan I think he is WWE pupet. But in his first fights he was a wrecking ball! I hated him but now I respect him for doing what a HUGE LIST of outher pro athleats say they wana do and never do. He did it had a bit of a run but besides the illness theres just to many awsome fighters and he lost the fire within. good luck with your top rope moon salts

  17. Chartmonster says:

    bye bye lesnar I’ll miss ya! Fkn NOT!

  18. MMA knowitall says:

    From what I’ve read (And this purportedly came from Brock’s own mouth), he didn’t even wanna enter MMA earlier on because the opportunity/ money wasn’t there yet. And that in itself makes me question his supposed dedication to the sport and love of fighting. I won’t be too judgemental about chasing paychecks because I can’t say I wouldn’t of done the same thing in his shoes. In all fairness, The bumps and botched ‘special moves’ that pro wrestlers endure for their ‘performance art’ can seriously fuck up the human body. We all know it’s a man-drama and most injuries are fake or overplayed, but go ask Jeff Hardy or Mick Foley how they feel when they get outta bed in the morning. Brock was gifted as a prime athletic speciman. I’m also pretty sure he did suffer a couple of valid and fairly severe neck injuries and several concussions while in the WWE. Who’s to say said injuries didn’t ultimately limit his ability to absorb a punch? Being critical of Brock’s legacy is about like other fighters whining about how The Ultimate Fighter winners get an easy road to stardom. If they couldn’t compete with upper tiers of UFC fighters it would be pretty apparent very quickly. Brock posed a lot of problems for his opponents with freakish athletic ability and strength. He had enough wrestling to belong in the UFC. He was too busy chasing paychecks to focus on the sport from the get go and become the kind of fighter who could’ve left a serious legacy in MMA, and that is his owned damned fault.

  19. bizzle says:

    Overeem is garbage, but not as much as Brock..

  20. lol says:

    Damn, I wanted to see Brock vs. Frank Mir 3… :[

  21. mmaislandjunkie says:

    brock had a good career for the skills he had. too bad too may idiots like tfaggy thought he was the best fighter out there, not brocks fault though. good luck with the wwe.

  22. learntoread says:

    Brock will return to the WWE and eventually challenge the Undertaker for his legendary WrestleMania undefeated streak. That’s exactly what Mark was alluding too when he confronted Brock in the crowd directly after he lost the HW title to Valasquez.

    Truth is, if anyone can bring in the $$$ and media hype to The Undertakers’ WrestleMania run at this point in time it’s Brock Lesnar…it will become the biggest match of all time, no doubt.

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