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Friday, 01/13/2012, 01:04 pm

UFC NEWS – BREAKING!! – Johnson vs. Belfort Bout In Jeopardy: Johnson No Where Near Making Weight

Just announced on the FUEL TV special broadcast for today’s UFC 142 weigh-ins is that Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has not been able to make his contracted weight of 185 pounds for tomorrow’s co-main event against Vitor Belfort.

UFC president Dana White made the announcement live on TV just moments ago.

“Vitor does not want him to weigh more than 205 pounds on fight night,” said White. “He will weigh in today and weigh in tomorrow. As a fighter, you are a professional, you are contracted to come in at a certain weight. This is not the first time this has happened with Johnson.”

As a result the bout could be in jeopardy from going down. Vitor is on weight, but Johnson may not even be able to make the light-heavyweight limit in his debut to middleweight.

The bout goes on as long as after re-hydrating Johnson doesn’t weigh more than 205 pounds.

The result is that a middleweight fighter in Vitor Belfort has agreed to face a light-heavyweight fighter in Anthony Johnson.

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110 Responses to “UFC NEWS – BREAKING!! – Johnson vs. Belfort Bout In Jeopardy: Johnson No Where Near Making Weight”

  1. Michael says:

    Is anyone really that surprised?

    • Kalaeboi! says:

      What a lolo olopop! Talk all that shit then come to the weight ins not even close….Ur a pro, train like it! That includes dieting foo! I like rumble J but cmon man!

    • Brian13 says:

      Seriously. He was 215 on Wednesday and I was thinking he’d have to amputate a leg to make weight.
      Dude needs to get on the dolce plan.

      • B_Lum says:

        Its not like this dude is fat.. hes just cutting an unreasonable amount of weight.

        • Reasonable Thoughts says:

          No, No, it is not an unreasonable amount of weight. It was unreasonable when he was cutting to 170, which he only ever missed by a few pounds. However the fuck he was 12 pounds (saw from another source he was 197lbs today), is beyond me. It is remarkable how unprofessional this fighter has shown himself to be, marking this his 3rd time not making weight and maybe one of the farthest off from weight competitors I have ever seen. It’s sad.

      • RE: Brian13 says:

        Where is the “like” button? LOL

    • the original steve says:

      im not suprised he missed weight. im suprised he went up a weight class and he missed weight worse than he ever has in his entire life.

    • Spiritsplice says:

      Surprised no mentioning the.obvious….boy is on roids

      • THE INUK says:

        obviously hes not on riods, fuck your a fucking retarded, I would smack the shit outta you If I ever met you, anyone whos big is on roids? the fuck outta here!!

        • Spirit Splice says:

          Your childish emotional reaction shows that you know I am right. Tell me how Johnson goes from a very skinny 170 to being larger than Rashad Evans in a few months? Maybe you want to defend Cyborg while you are at it? He more than doubled his size, swollen nipples, it is pretty obvious why he had no chance of making weight.

        • BassRutt says:


        • Juice Head says:

          Johnson may or may not be on roids, I think a few of the UFC guys are taking something but only get tested after a fight which might be every 6-8 months apart. They have no competition testing in the UFC and a number of fighters have still been caught so you only need to do the math. Cut out the keyboard warrior stuff though its not cool.

    • DAMN! says:

      Holy Crap! Rumble weighed in at 197lbs? That is so… predictable

  2. BJP4P says:

    BJPENN.COM first to brake the news!

  3. Satonius Gaines says:

    He better make weight, if he doesn’t it would be a dissapointment to a great match, plus johnson one of my favorite fighters

    • Jimmmmmmy says:

      Cant be a great fight anymore. If Johnson wins its cause he cheated. Even after belfort rehydrated he won’t even hit Johnson’s billed weight. It’s bullshit and if the weigh ins happen 3 or 4 days before the fight belfort would be fighting someone else.

  4. Manny says:

    strip him of his purse if he can’t make weight ! An insult to Vitor is whwat that is!

  5. Jordan says:

    Catch Weight bout then?

  6. Winston says:

    He cut to WW several times and now he can’t make MW?? WTH?

  7. GDUB says:

    He just said he felt great and the weight is coming off easy so I find this hard to believe.

  8. butch boyle says:

    hes gd but hes also as bad as joe riggs this would be like the 5th time he missed weight if i were dana id send him to stikeforce and bring over someone in place of him

  9. josh says:

    Im sorry i one of the biggest AJ fans there is and i was excited for this fight. Now i hope Vitor knocks his ass the fuck out and then Dana fires him. Come on man your a profesional and have made weight at 170 now you cant make 85.

  10. drew says:

    there goes the best fight on the card, deff not ordering it now, ne one know ne good free live streams?

  11. El Charlie says:

    he weighs 197

  12. Vicxtel says:

    exactly! LoLoL

  13. Mma4me says:

    That is his job, it’s what he gets paid for being on weight and ready to fight. I say no purse, fine him and make him fight his way back up to this level.

    • BX81 says:

      LMAO that is the most redic. thing I’ve seen on this site. He doesn’t make weight so he has to fight for free then pay the company. What a joke. This is what happens when the president is so chill. I like the way dana approaches things but there has to be guide lines. I’m sure rumble has to give up part of his purse. Dana needs to sit him down and tell him if he wants to be gainfully employed then LH is where he is going to be fighting at.

  14. Jeffo says:

    He was 12lbs over weight at 197lbs.

  15. drew says:

    or give him a fight at LHW i remember seein him in a pic with arlovski and they were both the same size

  16. Madbrown says:

    A guy who fought at welter cant make middle?? what the hell is in his diet? hope something gets sorted or Vitor will be in a serious disadvantage on the ground

  17. fuck diaz bros says:

    What a lazy fuck call in a replacement fat ass

  18. Ruben says:

    This guy should get cut from the UFC, this is not fair at all, Belfort had to cut all the weight and this faggot comes in 12 pounds over? get the fuck out of here. I hope Vitor knocks him the fuck out then hits him behind the head.

    And Johnson better not get more than 1/4 of his fight purse, even if he wins. This is criminal

  19. anthony little-johnson says:

    this guy is a coward. who has to cut that much weight to fight someone smaller than you. cutting is part of the game for sure and nothing wrong with dropping 10 pounds to make the limit. this guy wants to have 50 or more pounds on his opponents. he is a natural heavyweight who cut to 170. i gained a bit of respect for him moving up and fighting vitor. but looks like he just packed on even more weight to increase his already sizeable advantage.hope the fight goes on and vitor leaves him out cold on the canvas

  20. GDUB says:

    wow what a joke

  21. Shawn says:

    Every1 that knows MMA knows that fighters cut weight then put it back by fight night, VB has fought 205 and bigger in his career, could it be that at 205+ he is scared of AJ? AJ has had problems making cuts before, he is a bigger guy and should consider fighting at higher weight so he can make weight ins on time. Just my thoughts, and before anyone asks yes i have fought b4, so I do know what im talking about.

    • baldy says:

      dont put this bs on belfort. they are supposed to fight at 185 NOT 205. belfort had to cut weight to make 185, why shouldnt johnson? i could understand if he missed by a pound or two but twelve is just stupidity. why shouldnt he have to be at 205 on fight day? so he can roll in at 225 or 230? whatta joke! he should be giving up alot more than 20%.send johnson to strikeforce and make him fight at 205 or heavyweight…
      you say your a fighter…you wouldnt have a problem with a guy rollin in to weigh ins 12lbs over and probably 20, 30, or 40lbs over on fight day?

      • mj says:

        Agree with Baldy, Shawn is a dumbass and if anyone is scared i think johnson just showed he is…Ever think why he felt he needed the extra pounds? 12lbs of disrespect to a legend of the sport gains you nothing from fans, other fighters or dana.

  22. mj says:

    He is a joke and its obvious that he never thought he could stand with Vitor. He wanted a weight advantage and win by lay and pray. Now if he wants to keep his job he is going to fight dehydrated, against a very offended Vitor in brazil. Pretty sure this will not end well for him in the ring and after with dana.

  23. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    WTF Rumble! This is one of the few fights I wanted to see on this card. If this fight falls through I’m watching the fights online.

  24. Suvaco says:

    johnson is the brock lesnar of the welterweight division

  25. Anthony Johnson needs to poop says:

    Come one guys.. leave me alone… Im just constipated that all… once I drop off my kids it will be ok

    • mj says:

      No bro, Johnson is shit. A coward who couldnt get the belt at 170, was given a huge op to fight a legend like Vitor and he shows up with 12lbs of disrespect. Fuck him, i hope the fight goes on, Vitor take 75% of his purse then leaves in broken and bleeding in the ring.

  26. CanILive says:

    damn, i guess Rashad must REALLY be helping him…

  27. z0x says:

    Wasn’t the primary idea of making the move to 185 that his body was better suited for this weight? tsk..

  28. RCS says:

    Stupid. needs a better camp that can help him with this. A good camp could have potected him from himself.

  29. @BmoDollaz follow me says:

    Props to Vitor for still willing to fight. I like Rumble but Dana does need to put his foot down and make an example here this is ridiculous.

  30. He seriously needs to get cut. He cut too much weight and missed weight too much at WW so what does he do? Go up to MW and miss weight more than twice more he ever has in his career. He is a can crusher anyway and is not even that good. Send him to SF Rockhold needs a challenge if his fat ass can make weight that time.

  31. seprodrigo says:

    12 lbs above the limit? really? damn, take away his purse since he doesn’t seem to care about it. I hope Vitor knock him the f*** out worst than he did Matt Lindland.

  32. magoo says:

    Vitor should get the whole purse win lose or draw,what a disrespectful mofo!!!

  33. GreenTeaBagger says:

    How disrepectful. You know what you have to weigh; why not just call and cancel saying you’re stuck in the McDonalds drive-thru or something???

    Belfort should get Johnson’s share as well; win, loose, or draw. Might make some people try to make weight or fight in a different weight class.

  34. Shift Focus says:

    Class act award to Vitor. He’s letting Rumble ride with this one. Both of them will blow up to around 205 after carb loading anyway on fight night, so he gives Rumble a break not having to go through the disadvantage of putting his body through the wear of cutting.

  35. mj says:

    They should send him packing and bring in another fighter. im sure Vitor is game, johnson just doesnt deserve the fight or even to be in the UFC. No class man…

  36. Xaninho says:

    Damn what an @hole. Props to Vitor for making weight and still wanting to go on and give the fans the fight they’ve been waiting for…

    If Johnson resorts to lay n pray he should be cut immediately.

  37. maurice says:


    • mj says:

      Totally agree, I think your 100% correct…Johnson will gas before he enters the ring and get fucked up. But if he pulls out then he knows he is gone from the UFC. Down here in brazil the fights are very important, so if he cant fight then causes problems for Dana´s pocket. No matter what happens now, Johnson has already hurt his career badly.

  38. jerome says:

    This is a joke, he is an embarrassment to MMA. I like Johnson, but this is just ridiculous and I am sure after this fight regardless of a win or a loss Anthony will be in deep do do. It is bad enough to risk making a fight cancel in the United States, but to take the second show in Brazil and then take out a Co-main event fight with arguably the countries most popular fighter. Johnson will be on the fence win or lose Dana didn’t look very happy.

  39. asdf says:

    he makes weight on 170 but can’t make weight on 185. hmm.

  40. Donnybrook says:

    Wow what a shit head… hope Vitor knocks the stupid right off his face!

  41. It be like that sometimes says:

    Check Rumbles twitter page fags…he gives an explanation of what was goin on…keep callin urselfs fans but are quick to throw a dude under the bus. And Dana White is the man with all he’s done with the UFC but this is the second time a fighter has said that the UFC was informed with what was goin on yet Dana gives an interview and acts completely blindsided. Nate Marquardt and now Rumble. Somebody isn’t being honest. Jus sayin.

  42. Sean says:


  43. DAMN! says:

    Remember Rumble, 1-8-5! Not 2-0-5!

  44. GM says:

    Vitor def the man for still accepting this fight. I think even if Rumble still weighed 215, Vitor would still fight him. If I’m not mistaken this is his first UFC fight in his hometown. 20% pay cut should be just for the first few pounds. % should go up every few pounds more. I hope Vitor whoops his ass for 14 mins then knocks him out. Pretty sad that he missed it by so much..

  45. jon says:

    Talkin crap couldn’t even make weight wtf feed him to overeem!

  46. King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

    I think he is looking for advantages…he already lost if Vitor is in his head enough to make him want ANY advantage. Not very professional in my opinion. Hope theys till fight! WAR PENN WAR!!!

  47. THE INUK says:

    This is gonna cost Johnson the fight, now that he didnt make weight, he has to be only 205 tomorrow? wow, he wouldve weighed more than that if he wouldve weighed in at 185lbs…. now he is gonna have to still cut some weight tomorrow, and then hes gonna have to fight right after that?! thats gonna be rough…. hes gonna have no cardio….. sucks……fuck Johnson, the fuck you thinkin?

  48. THE INUK says:

    with that bein’ said, yall need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! I know we as fans have the right to be pissed, but for you losers, who are probably excessive over weight, sitting on your ass, talkin all this shit about johnson, shut your cookie filled mouths….

  49. It be like that sometimes says:

    Anyone who is tryin to read what Johnson put out to the media check out MMA Weekly…they posted an article sayin that about an hour or so before the actual weigh-in Johnson was actually on weight when he started to feel light-headed and extremely sick. He was taken to see the doctors who rehydrated him which made him feel fine. He was gonna continue to cut the weight but only had an hour left and apparently that was not enough time for him to successfully cut the 15 or so pounds he had put back on from the rehydration. Apology for the “fag” comment…really frustrating reading peoples comments and all they do is talk crap. If your a fan of someone you should definitely try to get the whole story before spittin all over them. It sucks that Rumble didn’t make weight but 12 pounds over was just a little too much. Missing weight by that much would mean he barely even tried to cut the weight. Yes he’s missed weight before but never by such an amount. Sucks for his debut but I think it will be an isolated incident.

  50. Spirit Splice says:

    Johnson is on roids. How he thought he could put on all that size and still make 185 makes no sense. If you watch his latest video he is bigger than Rashad. Hopefully he will fail his drug test too but either way it is pretty obvious why he is so far over the limit and why he got so big so fast.

  51. A.James says:

    There has to be preventive measures taken to ensure this never happens again. I like that he can’t weigh in the day of the fight more than 205 pounds which is the weight class higher than middleweight. That should be the rules for every fight from now on. That’ll detour the idiots like AJ who are cutting way too much!

  52. Sugar says:

    Spirit splice u really have no idea sorry if u think I’m bein rude or judgmental but ur very silly

  53. Night-Wind says:

    AJ is a natural heavyweight and shouldn’t fight no smaller division than 205. When he was at welterweight in weigh-ins, i bet he’s grandma made the scale show 170 by some african voodoo sheeeet.

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  55. seems like alot of bullshit.what is with these phony ass this all part of the plan to get more site traffic.smh

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