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Monday, 11/21/2011, 02:25 pm

UFC NEWS – Boxer Zab Judah Says Anyone Can Be a MMA Fighter

“MMA? I mean hey, it is what it is. It’s..some people like to see. You know? I think the difference between MMA and boxing is anybody can be a MMA fighter it just takes…uh…you know, just brutality. You know what I’m sayin’? It’s not a skill level thing. For me to get in and get your arm in a lock and try to pop it off, you know, as fast as I could? Anybody could do that. But when it comes to boxing, boxing is a skill, you know what I’m saying? It’s an acquired entree. It’s not for everybody.”


3 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Boxer Zab Judah Says Anyone Can Be a MMA Fighter”

  1. Joe says:


  2. chris says:

    this guys a retard, you know what im sayin’?

  3. Joe says:

    a nice high kick would set those chick glasses str8 on his face

  4. King says:

    I understand what he was trying to say, but it is still obviously a lack of knowledge by Zab. He shouldve said nothing and it wouldve made himself look smarter.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Okay… But if that’s the case how come he’s a boxer? He knows one combat discipline and is not necessarily good at it. MMA fighters know multiple disciplines and the cream of the crop are good at all of them.

    • Michael says:

      He is an idiot, but for the record he is a hell of a boxer. 5 years ago or so he was one of the best in the business, but he came up short against floyd and that was the beginning of his decline. Although his comments are ignorant, his hands and boxing skill shouldn’t be questioned.

      • Choke_Poi says:

        His actual decline came when he fought Kostya Tszyu and became best known for his chicken legs. After that exposure his chin was never the same. The guy is socially inept.

      • The Record says:

        Zab Judah “a hell of a Boxer” are you crazy more like a hell of a moaner LOL. He got exposed when he got knocked out by Kostya Tszyu. His recent fight against Amir Khan actually showed his skill level,when he was losing and quit moaning about a fictional low blow!!. For someone like him to talk about skill levels is stupid cos you got to have skill level to talk about a skill.

    • jim says:

      Umm Zab Judah is very good at boxing. he is not the best boxer, but he is very good or he wouldn’t have been asked the question. Like King, I understand what he is trying to say. He just said what he thought, while no on has ever died in the cage,(it’s not something to be proud of) MMA is just as brutal as boxing. You can’t tell me that Anderson Silva doesn’t have MMA down to a “sweet science.” Besides, I don’t think that James Toney was one to do so well in MMA.

  6. fourtetshou says:

    Anyone can play guitar too, but not everyone is going to become a professional musician

  7. steve says:

    dumbass. jiu jitsu is one of the hardest fighting arts to master. and plays one of the biggest parts in mma.

    • Big Cat says:

      Boxing is more difficult in every aspect than jiu jistu in my opinion. this guy is a complete idiot tho. they should put him in the octagon with Faber, hell even someone lower level like Mike Brown

      • Jimmy says:

        Have you trained Jiu-Jitsu? It takes a lucky punch standing to knock someone out. Not saying it doesn’t take skill to be a top notch guy, but the Gracie’s proved years ago it is by far a more superior art, watch the Gracie challenges. Also, it takes YEARS to even get a black belt in BJJ, much less a name.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        lower level is a guy who beat urijah twice? lol

    • riDICKulous says:

      that is your own opinion i guess. and maybe you’re just plain stupid. LOL

      • Mike R says:

        Boxing is alot easier i been training for a month and picked up on the basics fairly quickly on the other hand i learned wrestling from my high school days and almost took a year to get comfortable with it, Zab Juda is a tool bag

  8. Michael says:

    This guy is an ignor-anus

  9. Jensen says:

    Anybody? James Toney… you know what I’m sayin’?

  10. get real says:

    I bet he’d feel differently after a few leg kicks from Jose Aldo.

  11. Daryl Chumbley says:

    What’s he on? Anyone can box… know just put you bathrobe on and throw your arms back and forth in front of you with clenched fists and there you’re a boxer! Ask James Toney about MMA!

  12. Mach00man says:

    OK Zab, about an exhibition match with a UFC fighter in your weight class, which happens to be welterweight. Lets say…Diego Sanchez, Josh Koshcheck or even Jon Fitch or maybe GSP himself? You wouldn’t last a single round!.

  13. Ed says:

    Anyone could do it huh Zab let’s see it then come fight someone in the UFC!

  14. A.Candido says:

    Zab who?! Is a good boxer but he talk shit

  15. russ says:

    Boxers in general are an ignorant lot. Their sport is quickly fading out of national relevance, and they are quite bitter about it. It’s very easy to criticize that which you don’t understand. I’d love to see Zab Judah even fight a straight boxing match (with 4 oz gloves) with a top MMA striker like Jose Aldo…

    • ryu says:

      i agree, i got into combat sports through boxing. quickly, however, i saw that there wasnt much room for growth, and that if a boxer was taken down in a fight hed b just as confused and in danger as any athlete who lacked ground skills i.e. jiu-jitsu. mma is the present/future and its something most boxers arent willing to admit. i wouldnt say Zab’s ignorant cause he knows everything he just said is bs based on a biased opinion. hes just resentful

  16. Jensen says:

    Exactly. Not too mention Amir Khan beat the crap out of this dude… so apparently this guy can’t even make it in boxing.

    • ryu says:

      Amir Khan’s a pretty legit boxer tho, with one of the best sparring partners you could wish for. Zabs just past his prime. in some of his highlights from his younger days he exhibits some amazing talent. i think the main thing with boxers is that they cant ask someone in a different martial art for tips to perfect their skill but someone in mma can utilize boxing to advance their standup. soon enough boxing will b a relic of the past. i am happy, however, to have experienced it when it was still big

  17. El Charlie says:

    I literally just lol’d … those who have never done it will never understand. The reason why this is every boxer’s favorite topic of discussion is because fighting has evolved to a completely different level. It’s not just about the hands anymore. You could have the greatest hands in the world if you can’t get up from the ground because someone is tactically controlling you in a certain position then what use are your hands? Seems to me like boxer’s have a tough time accepting that mixed martial artists are superior maybe not with the fists but in other areas. A true fighter has an appreciation for the 8 limbs rather than the 2 boxer’s use. It’s like comparing an open mind to a closed one really. They’ll never see the bigger picture due to pure ignorance. Hell I’d like to see you try to pop my arm off and see how easy it is Zab, since “anybody” can do it, I’m supposing it’s just as easy for anybody to defend. What a fucking clown!

  18. Jimmy says:

    Right. Step into the Octagon and see how long it takes before one of the fighters punch your lights out. Btw, who the fuck is this guy?

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Just stirring the pot for a dying, corrupt, antiquated sport. Tisk, tisk, tisk…

  20. jaiden says:

    Basically what zab means is that with boxing most boxers have to start frm a young age to get to the TOP level wheras in mma people commonly start trainin when they’re in they 20s so I understand what he’s saying but the way I see it if u put a top boxer in with an mma guy there goin to lose nd if u put a top mma guy in a boxing ring wid a top boxer its the same deal the boxer will win

    • wigler says:

      except that in mma, most guys have been doing an aspect of martial arts since they are little kids also, for example a ton of the ufc wrestlers have been doing it since grade school

    • ryu says:

      i also think its more probable for a mixed martial artist to succeed in a boxing bout than it is for a boxer to succeed in a mma bout. case in point: Nick Diaz, Diego Sanchez, and Anderson silva have all competed and one boxing matches

  21. Jc says:

    floyd may be the high paid boxer in the world but he cant stop the double leg takedown.
    we need a mma fighter like diaz to fight a boxing match and show these cats whats what.

  22. Omar says:

    man zab should just get into mma bcuz his boxing career is pretty much over.

  23. Ian says:

    Sounds like Mr Judah has been hit in the head too many times

  24. Xaninho says:

    Put your money where your mouth is dude.

  25. I'm black and I act tuff says:

    Boxers always talk that boxing is an art, hahaha, it’s only an “art” because you only can use 2 weapons. Boxers are mostly living in the black and white age, so overrated and yáll know most men are sheep, it’s only time the sheep come over to MMA.

  26. gary says:

    ok a boxer has good hands cause thats all he has to train. but a mma fighter has to train how to check a kick how to dodge a head kick how to sparwl how to take down how to learn every punch how to learn every submission how to learn evey sumbmission defense how to learn when to tap when you know you are in trouble how to be a fighter. its called mixed martial arts not boxing and it has that name for a reason! its not the ultimate boxing championship its fighting. take any top level boxer ANY BOXER and put him with a top level martail artist and see if anyone can do it! seriously every boxer wants to talk shit.. its two completly different sports! unless you want to get choked out or get your arm snapped in a armbar stick with your own sport!

  27. Jorden says:

    he’s right…everyone can be an mma fighter, but not everybody can be GOOD at it. Just like any other sport. I’m a basketball player, football player, soccer player, wrestler…am I good at it? Hell no.

  28. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Remove the gloves, and meet up in the street. See which art saves your ass

    • HarmZKR says:

      Exaaaactly! If someone gets you in a clinch, there ain’t gonna be a ref there to say “break it up. Right… BOX!” And if you get dropped, the other guy ain’t just gonna walk to a neutral corner and wait for you to get up. Hell no. He’s gonna be on top of you tryna finish you! In saying that though, I’d like to think that a true martial artist wouldn’t have that mind set to just beat the hell out of someone on the street.

    • ali says:

      We’re talkig about sports, bot bar fights. MMA is a more dangerous are due to it’s virtually limitless uses of human facilities, and boxing is an art in that it is limited. Same as chess. or poker. It’s a science….MMA is more like Connect 4.

  29. nathan says:

    he got hit in the head to much hahahaha ..

  30. MJJ says:

    The counter to his ignorance, would be that you could take the best boxer in mma and he would have a shot against a pro boxer in a boxing match, you take the best pro boxer and he would have a very slim chance of winning an against an mma fighter, and im not talken about a slow ass tree like Tim silva vs Ray Mercer, when he just stands in front of him, no angles, head movement or wrestling. Another point how come you can teach a wrestler to box, but you can’t really teach a boxer to wrestle?Take the best boxer, from the UFC in this clowns weight class and do a boxing exhibition and see how many rounds the mma guy lasts, then put his ass in with the same guy in the cage and see how many seconds of the first round he lasts.

  31. Bob says:

    Birdbrain mongoloid

  32. Philippe says:

    So its easier to learn just one skill set as compared to the many skill sets required in MMA, he should ask his buddy James Toney how that went.

  33. what? says:

    haha if anyone can do it, how come you’re not an mma fighter? that’s right coz you’re only set skills are only 1 dimensional, shut the f… up beeotch know what i’m saying? go get knocked out by pacman, heard you wanted that lined up… that’ll be the best pay day you will ever get in your life… umm know what i’m saying? too many knocks in the head, this guy’s lost the plot

  34. jason N says:

    I like zab but he should shut up before he changes my mind

  35. hezekiah says:

    youtube zab juddah knockout. He was victim of one of the best knockouts ever, he stanky legged across the ring

  36. Ryan says:

    Anybody could just throw up an armbar and mma doesn’t have skill levels? hahaha What an ignorant prick.
    Of course there are skill levels in MMA. None of the arts used are easy and not just anyone can learn, that is such a stupid thing to say. Everything takes time to get better and you can always improve whether it is boxing, kickboxing, bjj, wrestling, judo or whatever else.

  37. Bertram says:

    funny how zab says anyone can be an mma fighter yet he cant even be a dominant boxer lol. look what happened to one of the best boxers in history [toney]. this guy would get demo’d by SO many ufc lightweights.

  38. Fuck me did Amir Khan really hit him that hard?What a dumb ass.

  39. Rolo says:

    He is just mad cause the sport of boxing is dying, no offence to any boxers but its true though

    • Mach00man says:

      I absolutely agree! Truth is, boxing is a great sport, but if some of these boxers want to continue to be known as great fighters, they may wanna get some MMA training and a few good MMA fights under their belt before the sport dies all together because in maybe 10 to 20 years or so, they will be out of work.

  40. Philippe says:

    btw here’s a video of him pretending to get low blowed by Amir Khan … just hilarious how he cries in the end!

  41. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha Zab ‘chicken dance’ Judah says anyone can be an MMA fighter…Even great boxers like James Toney can’t last one round, why does this mediocre punching bag think it’s easy?

    Get his ass in the cage!

  42. Mitch says:

    Zab Judah was at the top of the food chain for a while in boxing. After his fight with Floyd he was never the same. Floyd can do that to you. He has the skill, speed, and natural talent to knock out a lot of people in the UFC. Although if he did get in the octagon (it would be at 150) he would realize that everything he just said is false. As long as whoever he was fighting isn’t dumb enough to just stand with him, he would loose to 90% of the lightweight division. Wrestling > Boxing.

  43. Mrs. Toney says:

    That’s what he said

  44. lol says:

    grown crack babies shouldn’t be interviewed.

  45. Kevin a says:

    ^ perfectly said……..

  46. showboat says:


    I totally agree with what you are saying but in this generation, people what things quick and that’s what MMA offers, quick results… Get over it!!!!!!!!, that’s why it’s call MIXED….. Geez Boxers are so weak minded about this issue..

  47. markest says:

    guess he got what he wanted all of us talking about him thats about it, i never heard of him but i would bet whatever box bj with mma gloves just boxing in a ring with 4 ounces i dont think he would make it out of 1 round, what a banana mma has no skill i well half of us on here would prob tap him out on the ground he might change his mind about skill if i choke him out , this guys lolo!

  48. Respectexpected says:

    Your average 10 year old has been in a boxing match with one of his friends. Your average 10-30 year old has never competed with their friends in MMA, anyone can box someone. Pat Barry please leg kick Zab Judah like 5 or 6 times, apparently he thinks they’re a kick anyone can throw just as good.

    Everyone campaign for Pat Barry’s next online video to be against Zab Judah

  49. chon209 says:

    why didnt he say that when he was doing a interview with rampage about boxing and mma a matter of fact he diidnt say one bad thing about mma then i sure would have love to see him say that with rampage sitting besides himbecause rampage woul have showed him that brutality he talking about

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      He was sitting down, acting like a shook lil girl, afraid to say anything out of line! LOL! All of a sudden, he got big brass balls, and talking big noise. He knows what time it is. Like he said, his ass wouldn’t last 30 seconds in a cage

  50. KingGareth says:

    MMA and Boxing are 2 different sports, saying one is better/harder than the other is nonsense. It’s like comparing baseball to cricket.
    To be the best at Boxing you don’t have time to train in MMA, your workout and training is geared 100% towards Boxing. To be the best in MMA you cannot just train in boxing. You have to train in many fighting styles. Both MMA and Boxing have a lot in common but also have many differences.

  51. Ryrie says:

    LMFAO! Zab, Khan wooped ur ass fast with a body shot! yes boxing is a skill, same as jui-jutsu, wrestling, kickboxing, maui thai! its ridiculous to say MMA requires no skill because it requires every skill as a fighter……spoken like a man on his way out looking for some publicity! James ton said the same and got fucked up by couture! Boxings dead, no1 gets excited for it like they used to! the best boxers in mma would woop the best boxers who train only boxing! BOXINGS DEAD!

  52. Mach00man says:

    MMA is going to take over combat sports in just a few short years. These boxers had better get with the program and start making the transition to MMA. Because when boxing finally dies, you will have to either compete in MMA and lose or retire from combat sports all together. I can’t wait to see MMA in the Olympics one day!!

  53. Long-Strong says:

    zab is a waste of talent.

  54. Kyle says:

    He Zab … two words … “Kostya Tszyu” …. Bitch.

  55. Marquezgotrobbed says:

    Funny I can remember Zab saying at the early UFC’s that he liked to watch the UFC before his fights to get him pumped up.. something similar along those lines anyway. I also remember him saying he likes B.J. Funny how he’s watched it and liked some of the fighters but is still completely ignorant to the arts involved.

    Why is it also always boxers talking sh*t on mma also it’s like they’re scared of it or something 😉

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