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Friday, 12/30/2011, 02:00 pm

UFC NEWS – BJPENN.COM'S UFC 141 Discussion Thread

Tonight’s UFC 141 event is the last of 2011. This year we have seen more MMA events than ever and the UFC is sending off the year with a bang in what has been marketed as the largest main event in UFC history.

Scheduled for five-rounds, Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem are guaranteed to deliver fireworks. I would bet the farm that these two will not leave this one in the judge’s hands and that is an exciting way to end the year.

For our members, I give you this thread to discuss the play by play action going on this evening. From the Facebook card, to the Spike TV event and the pay-per-view broadcast, share your reactions here and discuss it amongst your fellow BJPENN.COM followers.

The Facebook card should be kicking off around 7pm ET (4pm PT) and the action will roll straight on through all night until the Lesnar and Overeem main event concludes.

I’ll be checking in and saying my peace as well.

Thank you and enjoy the fights!

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49 Responses to “UFC NEWS – BJPENN.COM'S UFC 141 Discussion Thread”

  1. Mo says:

    I just wanted to say that….Overeem is gonna dominate Brock and the Cowboy is gonna stick his boot up Diaz’s ass. Nobody gives a shit about Fitch. That is all, Peace.

  2. Chris-Leeds-UK says:

    Brock by Hammerfists in round 3.

    I don’t like Overeem’s Pinocchio nose by the way… It needs re-shaphing….

  3. e says:


  4. G says:

    If I could watch wiggers and rednecks fight in a cage every day, I would, but since I can’t, UFC 141 will do it for me! Hell yea!

  5. First fight was pretty good – Anyone else see it?

  6. jboy says:

    Volkmans okay good wrestling ..but very boring. Fight

  7. John says:

    Man – Efrain almost had him at the end, that was fucking crazy!!!

  8. jboy says:

    I like refrain but he needs tdd practice

  9. CanILive says:

    Volkman is garbage. Congrats you held onto someone for 15 minutes

  10. lol – Volkmann is a specialist at what he does, it’s not that exciting but he just won his fifth fight at lightweight

  11. Jakob says:

    What the hell was that post fight speech – he’s a nut??!! Hahaha

  12. adam mma says:

    Belter of fights from premlims and main card such as good chance to see some of the lads who could be future ufc champions of the world

  13. who cares says:

    whoohoooo… stun gun finally improving his stand up.. those kicks loook great..

  14. Jakob says:

    Ya those kicks where nice – he looked great!

  15. Im going castillo by decision on this one – lets see what happens!

  16. Jakob says:

    I don’t think that was a controversial decision, Castillo won rounds 1 and 3 for sure – why would rohan just say something so stupid like that?

  17. Rob says:

    Well they where all decisions – I almost fell asleep – how boring

  18. e says:

    awesome fights so far!

  19. Rob says:

    That is not nice who cares? Just my opinion dude

  20. jboy says:

    Sick ko …boring Jon fitch with loss haha

  21. That was nuts – gotta give Hendricks some credit with that one for sure –

  22. JayPanda says:

    that KO was sick

  23. Jim says:

    WOW FITCH GOT KTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Playa says:

    Unreal, bout time that guy lost decisively, but anyone can get caught and he is coming off surgery … That’s one of those one in a million shots from hendricks

  25. jboy says:

    I hope diaz kicks ass ,he’s gonna have a wartime with cerrone cause dude is talented .but diax by submission in the 3 rd

  26. I think Nate just proved a lot of people wrong with that performance – totally outclassed the cowboy!

  27. jboy says:

    Yups..looks exactly like his brother

  28. Playa says:

    That was awesome

  29. jboy says:

    Brock back to WWE..he looked like an amateur .

    • e says:


      but he did alright learning mma. he coulda been like james toney…

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Brock’s stand up looked like garbage which is a two steps up from shit but I will say RIP Brock’s mma career. You fought some good fights and you fought some awful fights but you were never as bad as Kimbo and his weak MMA career which doesn’t even deserve the eulogy your career gas gotten. I wish the ref would had let you recover or try to… RIP Brock’s Career. Now I owe my girlfriend a bedroom present. Damn it!

  30. steeler says:

    brock shouldnt have stood with him

  31. lmfao T.Daddy will never come to this site again now. poor brock

  32. BobbO says:

    Big mistake for Lesnar to stand with Reem. ~BobbO

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