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Tuesday, 01/24/2012, 05:58 pm

UFC NEWS – BJPENN.COM Forums Are Live And In 30 Languages: Start Chatting Now

BJPENN.COM is proud to announce the completion of a project months in the works.

Today we have officially launched the new and improved MMA Forum for our members and visitors to discuss all things relating to MMA.

Our intentions are to give the hundreds of thousands of BJPENN.COM worldwide the opportunity to discuss, debate and share opinions amongst each other in a new and improved format on BJPENN.COM.

Conveniently located on our main navigation bar found on the home page, you can access the new forum now and start chatting it up.

Stay tuned to our BJPENN.COM MMA Forums for contests and prize giveaways.



6 Responses to “UFC NEWS – BJPENN.COM Forums Are Live And In 30 Languages: Start Chatting Now”

  1. Shaun Douglas Breeze says:

    Just wanted to show massive respect to BJ Penn , the fighter who inspired me to start training BJJ and MMA 5 years ago. A true champion of the sport and the most exciting fighter to watch in my opinion. From one of your many Aussie fans!.

  2. Xaninho says:

    Please set the translator to english default. Everytime I log on I get some jibberish that’s supposed to be dutch. It’s getting annoying to keep having to click back to english each and every time!

    Translation as an option is fine, but the thing doesn’t work good enough to give proper translations…Besides most people in Holland speak English anyway.

  3. nico says:

    I second Xaninho, and would like to remark: don’t fix it if it isn’t broke….adding a poorly working feature is not a step forward…. personnaly I’m wondering if someone on the devs has a serious case of nationalism as this “feature” will cause seperation, not better communication

  4. bjpenndotcom says:


    Anybody with questions can now direct them to our new Forum Support Area..

    Visit the Forum Support Area here.

  5. O-A says:

    Just have to say, the translation function is completely and utterly worthless (swedish).
    Find it very annoying having to change the settings back to english just to be able to read the articles. I realise you want to reach a wider audience and i guess the idea is good. But the google/babelfish translation or whatever it is, makes the articles look like they are written by a complete fool with no knowledge of grammar.

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