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Wednesday, 11/30/2011, 06:35 am

UFC NEWS – BJ PENN: "Pacquiao, he's my kind of fighter.”

“Pacquiao, he’s my kind of fighter, I’m a fan of his. I like his style. He tries to go for the finish. I would like to see Pacquiao win because I know if Pacquiao wins, it’s gonna be an exciting victory. Boxing is part of MMA. You need to be able to know how to fight MMA. Boxing is huge, and it all blends in somehow with ultimate fighting.”

In the middle of his press tour in the Philippines, former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion, BJ Penn tells the guys over at ABS-CBN News that their champion and most adored local celebrity is one of his favorite fighters in the boxing game.

Anyone surprised here?


33 Responses to “UFC NEWS – BJ PENN: "Pacquiao, he's my kind of fighter.””

  1. e says:

    if they dont already train with eachother, they should!

  2. Bobby Larson says:

    I’m pretty sure they have in the past since B.J has a small history with Freddie Roach. Before the Diaz fight Manny put out a video wishing B.J good luck where he calls him friend, so I’m pretty sure they’re well acquainted.

  3. Long-Strong says:

    it would be nice if Manny could help BJ out with his boxing even more but he’s a congressman; he’s probably got no time as it is.

  4. josh says:

    BJ should train with Marquez since he has kicked pacquios ass twice now!

  5. tom23 says:

    Who wants to start it… ok I will.. Mayweather dominates Pacquiao if they fight. There I said it.

    • Nick Diaz wants to get dry humped by GSP says:


    • Shawn says:

      How do you suppose that, when Mayweather is ducking Pacquiao. If they ever fight, Mayweather isn’t dominating any round.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      awwwwe you didn’t. C’mon dude, seriously Mayweather should have a gold statue with the following inscription: “Floyd Gayweather, Superfag – Father of MMA. He bored the fuck out of fans for so many years with his duck and dodge bullshit and piss poor attitude; he’s the reason real fight fans don’t watch boxing anymore. I pay to see an actual fight, not a point-a-thon.

  6. Vincent says:

    Bj a joke? You probably just started watching MMA your the joke Dude

  7. ThaGreenBandit says:

    BJ a joke? Really? Look up his credentials and learn a little about MMA before you start saying stuff that makes you look like an absolute fool that is ignorant to the sport

  8. Tony says:

    Pacman is an absolute living legend of the 21st century, never fails to entertain and also Floyd is genuinely scared otherwise they’d have fought by now.. secretly Floyd knows Pac is a blemish on his perfect record

    • tom23 says:

      Keep telling yourself that. Why does Pacquiao keep fighting the guys Floyd’s already beat, save for Marquez (who Floyd washed, Pacquiao barely beat, maybe lost to)

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        If Floyd is so great how come he is hand picking fighters who aren’t even top ten like Ortiz, instead of fighting Pacman? Because he is scared of a real fight and afraid of losing his 60 million dollar paycheck he cheats from fight and boxing fans. That’s why Pac is ranked number 1 in the world right now.

      • JSL says:

        it’s because Gayweather is scared hommie! why scared? Pacman is smaller but his fighting guys much bigger than him.

        • josh says:

          did you see what mayweather did to marquez?? yeah i thought so. Mayweather beat the piss out of him and manny has lost twice.. fuck what the judges say. he lost.

        • Shawn says:

          ummmm…the same thing Pacquiao did to him. That fight was a lot of back and fourths just like his fight with Manny. Except Floyd did more back peddling. Pacquiao and Marquez stood toe to toe most times. That’s why they’re fights are so exciting. And no man, the judges weren’t wrong. Manny won those two fights. Granted it was close, but he won those two. Glad your not a judge in any fights. lol

        • fin4life says:

          @ josh,

          lemme kno when ur done with ferryweather’s balls in ur mouth, then we can talk, aight!

      • Shawn says:

        He keeps fighting those guys because Mayweather keeps making excuses not to fight him. Pacquiao has made it clear…he WANTS Mayweather. Junior is just ducking him. One excuse after another. I’d do the same thing too if I was Manny. If the guy I want to fight doesn’t want to fight me, and others do, and there’s a big ass paycheck that comes with it, screw Floyd. I’m gonna fight and get paid. When Junior is ready, and get’s his balls back, he knows were to find Manny. All he’s gotta do is sign on the dotted line.

      • Pete says:

        Floyd washed him? Oh right! Because he’s 2 lbs. over the weight limit. Eat that gay kisser!

  9. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    Iono if I’ll agree w/ some of u guys comments, but I feel that BJ and Pacquiao are on pretty good terms w/ one another so it’ll be exponentially beneficial for BJ to sharpen his already stellar stand-up w/ the Pacman! Also cardio-wise, if BJ trains that extensively w/ him too, it’ll hopefully reinvent BJ into an even more lethal beast!!!

  10. fuck sonnen says:

    First of all any of you bitches talking shit about bj oh his cardio blah fucking blah you ever seen one of his camps didn’t think so he trains his ass off he no’s what it takes he’s fuckin bj penn! Also bj’s one of the best boxers in mma so your fucked.and if bj thinks it will make him better than I’m sure he will do it for sure . Also have you seen what happens to guys that go to Hawaii and think they can just paddle out and surf where ever they want well they usually get the fuck stomped out of them thats how I feel about you clowns on here talking shit about bj. Also any of you Dick sucking scumb bag gayweather fans FUCK YOU and also any of you that says marquez won those fights mannys the champ you HAVE TO BEAT HIM and so far he hasn’t so fuck you

  11. dana white says:

    the pacman has problems with counter punchers and thats floyds game im not sayin floyd will win im just saying the facts

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