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Thursday, 01/05/2012, 02:48 pm

UFC NEWS – BJ Penn Calls Nick Diaz A Coward And Poser On Twitter Today; Or Did He?

For the past several hours my phone has been going off the hook with text messages and my email inbox has been taken over.

Many people, fans and representatives of the media, all want to know whether or not BJ Penn did actually post a callout to Nick Diaz and attack Jon Fitch in the process this afternoon using his official twitter account.

I know the answer, but read on…

When I first caught wind of the twitter post, my first reaction was to obviously go read it myself, I was ready to debunk it as a hack or poorly informed staff member who may have gotten ahold of BJ’s twitter account. However upon reading it, I thought that, outside of the use of the word “homie” it pretty much sounded like BJ.

So I reached out to to him and simply asked if we are in the business of picking fights today. Needless to say, I was still somewhat skeptical on whether or not these were in fact BJ’s words or not.

But they are, BJ wrote it and he was fired up and not just an off-beat bad day type of fired up, it’s that old fire that we haven’t seen in a while and it appears to be back.

Without going into too much detail as to what may have caused these changes to his mentality, for BJ Penn fans, this is good news. A motivated, sometimes angry and often outspoken BJ Penn is the mentally tough killer that won two world titles, it is the man who captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide and cemented his place amongst MMA’s all-time greats. And in my opinion its the thing that may have been missing in the past year or so, maybe longer.

They say fighting is 99% mental, and if that is true, and this recent twitter posting is a sign of things to come, the Prodigy of old may be returning and the MMA world should be put on notice because that’s a scary proposition for an fighter who may cross his path.

If you missed the twitter posting here it is: – @nickdiaz209 Look how much bigger you are in this pic..I thought you were gonna scrap from the beginning homie? What was that coward fence holding strategy to tire out the smaller man? Street fighter my ass! I made you fight like glass jaw @jonfitchdotnet poser!
I’ll be ready for that weak bs next time we fight!

And remember Penn Nation… Haters are gonna hate, fans are gonna praise, but no matter what when Penn talks, people listen!



One Response to “UFC NEWS – BJ Penn Calls Nick Diaz A Coward And Poser On Twitter Today; Or Did He?”

  1. Lino says:

    PENN all day homie
    “just scrap”

    • Nick Diaz 303 says:

      Love bj buh ,nick is where it’s at,how is he gonna talk trash like dis if he got his ass kicked in the Diaz fight and got hit like he was a human punching bag,as for the Fitch fight,don’t hate just cuz johnny did wat u wish u could of done.the only person u did anything to was a washed up Matt Hugh’s , nick may not be street fighter buh he’s a fighter and leaves it in the cage,not walk away from the whole cage for good like u did……… Bj u should be scared homie!

      • BiggoTrav says:

        Matt Hughes was one a win streak when Penn dinged him! Some might even say it was Penn who washed him up!

        • Nick Diaz 303 says:

          Yeh he was buh against two other retired fighters and I think we all know that Matt was done after the Alves fight,I don’t think he should call out Diaz after taking that much of a beating,he looks sad wen he did that buh looks like he’s due for another beating right?

        • ricky says:

          but…. its spelled but you ignorant ass nigga

        • kyle says:

          your boy nick didn’t do shit but throw pillow bombs he coulcn’t knock bj out or even make his legs buckle bj took everything nick diaz could dish out. your boy is lucky that bj didn;t train with the marinavich brothers before that fight. When it happends again it will be a very different fight so go scream 209 or whatever it is that you do.

        • ChubbyChaser says:

          Your “its” is actually “it’s”.

          It’s is a contraction for it is or it has.
          Its is a possessive pronoun meaning, more or less, of it or belonging to it.

          LMAO at a stupid fuck correcting another person’s writing.
          FKN D-Bag.

      • Eddie D says:

        Agree bro…Bj was the one who took the fight to the ground..WTF is Bj ranting about..He got his butt whooped plain and simple…

        • Eddie D says:

          Kyle..WTF..R U seriouse..Damn boy..get off of bj’s dick and be honest with yourself..i think bj is 1 of the greatest..But im not blind…Bj got whooped…He should just realize that Diaz is on another level of striking and should just take it like a man

        • dynomania says:

          I agree he got handled, but surely you all understand that BJ won the first round easily, don’t you? Not saying he won’t lose again but damn, Nick aint all that, either.

      • DontBeScaredhomie says:

        Couldn’t have said it better bj is pathetic going to twitter to talk shit to someone who made you look like a joke he should know his place and its not at the top

        • Jmad says:

          for real, i love bj but c’mon. take your beating like a man. saying that was like jon fitch is pretty big exaggeration too.

      • JGrenke says:

        1) “buh” is not a word.

        2) You’re not the 303rd version of Nick Diaz

        3) Spaces after periods “homie!”

        4) Your keyboard called, it wants YOU to take it easier on the “u” button.

        5) Your mother wears army boots

  2. Right on Pedro i saw the article on Bloody Elbow of you confirming it. Anyways keep up the good work! Hope BJ comes back with a Vengance. WAR PENN!!!

    • : ^ ) says:

      don’t care for this approach to fighting. but if it gets BJ fighting, then it’ll have to do. one thing about relying on emotion to fight: difficult to maintain anger that wasn’t really there, especially to the level of wanting to beat someone’s head in.

      maybe BJ is really that angry at Nick, idk. also sounds like he’s going after that rematch with Fitch. if he stays at WW, then that’s a good place to start. i kinda wish he goes back to LW and join that crazy mix in that division!

  3. Dlee says:

    Damn…. as a fan I cant support this… why even fight at ww if you cant handle the size difference. Why be in MMA if you dont mix it up. Maybe boxing can be a new gig? BJ said it himself that he wouldve trained strength and conditioning if he knew Nick would hold him up against the cage. He also said that people only remember winners, not crap talkers

    • learntoread says:

      Good points man. Truth.

    • remi says:

      No doubt I couldn’t believe this came from BJ’s mouth!! Like he’s talking about a size difference when he even did light heavyweight bouts man just loosing in that fashion would get to anyone especially when ur considered one of the best in that division but learn from it don’t lash out on Diaz when that guy has accomplished so much but if there was a round 2 with these 2 u guys honestly think bj would win? My opinion is it would just be like the last fight its all mental strategic Diaz now’s how to grind sumone out by just moving forward. That’s one thing that bj might not really possess and that’s cardio to do a 5 round fight with sumone as a nick Diaz Evan nate I really think if bj where even 2 step in the cage with nate he would loose that battle aswell

  4. jboy says:

    Cheeer hoooo …come back and kick his ass this time ..u better work on your cardiovascular though

  5. Casey Gapol says:

    Bj has been saying his fires been back for the past two years. I did re watch the penn diaz fight yesterday and parillo told the ref to watch nicks hands atleast 10 times. BJ PENN WAR…

  6. Ethan says:

    I want to say: “I WAS a fan of BJ’s until this”
    But how can I be okay with Nick Diaz if BJ saying this gets to me? Double standard I guess… So go for it BJ, find the fire it takes to actually put the work in.

  7. Bod Pa says:

    This does not make me happy, bad wining excuses. Comon BJ you are better than this BS, I know you are, I’ve seen it many times.

  8. Justin says:

    All I have to say is Bj, please bring that old nasty rubber guard you had. In the past year or so I haven’t seen you do what you do on the ground! WAR PENN!

    • Trey says:

      I love Bj, but he has never submitted anyone using that rubber guard. He does it until he’s to tired and nothing ever comes of it. He’s also delusional think Diaz held him against the cage. First off who cares. Second they stood the ENTIRE FIGHT, save one take down attempt. BJ got his ass whopped and drivel like this make me think a return would start him on that Ken Shamrock road.

  9. Cwag says:

    I think this is alll coming up cuz GSP will be out for the next year. BJ wins his next fight gets a title shot wins and then its GSP. Thats what i thinks goin on in his head

    • Philippe says:

      BJ is not even close to getting a title shot. He has to go through atleast 2 to 3 top 5 fights before he can even ask for a title shot. If he is back and is fighting at WW, I wouldn’t mind seeing BJ go at Hendricks or Fitch.

  10. Real BJ Fan says:

    BJ – You showed what you’re capable of doing in the Diaz scrap. Even though you didn’t get a W out of it, you proved to the world that you have a mentality and heart of a lion. You also put Diaz in his place in the first round.

    Life’s about progression and progression requires change. I’m sure you know what you got to do!

  11. stix says:

    thought he was taking time off? it’s only been two months!

    and he needs to go to LW and stop fighting dudes that are that much bigger than him cause guess what, they’re ALL gonna use their size to do that to him.

    their gameplans are gonna change when they go and get worked the first round and realize they could lose to a dude 4 inches shorter, 25 pounds lighter, and at a 6-7 inch reach disadvantage which would make them look foolish

    could have told you before the round even started nick would put him up against the cage, put his weight on him and throw body punches, then look to use his reach once penn was tired

    as soon as I saw the face-off at the presser I knew BJ would win the 1st round, Nick would win the 3rd, and the 2nd would come down to how much the bigger guy was able to wear out the smaller guy

  12. adjoub says:

    i was really hoping it wasnt bjs tweet.. looks bad.

  13. Ruben says:

    fuck nick diaz and fuck jon fitch too

  14. Curt says:

    Loss of respect for BJ after this one. Its one thing calling someone out but calling them a coward after he put a viscous beating on you and he was in your face the whole fight? Way to make the comeback dramatic i guess

  15. Mike says:

    Bj’s been chillin with matt hughes too long. What are you offended he didn’t join camps with you? Why would say this now after you offered that after the fight? Thought BJ was real, obviously going through a mid-life crisis or some shit.
    Would of respected this statement had it been said after the fight, instead of saying you wanted to retire. Reap what you sow dude the fuck.
    Fuckin disappointed.

  16. zack says:

    its funny that bj says diaz was a coward when he played it smarter than him, that he thought he was gonna scrap when he got his face beat in, and that john fitch has a glass jaw, when he couldnt even knock him out hahahaha what a loser, i used to really like him till he trys to call people out and doesnt even make sence doing it hahah.

  17. GP says:

    I am disappointed to see BJ complain about fighting a bigger guy when he chose to go to a bigger weight class.

    I am disappointed to see BJ complain about losing a fight unanimously, and fairly.

    I am OK with him calling out Fitch since they have unfinished business to take care of and they should rank about the same since Fitch’s last loss.

    Diaz has bigger and better fish to fry. Sorry, Penn.

    • josh says:

      Good post not to mention he fought machida who’s a lot biger and didn’t complain he’s jut mad he go his ass handed to him

      • stone cold says:

        He is not complaining about fighting bigger guys. He is saying that Nick Diaz lied that he said he was going to scrap with BJ. So he was pussy and held on him (the bigger man). U gotta do what u gotta do and BJ is just getting himself going! Everything he said is true, so these are not excuses, these are reasons of why things resulted in the way they did.

  18. kevin says:

    man… i was really hoping this wasn’t bj. i was FINALLY gaining respect for him as a person, always respected him as a fighter. but this is just fucking pathetic… you took the fucking fight, he WHOOPED your ass, you say you’re taking time off, and now this awful attempt at shit talking. wow. seriously regretting feeling ANY compassion for bj when diaz fucked his face up so bad….

  19. Calabama says:

    That really makes the “brotherly” picture (which everyone talked about how it showed “what fighting was all about” with them squashing a beef with class and respect) look fake. Kind of sad really, I like BJ and I actually think Diaz is a little misunderstood and has certain human interaction problems. But generally I like both fighters, and fighting styles, this just seems a little childish and pointless.

  20. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Damn BJ, idk what happened but I hope that anger dissipates it’s no good to hold on to that anger when fighting professionals. You had to have known that Diaz would smother you against the cage and wail on his opponents… That’s what he always does. Welcome back if this is really what BJ said.

  21. Yari says:

    BJ Penn will forever be my favorite LW because of his mentality to always seek the challenge. Even to the point of moving up in weight to find one.

    I am happy he is willing to make another run for it, but this is not the right mentality IMO. I loved the guy for seeking the challenge, and now he is going to talk crap to people for being bigger? He moves up in weight, so that is to be expected, right?

  22. mmaislandjunkie says:

    hope bj comes back soon and ready to kill!!

  23. jolomolo says:

    lol glass jaw?
    has he looked at any of diaz’s other recent fights?
    many of those opponents had a lot more power than bj.
    also i thought he would hate on frankie more for lying on him rather than diaz standing with him the whole fight

  24. Mike says:

    I’m astonished that this article would try to spin this this Twitter post in a positive way. If the Twitter post truly came from BJ I’m embarrassed for him. This doesn’t look good at all, no matter how one looks at it.

  25. aaxantonio says:

    damn bj put it on him, hahahaha wished he felt like that before the fight, hope he does come back with the same ol ” sean sherk, your dead” attitiude

  26. Anthony1994 says:

    Everyone hatin’ on BJ try getting the f**k off his site, you will not be missed, any of you! Trash talkin’ is the nature of the game!

    • EdSoares'Balls says:

      Not when you are trash talking a guy who beat you so badly you retired.

      • Anthony1994 says:

        It was already in his mind it’s not like BJ was dominated all fight, he gassed after making Diaz look like a chump .Diaz capitalized on BJ’s smaller size and bad gas tank. Do Diaz did not beat BJ into retirement! He just won the fight, I like Diaz, hate his nut huggers.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        EdSoares’Balls take a beating from repeatedly smacking Nick Diaz fans in the chin. I don’t expect EdSoares’Balls to retire.

  27. wadey says:

    its sad when a veteran tries to kick up a media storm to try an get there finished fucked up selves back into the main event one more time get over your self you are a future hall of famer,don tarnish the memory bj

  28. DaRuckuz says:

    I think he prob got irritated wit some of da stuff diaz said after the fight,diaz was showing respect while at the same time painting bj as “bitter” or “he should stay at 155″.Dat got me irritated and i like nick.ill still bet on BJ…Kick his ass BJ

    • wigler says:

      yeah he probably got mad cause truth always does that, why fight in a weight class above yours and then cry that fighters are bigger?

      • DaRuckuz says:

        kick this guys ass too BJ

      • fiveonefive0 says:

        size disparity isnt a problem for penn he has fought at light heavy…successfully. he didnt gas cuz he was fighting a bigger dude in a higher weight class. he gassed because he doesnt(cant?wont?) work to get his cardio to where it needs to be. which also explains the jump in weight class. bj is a bad ass. i hate diaz as a subspecies of the human race but like watching him fight. ive never seen a guy fight as successfully as diaz can and look so bad doing it. it boggles the mind.

  29. jboy says:

    If your mad bj said that then get the fuck off his website and don’t ever come back.

  30. DREW says:

    WAR BJ PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Mike says:

    In the tweet he said “tire out the smaller man”. Hes got one thing right at least. No one will ever accuse him of being the bigger man.

  32. stua says:

    bj.. are you tryna cash out?

  33. dave says:


  34. nick says:

    Since this is I think ppl r holding back. Just call it what it is,
    Bj Penn is acting like a bitch and is mad about losing.
    Bj you shoulda stepped ur game up HOMMIE too late to talk shit now take it like a man.

  35. homer says:

    thats the bj penn i like

  36. the original steve says:

    i have a feeling this is hype bs and bj is trying to get back because honestly you didn’t think nick would hold you up against the cage to tire you out? he does that all the time. and he only held you for half a round then you guys scrapped it out and he kicked your ass.

  37. FILHARMONIC says:

    FCK ALL YOU HATIN ASS MOFOS!!! LIL BITCHES CRYIN…”I LOST RESPECT FOR BJ” or “BJ IS WASHED UP” BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! QUIT YOUR BITCHN!!! Yall should be happy that BJ’s gettn that fire back! Shit… yall werent even fans to begin with so shut the eff up and eat a stiff one!!!! BJ WARRRRRRR!!! PENN NATION!!!

  38. jboy says:

    Totally agree +1 to filharmonic

  39. Curt says:

    Lost Respect for BJ penn after this one. calling someone out is one thing but after receiving a vicious beating and getting punked , having diaz in his face the whole fight it dosent make any sense. just trying to make a dramatic comeback

  40. RobertKrafl says:

    usually i dont talk bad about fighters cause they are in the cage and not me but come on this is pathetic your at the highest level of the sport and that means you have to be well rounded even in conditioning take responsibility and dont make excuses

    • tom23 says:

      Yep, I agree. BJ is full of excuses. Why fight at 170 if you can’t handle the fighters there? And making fun of Jon Fitch? Fitch went 5 hard rounds with GSP, BJ. What did you do 2nd time around? How was that 5th round? Wait..

  41. dave says:

    BJ PENN is a straight up Girlyman talking smack how long? after the fight

  42. Penn blows men says:

    Lost all respect for bj this is not how you call someone out who just DESTROYED YOU. I bet your face is still fucked up and now you wanna run your mouth after what when also you possibly think you will get a shot at nick fight him five rounds if your such a bad ass now. You will get worked worse cuz now you gonna piss him off. WAR DIAZ BJ GIVES BJ’S

  43. Lex w says:

    Hell fuckin yea bj’s back

  44. DaRuckuz says:

    so you gay?whatever floats your boat i guess

  45. gAmbit_ijg209 says:

    The whole tweet is just retarded,if a dude like Nick is too big for you and he aint even one of the biggest welterweights,then fight at fuckin lightweight,and it aint nobodys fault but ur own that you gassed out,the fight wasnt on the cage for very long and all it didnt was minus hundred more punches that were bouta be dropped on you,BJ i was fan before this later excuse filled rant,man up bitch and except the ass beatin you got,bigger stronger dudes than diaz have tired you out and beat you but nobody fucked your shit up like he did.

  46. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    There’s a warm place in hell for trolls like you.

  47. magoo says:

    Cheeee HOOOO go get em beej!!!!! Thats the best fukcn news I’ve heard in a while!

  48. SanSooRob says:

    Powwwww Bj Penn back bitchs !!!!!

  49. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    @Pedro Carrasco, how come you don’t ban/block some of these outright trolls? They don’t have to be BJ fans, but show the man some respect on his own site.

  50. Mike Diaz says:

    Cmon Dana, BJ vs Maynard at 155! BJ can get back in the elite of the division after submitting Maynard like that! The weight cut will be the difference in the endurance of the Prodigy! Setting BJ atop the LW division once again and eyeing Bendo after he mops the floor with Edgar with his athleticism! TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  51. Xaninho says:

    Yeahhhh! THAT is the BJ we all wanna see! The BJ that steps in the cage ripping his own face off, ready to rip someone’s arm or head off or Knock ’em Out!

    Fuck the haters, don’t like BJ? go spread your bullshit somewhere else!

  52. mmadred says:


  53. Donnybrook says:

    I’m lovin it BJ!… the fires back! I’m supporting what ever weight class he decides to fight in. I’m fucking tired of seeing all these nutless haters coming here talkin shit… none of you would say shit to BJ face if you had a pocket full of it so why talk it here?

  54. Q says:

    All these haters need to leave the site. Just wait, after BJ destroys his next opponent they’ll all be back praising BJ saying they always believed in him, makes me sick

  55. Shiffy says:

    Fuck all these muthafucking naysaysers posting here BJ. I wanna see the blood licking, running out of tha cage rabies infested BJ Penn.

    Just Scrap motherfuckers!!!

  56. Brian says:

    fuck that. lost a TON of respect for BJ. It was his choice to fight at WW… And nick did scrap with him… wtf. Nick kicked the fuck out of him and used him like a punching bag. Im still really hoping BJ wasn’t the one who actually posted that.

  57. Nick Diaz says:

    i hate my fans,STOCKTON HOMEY!

  58. WarProdigy says:

    This looks like he’s calling out Nick, but I think it’s a set up for BJ vs Nate, or BJ vs Gil. If u think about it, the UFC isn’t gonna give BJ a rematch with Nick after just losing to him…he’ll have to fight another WW contender first, especially if Nick beats Condit. It makes more sense that BJ’s comments pisses off the Gracie camp, and results in Nate or Gil calling BJ out. Fuckin genius if u ask me! Return to 155!


  59. Anthony says:

    Too bad Diaz already dug into that ass and made it retire.

  60. DLee says:

    Didnt BJ shoot on glassjaw fitch and coward diaz first?!? BJ practically tried to “fitch” Jon Fitch in his fight and hes complaining about it? I dont get it… this isnt the BJ of old, this is far from it

  61. A.James says:

    BJ’s has a point but I don’t want to see him as a WW any more because none of those guys want to “really” fight him. As soon as they get rocked by Penn they go back to the good old smoother and tire him out routine.

  62. Silent says:

    Didn’t you guys know? When Penn fights at WW, his opponents aren’t allowed to use their size in ANY way unless they are fighting BJ’s fight. Everything else is cowardly. Diaz’s “Fence Holding Strategy” resulted in BJ receiving the wost beating of his career and had him questioning his future in MMA completely. By the look of BJ’s face at the end of the fight, I’d say that Diaz certainly came to scrap. Also, “Glass Jaw” Fitch ate everything Penn threw at him.

    Let’s also not forget that Penn was the one shooting for takedowns in the first and second round. I thought he came to scrap?

    It’s an embarrassing day to be a BJ Penn fan.

  63. Brian says:

    It is sad for you BJ, to let the “more mature” “older,smarter BJ” allow his own insecurities and fears to dilute your reality. Nick ate your soul from the weigh in. I am not couch talking because I would never disrespect any fighter and I am a fan of you. However, come on. NIck picked you apart and beat you worse than I have seen anyone get it in awhile. He didn;t disrespect you the entire build up beside the weigh ins which is inevitable with a diaz. He came and talked you out of retiring in locker room. You showeed your pussy in that fight and at the end. You got manhandled wheather Nick grabbed cage a few times to tire your fat ass out or whatever you got beat up check the compubox. Men lie woman lie numbers don’t. YOu lost respect for yourself, you cried like a bitch and showed all kids and fight fans how not to live at the end of this fight. Now you pull this weak ass shit? You wat to dance with diaz again? I am no diaz cockrider but if it went 5 rounds the towel would have came in same way it did on your gsp fight. No street fighter? if this was a street fight and no one was there to stop it nick would have most likely ended your life or if conscious came into him maybe he would have spared you but it would have been his choice. You got mauled in the fight. Man up. congratulate Nick for imposing his will on you and move on. Your littel war bj fans wiull gas you iup but I am saying wht everyone feels. You just clowned yourself worse than when you said you dont want your daughters to see you like this after fight….maybe this game isn’t for you anymore..I am in sales because I for sure know I dont want to get mauled in the cage..get your act together guy…pulling these weak ass anitcs will make you have to write a resume and job hunt. I laughed when I read your tweet same way rest of world did and shook our heads. I wouldn’t let you pay me to watch diaz smack the shit out of you again or any other welterweight..I like your sight for news but damn man seek help for your mental state. come back as lightweight and work up quietly until you have something to talk about.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      youre in sales because youre a pussy. dont talk about a mans family and personal matters becuz hes speaking out loud about how he felt about his own goddamn fight. obviously bj was not as conditioned as nick and slowed down in the 2nd and 3rd rounds but bj was quicker to the punch in the first and was controlling nick like he was an amateur. if bj had half the cardio nick has he would be steamrolling ppl. hopefully he finds his motivation and ends his career with some more epic fights, its always fun watching the man fight and i rather see him fight wars and lose than not fight at all. wish someone could see how shitty your sales are so they can criticize you and tell you how to do your job, but youre not significant enough for anyone to give a fuck.

      • Brian says:

        islandjunkie critisizing a mans family is much different than restating what BJ said at end of his fight..not a BJ thing to say… not telling him how to do his job but as a mma fan I am tired of hearing his shit. so get his pics off your screen and finish jacking off to the guy and when your are out of delusion mode you may see that what we all are saying is he can feel however he wants about his fight but to taunt a guy who just broke him in two is pathetic. You obviously wayhced a different fight than the rest of the world. Try to rewatch it without your BJpenn dildo stuck in your mouth the balls may have been blocking your view with the new position you were trying. If I get my ass kicked in sales one year I dont cry about it and point at everything else but myself. signifigance varies in life. We all like BJ, we all want him to finish strong in his career, maybe we dont wish we were smoking hot women to have his baby like you but we all want to see him act like the old BJ drop to lightweight and win some fights instead of acting like he needs meds. Sorry for hurting your feelings. Your just that one more make an excuse for BJ fan.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          really? i could see you complaining about the economy and other factors resulting in your poor sales but if you want to go online and pretend you wont try to explain poor job results when they occur then go ahead and pretend you wouldnt. i have a bj penn avatar becuz im on and respect the dude and what hes accomplished. even if i think cardio is his only weakness i wouldnt go so far as some pencil pusher like you and tell him what to do and call him names. bj, a fighter, is calling out nick diaz and jon fitch who are also fighters. who the fuck is joeblowmycock sales boy to even act like you know what ur talking about. youre just one more kick a fighter when hes down to get some type of pleasure out of it pretender fan.

        • Brian says:

          you make no sense..cant even blog argue..your a moron ya fuckin pissant… shut up

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          awesome comeback, cant even use the correct you’re. learn some grammar and come back in 8 years.

        • Hey briana.. YOUR an idiot! Ha ha

        • porksausage says:

          Holy Shit I fell asleep reading a fucking book ^^^

        • T.DADDY says:

          and junkies a bitch.. what are you a fukkn english teacher?? shut the fukk up!!

          BJ all day everyday!!!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        stfu Brian, yah cryer. Go get laid or something you have too much time on your hands…going all postal on BJ like you actually matter.

    • Xaninho says:

      “work up quietly until you have something to talk about.” , the man has been the worldchamp two times.

      How about you talk about what it’s like to sell shit for a living?

  64. Ruben says:

    I want to see some changes, no more Parillo in the corner, lets get Troy Mandaloniz in there. I want some serious conditioning too, bring back the Marinovich brothers if you have to. One more run BJ you gotta end this with a bang. You got the skills to do it

  65. BX81 says:

    I kind of feel bj on this one. If you’re gonna scrap then scrap. If you want to use a game plan to wear someone out then ok. I think Bj thought diaz was gonna stand and bang and roll, not try to win the fight by game plan. Either way glad to see bj fired up. I would like to see him fight at LW but it’s his choice.

    • Silent says:

      So Penn taking Nick down in the 1st and shooting for take downs in the 2nd isn’t considered game planning to you? Diaz walked BJ down around the octagon and used him as a punching bag. Nick came to scrap and I think Penn’s horribly damaged face reflected that after the fight.

      I agree with you that either way, I hope this fires BJ up and gives him motivation to move back down to LW where he truly belongs.

      • BX81 says:

        Yeah, I’m talking about game plans as far as wearing your opponent down, leg kicks to slow them or body shots. I can’t speak for penn but I think he might have stated that he thought they would trade BJJ and stand up, not so much in the wrestling. If they came to a verbal agreement then sure. If they didn’t then you have to expect the bigger guy to do the grind. It’s actually funny because I like the diaz bros. They come to fight but they are part of the new breed. If bj expects to be successful he has to understand that they’re are few fighters that will just stand and trade without using game plans. So bj has to adapt. I would like to see these things from bj in the future.

        1. Better wrestling cardio
        2. more kicks
        3. A damn game plan
        4. More take downs

  66. Andrew says:

    Oh man, watch out UFC “motivated BJ Penn” is back for the 4th time!

    Seriously BJ? I could understand you talking shit about Fitch, because you arguably won that fight, but you got outclassed in every aspect of the game against Nick, stop bitching.

    You’re complaining about him holding you against the cage for what, 30 seconds? You were the one backpedaling for the last 2 minutes of the second round. You’re the one that took Nick down, and tried to hold him there, but Nick showed that his BJJ is superior to yours. You also shot for a takedown in the second round and Nick stuffed it and you ended up with your back against the cage due to it.

    I was a BJ fan, he comes to fight — but making excuses like these after crying like a little bitch after the fight, AND admitting that you lost to a better fighter is more pathetic than the fans that are on here trying to defend you.

  67. snoop froggy dogg says:


  68. tim says:

    Nate Diaz would do the same to BJ

  69. BJ PENCIL says:

    lol damnnnnnnnn… Nick did beat you, BJ (even though, I’m a big fan)… perhaps a bout with Gilbert can be on the horizon… anyway, does anyone know why he tweeted this?

  70. chon209 says:

    To all you saying go post somewhere else, get out of here or even snitching to pedro sound like a bunch of fags for real, ppl gonna talk shit just like bj even though he got his ass kicked by one and went to a draw with the other. I aint talking shit im just being real you guys sound like a bunch of fags

  71. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Hunt LIon Hunt!!! Get’ Em Penn…sounds like your hungry again! Hell YEAH! We’ve been waiting for this…WAR BJ WAR. From central cali, the city of “NO”. Ride or die!!!

  72. e says:

    lol @ all the fair weather fans saying their last goodbyes


  73. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    BJ is coming back with the vengeance! You stupid trolls better recognize and that includes you people sitting on the fence judging like your better than everyone else who defends BJ Penn.

  74. learntoread says:

    Hate to say it, but he just sounds like a sore loser here.

    I mean, if Nick had simply squeaked out a funny Judges decision by mainly using a “fence holding strategy”, then sure Penn would have a very valid argument…but let’s face it, Diaz beat the crap out of Penn once he found his range. There’s just no denying that, the better fighter won that night.

    Meh, whatever BJ needs to do to pump himself up I guess.

    I, like many others, am looking forward to hearing Nick’s response.

  75. mmafactchecker says:

    fkn loser bj, what a trash pussy ass fighter. i used to be a fan when he beat up diego, but he is such trash. retire and save urself another embarressment

    • FILHARMONIC says:

      FCK YOU MMABALLSUCKER! You’re the only loser around here, trash pussy ass keyboard warrior! I bet you think you’re really tough talkin shit from the comfort of your own home…where BJ can’t get ya… FAGBOY! Shut yo ass up bitch made muthafcka you! Bet you won’t talk shit to BJs face, huh bitch?! Get the fck off this site… as a matter of fact, all you bitch mthafckas get the hell off this site. BJ doesnt need fake ass fans like you! Why don’t you… go suck a dick bitch! Have a nice day and Happy Friday chump!

  76. lol says:

    Depends if you take workouts srs or not.. If you come back please put down the pizza and work out until you feel like you are about to die and supplement with great nutritionist and train with a better crowd

  77. Philippe says:

    BJ’s twit is all about begging for attention. If BJ does decide to comeback, he should stop contemplating retirement everytime he loses. Calling Nick a coward? Nick brought the fight. Nick was bigger? Stay in LW. Fitch has glass jaw? first time he was stopped and it wasn’t BJ.

  78. alex says:

    BJ is done and got used by Diaz, And Nate would pound him out too.

  79. dave says:

    Hey BJ want to see who won the fight?? go to fightmetric,you sure your name isnt mary

  80. magoo says:

    Maybe now that BJs back on the seen the moderators can mop up some of this shit on this site… some people been getting carried away!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Where did these trolls come from? There has to be at least 15 obvious trolls who only commented to say something overtly negative. Or maybe its just one troll who keeps changing his name…

  81. Farmer Ted says:

    BJ just go into boxing dude!!!!!! Do a boxing match with a decent contender, Freddie Roach told everyone you are the best boxer in mma, I also believe that. You should do it because I think you are a true warrior and no matter where you go you will succeed. No more holding, just fists vs fists, I would pay to watch you Box and all my friends would pay and I am damn sure most people around the world would pay to see you in boxing. Boxing needs new life, it needs BJ Penn!!!! Damn it I can make a whole article on this.

    • tom23 says:

      recent Roach interview he says anderson silva is best boxer in mma… sorry homie

      • Ted says:

        Dude anderson silva is NOT the best boxer in mma, he is the best stand up fighter in mma, meaning kicks punches, elbows, feints, most tools for stand up he mixes it well. Timing , distance , etc. There are videos of Anderson boxing, not that impressive to me, I have seen amateur boxers who can really punch and can take metal pipes to the head. Anderson is a great natural athlete some what like roy jones jr. but def. not a roy jones jr.

  82. Nick Diaz says:

    watch when you guys hear the whole story,ima make all my dumb fans look even dumber.I fucked up homey.

    • Ed says:

      Nick – I know you’re not Nick but do you know something?

      Pedro – you say, “Without going into too much detail as to what may have caused these changes to his mentality, for BJ Penn fans, this is good news.”

      There are some visitors today but for the most part we’re die hard BJ fans and we’ve been coming here for the inside look since way back when the site required sign-in, and even now after BJ “retired.” You owe us what you know! What happened other than the holidays ending?

  83. A.James says:

    BJ go to 155 and destroy Nate!

    • Mike McMack says:

      I wanna see BJ at 155 too, it’s where he belongs. He steps into the cage at 170 when most WW are like 190 on fight night. It’s too much weight to give at the pro level.

  84. Mike McMack says:

    Baby Jay all F***KING day!!!!!!!!!!

  85. bertram says:

    i hope bj gets marv marinovich back and gets fuckin shredded and in killer shape so he can do what he did to nick in the first round, for all 3! and im a huge diaz fan, but if bj didnt gas he had that fight. he outstruck nick for 5 minutes and made nick’s boxing seem highly over rated, only until nick threw up a pace that BJ couldnt even come close to matching.

  86. G says:

    Most fighters in the early-mid-thirties start losing by TKO or KO, but Penn is a legend and so he only starts losing by decisions. lol. I love Penn, but he should probably call it quits before he actually starts losing by finishes. I dunno how to feel about this, I mean, maybe he is serious and realized his game-plan error(s), but this does have that “one last try” feel to it…

  87. dave says:

    bertram what fight were you watching?? go to fightmetric and it will tell you who landed the most shots- BJ you dont want any part of the 155 bracket-Nate diaz will school you

  88. MD says:

    When Does The New UFC Undisputed 3 demo come out??

  89. Twayne says:

    Hell fuck’n yah!! DA’ PRODIGY is comming back !!! Calling other fighters out is all a part of the buisness. This aint water polo hommie. As for all you “i lost respect as a fan” fake ass fans that cant understand that? No worries, noone gives two shits bout your imo’s. Feel free to jump back on the PRODIGY WAR TRAIN when it comes rolling thru tho. My Ohana backs Team Penn to da’ fullest!!!


  90. Zack says:

    That’s the Bj penn we all love

  91. justin says:

    I hope BJ comes back and kicks the shit out of diaz. Both the Diaz brothers are nothing but a couple punk bitches that disgrace the sport of mma. Come back soon BJ and eliminate that hood rat nick “punk bitch” Diaz

  92. HWNSuperman says:

    WAR BJ!!! I hope you whoop that sorry, no good cocky M F’r so hard his mama feels it!!!

  93. Bitter/sweet says:

    BJ sounds bitter but it is what it is. Nick is a beast and BJ is too.

    Main thing is… BJ doesn’t waste that talent that he has. Before BJ there was only one Hawaii native who was nationally known in terms of UFC. BJ is the best to come out of Hawaii and him rising back from the loss, motivates all of the Hawaiian hopefuls that they can one day follow the Penn legacy!! =)

    Win some, lose some, but most of Hawaii has something to believe in!

  94. GRT 3000 says:

    Get yer’ cardio up and take another run at it BJ! Get your CARDIO UP! & you can smoke all these fools.

    • magoo says:

      Yup straight cardio camp,you forgot more about bjj then most fighters will ever learn,and your boxing…just like riding a bike BJ,those skills and natural talents are always gonna be with you BJ,just exercise those lungs and there aint no stoppin you…..lord have mercy on the Diaz bros…..or not!

  95. awesome one says:

    look for all you bj fans ( i am one of them) the truth of the matter is he got beat up. Diaz held him against the fence for less then 4 minutes the whole entire fight and never did he hold him for more then 30 seconds before letting go and throwing the diaz combo and half the time he was only using one arm to hold him. Besides its not against the rules to push someone against the fence, if you have a problem work harder to get your ass off the cage and you can’t cry about size that’s why we have weight classes. Quit makin excuses and being fat and lazy and cut weight and fight at 155 where you should be. oh i yeah before i forget what made penn tired in that fight was after he took diaz down and blew his wad trying to hold him there.

  96. LIKHER_POKER says:

    if this is true!i hope he steps up his CARDIO game & get better training partners some guys w/FIGHT experience not JOEL TUDOR “surfer”given he’s a black belt& get a hold of the MARINOVICH bros.thats we all agree he was at his best!!!!aloha

  97. snoop froggy dogg says:


  98. BJPennrules says:

    I really feel sorry for the next person to fight BJPenn!,

    WAR Penn Nation! lets go ..

    BJ when you step in the ring we all step in with you!!!!

  99. dave says:

    after the first time i heard bj crying about nick holding the fence watch the fight again,,the ref told nick not to hold the fence 1 time,,,just like he told bj not to hold nicks bj cheated same like seems bj is jjust frustrated he iws not elite anymore..he was my fav but he crys and wuits noe to much…he was sad he was not at the top so he he still crying …if he dont like how bigger guys fight him then he shoudl not be lazy abnd cut weight,,,i know he says he fight ww cuz he likes to challenge himself but that bull he just lazy to cut weight..nick is the best ww around now

  100. slacker says:

    All the best to B.J. Sounds like he wants to get back in there and fight. Only thing I don’t like is, now Cesar Gracie will use this as an excuse when Nick loses to Condit..

  101. JAT says:

    didnt know mma was a classy sport? and hes not mad he lost hes mad that diaz talked mad shit and jon fitched him.

  102. Diaz will have to lose to Condit for Bj to get another shot at Diaz. I got condit FTW against Diaz..

    • slacker says:

      Now would be a good time for him to settle the score with Fitch. Or, I would like to see him fight Ebersole. They are both MMA veterans. That guy has a 10 fight win streak going now!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      id want nick to beat condit then beat gsp then bj fight gsp then fight nick diaz for the ww strap. but realistically speaking i just wanna see bj murder anyone.

    • krafty11 says:

      you got anyone for the win against a Diaz bro. even if Cody Mckenzie was fighting Nick Diaz you would say Mckenzie for the win.. just like you had Cerrone destroying Nate.. how did that turn out? and before you start with the personal attacks you are well known for here, go back and read your posts and tell me I am lying..

      • Hey fatty..nate destroyed cerrone? Nate pussyy tapped him for 2 rds. Not like when you destroy a plate of food u triple chin muthrfkr! How did that work out for u?

        • krafty11 says:

          wow. nice comeback.. You can’t even read the post before commenting, can you? If you would have read the post, I never mentioned that Nate destroyed Diaz. what a waste of space you are Chart.. I guess you need to hide your own insecurities by bashing others, so have at it.. I feel sorry for people like you. You always go straight to the personal attacks when someone says anything contradictory to what you say or post. You cant have a rational discussion about anything, unless everyone agrees with what you say. Maybe you need to go back to school and take a remedial reading class to help further your education. At least it might help you from making a fool of yourself, but even that might not help. I wonder what your next ,if at all, response will be? probably something to do with peoples chins and food based on previous comments.

        • krafty11 says:

          guess i should correct my post.. I never said Nate destroyed Cerrone..

  103. OCD says:

    Fighters should expect that the opponent will do whatever means necessary to win. Diaz used a strategy and won. If BJ wants to compete with the best then he needs to train like the best. End of story. I hope he does it. At this rate I guarantee that 20 years from now he will have a hard time living with the “what ifs”…

  104. tkdwes says:

    BJ is my favourite fighter ever and the reason I started watching MMA but complaining about a strategy that clearly worked is not the way to appeal to the UFC to get a re-match. He was out-worked plain and simple. Diaz didn’t gas out like BJ and if BJ wants to fight guys his size he needs to go back to 155 because Diaz isn’t even close to the biggest WW. I love BJ and I hope he comes back strong more than anything, I just don’t think that little temper tantrum was necessary nor will it make him look good.

  105. bjsucksdick says:

    bj sucks he is shit washed up ball licker. he can sniff my farts and drink my pee. you are all little bitch faggots for liking bj.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You’re the biggest bitch on this website. Who demands that another man to drink his pee and sniff his farts? A bitch that’s who, a dumb trolling bitch. Why don’t you fucking trolls go to Sherdog or Bleacher and talk your shit. You wouldn’t because your a.damn coward and would have to identify who you are. Why don’t you go to RKelly’s website you sick golden shower craver.

  106. ryan says:

    say it to his face BJ i dare you

  107. bjsucksdick says:

    i would, hes a bitch and i’d knock the cunts teeth out

  108. Jlennon05 says:

    There are way too many Bj haters on a site dedicated to BJ Penn. Silence the haters Bj.

  109. RJ KANEAO says:

    I don’t really got anything to say but I just want u all to know that was a hilarious tweet! lol..Good one B! hahahahaha

  110. Ruben says:

    Is it true that BJ stopped working with the Marinovich brothers because Parillo complained about them? If this is true then Parillo has to go, he can still be BJ friend but he should be nowhere near BJs training camps or in his corner

    • Matt says:

      There was some serious conflict between Parillo and Marv. Parillo did not agree with how things were being run. I guess they didn’t get along. And the rumor is BJ chose Parillo’s way of doing things.

  111. bjsucksdick says:

    bj stopped working with them coz his dick fell off now hes got a pussy. FUCK YOU BJ!

  112. Spoolz25 says:

    @diaz Fanboys, did you not see Nicks face after the fight??? yea Penns face was busted up, but diaz’s wasnt much better, im not making excuses for Penn but the only time Diaz was on top was when Penn gassed, and he still couldnt finish Penn….i hope Penn fights at LW he gasses to easliy at WW

  113. jacob g says:

    It used to be a bunch of gsp dick riders now they’re all Nick Diaz bitches. Diaz was too pussy to fight mayhem and said mayhem was picking on the smaller guy. What the fuck do bj and him look like? Twins in size? Bj Penn fucked him up the first round. Simple as that. Two fighters fresh show who’s better. Same with bj and Fitch. Bj showed who the better fighter is and they give Fitch a 10-8 round in the third. Bullshit. Even the fuckin president of the ufc disagreed.

    • krafty11 says:

      thats a bad example. It was a 3 round fight, not a 1 rounder. So I guess anyone who wins the 1st round of a fight should be declared the better fighter according to your logic.. Seriously, i think this whole situation now is just about creating hype for another title run for BJ. I dont see how Diaz can be called a coward after that fight. I guess Hendricks’s ko can be used as truth for the Glass jaw comment.. but i think anyone might have a Glass Jaw if they got hit with that punch.. just my opinion

    • American says:

      B.J.- You lost. You wont do any better next time.
      Ps. Thanks for the Island! Aloha!
      209 homie

  114. jesse pomai says:

    yo get with kenny Johnson ur wrestling coach isn’t he up at blackhouse right now go tr
    ain with them

  115. fourtetshou says:

    Would love to see him fight Nick Diaz again. I like both of these fighters, so it’s a win-win situation.

    But BJ would commit suicide after Nick beats the shit out of him for the second time. BJ’s not exactly known for thriving under pressure either.

  116. Jeff says:

    BJ did lose the fight but he gave Diaz one hell of a war! The holding the fence is a good strategy but a lame one when Diaz was claiming he would bang it out the middle of the cage! He didn’t even want to go to the ground with BJ because he knows he’s outclassed in that position. He was just pulling a GSP hold you against the fence tactic to a substantially smaller opponent in BJ. With the weight, height and reach advantage Diaz had, he couldn’t even knock out or knock down BJ. I know in my heart that BJ is the better fighter! He’s got the heart like no other and the will to win in “Just Scrap” fashion.

  117. Fan says:

    lol always like penn but he got dominated fair and square, no excuses no rematches, Nick diaz earned his shot by dominating penn’s face like no else has…i know this isn’t penn saying this by the way becuase he wouldn;t stoop this low and thats a fact!!!

  118. Conman says:

    BJ’s Ass Kicking List ..

    1. Jon Fitch
    2. Nick Diaz

  119. Night-Wind says:

    No one can’t argue that it’s all good dat’ BJ should go back at 155. Who knows if Benson wins and they fight for the title some day.

    Those news were good!!

  120. AMP'd says:

    DAYUUUUM! This post got me f*ken amp’d! I just cant wait to see BJ get in the cage and SCRAP! ,Win, Lose, or Draw – it dont mean a thang! I just love watching Hawaii’s Champ getting in the cage and throwing down. Beej doesnt pussy foot around. He gets in there and THROWS DOWN! Reading this post gave me f*ken chicken skin!!! WAR BJ!!!! Cant wait to hear bradda IZ’s E ala and watch BJ make his way to the cage again! PEDRO, I hope this post is legit……..

  121. bmjl23 says:

    BJ is capable of winning any fight at any weight class as long as he’s motivated and in shape. This last tweet was part of the motivation and hopefully he’s in the gym today. His real fans will be behind him win, lose or draw.

  122. A.James says:

    I really hope BJ comes back.

  123. Calabama says:

    I mostly look at it like this, imagine you beat some one in a fight and a month or so later they started talking shit about you and the fight. If it were you, how would you take it or how you the person you beat look to you? I like BJ getting fired up but he needs to put it in a different direction other than Diaz.

  124. Calabama says:

    or how would the person you beat look to you?

  125. josh says:

    BJ talking shit after he already got his ass whooped. Dude STFU, Nick will whoop your ass again and make your face look worse then he did the first time. You are over the fucking hill. get out of here with that weak shit.

  126. Lil Joe says:


    • 91781 says:

      Penn can beat him if he stops making excuses and trains like a champion. I don’t care what anybody says, he did not train like a champion is supposed to train.

      Be ready for anything. Assume that whoever you are fighting is going to exploit every weakness you have. Assume that they know all your weakness.

      You have to have a certain amount of strategy.

      All this whinning about how he did not stand and bang the whole time is garbage. Penn got whipped. End of story.

      Penn showed us he has the skills to beat Diaz, and beat him handily. But he played into Diaz’s strategy like a chump. He believed that Diaz was gonna stand in front of him the whole fight. Why would he believe what a CEASAR GRACIE fighter says. He knows he is a snake.

      I love Penn and never miss a fight but the truth hurts. He needs to train like a champion. Take a page out of GSP and Sherks book perhaps, fuck take a page out of Diaz’s book too while he is at it. No need to do exactly what they do, but do something.

      Call me a armchair commentator or keyboard warrior if you want. Say I have no idea what it is like to be BJ Penn, thats fine with me. We all know the truth.

      Skills without proper training = Gatekeeper. Thats all he is shaping up to be for the next few years unless he gets real about his training.

      War Penn. Always, War Penn.

  127. Dev_NY says:

    I’m a BJ Penn supporter from day one, but he lost that fight for the same reasons he loses most of his fights. I watched the replay last night and he was not in top shape. It’s mind boggling as to how this consistently happens. One of the greatest skill sets ever, yet is consistently out worked. Diaz did use the cage, but so what?? It’s fighting, the truth is that after being pressed and hit to the body, BJ gassed.

    Not sure if BJ reads these comments or not, but if you wanna get back to greatness BJ, go back to what worked and put all the ego’s aside. Work with the Marinovich’s and start making strength/ conditioning a way of life.

    As a long-time fan it’s disappointing to believe in you fight after fight just to see you look unprepared. Best of luck, whatever you choose!!

  128. Michael says:

    This is a shame. Huge BJ fan, but come on. Nick stood there and banged him up- no more excuses. If Fitch has a glass jaw then why didn’t BJ break it.

  129. Dosan says:

    This is some random sh*t…was BJ hittin the sauce yesterday? Regardless, WAR PENN!

  130. Sean MacAulay says:

    Alright, Pedro, “haters are gonna hate, fans are gonna praise”? I don’t think so. I would say the ignorant and uninformed will praise. I have been a fan of Bj for years, like many of his fans. I have shared in the excitement of his title defenses and the disappointment of his losses, but I have never been as disappointed with Bj as I am now. He stooped to an incredible low with that tweet. I had really hoped that his account had been hacked, or one of the people from was trying to stir some things up without his permission, unfortunately, as we all now know that isn’t the case.

    The antics displayed by Bj with that tweet would be something that I would expect from an up and comer, some snot nosed kid who thinks he is better than he is, not from a legend of the sport. A guy who has had titles in two weight divisions, a guy known as The Prodigy.

    Bj has no one to blame for his short comings but himself. I still believe he won the first Edgar fight, but he was completely outclassed in the second of their meetings. He knew Fitch was a wrestler who would go for the point decision and did we see submission attempts? Not many, if any. Nick Diaz completely outclassed Bj. Bj knew going in that he would be the smaller man, a fact he would face against almost any opponent at 170 pounds. He should have been prepared for anything to happen, including being roughed up on the cage with dirty boxing.

    Bj’s problem is that he likes to have his friends around in training camps. I believe in his camp for Diaz he rolled jiu jitsu with a professional surfer. Does that make sense to anyone, besides Bj? Would you have pro-lineman on your practice team for a professional soccer team? No you wouldn’t because they aren’t professionals in that sport. They would not help you better yourself, they would only make you look good and stroke your ego! Bj tore it up when he was pushed by trainers who wanted him to be the best athlete possible because, if he wasn’t, it would reflect poorly on them. He obviously did not tear it up when he surrounded himself with groupies who wanted to be featured in the next RVCA commercial.

    You’ve had time to sort things out, BJ. And so far, with that tweet yesterday, it doesn’t look like you put that time to good use. All of us, your fans, would love to see you back in the octagon, but we don’t want to see you stooping to lows, trying to pick fights. You don’t need to do that. You have established your name as a legend, act like one!

    -Sean MacAulay

  131. josh says:

    Best response ever and those of you who are not so far up BJ’s ass will agree with this.

    “At some point it is up to those around you to protect you from yourself. To take you aside and let you know you are wrong and help save you from your folly. Unfortunately for Penn he is surrounded by “Yes Men” that are unwilling to do that. The outcome will be predictable, resulting in a fighter that will never push himself to the fullest and will always have excuses for his losses.” From Cesar Gracie website.

  132. Heath says:

    BJ is one of my favorites and I got nothing but respect for him.. With that said, stay retired BJ.. Nick beat you fair and square and made it look easy. What if it went 5 rounds. Either you would have quit or gotten your head scrambled for two more. You wont be able to be dominant on the ground or on the feet with Nick and none of us want to see you get hurt.
    Your cardio and your age are against you in every fight wheather its at ww or lw. You got nothing left to prove and as a real fan of yours I dont want to see you be imbarassed or hurt…JMO.. Let it go..

  133. Digs says:

    I think BJ put it best, “…look how big you are next to me….”

    BJ is too small for the WW division. WW’s are cutting down from 195 to make 170. BJ is barely making the 170 limit.

    BJ should have never left the LW division, but I guess if you can’t beat the champ then where do you go.

    I like seeing BJ fired up. That’s the BJ we all want to see, but seeing him disrespect Nick isn’t the way I want to see him come back.

    Make your comeback in the gym. With your training. And start putting fools to sleep again!

    Go BJ!

  134. sami says:

    why are so many people complaining about BJ’s comments, he said, now get over it. It’s not like he said he didn’t deserve to lose or that he was the better fighter at that fight, so what’s the big deal, a little fire don’t hurt anybody and that’s the type of BJ we want to see, the BJ who has fire, and passion him, who get’s mad and can’t take a loss. If you don’t like that, then you can f-off away.

  135. wide_frame says:

    i think its kinda lame that bj penn now calls out diaz. Yall both had to weight in the day b4 and yall were in the same class. its not diaz falt that your smaller then most fighters. respect the man and the fight. you lost. im glad he sounds like he wants to fight again cuz i am a big fan. but also a fan of people showing respect were its due and not complaining about what the other fighter did to beat them. after the fight you had nothing to say beside im going to retire and now your mad thats funny. take the ass kicking and move on. your a fighter and you know thats what you signed up for. the fight didnt go ur way so now your mad. you win some and you lose some but you live . you live to fight another day. # get over it

  136. Night-Wind says:

    Digs, it doesn’t mean that if you can’t beat the champ that you basically need to go at different weight class. Frankie ain’t gonna be a champion forever or whoever is at anyones weight class. We all know that BJ can do more damage at lightweight so if you have problemas to beat Frankie, beat some other guys at that division.

  137. james says:

    not street fighter? but for some reason u got punched so many times u couldnt see straight lol..just take the loss and go train its not like he laid on u for the whole match he just smacked u stupid like a little bitch grow up “homie”

  138. Jacob G says:

    simple as this… Diaz fights at a smaller weight class and looks like a fuckin twig. People give shit to Florian for cutting weight. Diaz does the same shit! He didn’t even want to fight MAYHEM FUCKIN MILLER. End of story. That’s pretty COWARD-ish to me.

  139. bitch says:

    Was funny going into the 3rd round when penn was trowing them pussy jabs and nick like wtf is that and headbutts 1 of his jabs lol pussy penn

  140. jason says:

    i am a HUGE bj penn fan, a big supporter…but this twitter post, no matter how “Fired up” he is…is incorrect…BJ, he beat you, down right kicked ur ass….you put up a helluva fight and showed MASSIVE heart during the fight. but nick won, and becouse of BJ’s cardio AGAIN…BJ i love ya brotha, but work your ass off, get rid of the yes men and drop to LW…dominate the LW division like we ALL know you can but you need to WORK you need to stop making excuses for things that you could have fixed…its easier said than done i know, but that quote was wrong IMO….nick won, fair and square and scapped from the begining….

  141. b says:

    If this is what it takes to get BJ hiped up… Great! Nick’s my favorite fighter but would love to see the legend BJ get a rematch when it’s for the title.

  142. Anthony G 206 says:

    all these pussys on diaz’s nuts know gsp will smash him and bj will come back to tear someone up, and hopefully get the diaz rematch and show that weenie what hes about..

  143. Andromedaa2012 says:

    Bj Penn. Big talent, small brain :D. He’s starting to sound like a sore loser, he should of known that Nick Diaz comes ready to BANG..! Has anyone seen BJ looked this bad before.? So what if BJ was “winning” the first round, so was Daily, Cyborg Santos and Takanori Gomi, but you come to win the fight not to win one round.,back to the line BJ.

  144. KingGareth says:

    I think Bj should watch that fight again. Bj chose to fight at WW and lost. Everyone said he should have stayed at LW, he looks better there. Diaz is a WW fighter and faught well, Bj is too small for ww.

  145. austin says:

    yaaaaa the old bj is back

  146. adam says:

    Just retire… or don’t and don’t challenge someone that is better than you.

  147. Snickerdoodles McPoppycock says:

    Just Scrap Sexy

  148. kevin h says:

    skill wise no body can touch penn, so the first round when he is fresh he beats on everyone.then he runs outa gas and starts getting beat on. if his cardio matched his skill level hed wreck everybody.

  149. t-bone says:

    BJ, show some class, that night you got whooped. You’ve always been a favorite of mine and I was horrified by the outcome of the fight. Your experience should have showed up to the fight as well and pushed his ass away so you could use your striking skills. Condition up, come back and whip his ass with your fists, not with excuses. Im still in your corner man but stop with the shoulda coulda woulda…. YOU DIDNT. Next time you go to pick up your phone to tweet, pick up a medicine ball and I bet u come back victorious and without the loss of fans to mindless babble about someone you can beat. COME ON MAN!!

  150. I don’t agree with the way bjpenn said it but I understand his frustration ….he fights fitch the number 2 contender to a draw (sorry he won that fight) and he doesn’t move in rankings while fitch stays #2 ….gets total disrespect from diaz before the fight fine chalk it up to hype for Tue fight the does it after the fight in the ring! When bjpenn had nothing but respect for him…..what bugs me is he has one outburst and everyone is gets wet over it while diaz and a bunch of other fighters do other their whole career

  151. BobO says:

    BJ must be a gemini like me. His lates video was about as humble as can be, talking family and retirement. Now this tweet? There could be more to this, and Diaz could be in on it. I know it sounds crazy, but when money is involved it usually is. Either way, I would love to see BJ back, and would love to see him get another shot at Nick. Both just happen to be my favorite fighters. The only time I ever rooted against Diaz in all these years though was when he fought Penn. I hope when it’s all over BJ and Nick will be friends again because I liked it. ~BobO

  152. BobO says:

    BJ, Nothing but love brother! ~BobO

  153. kimo says:

    you talk big but you still didn’t answer the challange by gilbert melendez. you call out nick diaz, fuck you can’t even beat nate diaz or how about jake sheilds ,carlos condit you can’t hang with the bigboys any more retire or live off your parents.

  154. ufc fan says:

    you suck bj penn gilbert melendez will kick your ass.

  155. Big J says:

    Posted January 5th, why did wait to post this month’s later? BJ, you’re the man, but you need to fire these people. They have late news all the time…

  156. huntkev says:

    Bj Penn is the greatest fighter in the world!! Even when he loses no compares to him. He is the best there is was and ever will be in the sprot of mma!!!! penn nation

  157. GMJohnPagdilao says:

    Diaz wasn’t impressive at all but he did win because he wanted to win. BJ…sorry were a human punching bag than became a human talking doll. Just be a man and face it…AGAIN you got your ass kicked, no physical condition AGAIN…didn’t trained in Hilo…AGAIN…to many excuses…AGAIN…but thats what happen when you are not humble before and after a fight. Please do the State of Hawaii a FAVOUR….stay RETIRED so you don’t bring shame to all of us! You had your moments but not anymore. You should change career…use your mouth since you’re got at it.

  158. Edward Gardner says:

    There comes a time when everybody needs to change up! these fighters nowdays are training with many different trainers to increase their chances in the fight game.
    BJ is probably the most flexible person I have seen,just needs to expand and build on what he has. All the best BJ

  159. FILHARMONIC says:

    sheeit… jus been madd busy with work, work and more work! havent had time to really come on here… but I was on facebook and saw BJs tweet! I was like “hell 2 tha yea”! But it’s good to be back!!!! And it’s good to hear BJs hunger is back!!! I’ll support BJ no matter what, if he chooses to retire, if he chooses to fight! I’m a BJ PENN FAN FO LIFE! No jump’n ship for me! I’m a firm believer in stickin with a fighter, thru all the great times and not so great times… and riding it out…NO MATTER WHAT! Tired of all these “So Called Fans” claimin they’re BJs biggest fans then all of a sudden… “I’m dissapointed BJ” or “I was a fan till now” or “Diaz beat BJ into retirement”! It’s bullshit! If you a fan, be a fan! fake ass bitches! GETM BJ! PENN NATION FO LIFE!

  160. joemac says:

    I was looking for you and island junkies input

  161. nick says:

    How do u extract mad out that?? I speak the truth…
    You sound a little mad though… XD

  162. ryan says:

    He had his chance after the fight

  163. Sean MacAulay says:

    That was good, man. You are obviously incredibly intelligent. How did you know I have been crying? Get some class, big guy.

  164. josh says:

    Yeah blindly following someone is the way to be especially when you know they are wrong. If any other fighter did this, people would be talking all types of shit about them and saying they suck and they lost a fan. But BJ does it and its nothing wrong with it. It is the same thing with him after every fight he loses, waits a little bit and talk shit.

    BJ you should see if they can get you a fight with Diego again, you can win that one bro!!

  165. Sean MacAulay says:

    I stand corrected. I underestimated your intelligence, for sure! I see your high school did not put too much emphasis on basic punctuation, but, hey, who needs it? You are homophobic and make generalizations. You should definitely take some time to think things through. You aren’t mad at me. You are mad at yourself and you are projecting that anger towards me, someone that you don’t know, because of your short comings and the sudden realization that you don’t have any ethics or morals. I think you are a person who will rely on saying you “graduated from high school with honors” for the rest of your life because that is probably the greatest academic/professional accomplishment you will ever achieve. That is if what you said is true in the first place. Anyway, take care, man. I wish you the best. Sheep will always be sheep.

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