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Wednesday, 01/18/2012, 05:01 am

UFC NEWS – Bisping Says, It's The Biggest Fight Of My Life And Im Going Out Guns Blazing

Straight From FOX:

“Well, this is it! The biggest fight of my life, offered to me on 10 days notice: a No. 1 contender’s fight for the UFC middleweight title. Me against Chael Sonnen, who is one of the best-known fighters in the sport, live on FOX next Saturday night, Jan. 28. A huge fight, huge opportunity for me and my family.

I was due to fight Demian Maia, probably the most dangerous Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter in the division, if not the entire UFC, on the Chicago card. It was already a short-notice fight, just seven weeks after my fight in Las Vegas where I beat up Jason “Mayhem” Miller. But I was thrilled — honored, actually — to be asked by the UFC to be part of this huge event live on FOX.

Then I got a call Tuesday afternoon from UFC president Dana White. I was sitting down having some post-morning workout lunch, talking with my trainers about how well my BJJ defense was looking ahead of my UFC on FOX fight with Maia.

We were all rather pleased with how things were going; Maia is basically a 50-times-better version of Miller, but there are similarities. They are very similar fighters in style if not ability, and so the things I worked on for Miller set me up nicely for the Maia fight. I was drilling my submission defense like crazy, and was very confident of putting on a massive performance against Damien.

Then “DANA WHITE” popped up on my caller ID. I picked it up and Dana said: “I got some good news for you … Mark Munoz is hurt, how’d you like to take his place and fight Chael for the No. 1 contender spot?”

Dana hadn’t even finished saying Munoz was out before I was planning how to beat Sonnen in my head. I’ve accepted fights on short notice for the UFC throughout my career, but this one is a massive, massive chance for me, and I am very grateful to Dana, (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva and the UFC. I was already hugely grateful to be asked to fight on FOX, but to fight Chael on FOX … well, there are hundreds of fighters who would kill for this opportunity, and I would have had to be a fool to turn it down.

I’m sure I’ll get blasted for this on the forums, but I feel I could have been the one fighting Chael anyway. We were due to be “The Ultimate Fighter” coaches against each other, but because of things outside our control it didn’t happen, and I’ve won a fight since. I don’t understand how Mark Munoz, as great as he’s been doing lately, was getting Chael instead of me. I feel bad for Mark, but I know he’ll come again and no doubt he will be right back in the mix in this very interesting 185-pound weight class.

I feel very sorry for Damien, too, as ours was a great matchup and I am sure he trained hard for me. He’s a class act as a fighter and a person, and I am glad he’s still getting a great fight and opportunity on FOX.

Next week, I’m ready to go all guns blazing. A fight is a fight, and at this level anything can happen, but all things being equal, Chael Sonnen cannot knock me out. He can’t submit me, either. The worst that is going to happen is that he will outpoint me and, if I don’t beat him, I didn’t deserve a title shot against Anderson Silva anyway.

But my performance against Miller in the opening round, where he held me down for three minutes, wasn’t good enough, and I will need to be better Saturday. I needed to be better than that if I was going to beat Maia, and I will need to be better than that to beat Chael.”

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34 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Bisping Says, It's The Biggest Fight Of My Life And Im Going Out Guns Blazing”

  1. Hightower says:

    Most likely gonna get taken down and smacked for 15 minutes.

  2. JSki says:

    Chael will wrap Bisping up like a pretzel and make him taste his own butt crack. Bispings last performance against Miller was pathetic. He even admits to pre-defeat by saying he’ll get outpointed…..yes @Hightower: SMACKED for 15 minutes. I do concur. Lol!

  3. diek says:

    I can only image the war of words for these two loud mouths. I can’t stand either one of them, so I hope they just beat the living crap out of each other.

  4. JMad says:

    Man I don’t know who to even pull for. I never liked either one. It’s an interesting matchup, I’m thinking Chael will be the favorite and he’ll be going crazy with relentless takedowns but hopefully it’ll be a good fight and maybe one of them can make a fan out of me.

  5. Night-Wind says:

    Way more interesting match than Sonnen VS. Munoz.

  6. Mach00man says:

    Let the trash talking begin!

  7. dinky says:

    Is this not a 5 round fight being a number 1 contender match up? Is it only main events outside of title fights being 5 rounds?

  8. 1981AD says:

    He keeps mentioning how short notice it was. He is subtle but already making excuses as to why he is going to get the shit beat out of him. He sounds like Ortiz after the Evans fight…

  9. No way says:

    I think that it would be stupid to underestimate bisping! He just got done fighting a wrestler, and now he is fighting a grappling style again. SO he has been training on ground work alot. This is going to be interesting!

    • 1981AD says:

      Mayhem was not a wrestler…

      He may or may not be fighting a grappler that night. Chael has enough power to drop Bisping and submit him. Bisping can only run and try for points. But Chael can take him down easy and beat him up. Bispings only chance is a sub mission from his back… but we know that wont happen.

      • Xaninho says:

        Sonnen can’t beat anyone up. His striking sucks ass. But in the end I think Sonnen can win this by LnP decision…

        • david.uppercut says:

          how does his striking suck when he knocked anderson silva down with one punch?

        • Brandon Wheaton says:


          Probably cause silva is overated, though.

          My favorite is UFC 112, Demian Maia LANDS a 1-2 combo on Silva’s mouth FROM HIS KNEES. Silva responds with a wild swing that misses.

    • t says:

      ehhh mayhem has bjj but not a wrestler he is chael defenitly has better takedowns and it will go to ground and chael has lot better cardio then so it wontt be one round of laying on top it will be most likley 2 or 3 rounds of chael having a win by decision if were lucky chael will finish him but bisping has decent bjj so that most likley wont happen i want to see bisping and okamni be a better match

  10. Jb says:

    Bis is doing it for a pay check and gonna say it was short notice is the reason why he lost. Bis has pillows for hands and C wrecked Stann and Stann is better than Bis in my opinion but you guys are correct the shit talking will be epic. Weighs ins will get ugly

  11. jamie says:

    Fully behind Bisping, as a UK fan i appreciate his hard work in getting to the top. Felt quite sorry for him after he dominated Mayhem after all his trash talk, in the post fight interview he apologised and tried to win over the fans. IMO Chael Sonnen has jumped the queue by calling out Anderson Silva after the Brian Stann fight, lets not forget Sonnen was banned and i think there are far more deserving fighters of a title shot. I thought Munoz Vs Bisping for Number one contender would have been fair. I would like to see Sonnen fight Damian Maia again or Rousimir Palhares, i think either of them would beat him. World class BJJ against a world class wrestler

  12. ❛1MΓC❛ 1/M↔AℜMY says:

    I seriously Hate both fighters. Even though I’d love to see a Sonnen vs Silva rematch, I hope Bisping puts a serious beating on him just for the fact Sonnen called out Cro Cop and made fun of my Country, which is Croatia. That was un called for.

  13. dana says:

    dont realy like any of these guys but i hope bisping wins sonnens fights r always boring

  14. darren says:

    bisping will kick sonnans ass,rashard evens and mat hamill couldent keep him down and that was at light heavy were bisping was the smaller man,so wot makes people think sonnan will be able to.and bisping is a diferent level to sonnan on the feet

  15. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    I would love to see Mr. Bisping, the “count” come out and say…”How many times must I smack you around…1…2..or..3 times, ba ha ha hahah!!!” Just would like to see a good fight, that’s all I can hope for in this one. Miller vs Bisping was a joke! Showed that just cause you talk a big game, doesn’t mean you have a big game to talk about.

  16. davvee says:

    this willl be interesting cuz bisbitch was always able to stand back up rather qucik after getting taken down,,either way bisbing is not a title fighter,,,,he shoudl never get the chance to fight ufc title,,he is gatekeeper…anderson would end his shit…but it would be good for anderson if bisbing can squeek this one out cuz anderson is coming off long layoff and surgey he will be too rusty to beat sonnen,,but bisbing he will win easily….

  17. Todd says:

    Sonnen will take Bisping down and pound him out, Bisping won’t be able to handle the pressure that Sonnen is gonna put on him. Sonnen has a relentless top game and he showed that against Marquardt, Silva, and Stann.

  18. Steven Seagal says:

    Me an Anderson would like to let the masses know that we’ve been watching super corny old kung fu movies learning some sweet new moves. An all tho Anderson has the belt it does not guarentee that he has to fight the number one contender, that’s what chaels for. I’m goin to administer Anderson with ancient p.e.d.s I made out of apples, coconut juice, deca 300, an stanzanol. Then keep watching this jet li movie.
    Ps tell bisping were rootin for him! Jajajaja

  19. tony says:

    whaoh !! go ahead mike give him an old irish one two and if he needs another one give him a good kick to the head. good luck from all your family in county down ireland bisping to win in 3rd round tko …..worth staying up for cant wait. !!

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