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Tuesday, 12/13/2011, 07:22 am

UFC NEWS – Big Nog: It was stupid to go for the submission when I had the knockout

“It was stupid. The fight was won, but I made up my mind to go for a submission. Two more shots and I knocked out Mir for sure. But I wanted to finish the fight beautifully. I wanted to finish with a submission. For a long time I had not finished a fight with a submission, so for a moment I wanted to submit him (laughs). But it was stupid, I was should have gotten the knock out. The fight was mine and I missed the opportunity. I felt very well. I was fast with good movement and very confident. I tried to submit when I was in a position where he could counter attack and he ended up taking my arm. I made a mistake, it was stupid …”

A cheerful “Big Nog” talks to Brazilian media outlet, El Globo, in the days following his UFC 141 defeat at the hands of Frank Mir.

After going out and taking the fight to Mir in their rematch, Nogueira looked far improved from their first matchup. Staggering the former champion to the mat with a barrage of punches, it seemed like victory was in his grasp. However, the former PRIDE and UFC interim champion wrapped his hooks around the neck of Mir in an attempt to submit him with his patented guillotine choke and Mir was able to reverse positions and break his arm.

For Nogueira he wishes he would have stayed with striking instead of go for the sub, can you blame him?

According to reports he will now be out of action for approximately nine-months while the arm heals.


92 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Big Nog: It was stupid to go for the submission when I had the knockout”

  1. Steven says:

    My hero for sure, he still has it, just made a mistake it happens. WAR Nogueira

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    hope you have a speedy recovery, Big ‘Nog

  3. jacob lee says:

    Man he made excuses that he was sick last time, and this time he saying more stupid stuff. Bottom line HE LOST. BOOM! THATS IT! GAME OVER! I hate it when fighters say this kind of stuff. Truth is yes the first fight he was 100% probably, and this time around he did have Mir rocked and probably could have tried for the T.K.O. but if a legend like Nogueira decides to go for a submission its because he saw it. It wasn’t anything he did wrong, Mir is just better on the ground. Same theing happened with Brock in the first fight, if the hadn’t have stopped it to take a point away then Mir would have probably got knocked out. But it is what it is and Lesnar got submitted. When Mir fought Tank Abbot he got rocked but pulled of the submission. It happens! I wish both fighters and fans included would stop making excuses because it gives the sport a bad name!

    • sal t nutz says:

      I bet ur not a fighter, so stfuuuu with that gives the sport a bad name bullshit.
      deez nutz in yo moufffff

      • jacob lee says:

        Actually i hold a black belt in Shotokan Karate, Kama Bushi Do and a brown belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu. I do comtribute to the sport and you should really learn to hold your breath

        • riDICKulous says:

          that doesn’t mean anything to me. there are so many black belts around do you know. so stupid to talk about your belts just to prove your point. how lame can you get man?

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Blackbelts from Halloween costumes don’t count :/

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          If I had a dollar for every black belt who posts on this website I’d be richer than GSP…The fight shows me a few things, 1) Proof again Mir is one nasty dude with a vicious ground game…2) If Big Nog recovers he still has the ability to compete with the mid level heavyweights 3)..If I ever get caught in a Kimura….tap or it’s going to snap. Really hope to see big Nog make a fuly recovery though.

        • I ave a black belt from Bloomingdales, but on my black belt sit a Springfield XDm 40 caliber. Who is more dangerous? Lmao..

        • Jeff says:

          My belt is black blue and green from REI! Seriously, don’t get so annoyed at fighters comments. They are asked questions by the media and then little snippets are taken out and displayed on the internet. I just enjoy the fights as well as the stupid comments on forums. Bignog is a legend who has always been respectful. I prefer to hate on the new breed of fighters that act like WWE jerkoffs. Disrespectful losers

        • gary says:

          everybody on the internet holds a black belt and are badass.. dude stfu up its not an ecuse he said ( I shouldnt have gone for the submission.. i should have gone for the KO) how in anyway is that an excuse? If anything its ppl like you who give the sport a bad name.. ppl who claim oh Im a black belt in tis and that when the truth is your prolly so lazy you have gotten of the sofa in a year

        • mike says:

          i have slightly faded black belts and im not holding any….

        • jacob lee says:

          all i did was statae the facts, becasue someone sadi if i was a fighter blablabla. I wasn’t talking smacj, u guys are all idiots

        • Karate guy says:

          i have personally trained with jacob lee and i know how he can fight. I have footage of his first pro mma fight if anyone would like to make any more stupid comments

    • dave says:

      truth be told,,,his stand up looked way better this time,,,last time he could not get out the way of any of mirs punches,,,,and this fight mir could not even land a fucin shot,,,so truth be told he was sick,,,and many ref would have alreayd stopped the fight when mir was face down not moving,,,the mark homnick fight mark was not even near as hurt and it was stoped an there less danger cuz the 145,,,the truth is nog is a better fighter,,,the first time nog lost cuz he was sick…this time he last cuz his ego with bjj…IM WAY MORE A MIR FAN THEN NOG,,MIR IS MY FAV HW.. but after this fight u can see he was sick,,,and u can see nog would beat mir..if they were both 100%…(and i think nog will never be 100% again) nog would win a rematch,,,i bet nog wouldf never lose another fight to mir again,,,but the nottom line mir won,,,bth fight in a serious manner….also when bj say frankie won cuz his sinus infection u must think he givethe sport a bad name…or when he say someone grease,,,or nick not fighting like he ssaid he would bang but he held bj on the fence with his weight ..did bj ruin the sport also??? or gove teh sport a bad name ??? no bj pioneerd the sport and brought the level up,…….

    • RCS says:

      Since when is saying “I was stupid” making excuses? He didn’t blame anything on this lose but himself.
      What do you want him to say when he’s asked “Nog what happened in there?”
      ” I lost, next question.”

      Nog has never given the sport a bad name. Take you poor judgement, “black belts,” and realise your not half the man Nog is.

    • Alotofchugu says:

      Haha you get those belts growing up nerd… Haha he did make a mistake and it’s a viable excuse your an idiot… Wow I bet you felt real good about your comment too…

    • jersey says:

      all brazillians make excuses, no matter what. sick of hearing that shit, even if they win they make exucses why they didnt fight better

  4. magoo says:

    The only thing stupid was you not tapping!

  5. DKAVA says:

    I wish this guy would take a loss with a little dignity. I am no big Mir fan, but to tell the world excuses twice when the other guy who beat you brags on you and how you are his hero even though he KO’ed and submitted you…shameful. I got no more respect for this guy. The shine I used to see on most of the Pride guys and those days when they were the better show are fading quick. This was a shitty thing to say. Why not just say “Frank is the man. I’ll be back”.

    • Musa Muhammad says:

      I don’t understand why people think he’s making an excuse here. Its actually the opposite. He’s saying he had the fight in the bag (which he did) but he went for a sub instead of keeping the distance and trying to ko mir and that that was a mistake and it was stupid (which is exactly what happened-he shoulda let Mir stand up and tried to keep some distance). He’s actually taking responsibility for why he lost the fight by admitting a tactical error that cost him the W. How is that an excuse? An excuse for the loss would be “I wanted the sub but i hurt my arm in training and couldn’t seal his neck or it would have been over.” That’s an excuse. This guy is saying “i messed up, i made a bad decision, it cost me the win, its why I lost.” That’s a simple explanation.

      Fucking fan boys are so over critical of fighters. All y’all couldn’t hold a candle to Nog or Mir or any guy on the UFC roster and have no idea what its like to train like a MF for months to go out, almost win and lose by going for a sub like that… give me a break–he must be pissed at himself and that’s all he said. These are human beings and they wanna talk about what happened.

      • DKAVA says:

        Easy there Musa.

        “Fucking fan boys are so over critical of fighters. All y’all couldn’t hold a candle to Nog or Mir or any guy on the UFC roster and have no idea what its like to train like a MF for months to go out, almost win and lose by going for a sub like that… give me a break–he must be pissed at himself and that’s all he said.”

        You sure you know all that about me from my handle? Coming on here and saying that makes you a big fat hurting hypocrite since you don’t know dick about what it’s like to be me. That’s your argument, right?

        Dude was making excuses. Period. No reason to cry for him. He is doing enough of that on his own. Big Nog said “the fight was won” when clearly it wasn’t. That’s disrespectful and BS. Mir could have grabbed a leg and made it out of that round. No way to know that. What we DO know is he got his arm snapped like a carrot and doesn’t like to admit he got beat legit.

      • dtank says:

        that is a excuse u fucking moron he said he would have won duh what dont you fucking understand

    • THE INUK says:

      what the fuck is with you fucking idiots saying he needs to take a loss with a little dignity? THERES NOTHING ABOUT THIS STATEMENT THAT IS SAYING HE IS MAKING ANY EXCUSES!! he is telling the fucking truth, you guys really fucking get me mad when Im reading shit like this. I usually dont respond to retarded comments like yours, but I had 2… he went out WITH DIGNITY. yeah he should’ve tapped, but he didnt, how much more fucking DIGNITY can u ask for? I bet you would make 100 excuses, you little bitch!!

      • DKAVA says:

        Wow…go ask your mom for your ritalin pill. Talk about overreacting. Just because he is too stupid to tap doesn’t make him a “warrior” and doesn’t give him dignity. You find that inside yourself, not by wearing a cast and sitting out for 9 months. You want to be angry about the truth, that’s no skin off my nose. As a matter of fact, not tapping is just ANOTHER way of saying “I’m too proud to lose even though I got beat”. Real champions can say the other guy was the better fighter that night. When Nog stops talking about himself and gives some props (please, a link or source) then I will stop thinking he is jerk. Until then…keep cryin’ witcha boy Big Nog.

  6. corderoysocks says:

    Truly great fighter, but…..he got beat fair and square not once but twice by Frank Mir
    and both times he makes excuses…very disrespectful for a martial artist and really quite pathetic. Why not say ” Frank Mir is a great fighter and today he was better and smarter than me and he deserved to win. I would love the oportunity for another shot at him some day” By Nog’s logic it was his ego that got him beat- he shouild be humbled, learn from it and move forward.

  7. josh says:

    What he said was true. It was dumb for him to for a submission. He was rocked and all he had to do was keep it on the feet and Mir was prolly going night night. But he was greedy and try going to the ground and getting a submission and let frank recovery. Frank is a beast on the ground and so is Nog.

  8. Jb says:

    I don’t think he’s making excuses simply stating that he should have stayed standing. If anything he’s pointing out his own flaws and mistakes. I hear no excuses just an explanation to the loss. Love mir but his chin is shit now, hopefully he heals well. Next time tap nog there is no shame in knowing your caught

  9. hawaiiponoi says:

    He should have opted to repair his arm surgically instead of letting it “fuse” together naturally. What an idiot.

    • A says:

      I think anytime something can heal naturally its better than going into surgery. Besides didn’t the guy have a number of staph infections? I wouldn’t want to hop back into an OR too quickly either. Staph = not fun.

  10. Xaninho says:

    He’s not making excuses. He’s simply stating he made a mistake and Mir took advantage of that mistake. And what he says is true, he should have kept punching.

  11. A.James says:

    I don’t get why Mir was so proud of himself. He won the match but got beat up. Mir really needs to reevaluate himself because Nog whooped him until he got careless. Hats off to Mir but he’s got a long way to go before he can break into the top echelon of the heavyweights.

  12. Vincent says:

    @Hawaiiponoi why would you want to get surgery when you don’t have too? Surgery messes you up he wouldn’t be the same if he got surgery.

    Why would minotauro care if you lost respect for him? He wasn’t being disrespectful he was saying when he should of done he’s not taking it away from Mir he’s just satin he made a mistake. In all reality your the one being disrespectful so stop talking mess thank you. Nut hugger

    “fair and square”? You try having a staph infection taking all kinds of meds and being exhausted then fight a few weeks later it takes alot out of you. But you probably wouldn’t know that I doubt you do anything physical beside touching yourself to a frank Mir picture you nut hugger lol

  13. mike f says:

    Mir clearly want close to being finished if he had enough sense to get out of a choke and break nogs ARM.

  14. Justen says:

    Love him, but he should retire.

    • THE INUK says:

      retire? he fucking destoryed Mir, until he got careless… he looked better then he ever has! his striking was on point and he has power in them for once in a long time! he isnt ready to retire just yet buddy, your dumb for saying that! PERIOD!

      I cannot believe some of the fucking ignorant shit ppl say on the internet, you guys havent amounted to anything in life, for YOU to be judging BIG NOG! he is a huge legend in this sport, he looked better than ever on Saturday. he is NOT making ANY excuses. He is stating the truth. He should’ve just kept going for the knockout!!!! fuck you guys are fucking RETARDED!!!!

      • DKAVA says:

        No, you are an angry Big Nog fan. Get off his nuts. He does fine defending himself fine without you. He had already won the fight if you can’t read. That pesky ref I guess just didn’t stop it in time before he got SUBBED!

  15. eldin says:

    ufc 141 ???? wtf

  16. this guy says:

    All of you would have said what Big Nog said. Why? He’s right, and hind sight is 20-20. He had it. It was his to lose. Mir is still a cocky SOB, and he still has a suspect chin, will have till he cycles out of the UFC and walks off into obscurity as a one time dangerous man. Fact: Cheal’s racist punk bitch ass could take him. Fact: Silva would own him. Been watching your comments for months and really… most of you need to study tape more.

  17. Bob says:

    Seems like similar BS coming from Big Nog as after their first fight. I’m sure he doesn’t really see this as a loss because “he almost won”. In that case, maybe Pat Barry shouldn’t take his fight with Kongo as a loss because he ‘almost’ won that fight too.

    There’s no way Nog can guarantee he would have knocked out Mir with two shots. Yes, Mir was wobbled, but anything can happen. Mir did pull off a submission that requires alot of strength very shortly after. One think Big Nog said that was spot on, was that he was stupid. Stupid for not tapping, because he was too proud to tap from a submission when he considers himself probably the best heavyweight as far as BJJ is concerned. He broke his arm because of his pride. I hope it was worth it. He has nine months to think about it.

  18. Andrew Lewis says:

    He is a warrior and always go-out with a bang! Great fight! And, so are you BJ!

  19. david uppercut says:

    it was a dumb mistake, probably could have got knock out of the night! Look at his brother? He came out a winner!

  20. mellow fellow says:

    LMAO i love how every1 acts like they know each other on here. how do u guys know if sum1 blogging on here is the next anderson silva or jon jones? he/she may be able to beat big nog or mir wat if every1 here is a fighter thats why its so personal lol i love ready these things so much passion for the sport bt so quick to disrespect each other when we all in the same boat WE LOVE UFC. and besides mir was gettin hella beat up big nog shuda went for the knockout (as he has said) it was stupid and IN MY OPINION mir is better on the ground he’s proven it through his career. big nog is great on the ground he should hav known when to tap

  21. Hendrix says:

    Regardless who won neither of these fighters could beat JDS

  22. who cares says:

    BULLSHIT.. and LOL at people actually thinking nog is better than mir.. MIR 2.. NOG 0,.,. mir will go down in history as the NOG finisher.. 1st to TKO and 1st to SUB dat bitch.. LOLOLOLOLOL

  23. Digs says:

    It looked like Mir was out of it. I thought NOG would be able to tap him out in the condition Frank was in.

    Mir showed lots of heart, shaking off those shots, gathering himself and locking in an arm snapping kimura.

    One of the best comebacks and submissions i’ve seen in the octagon + respect to Nog for not showing any signs of pain after breaking his arm.

    • DKAVA says:

      It’s called shock dude. Trust me, with a bad break you just kind of glaze over and stare at it like “is that my arm?”

      I broke my fibula and tibula on my left arm and just looked at it (bent into an upside down L) and couldn’t really connect that it was my arm and that it freakin’ hurt. I was somewhere else. By the time I got to the hospital and sat in the emergancy room for two hours….THEN it HURT!

  24. Todd says:

    Yea Nog got caught overthinking and give Mir credit for recovering as fast as he did. All that strength and conditioning Mir’s been doing since he lost to Brock really showed in this fight. Also, Hominick was pretty done, his head was boucing off the mat like a basketball and his body went limp.

  25. antonis says:

    His corner could of stopped the fight or not?

  26. maurice says:

    Big nog has looked like a new man these last 2 fights. Footwrk, head movement and aggression has improved dramaticly. I wanna see a 3rd fite wit mir. And a rematch wit cain. Suks he lost a fite he had won, but we all kno mir can do dat to a bear if he was on top.

  27. stone cold says:

    big nog had it in the bag! he just gave it away!

  28. mmarco says:

    So he couldn’t choke out a near concussed fighter…

  29. GRT 3000 says:

    I agree with Big Nog; he should’ve took his opp. and stayed with the knockout. When he went for the sub I was like wtf is he doing?! Mir was face down in the canvas.

  30. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    Big Nog was just 5 punches away from KNOCKING OUT Mir.
    That is a FACT.
    Well it doesn’t really matter because after Lesnar loses to Overeem, the UFC will feed Mir to Lesnar.
    Mir’s gonna get FUCKED again. Period.

  31. RJ KANEAO says:

    I enjoyed the fight.. The pounding Mir took was epic but he came out on top and that shows some discipline and patience even while getting blasted. He rolled on, over and around Nog with great ease. I’m not being bias but from someone who watched the fight with no predetermined side to be cheering or pulling for I came out of that fight admiring what Mir has done. And not wanting to tap before he broke that arm is just a sign in my point of view of stubborn behavior from a veteran of the sport that should know better. I love watching them slug it out but he wasn’t getting out of that no ways! He tried and it ended up with Mir rolling back on top and sliding that hold in ever more. Chael must have been up pacing around ranting at it cause Mir seemed superior. I wish them all the luck in the future but as far as last Saturday is concerned, Mir was the better fighter.. Much aloha everyone…

  32. mmaislandjunkie says:


  33. KingGareth says:

    Nog is full of excuses. He lost, that’s it. Not because he went for the submission, because he couldn’t change the outcome. He lost because Mir was and is the better fighter.

  34. ali says:

    Nog is a man, to see the fight for the wrong mistake and admit it, it was a good fight, Mir took the advantage as the good fighter he is well done Mir.

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