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Friday, 01/27/2012, 08:21 am

UFC NEWS | Bas Rutten Defends Overeem “Glass Jaw” Comments States He Is Not Taking Sides In Legal Battle

“OK, this is for the people who think I suddenly changed my mind on Alistair Overeem, and that I am now, “against him”, and THAT is the reason I say now that JDS is gonna beat him. This is what I said I wrote before; I added some stuff to be more clear:

I’m not bias against Alistair Overeem, I was just giving my HONEST opinion on the fight. I still think Alistair is a strong/talented fighter and he has a great chance of winning the title. He destroyed Brock, and with a kick to the liver, “Hallelujah ”, you know what I think of liver shots, so that was cool. But when they ask me “Who’s gonna win between JDS and Overeem”? And I say that I think JDS wins this fight, I really think that he wins the fight. Listen, you know I have been many times wrong, so it doesn’t mean he wins, but when you ask for what I think, I reply honest.

Like I honestly think that JDS is a striker who throws combos, Alistairs does not, and if you look at the Werdum/Overeem fight, you see that Werdum connects more then the other way around. I know also that JDS hits much harder then Werdum. Also, let’s not forget that JDS KO’d Werdum, and Overeem took Werdum to a decision. On top of that, JDS KO’d Mirko Cro Cop, Alistair didn’t, well, if you don’t count kneeing him in the pills.

When I say that Overeem has a glass jaw, I say that because I truly believe he has one, the rest of the world knows this as well. What? You never read the forums when he had his “tough ride, and lost in 7 fights 5 times, and 4 of those losses were by way of KO (1 sub)”? (May 2006 till September 2007)

On EVERY forum everybody said that he had a glass jaw, even in Holland? Haha, and now I suddenly lie and make this up? (No, I just didn’t mention the “glass jaw” before)

And yes, I said he was # 1 on my “top 10 list for HW” when he was my friend, but I always made sure to mention that I say he’s is number 1 on my list because: A: “he’s a friend”, or, B: “Because he’s from Holland”.

That list was also made when GG was negotiating with the UFC, and when they had trouble, remember, firing Marloes Coenen and the other fighters? I wanted Alistair to fight in the UFC; I wanted the next guy from Holland to get the UFC title!

My words may sounds harsher now that I’m not l friends with Overeem anymore, but my opinion of the fight and it’s possible outcome is not affected by this. When I say that he DID have a bit of luck winning the K1, again, the whole world knows this is true, why don’t you go to all the forums around the time of him winning the K1, and read for yourself? The ONLY thing I did is leaving things like: “he had a bit of luck as well winning the K1” or the comment of the “glass jaw”, I simply left those remarks out when we were friends.

If I wouldn’t have known him personally, (and this is 100% the truth), I would have said those things on Inside MMA as well. And you know why? Because they are TRUE, and MANY other people were saying this as well. Only his friends, manager, trainer, etc, didn’t say those things out loud, but I guarantee you, they THOUGHT it and talked about it among each other! I know this, because that’s what we talked about when he won the K1. Everybody acknowledged of course that he is an unbelievable fighter, an animal, because he is, but we also said, “Well, he had a bit of luck as well, I mean, he fought a broken down Peter Aerts, who just fought a war against Sem Schilt, (Schilt, who won the K1 4 times in a row!!) And after that he fought Saki in the finals, who had a broken arm AND a broken hand”. On the forums in Holland people were even thinking that it was a fixed fight, since they were both from GG. (But it 100% certainly, wasn’t!).

Still, that doesn’t take away what a great fighter Overeem is, I don’t say he’s not, I just mention the hard FACTS.

I always told Golden Glory, when they were given names of possible opponents for Overeem, to: “stay away from Cain Velasquez, and JDS, let him first fight a few other guys, so he’s used to fighting in the UFC, and THEN, well, he eventually HAS to fight them, but those are the two toughest ones”.

I don’t care if you believe me or not, I stopped doing that a long time ago about DUMB things that have been said on the Internet, (not things that matter of course). It’s the first thing I tell fighters, when they ask me for advice, I always say: “Stay OFF the internet, because many people have no clue what they are talking about, they don’t train, never fought themselves, but they ARE telling the pro’s how they should or should have, fight/fought”. Some fighters get really bothered by that, and it will affect them when they fight, that’s why I say this. But trust me, I can look at myself in the mirror and know I am 100% truthful.

Since this subject showed up on a LOT of websites, and I had MANY questions about it on my Facebook/Twitter account, I thought to address it. I think I have been very clear, so if there is still a question, just read it again, it’s in there. To all my fans, who get my humor and know me the way I am, I am sorry, but I have been extremely busy lately, that’s why I haven’t been on twitter for a bit, only “here and there”. I promise to make more time, so if I didn’t answer a question right away, and it’s a good question, just ask me again; hopefully I see it this time.

I vented and it is OUT of my system!

Godspeed and party on!”

– Bas Rutten via twitter.

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17 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Bas Rutten Defends Overeem “Glass Jaw” Comments States He Is Not Taking Sides In Legal Battle”

  1. 1981AD says:

    Bas speaks truth. Just like Chael Sonnen and BJ Penn. I wish Bas would commentate for UFC, he is the best commentator I have ever heard for MMA.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Bas is just a big baby and mad at Overeem cause Overeem can’t stand his sellout ass. Bas will never be part of mainsgtream MMA cause UFC can’t stand him. Bas is juts mad cause he is all broken down and old an dus to fight for $100 and now guys like Overeem make 400k. Screw you Bas why don’t you step in with Overeem and see how well your jaw does. Bas is much younger than randy couture.

  2. BX81 says:

    He’s just being honest.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Well Rutten’s facts are just good enough to wipe my ass with. I always liked him alot, but you can’t say someone has a glass jaw when he suffered only 6 (T)KO’s in 47 fights all against KO specialists like Shogun, Liddell and Kharitonov after tough weight cuts.

    I will use Randy Couture just as an example, nothing against him, great fighter as well, BUT Randy Couture got (T)KO’d 6 times as well, in only 30 fights! I don’t hear Bas Rutten say HE has a glass jaw!

    No he’s biased as fuck and I wish he would turn back to the badass motherfucker he always was and just admitted it.

    His whole explanation is so fake…

    • slacker says:

      Wanderlei Silva has the exact same record – 6 KO’s in 47 fights. These people who are saying Overeem has a “glass jaw” are just making a petty attempt to discredit and insult him because he doesn’t have any actual weaknesses they can constructively criticize.

    • dleerox says:

      You sound like youre pissed he called one of your favorite fighters glass jaw… If you know anything about Alistair, you know he doesnt like to get hit. Gohkan saki a fighter who is half alistairs size was rocking him in k1 until he broke his arm. Everything Bas says is true. JDS will beat him…

    • well said my freind i liked bas but i can see he has a sly side to him now i bet he bad mouths a lot of people behind the scenes the best overreem vs the best bas i gt over reem by knee then uppercut and bas wife throes towel into octagon lol

    • 1981AD says:

      Overeem has a glass jaw, nothing “wrong” with that in my opinion. He just has to guard it better. He does a good job of it if you ask me. Out of all those fights he has been KOed only a handfull of times. Thats not bad at all for a striker. Granted, Chuck in his prime can pretty much KO anybody put in front of him. Damn that Chuck was a beast. But that is a different story…

      As for Overeem, I think JDS is gonna put it on him. I agree with Bas most of the time. By the way, did I mention he is the best MMA commentator ever :)

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You are adding Randy’s TKO’s and KO losses together. If I do that for Overeem it totals to a total of 9 times throughout his career in Kickboxing and MMA.

      Randy has only been KO’ed 3 times in his career not including TKO’s. 2 of those coming from the KO artist himself Chuck Liddell! But unlike Overeem, Randy has beaten Chuck.


    Por qué insisten en traducir de manera tan mediocre sus artículos. As someone that speaks spanish let me tell you that this translations sucks! It like you tyoe your texts in google translate and then paste the whole thing in here. It doesnt make sense at all

  5. dave says:

    wow so now cuz he not your friend yo change you oppinon..i no think less of bas..and i never evr thought he was a good mma guy…he git lucky and won in ufc when it was weak..and did good in pancrase c uz lets be true pancase is hit,,shamrock did good there also and they both suck…bas came back 1 year ago an had a mma fight an fought a no nam loser and had no power and was shit…bas sucks and is hole career is a joke….he is right though jds wil win cuz reem has a weak jaw..but he shodl have been true from the start….now he is loking likea bad and dishonest man….

  6. sOppie says:

    Honestly don’t know why ppl are hatin’ on Bas, its just his opinion. The comments might be abit harsh but he calls it as it is, and he knows what he is talking about. I’m a fan of Overeem as always will be but if Werdum can land punches then imagine what JDS can do with sharper n more crisp boxing skills.

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