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Monday, 01/30/2012, 09:58 am

UFC NEWS | At -600 Jones Opens As Huge Favorite Over Evans

Now set to square off for the UFC’s light-heavyweight title in April, Jon Jones and Rashad Evans will finally get to settle their year-long grudge match.

Evans boasts one of the most impressive resumes and records in his division, with only one loss and victories over the likes of Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson he remains the rightful number two ranked 205’er.

Last weekend he fought the undefeated Phil Davis in a lopsided five-round fight that he won via unanimous decision but apparently his performance wasn’t enough to impress odds makers.

The betting line for this UFC 145 main event opened up last night and they have put Rashad in a major underdog role. It’s bad, it’s really bad. At six-to-one Jones is the huge betting favorite going into this fight, but should he be?

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27 Responses to “UFC NEWS | At -600 Jones Opens As Huge Favorite Over Evans”

  1. CanILive says:

    MUAHAHAHA if he mauls rashad, i wonder what anderson’s betting odds would be,

    they’re already trying to market this fight, seeing as in the demo you can only fight as Anderson vs. Jon

  2. Steven says:

    Anderson SIlva 900-

    Jon Jones 600-700+

    probably like this lol

  3. lex walker says:

    Rashad by third round ko….mark my words

    • Tony says:

      Don’t know about a 3rd round ko, but I think Rashad will win against JBJ. I was surprised how easily he was able to put Phil Davis in a crucifix position, and I think with the speed & technique Rashad has, he’ll do the same to JBJ. I’m thinking 3rd round stoppage GNP tko.

  4. CanILive says:

    can’t wait to read the same comments ” JBJ will get put in his place, tko…. subbed, crucified…. blah blah blah etc etc etc

    Jon’s got this without a doubt,
    Rashad had 5 rounds to finish phil… even had him in the crucifix and still couldn’t finish

    Jon has finished his last 5 fights. NUFF SAID

    • VanDamme says:

      Rashad fought a smart fight so that he would not get injured and just get the W to ensure the title fight against Jones – that wont happen in this fight. He will come out going for the kill and not be worried about holding back.

      I got Rashad in this one too!

    • phace says:

      Who said Davis was east to finish though? Has anyone finished or even beat Davis. The fact that Rashad couldn’t finish him is more of a testament to Phil’s toughness than Rashad’s inability to finish a fight. He’s proven many times that he’s a finisher. As for the Jon Bones Jones fight odds..Oddsmakers sometimes get it right and sometimes get it wrong. I think it’s anyone’s fight.

  5. Jim says:

    Also vs Jones FTW

  6. Night-Wind says:

    I like Rashad but Jones got this all day long.

    • BX81 says:

      I got Rashad on this one. I don’t like JBJ to begin with so I will always pick against him. Other than that I think Rashad might be too fast for bones. I don’t see that spinning elbow/kick being effective against rashad. He’ll it wasn’t that effective in his last 2 fights. I think Rampage and Machida both set out a good foundation on what to do against jones and since rashad also trained with him he’ll feel more comfortable in the fight. It will be interesting to see if Rashad can get bones on his back and if so what bones can do off his back. I think it’ll be a good fight either way. I think Bones’s over confidence will be his down fall.

  7. MMAJOHNSON says:

    I see another standing guilitine choke again. Jones will be pumped up and ready.

  8. juan says:

    Rashad couldnt finsh Davis what makes people think he has a chance at beating Jons

  9. Uno says:

    Evans cut by Dana Jon Jones remains champ

  10. For Your Consideration says:

    Phil Davis is awesome. He was out for a year and showed typical ring rust. Rashad did no damage. He got Davis in the crucifix but Davis got out fairly quickly. Davis had no rythem or timing. Phil Davis will get some fight under his belt and come back strong. As for Rashad, who can fight much better then he did Saturday night, if you cant knock out a rusty Phil Davis you better pretend your injured again because your going to sleep!

  11. Kukuro says:

    Someone’s gonna get KOd, not gonna be Rashad though. :)

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Rashad isn’t as durable as Jones former opponents besides Machida. He will put up a better fight than Machida because of his wresting and striking ability but he won’t reach round 4 like Rampage.

    If Rashad can stay away from those crazy elbows and GnP then Rashad can win by submission and that’s it…

  13. dave says:

    i would never bet rashad…jones is too big..he will man handle rashad..evans is overrated…he aint number 2 machida is….im exited for this one..evans does not even have a punchers chance…

  14. guamy says:

    This is a rough fight for rashad but i dont see why people always underestimate him the guy is now 19-1 if im not mistaken thats the best record in the division. knowing JBJ he will come up with an injury right before he has to fight AGAIN.

  15. bdizz says:

    I’m thinking Jones on this one – What I really wanna see a machida rematch. He so far is the only one that gave Jon a run for the money before he got choked the F out. HAHAHAH

  16. James says:

    Definetly should not be 6 to 1. Jones is the best in the Light heavyweight class, pure and simple, and Rashad SHOULD NOT win, but this is MMA, where ANYTHING can happen. All it takes is one punch from Rashad, or one slip for Jones, and we could have a new
    Light heavyweight Champion.

  17. Pijan says:

    Bones is a great fighter, but he’s way to over hyped, I mean, people are already putting his name with Anderson Silva and the kid just started, he’s still got a long way to go. Tough fight to call though, Rashad is skilled and has the experience, probably the hardest test Jones has yet to face. Jones will be exposed or he will cement his position at the top of the 205 division. Either way it should be a great fight.

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