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Saturday, 01/14/2012, 10:17 pm

UFC NEWS – Anthony Johnson Is Getting Cut Says UFC President


“Rumble Johnson did the damage to himself. To be that unprofessional to not come in on weight and that far off when you used to fight at 170, now you went to 185 pounds so you wouldn’t have trouble making weight and this is your worst weight cut ever? It’s a detriment to himself.

To be honest with you we are probably going to cut him after this event. Three strikes and you are out. This is his third time that he hasn’t made weight. He’s the co-main event in a huge fight down here in Brazil and this one was a bad one.”


UFC President Dana White went on the official UFC 142 post-fight show and announced that more than likely Anthony Johnson will be dismissed from his contract following his loss to Vitor Belfort.

If true, the dismissal is for his third violation for missing weight while under the UFC’s employment.

While Johnson is talented, can anyone blame Dana if he does indeed decide to cut him?

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177 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Anthony Johnson Is Getting Cut Says UFC President”

  1. stone cold says:

    bring him over to strike force!

  2. Suvaco says:

    johnson vs marquadt

  3. Nick says:

    That fucking sucks.

  4. dana black says:

    lol look at lerenzo face well now he can hit up kfc

  5. Atom says:

    Best thing for him. Cast him out to the independent promotions. If he can get his weight cutting under control and rack up a few wins, he could be back.

  6. Ricardo says:

    Damm Lorenzo hitting them weights
    no homo

  7. Send him to Bellator to get murdered by Falcao or Lombard.

  8. Lance says:

    Well fuck hes a good fighter just plain stupidiy he
    Shouldve just moved up to 205 or he was trying to get out of the fight with vitor

  9. David says:

    Anthony Johnson shouldn’t be cut maybe suspended or fined for his so called unproffesionalism but still I can understand where Dana White is coming from too it’s just sad to see a talented fighter
    get released like that

  10. Joe Mitch says:

    I don’t understand it either. This is your job, your livelihood. So I guess now it’s on to Strike Force for him, or maybe not, we’ll see.

  11. Scott says:

    They need to give him an ultimatum. “Fight at 205 or hit the bricks”. This is a Light Heavyweight coming down to the lighter weights to fight because he thinks it will be easier. The only reason he came from the beginning was he knew his tank was already below a quarter of a tank. Looked great until the half way mark of the round. Yes the stand ups were BS, but it was a matter of time. I say give him another chance, but only at 205.

  12. Cash_Angry says:

    The problem with him fighting at light heavyweight is that Rashad Evans also fights in the division and it would be a problem with them fighting in the same gym just like the Jon Jones situation.

    • Scott says:

      Can’t be friends in the fight game if you can’t put it aside to step in the cage. Rashad should have learned that the first time and honestly they aren’t close anyway.

  13. ImfromHawaiiBeaches says:

    He said his legs were gassing out from the first round. Ya he pretty much ruined the co main event, he looked close to completely gassing out when he got submitted

  14. Scott Caron says:

    I think he should be cut, unless a doctor can vouch for him.. a damn shame to see a talented fighter to lose his job

  15. drew says:

    the paisan lorenzo pissed as shit lol

  16. Anthony Johnson says:

    Maybe if I would fight at my natural weight instead of trying to be a fucking bitch and make extremely mentally damaging weight cuts in order to fight smaller guys then myself I wouldnt have three weigh in offenses. My attitude about it was pretty shitty too. I deserve to be cut. Looks like Vitor took my back, oops.

  17. ethan says:

    johnson vs rockhold in strikeforce could be a option so dana can cut him but give him a chance under zuffa. lorenzo fertita bodybuilder now??

  18. Edgar says:

    Johnson won’t last against Bellator middle weight champion lightning Lombard

  19. Saoiste says:

    I say Johnson is typical of an escalating social problem , where flavor of the month political tokens get everything handed to them on a plate while the rest of us either have to work so hard for it that by the time we get there we are worn out or it simply becomes worthless to even try .

    I’ve heard it rumored he was cutting down from 220 to fight at 170 .

    How the hell he could pass a drug test after cutting that kinda weight in that space of time is beyond me but outside of that , if he had to actually fight for his chances instead of just turning up to fulfill a contract that was handed to him because of how the media can spin his image he wouldn’t have got anywhere near the chance to even try making that cut because he would be too fucking busy trying to win to progress his career & feed himself along the way .

    If he’s training at 220 then obviously 205 is his division , even tryin to make 185 is a fuckin mockery , is he a party boy who we are all privileged to be aware of like he seems to think we are or is he a fuckin fighter with talent & a point to prove ?

    Fuckin soft pansy , getting everything handed to him & he doesn’t give a shit , he takes the piss outa all you brainwashed muppets coz he knows all he has gotta do is cry foul & all you poofterish media manipulated pig people/consumers will bend over backward to let him rape you all over again .

    Were the hell did he earn the right to fight a proven fighter the stature of Belfort in the 1’st place ?

    He KO’s some wee Japanese who he didnt make weight for neither , then went the distance with Dan Hardy .

    Fuckin tokenism is what it is & I’m fuckin sick of it .

    Anthony fuckin Johnson my fuckin Arse !

    Who tha fuck is he ?

  20. DeeBoy says:

    Rockhold wanted a big fighter from the UFC to come over, may have just gotten his wish.

  21. Tikler says:

    Your a moron if you can’t understand why Dana cut him. If you were to do something at your job wrong 3 times and every time you were warned that you can’t do this. It is unprofessional and it could result in getting let go. Do you think you deserve a 4th opportunity to get it right? Besides the roids this was another reason Marquardt was let go.

  22. io31 says:

    BJ Penn vs Rumble was the only freak show fight possible in today’s UFC, now we won’t see that. Are you satisfied now you weight Nazis, are you happy with what you did?

  23. Tikler says:

    @ Saoiste Hey he was up to 232 before he tried to cut to 185. He’s affraid of the 205 division. He want’s to be the big bully in a smaller division. He wouldn’t last in the 205 division

    • Saoiste says:

      Look at the picture of him weighing in at 204 on Saturday , there isnt a spare ounce of flesh on him , he looks tight at that weight & if he is cutting down from 230+ in between fights I’d like a doctors explanation to make it clear to me how a professional athlete with an already low body fat percentage , who trains at a high intensity among other professional athletes almost every day of the week , thats professional athletes now not bums walking into a gym & trying out MMA for a few months , can take off in & around 50 + lbs without using drugs .

      If its down to diet & nutrition advice , whoever it is advising him should sell the technique & become a multi billionaire because it would make Obesity a thing of the past .

      Try even losing 20 lbs in a sauna in the space of a week & I promise you you will be weak & drained .

      Try losing that same 20 lbs in a sauna over 1 week & keep practicing the skills you need to fight the day after weighing in & I guarantee you you will be one hell of a cranky mother fucker , weak & in need of a holiday , definitely not in need of a fight against a professional athlete who has trained for 6 weeks + to specifically attack any & all of your weakness’s .

      I don’t fault any fighter looking to be strong in their division but dont try & tell me he is cutting that kinda weight from an already lean body without using drugs .

      He is taking the piss , he knows he is contracted & getting paid whether he wins loses or draws , its more like bullshit pro wrestling than it is like professional fighting .

      And who tha fuck is he anyway ?

      He cheated some wee Japanese & tricked him into weighing in 7 lbs lighter than him , then Knocked him out … Whoop Dee Doo !

      But when he fought a proven durable fighter of similar size in Hardy he went the distance … so where did that make him Main Event Material ?

      Its fuckin media hype & political spin , selling to the lowest common denominator while the rest of us have to suffer the insult to our intelligence while the likes of that fuckin prick White is laughing all tha way to tha bank thinking he is invisible .

    • Dane says:

      i think he could make it pretty well in 205. he wouldn’t be wore out. cutting weight is hard. maybe he should explore that option lol. alot of fighters do better before they have to cut weight. brandon vera for instince. did well, then dropped to 205 and sucked sinces. there’s alot of fighters that he couldn’t beat at 205
      , he’s just not skilled enough.

      • Saoiste says:

        I think yer disrespecting the quality of Veras opposition .

        Nobody rides the crest of a wave forever & while Vera was fresh on the scene he beat a few good fighters but once in the public eye like that other fighters can plan against your weakness’s & habits .

        The UFC has the very best fighters in the world & its only natural they cancel each other out & on any given night one can beat the other & reverse the result next time out .

        Its a very high standard & dont be surprised if Brandon Vera or anyone else goes on a tear again after being in a slump .

        Look at Frank Mir for example , he has been up & down more often than a whores knickers but he is never far from being in the top 4 or 5 fighters on the planet .

        Valesquez is another who will never be far away , Dos Santos is another .

        Vera is a very talented fighter too & I wouldnt write him off just yet , lets see how he reacts to paying his due to the devil first .

  24. david says:

    how many times has alvez missed weight that piece of shit?

  25. Andy says:

    let him fight Rockhold in strikeforce. he could have a chance of getting championship gold. If they can give Daley a title shot with Diaz, or even Jardine with Rockhold, then this would make sense.

  26. steeler says:

    he deserves this he did do it to him self but man he was an exciting addition to middle weight

    • Anthony Johnson says:

      I was an exciting addition to middleweight? Please, I gassed out instantly because I don’t fight at light heavyweight or heavyweight like I should. I got beat at welterweight and middleweight, I would get destroyed fighting guys my own size.

    • RumbleGotCheated says:

      I deserve to get cut, but at the same time, Dana didn’t have to cheat in getting to ref to stand us up after only 10 secs when I clearly had control on the ground twice.

      Yes, cut me…but don’t ruin the integrity of the sport, Dana. That’s even more unprofessional

      • Saoiste says:

        Integrity !!!???

        Yer joking arent ya !?

        If its the sports integrity yer serious about then tell me how the hell Johnson jumped from undercard to fighting co main event against a genuine legend like Belfort ?

        By earning a decision over Hardy ?

        If its the sports integrity yer worried about then tell me how you can justify a fighter who constantly cheats his opponents into weighing in lighter than him under the pretense he is a genuine sportsman ?

        Yer no more worried about integrity than the man on the moon is worried about it , yer worried only about yer dream husband Johnson & that’s all yer worried about .

        In Sport men make agreements to abide by rules & if the rules say no eye gouging or kicks in the balls then its no eye gouging or kicks in tha balls , the same applies to no drugs & fighting at the weight everybody agreed to .

        Johnson has shown us all his disregard for the rules , his opponents health by making them fight unscheduled catch-weights where they are outweighed & for us fans who dont just want to see two fighters but who want to see sportsmen of good character who we wouldn’t mind our sons using as a role model .

        Johnson is a typical low rent sack of shit .

        White has to sack Johnson if he wants to protect the integrity of the UFC & MMA in general .

      • Xaninho says:

        I thought UFC had no control over the refs?

        • Saoiste says:

          Who do you think pays them ?

          Who do you think puts on the shows that keep them in employment ?

          You are very naive .

        • Xaninho says:

          It’s the Athletic State Commission who assigns the referees. NOT the UFC. They get paid a preset amount set by the Athletic Commission.

          I guess I’m not as naive as you think…

        • Saoiste says:

          If its the athletic state commission that employs them then how come its the same referees no matter which or country the event is held in ?

          You trying to say Nevada state commission has authority over the German , British or even Australian Governments ?

          Not only are you naive , you are now also ignorant & stupid too .

          Well done .

        • Xaninho says:

          If a German organization wants Yamazaki as a referee he can go there and do his job. In the US it’s the Athletic State Commissions of WHATEVER state who assign the judges and set the minimum fee which the promoters pay out.

          For example: Big John Mc Carthy did his job at the Warriors War tournament in Kuwait some time ago..

          Now get yourself educated before you take on smarter people dumbass.

  27. JohnBachnak says:

    Make him 1 fight at a time at 205! He will feel healthier and normal. Cut him when he screws this up.

    • Saoiste says:

      Are you his mother ?

      Perhaps his wife ?

      He is a grown man with the same rights to vote as you or me , believe it or not he isnt a stupid farm yard animal at a disadvantage who you should pity , he is richer than you , he is healthier than you & he has a much better life than you in every possible way .

      He made the decision to try to cheat yet another opponent & endanger their health by tricking them into fighting a heavier opponent with zero preparation for the scenario , how many fuckin times is he gonna do tha same thing before tha penny drops & you acknowledge he is a scumbag & he is making a fuckin cunt outa you ?

      Go plug up yer bleeding vagina & dont come back to post again until yer feeling more manly .

      • Delta says:

        I’d have to think you’re the one on the rag with how you’re whining like a bitch, Saoiste.

        • Saoiste says:

          Like what you think matters ?

          I’m callin the shots here you limp wristed little faggot & if ya think differently then contradict me & make a fight of it but dont go tellin me yer thoughts & feelings about me coz I’m not one bit interested in yer disease spreadin A.I.D.S lifestyle .

          Got that ?

          Or do ya need it beatin into ya ?

        • Delta says:

          So, was it from the sheep you fucked or the queer you let fuck you to contract HIV? I mean you’ve gotta have it to be throwing it around so much as an insult in this day and age.

        • zk says:

          Dude you have like 6 pages of text here on this post alone, not only is that more then most collage essays, but its all whiny bullshit

        • Saoiste says:

          6 pages eh ?

          Quit tryin to make out yer not impressed .

        • Saoiste says:

          In this day & age ?

          You tryin to say you diseased queers dont spread A.I.D.S & because its 2012 that its a thing of tha past ?

          You are either a nasty cowardly anti social faggot who goes around spitting on fresh fruit displays hoping to contaminate others with yer disease or you are a very naive brainwashed wee boy 100% controlled by mass media .

          Keepin suckin those cocks boy , it has made you proud & clever & you wont catch a disease from them coz its 2012 & gays are good !!!!

        • Saoiste says:

          I am truly sorry for my words.

  28. dave says:

    yap put him in SF fighting king mo at 205

    • Saoiste says:

      Strike Force is already looking like Division 2 UFC , watching that King Mo is like watching UFC from the 90’s , the man is nowhere near being the best in the world but because of American marketing/Brainwashing we have to endure yet another political token being paraded as some kinda Elite Human being we are supposed to be privileged to witness .

      King Mo My FuckIn Arse !

      Queen Mo more like .

      Queen Mo V Johnson ?

      Fuckin Yawn !

      If it wasnt for media hype you wouldnt go out to yer back yard to watch those two average 2’nd division fighters .

      They have as much Champion Quality between them as Barack Obama has good economic policy’s …. absolutely fuck all .

      America needs to fuckin toughen up at home & quit playin soldier with impoverished Arabs .

      • Delta says:

        Put a tampon in it, take a midol, shut the fuck up and go make me a sandwich.

        • Saoiste says:

          Dry yer eyes ya soft whiny Yank Cunt .

          Either put up a fight & fire back some knuckles in tha form of contradictions or opposing opinions or take tha shot on tha chin & improve from it .

        • Delta says:

          All you’re doing is whining over and over about the same thing, dumbass. You’re acting like a bitch on the rag, so I gave you advice regarding to help with that, and told you to make yourself useful and make me a sandwich, woman.

          You’re whining about what exactly? That you don’t like Anthony Johnson is obvious. But he’s “tricking” people into fighting opponents bigger than them? Well retard, you seem to be oblivious to what cutting weight actually is.

          In short, you’re annoying, ignorant and incoherent.

        • zk says:

          +1000 Delta saoiste is a whiny pmsing bitch

        • Saoiste says:

          Whats the queer brigade is here to hold hands & comfort each other ?

          Awww isnt Gay Marriage cute .

        • Saoiste says:

          My apologies to the entire collection of visitors to I will attempt to curb my insults. If unable to do so, please ignore my rants. I am going through some trying times in my life as my little one is very very sick. I am dealing with tremendous amounts of stress.

        • Saoiste says:

          Disregard all my postings. I am having a difficult time controlling my second personality.

  29. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    It would be easy to say lets just fire him but I would rather Dana suspend the guy because he does put on great shows. If he gets fired he does deserve it for missing weight three times and he was unapologetic for missing weight. Come on man wise up and act like pro.

    I like what other people are saying on the thread. Sending to Strikeforce isn’t a bad idea and maybe he should fight at 205.

  30. Saoiste says:

    Delta ,

    Yer following me around like a bad smell .

    What makes you think I want to kno how you feel about me ?

    Perhaps yer so hurt by my words on yer screen you want me to change my rough & ready manly ways , consider your precious little feelings & behave how you would like me to ?

    Fuck off & die you sick Yank Faggot .

    • Delta says:

      ahahahahahah You’re an idiot, plain and simple. I was reading the comments, and couldn’t help but notice you’re whining like the little bitch you are. It’s hard to not notice you crying about the same damn thing in a slightly different wording each time. Here’s a tip: Just copy/paste, since your message is exactly the same each time. It’ll save you the typing.

      And maybe I was giving you too much credit to call you a woman? Should it be “little girl?” Probably. But even that seems too masculine for you.

      And you never clarified whether you actually comprehend what “cutting weight” is or not. I’m going to take that as you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

      And go ahead, keep talking shit to me the way you are. I’m sure it makes you feel good about yourself.

      • Saoiste says:

        There ya go again with yer aul’shit about feelings !

        What tha fuck is it to you how I feel ?

        You arent my wife , you arent my ex wife so quit running around after me like a womin scorned or yer gonna get BJPENN.COM a reputation of being a faggots hide out .

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        My comments prove that , yer furious expression of your inadequacy as attempted replys to my comments prove that & the way I am beating the shit outa you mentally is proof ov that .

        America is an isolated insular inverted colony not much different to Australia in terms of its status globally in terms of cultural development , it is detached from its genetic homeland (Western Europe ) & has become deluded within its own creation & development .

        Not my fault .

        Not your fault either , you are just the helpless product of that environment , now do yerself a favor & fuck off outa my sight & get back to tha A.I.D.S Clinic you creepy little faggot cunt .

        • Delta says:

          BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! The fuck are you smoking, kid? I’m going on about my feelings? The fuck do you get that from? Perhaps your reading comprehension is as horrible as your style of writing? I mean you do actually accuse me of being furious, I’m not. I’m amused. I was annoyed with your idiotic rambling that would’ve been saved with a copy/paste, but not angered. You’re delusional and are trying to stroke your own ego by claiming me of being angry.

          As for what the other commentators here think, I don’t give a fuck. I rarely comment here, most of the posters are idiots, some trolls, and those who I MIGHT care about(hypothetically speaking, if the commenters mattered enough to me) are smart enough to tell you’re an idiot.

          And I’m the one who’s going on and on about my feelings, yet you’re the one who goes, “you arent my wife , you arent my ex wife?” aw The whittle baby all hurt about a woman scoring him? By the way, of course I’m not your wife or ex-wife. If I were a woman, I’d have standards. Females without standards are the only ones you can hope to get.

          As for your comments, you’re saying Johnson “tricked” these fighters into fighting someone bigger. Yet you never showed to comprehend what weight cutting is. Guess what? Whether Johnson made weight or not, he’d still have been bigger than them. But of course you don’t know what weight cutting is.

          As for me trying to pigeonhold you into a stereotype, you have shown to be stupid. Plain and simple.

          And for the shit you’re talking about America, sure, you believe it. It exists in your wet dreams. But America is far more important than your country. And by the way, if it weren’t for America, I doubt you’d have a computer to be whining with, and you definitely wouldn’t have the Internet where you can try to convince people you’re a big man or even a relevant human being over. So Me>>>>>you.

        • Saoiste says:

          Seriously ,

          I kno its not gonna be easy for you judging by the amount of emotion you have invested in me but you really have gotta try to get over me .

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          So in that spirit I’ll say that of course you are right about America & its role in the world .

          America discovered Europe , then populated it , Gave us the American Language to communicate globally with , set up its vast , Varied & timeless religious , political & cultural structures then empied itself of its indigenous Caucasian population & kindly allowed us imbecilic Europeans to rediscover it , populate it & implement all our political , religious & cultural institutions upon it .

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        • Delta says:

          Ah, the little whiner either is a troll, or thinks he’s clever. Or just stroking his ego by convincing himself that I’m all emotional.

          You didn’t mention other commenters?

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          Or tell me, what DID you mean by my “reputation” on the site if you didn’t mean other commenters? If you’re going to nitpick technicalities then yes, you are correct that you did not SPECIFICALLY mention other commenters. But then that would be an attempt to shield your idiocy and mistakes.

          And great job with the whole sarcasm about America. Just proves you don’t know shit. America’s far more relevant in the modern world than your homeland.

          By the way, imbecile. There were many people who’s work laid the way for the invention of the telephone before Bell, he’s just the one who gets credit. And guess what? He might not even be the one who actually invented it, but is the one who patented it. There’s controversy whether he invented it independently and patented it, or stole it from someone else who also invented it, but patented it to secure the glory.

          So even when you try to beat me in a way that you’re oh so sure ya got me, you still fail. Guess that’s why you’ve got to stroke your ego and tell yourself you’re kicking me around on here, little girl.

    • SB says:

      Whats with the Yank shit? Im not even American and find that pretty stupid. You need a new Hobby because clearly MMA is not for you. You have no Idea what your talking about nor do care about anyone else’s opinions. So my question why are you here just to give people a hard time and to be an asshole. well I guess you have succeeded. congrats.

      • Saoiste says:

        Fuck off you little hand holding queer .

        This isnt Sesame Street & I dont give a fuck about your caring sharing opinions .

      • Saoiste says:

        My apologies again. I continue to struggle to contain my inner hatred towards people in my life. Its seems that there are two or more people in me vying for control of me. And tiring it is. I am so tired.

  31. Saoiste says:

    Its just dawned on me that Delta is a girls name & with that dawning comes the realization that yer girlish penis envying “Last Word “approach to this Schooling I’m giving you isnt that surprising , you stupid fuckin bitch , you should be doing housework & tendin to tha wee’ans not trying to talk turkey with yer betters !

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    Yea but anyway …

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    I suppose I could ask you to clarify what you meant by your wording when you contradicted yourself yet again when you said …

    “Or tell me, what DID you mean by my “reputation” on the site if you didn’t mean other commenters? ”

    Now lets be very clear from the offset , I never once mentioned your reputation in any way shape or form & that is for many reasons , the most prominent of which being your complete inability to conduct yourself in public with any degree of credibility , respectability , intelligence & or wit rendering it a foregone conclusion that the world at large already acknowledges you as a cross between a clown & a creep .

    With that said I’m going to point out that by your wording you are implying that you are either BJ Penn himself or you are responsible for this site because in fact , as any & all can see in the black & white of my previous post(s) it was the reputation of BJPENN.COM & BJPENN.COM alone I made reference to .

    In the case that you are claiming to be BJ Penn himself then I will apologize for my ignorance & disrespecting your hospitality upon visiting your site .

    If its the case you are claiming to be responsible for the running of the site on behalf of BJ Penn then I will say … Fuck you you pansy boy cretin , BJ should know better than to let fairy’s like you pollute his atmosphere when he is trying to maintain a career at the top end of the fight business .

    • Josh says:

      ^ Keyboard Warrior

      • Saoiste says:

        ^ Keyboard wank-stain

        • Delta says:

          You should’ve been a keyboard wank-stain, instead of your dad making the mistake of producing you.

        • Saoiste says:

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          Yea yer a real clever boy today Delta .

    • Delta says:

      ahahahahah And I’m the one getting all pissy and emotional. You’ve proven to be nothing but an idiot.

      How exactly is “Delta” a girl’s name? I’ve never heard of any girls named “Delta.” By the way–

      Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary:

      “Definition of DELTA
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      But I’m referring to a Counter-Terrorism Unit with my username, a habit going to playing RAINBOW SIX on Xbox LIVE.

      But really, you’re nothing but pathetic. I mean seriously? Calling me a girl because you WANT “Delta” to be a girl’s name? Yeah, what’s your IQ? I’m guessing comparable yet inferior to frozen yogurt.

      And you’ve been pretty regularly insulting me with accusing me of having AIDS? What. The. FUCK? Did you suddenly appear from the Early 90’s? Oh wait, now I see why this girl who scorned you left ya. You’ve got HIV or full-blown AIDS. And obviously she didn’t love you if she left. So no wonder why you’re so PMSy.

      And in regards to Europe, yep, you’re an idiot. So much wishful thinking on your part. I mean for fuck’s sake, you ignored how I pointed-out Bell merely expanded on the work of others, and completely ignored that he might have simply stolen the invention from someone else, patented it and took the credit. Yet you’re so proud that some Scotsman(who the fuck cares about Scotland anyways? The only thing they truly contributed was the inspiration for HIGHLANDER, which is shit now, and I guess contribute to jokes about shepards on lonely nights, which I’m guessing you’re familiar with) who likely took the credit.

      Now, on the whole credibility thing, I’ve figured you out. You’re either a blithering idiot with such a poor grasp of the English language that you make it so it’s hard to tell what the fuck you’re saying(I mean you seem like an angry gay character from Harry Potter) or you’re a “clever idiot”(oxymoron, I know) who decided to compensate for his lack of intelligence by intentionally making what he says confusing, so when he gets raped like normal on most aspects, he can home in on the few things his enemy got wrong, due to confusion of your piss-poor writing, and use that in an attempt to divert attention from everything else he fucked-up and claim victory so he can make himself feel better about his various flaws.

      And ok, you’re gonna call me names? Well, I could call you an AIDS ridden, inbred sheep-shagging Scotsman(since you’re so proud of Scotland I’d have to guess you’re Scottish, but I dunno). But I think I’ll just call you the worst insult I can think of. Shut the fuck-up, you frenchman.

      • Saoiste says:

        You got one thing right in tha whole “Trys way too hard ” post & that is the fact that you dont know .

        You dont know yer arse from yer elbow & yer firing out ridiculous shit trying to cover up yer embarrassment .

        Scurrying desperately to wikipedia & dictionary’s to quote from in tha hope you will appear like I just haven’t enlightened you .

        You arent a thief son , you are my charity case , a soft lumpa Yank shit I am beating a form into .

        Keep on & I’ll teach ya the difference between Pride & Ego but until you learn that difference trust me when I tell you that the self loathing you are feeling after each & everyone of my posts to you is yer pride tellin ya to acknowledge it & build something for it to become real , however the voice thats making you prattle out all that stupid shit thats making you look like a cross between a demented faggot & some kinda drunken housewife hammering her emotional hatred of men out on a keyboard is yer pathetic wee ego trying to sooth that pain I’m kindly exposing in you .

        I am your darkness , I am eternal , your light is a fleeting thing I permit you , I am the way , the truth & the light & he who stands before me will suffer & die according only to my mercy .

        You got sweet fuck all Wee Man , on yer best day you are the entertainment in our court yard , you are the cruel joke we have played upon your existence .

        Let him who has eyes see .

        • Delta says:

          hahah What embarrassment? You’re an idiot. You’re stroking your ego. You’re a dumb bitch. That’s that. That’s all there really is to say.

          If you had an ounce of competence, you’d see you have nothing to be proud about. You’re just a troll, and trolls are nothing but bitches.

        • Saoiste says:

          Quit yer yappin & keep on picking tha peanuts outa my shit , monkey .

        • the king of tichondrius says:

          Delta you’re retarded rainbow six sucks you’re a fucking moron and anthony nigger johnson sucks ass and deserves 2 get kut he cant fight for shit and hes a ugly gorilla nigga

    • Nicky Francis says:

      Holy Fuck, you need to go watch some porn and jack off instead of writing five-hundred word essays about not even fight related shit. Fuck!

      • Saoiste says:

        I need to wat ?

        Listen up faggot I’m not one bit interested in your homosexual fantasy’s about me or anyone else jacking off to porn .

        I commented on the Johnson scenario & have since only defended my position against the incessant bitching , complaining & now your outright homosexual fantasy’s directed toward me .

        I’m not forcing you to read or asking you to agree , I’m just tellin you wats wat .

        Got that ?

        Good .

        Now fuck off back to yer sewer you dirty sick vermin scum .

    • Saoiste says:

      My dick is limp and it smells like rotten vagina

  32. Pedro says:

    Stop being a bitch and fight at HW… It really isn’t rocket science

  33. Kerri says:

    He should be cut! He did it to himself ………he knows the rules, its not fair to all the other fighters that follow the rules n its so not fair to the person he’s going to fight! Even kno it sucks cause hes a dope fighter cut his ass!

  34. T.J. says:

    This whole cutting business has got out of hand. No one is fighting close to what they weigh in at. They should start doing weigh-ins on the day of the fight like they do in the U.K. After all the freaking out about him being 12 pounds over, Vitor fought at 206 and Rumble 211. If everone cut out the cutting crap, Vitor and Rumble could fight at LHW like they should be because that’s what they actually fckn weigh.

    • epic says:

      I think Johnson only weighed 211 by fight time because they told him he couldn’t weigh more than 205 by noon on fight day. If they didn’t have that stipulation, its pretty much a guarantee that he would have come in weighing more thanv 211.

  35. Anthony Johnson says:

    Hey guys guess what. I can’t hack it at middleweight so I’m dropping to flyweight!

  36. Chet says:

    Hell, put him in the ring with the big boys if he doesn’t want to make weight, bet that will teach him to start sticking to the rules of his weight class.

    • Saoiste says:

      Couldnt do that Chet , it would result in a fair sporting contest & because of his ethnicity that would be politically incorrect in todays political climate .

      Unless he has an advantage it is against the law for him to compete .

      Disagree & I’ll find you guilty of the crime of being accused & send out government agents to legally murder you without a trial or any form of due legal process .

      God Bless Mud Hut America .

      • Delta says:

        Seriously, what the fuck is your problem? Did he rape your mother? Aside from your trolling against me because you’re so stupid, you’d be better off with a sack of shit for brains, you whine like Johnson personally hurt you terribly.

        • Saoiste says:

          Trollin you ?

          Everyone can see who posted first & who has been making comments aftr him all the way down this thread , yer following me around like a crack addict bag lady lookin for change , bitchin & moaning coz I dont rate Johnson & have made logical well reasoned accusations against him , his lack of character & talent .

          I didnt create the UFC & create this scenario , I am here among others making comments about it & nothing more , you however obviously have an agenda & an axe to grind .

          Some might say its a chip on yer shoulder but whatever it is it all amounts to you being a creepy little cunt .

        • DBKlein69 says:

          I’m with Saoiste all the way.

        • Saoiste says:

          Paddle yer own canoe Klien I dont carry passengers , especially not mentally ill sex perverts like you .

  37. magoo says:

    good ridance,you deserve what you get!

  38. fuck saoiste says:

    Somebody needs to really tell this limey prick to get The fuck off here ok saoist or shit face however you say your name fuck you and your country you sound like bisstink from across the pond stay there fuck face find something and shove it up your ass you say arse because your a fuck as for you talking shit about are troops FUCK YOU what ever country your from take it up the ass city or where every make sure to jump out of the little square thing we call a window you stupid fuck

    • Saoiste says:

      What EUROPEAN language are you speaking ?

      Which currency are you valuing yer Mickey Mouse Dollar & Economy against ?

      Whose Queen dictates what time you set your clock to & what City does she live in ?

      What Religion is the foundation of all your countrys laws & which Continent is the head of its Church in ?

      Go play soldier against impoverished Arabs in the desert or coz they & the 3’rd world refugees & parasites are the only ones you are impressing .

      Land of the Free my arse !

      Go cry elsewhere you soft pansy boy Yank , I came here for some fighting talk not whiny womin talk .

      • Delta says:

        No, you came here because daddy doesn’t love you and hates you for being a little girly fag, your ex-wife left you because she didn’t love you enough to stay when you contracted HIV. And you’re sad because your “pet” sheep died.

        You really do whine like Johnson raped your mother. And you don’t know what cutting weight is.

        And you never answered why you kept throwing around AIDS. Seriously little girl, did you time travel from the early 90’s? Or is it you have it and insulting others with it makes you feel better about your pathetic existence?

        • Saoiste says:

          Spare me yer mothers drunken amateur psychology boy & quit tryin to swing from my shirt tails , you creepy little prick .

        • Delta says:

          Ah, so you’re admitting you’re projecting all your secret desires and realities of yourself you hate.

          And “creepy little prick” fits you literally as well as figuratively, sock packer.

        • Saoiste says:

          You really are clutching at straws now Delta , why dont ya just go get tha sex change operation & be done with it ?

        • Delta says:

          I’m the one clutching at straws, and yet you’ve proven to be an idiot who can’t even win when he tries to divert attention. Good Lord I’m thinking you got your ass kicked a lot growing-up and are venting your rage here.

        • Saoiste says:

          Yet more of yer mothers drunken amateur psychology ?

          Fantasize much about child abuse do ya ?

          T’would be very interesting if tha net cops had a good look at your hard drive me’thinks , ya sick cunt .

  39. Good job Dana! the UFC doesn’t need any ungrateful assholes on the roster…..

  40. Chigs says:

    He should fight at 205 in something like Bellator or DREAM or something.He’s too big to cut that weight all the time.

  41. lol says:

    why doesnt he just fight his real weight class?? Anyways I think they kind of robbed Johnson by standing them up with a few seconds of Anothony being on I think they wanted him to lose because of the weight problem so they stood him up when he was only on top of vitor for a few seconds..lmao.. thats fkd up

  42. 1981AD says:

    Johnson is a douche bag. He is too aftraid to fight people at 205, and he was too afraid for a long time to fight at 185. But when he finally got the sac to move up, he STILL could not make the weight.

    Anthony Johnson is garbage. Yeah its heard to cut weight and deal with all the struggles of life, but everybody else does it, why should he feel exempt? He has this sense of entitlement?

    Forget him. Let him go and fail in a different org. Let the PROS fight in the UFC.

  43. Chartmonster! says:

    Have Dumble Johnson fight a 205 or 220 so he doesn’t have to cut weight at all. Problem solved.

  44. King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

    “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”…I love BJPENN.COM and the forums, but man this “Saoiste” guy is on a tear and it’s hilarious. I agree with some of what you say “Saoiste” but not the responses you leave that are just pop shots. What is wrong is wrong, right is right and being unprofessional and hurting this sport is obvious to me. That is what rumble did. But why all the hatred? Speak your mind and let others talk so that you can see just how much full of shit they really are or actually know about MMA. Anywho…WAR PENN WAR!!! Aloha!!! From the city of “NO” in central cali.

    • Saoiste says:

      Listen man ,

      Fightin talk is fightin talk , it canne be baby coochie coo talk mixed with fightin talk .

      I made my comments & Johnsons wannabe wifes & mothers all came outa tha woodwork to complain to me about me for having tha audacity on Bj Penns site , not Johnsons site to talk unlovingly about their fantasy husband Johnson … I mean c’mon if they werent begging to get tha shit kicked outa them with whatever I could find then I dunno .

      I didnt ask anyone to respond , I didnt twist any arms I just responded to comments directed toward me .

      Yes so tha nation of the USA got caught in tha cross fire but sure wheres tha harm in toughening them up ?

      When a man is fighting he is fighting & he doesnt give a fuck about anything but fighting .

      If someone is standing in front of me begging for a right hand you better believe I’m not gonna fanny around , I’m gonna land it on him & I’ll keep landing it on him until he has tha good sense to stop me landing it on him .

      BTW …

      Fuck Nick Diaz .

      I rekon if Bj started fighting as soon as the contract was signed which is what tha Diaz boys do then it woulda been a different result .

      I rekon if there is a rematch & a bit of shit talk could make it happen & Bj starts fighting in spirit from the moment the contract is signed & keeps on fighting until 1 week after the fight is finished it will be a different result .

      Diaz is a good fighter but that wasnt Bj’s best effort .

      Business is business , family is family & fighting is fighting , plenty of time to pat each other on tha back when everyone is retired from fighting but between now & then ya gotta hit with both hands before the moss starts growing over yer feet .

      I’m just sayin is all ….

      Mainly why I showed up on this site was to send BJ some good vibes & if he reads this shit maybe he might pick up a wee bitta attitude that might reawaken him for one last push at the title before he calls it quits & concentrates on being a family man .

      • King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

        WORD up Young MC !!!…everyone is entitled to there thoughts and opinions my friend, you are very opionated, emotional and good for you not backing down and standing up for what you say and feel in your heart. I fly my flag everyday, but still question everything. I love BJPENN.COM for people like you and the replys. That is why I come to this site and to spread a little Aloha to Mr. Penn and his nation. Stay true and everyone else that doesn’t agree, that is there choice. I will leave you with my favorite quote that can relate to all and everything in life “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift” -Steve Prefontaine. Mahalo!..and if you don’t have haters, than you must be doing something wrong! or not standing up for what you believe in life! WAR PENN WAR…I’m south of Stockton in the city of “NO” and I always liked the Diaz brother’s for there fighting spirit…just like you have! But not more than the warrior that walks around Hilo all day. Aloha again from the central cali Mr. “Saoiste”. WAR ON! and you have the right to say what you feel. I just walk a little different path in life, until the LION in me gets cornered or it’s a must and then it’s sixty seconds!!! Have a great day…back to Football.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          I love too. I wish all of us could meet somehow.

        • Saoiste says:

          And I wish the likes of you were housed in a Gulag from birth & only released into society on an approved limited license .

        • Saoiste says:

          My 1’st day in a new Gym & you are advising me to back down from wannabes , rats & faggots ?

          Naw man , unless you are trying to fly in under tha radar , I think we are lookin at the world through different filters .

          Where I come from you fight & you dont stop fightin until tha fighting is done .

          When tha fighting is done ?… well thats when ya can be all nice & Christian with what remains of tha world .

          I was under attack , they were outa line , I protected myself in the name of justice , I cant understand how you could see it any different .

          I prevented no one from exercising their rights , my only crime has been the success & victory in protecting my own & establishing myself as a highly respected nuclear power not to be fucked with .

        • King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

          Mr. “Saoiste”…my friend. My words are only encouraging you to speak your mind. The differences of people is what makes this world so great. I have practiced martial arts for 25+ years and understand you not wanting to back down. I applaud your fighting spirit and I’m not trying to “fuck with you”. I feel that these forums are awesome to read and I listen and try to understand what people like you see and feel. Read my words carefully and don’t look into them. I’m not hating on you by any means…you were, and are on a “tear”. I’m not a Christian or Muslim or any religion…I’m just me. Maybe I look for Zen!!! Not here to cross judgement, only to learn what others might think or say. I leave you with the song of the day..for you Mr. Saoiste, Metallica – “And Justice for All” or “Seek and Destroy”

      • DAVE says:

        Diaz beat the piss out of him! So sick of you BJ nuthuggers saying –If BJ just had a little more time,or That wasnt BJs best effort,The fact of the matter is BJ acted like a girlyman talking smack,How long after the fight?Saying he looks bigger in the pic,and why were you holding the fence-That does not reflect a warrior spirt,you sure his name is BJ ? sounds like a Mary to me

        • King Prodigy LEVREAU says:

          Yes, he did beat the “piss” out of him, agreed!!! I think a “true warrior” is willing to take a beating again. I’m sure Diaz would do the same if he felt that he didn’t perform up to what he thought his level is. Whatever he feels he didn’t do, and can do next time to change the outcome, doesn’t mean the results will differ but that is still a “warrior spirit”. Your quoting one of my favorite fighters in the sport and at the same time I cheer for the Diaz brothers whom live right up the road from me in central cali. I cheer for them all the time, except against BJ, that’s all I’m trying to say. They are all “warriors”. I have no excuses for the man, but stand with him no matter what. If that is a nut-hugger in your eyes, so be it. I guess that is why I’m on BJPENN.COM and not the DiazBrothers site. I’m sure the Diaz brothers who are in there prime, hope to obtain the title just like BJ had previously. Once you are “champ” you will always be a “champ” in my eyes. If his name is not BJ and it is “Mary”, I hope it is “Mary Jane”…because she’s my main frame. Puff…Pufff…Give!!! WAR PENN WAR. Sounds like you like to talk for yourself…so why can’t BJ talk for himself?

        • Big Diaz Grabs Fences when scared. says:

          Hey dummy! Let me try and headbutt you and shoulder check you between rounds an talk MADDDD Shit to you right after the bell rings… Then you can tell me how you feel about me.. GTFO with that “I dunno why penn is upset shit”
          DUMMY.. It wasn’t the loss that pissed penn off it was the dick headed ness of your idol.. Kinda like your dick headed ness…

          Yeah penn got beat but does that really justify your idols asshole antics?
          The guys got some social issues.. Not really all there in the brains dept..

          What’s funny is how you probrably like his antics.. What does that say about you bro?
          I’ll tell you what it says about you. It tell me that your just as much of a scumbag as the rest of the 209 TWEEKS.

        • Saoiste says:

          Diaz won a decision on the night big fuckin deal , put yer pom poms away & go wipe yer Vagina .

          Diaz was at his very best , it was his night no doubt about it but tell me this … where did BJ tap ?

          Where did BJ quit ?

          BJ had a bad night but he showed his guts & hung in there for the full fight looking for a way to win .

          T’was a great fight & if you ever stop being such a girl about the whole thing you will rrealize you should be appreciating the fact that two very good fighters put on a real scrap & you wont see too many like that in yer life .

          B.J has to step it up a gear , yes , but his heart isnt in question & nor is his talent .

          Only a fool would write him off as being finished after having one bad night & on that bad night he was alive & dangerous for every minute of every round .

          The only thing he lost was a judges decision .

  45. : ^ ) says:

    I think Rumble should be given one more chance. I thought this fight was crap: Miragliotta
    stood up the fighers way too early when AJ had the advantage 3 times. Also, Rumble fought like he had the flu or something. Considering what he went through to make weight, I’m not surprised. But if AJ does get cut, it’s all on him for failing to train properly. This was the worse he has looked.

  46. fuck saoiste says:

    It’s ok you little Faggot when your country needs help from the USA kicking its ass you sound like Michael bistink its ok if its you how’d that right hand feel of hendos oh wait you shit your pants never mind do tell your mom hi from all.her fans and fuck off once again

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