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Tuesday, 01/10/2012, 12:38 pm

UFC NEWS – Anthony Johnson: “I will dominate Vitor. Everyone at middleweight has to worry about me now, not Chael Sonnen”

[box_light] “Moving up to face Vitor was a new chapter in my life, a new challenge. I’m going to stay here and I’m going to take over this weight class. I’m going to use everything in my power to dominate Vitor in every way possible. He’s fast, he’s powerful, he has a lot of experience, but my right hand is his Kryptonite. I will dominate Vitor Belfort. Chael Sonnen is seen as the top threat to Anderson Silva’s title Well, I am at 185-pounds and everyone at middleweight has to worry about me now. I’m in this division to go to the top. You will see a whole different animal now I am at this weight class.”[/box_light]

In the co-main event this weekend in Rio, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson makes his middleweight debut against former champion and Brazilian native, Vitor Belfort.

A force to be reckoned with at welterweight, Johnson has switched camps, diet and now weight classes and is set to take on one of the best in the business which if victorious puts him immediately in the title hunt at 185.

However, Belfort is a seasoned veteran with high level Black Belt Jiu Jitsu and arguably the best boxing in Mixed Martial Arts. With a mix of both speed and power he poses a threat to anyone.

Surprisingly enough, the former welterweight Johnson, appears to have a size advantage even going up in weight. Commonly walking around above 210 pounds, will Johnson be able to transition into the new weight class and take it over?

Speak on it BJPENN.COM! Let’s hear some predictions.

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72 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Anthony Johnson: “I will dominate Vitor. Everyone at middleweight has to worry about me now, not Chael Sonnen””

  1. Shutup and get in the back of the line kid. What makes you think you deserve a shot at Chael’s belt?.

    • DanaBrown says:

      Chael cried uncle

    • Steve says:

      Chael’s belt? He doesn’t even hold the belt and he won’t as long as Anderson Silva is in that weight class……..

      • CanILive says:

        what are you talking about? isn’t the spyda a featherwt?

      • Chael whipped him when he was in his prime. When he a was worth something. Now hes just a washed up bum a shell of his former self. Chael has bigger fish to fry with Bones now.

        • Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

          ^Idiot lol^

        • How can Silva be a GOAT but he got flying heel hooked and triangled by a scrub with a negative record. Not to mention the guy who triangled him DOMIMATED him.

        • I didnt say Ryo Chonan was a scrub hes an OG and real cool guy. Takase is the scrub. And Chael was dominating every fight before he got subbed. There has never been a fight where a guy was actually beating him up until the submission.

        • primalmasher says:

          LMFAO I always knew phael was deluded but his fans have the same mentality. I guess it all makes sense now!

        • Shawn says:

          Lol! Couldn’t even finish Silva even after being all juiced up. What makes you think he can beat Silva when he isn’t saucing it up. He’s a cheater. He’ll probably cheat again when he faces Munoz. He has to. Only way he can get CLOSE to beating better fighters than him. Hahaha

        • What do you think Anderson was doing this whole time off. 2 words buddy!. STER OIDS

        • THE INUK says:

          God damn you are a fucking idiot, my word.. you honestly got to be the biggest nuthugger on this site… Chael cried uncle, and sonnens only saying that cause he dont wanna lose to Silva again! fuckin pussy couldnt finish em with 300+ shots, and silva cut em up BADLY from the bottom!!!!

        • I love the Silva fangirls who always have to CAPS random WORDS to make it LOOK like Silva won that FIGHT CONVINCINGLY. Chael made Anderson cry uncle u dipshit. Chael said that Silva asked him to stop hitting him in the ribs in the middle of the fight. Silva is ducking him its obvious. Poor Jon Jones is going to get a beatdown because Silva is such a coward. What did Jon Jones do to deserve a beatdown from the biggest gangster of West Linn, Oregon.

        • Mo says:

          Wow, Prodigy is seriously delusional ! The true definition of a fan boy. You can’t even compare Chael to Silva.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          mo apparently missed the fight between sonnen and silva. there’s a reason why even anthony johnson and other fighters recognize chael as the biggest threat to anderson. its because they all saw chael kick his ass! and i love it!

    • Xaninho says:

      LOL in all honesty Chael Sonnen is a can.

      This bum has been submitted 8 times in his average career and STILL can’t see a submission coming or fight himself out of it.

    • Tom says:

      Ignoring the fact that Chael tapped, and then tried to disguise it as he didn’t because he is a pathetic excuse of a fighter, lets not forget the fact that had Chael even WON the fight, he would have been stripped of the belt. Chael went into that fight with literally no chance of bringing home that belt. :)

      • Bigfan says:

        Somewhere online there is a vid of Chael saying that he tapped and then blacked out for a second. When he woke up he thought the fight just ended and he won. His words.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Chael’s belt? It’s so pathetic how some people simply refuse to see and acknowledge the truth

  2. mezzanoche says:

    Rumble looks like he is eating the weights, damn. He better focus on not getting KTFO by Vitor before jumping to the championship belt. He is going to try and pull a Jon Jonesesque type of plan on Vitor. I just don’t think Rumble is on that level though, Vitor by TKO or KO.

  3. David says:

    Ill be surprised if anthony johnson wins, vitors crazy fast and hits hard

  4. hayden g-sta says:

    That nigger is on glue. vitor will knock out that monkey

  5. mean170 says:

    I see Vitor with a 1st round KO. Being at 170 “Rumble” hasn’t seen power like he’s going to against Vitor.

  6. Mike McMack says:

    If Johnson wins this fight in dominating fashion he’s in the mix for a shot, he’d have to convincingly win 3 in a row to get it. Vitor is a top 5 MW so beating him will be good for Rumble’s rankings at MW. Anderson has beaten a lot of the guys at 185 already so a fresh face is always welcome but he still has to pay his dues in the division. I definitely want Vitor to smash Rumble but theres no telling what can happen when these 2 guys meet. I’d rather see Vitor and Anderson rematch then Rumble since that would be a much better fight.

    • Coffee409 says:

      A much better fight… Yeah, because Vitor getting kicked in the face in 3:25 really made for a great #1

      • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

        I think a good #1 contender match after this one would be Belfort vs. AJ winner against Bisping vs. Maia winner!

      • Mike McMack says:

        That kick happend right after they actually started fighting. I want to see them actually exchange next time they fight. Vitor needs to earn his way up to Anderson after getting KO’d like that but I think a rematch between those 2 would be a great fight. Or at least I hope it would be, it could end in the first minute you never know.

  7. The Unknown says:

    If you seriously think Rumble’s on roids than you’re retarded. He cuts from 215 for you uneducated fucks. However I still don’t think he’ll beat Vitor. Middleweight should suit him better though, he was cutting way too much at ww and pretty much always came in a few pounds over.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Rumble johnson should be a big time threat @ 185 pounds. He looks like a beast the question is will it throw off his speed and quckness. Also, although still going to be stong at middle weight he won’t have the same strenght advantage with these fighters @ 185. Will the weight gain affect his timing. Because if it does he could have problems with the the higher level fighters because a lot of his game is based on timing power striking with both hands and feet. I belive the best strategy for vitor would be to get aggressive from the start. Kind of oppisite of what he did with Anderson. Close the distance so he can use his fast hands to try and land on Johnson. I believe that gives him the best chane to win. Turn it into somewhat of a brawl so to speak. Anthony Johnson is a striker however his power comes from distance. The closer the fight the better vitors chances are of landing and trying to put rumble johnson away. And for Rumble johnson he should try to work the exact opposite game plan and keep the distance. Whoever imposes there will I think will win

  9. ted says:

    anyway who cares just my opinion now you can go f**k yourselves you l**sers p.s. BOXING ALL DAY

    • Ricardo says:

      boxing will die once pac vs mayweather and bob arum knows it..
      this website is mma only so u can take your ass and your boxing with you to ESPN.
      now go on.. run along..

      • ted says:

        bj penn loves boxing and Hawaiians love boxing and as a boxing fan i like bj penn he is my favorite fighter, respect to bjj and all other styles but i just love boxing and i will never change that for no one. I can’t believe the disrespect here, i assumed rumble johnson is on roids and you pricks type some harsh words, you guys need to get your jaws broken f’n losers

  10. Night-Wind says:

    My boy Vitor’s gonna knock this guy out, just watch.

  11. DevonAK86 says:

    Come predict who you think will win at UFC 142 Rio D@DMMA

  12. Rooster says:

    How did chael nearly beat anderson roids thats right lets see how he goes with out them chael is a bum n drug cheat

  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Young lion vs old lion! I hope Vitor wins and expect him too but I respect Rumbles power.

  14. Vale Tudo says:

    Vitor’s gonna knock him out BIG TIME!!!!!

  15. josh says:

    Anyone saying roids is pretty stupid. Johnson is cut and huge and 170 now at 85 his just huge, he doesnt have to shed 15 pounds of muscle.

    There really is only two fights on this card i care for and this is one of them.

    Plus Rumble at this weight class is scary, that dude has some crazy power and is a damn good wrestler. You never know he might make a run at the title by the end of the year. If he gets past Vitor, then id like to see him fight the loser of the Sonnen/Munoz fight or i would really love it for him to fight Bisbing. He would prolly knock the counts head into the third row.

  16. TCP says:

    I’m looking forward to Rumble fighting without such a drastic cut. I think he’s going to be sharp, but we never know how someone will react to a change in divisions. And why, why, why, why why do people even say “Chael Sonnen’s Belt”. He COULD NOT finish Silva in 4 rounds of being in dom position, then he tapped. I don’t care if it’s a school yard dust up, street fight or pro fight he lost it. That fight showed the best part of the sport. Plus, he cheated and would have lost the strap either way, so let’s not buy into his WWE style song and dance. Chael’s a great fighter, it was a great fight, but he LOST. Period. Discussion over….

  17. joegun says:

    vitor is gonna dominate rumble johnson.he has fought scrubs and nobody nearly on the level as vitor,good welcoming party to the division but the over confident rumble will get beaten n knocked out in two….. Anderson vs vitor 2!!! and new!!!!

  18. joegun says:

    lets not forget that he got choked out by josh koshcheck too.

  19. A.James says:

    He’s not on roids. He’s just Black.

  20. dana says:

    fortyb4five u always say it right but u wrong this time vitor gona make him skinny he gona go to lightweight! and that guy prodigy u talk just like chael pure shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think u might even be him or maybe u wana be him

  21. Mike Diaz says:

    Vitor is about to get his ‘thunder’ stolen, these young skilled guys are just pushing these HOF’s into the bottom of their divisions. Rumble is hungry, he can bang it out for sure, and has no pressure going into this bout. While Vitor is trying to hold off as one of the elite in the MW division, former champ, and wants the belt back. Rumble via TKO punches…..TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  22. MMAnalyst says:

    So, Anthony Johnson can’t run through the WW division despite outweighing them all be 20 lbs, but he and his tiny head are going to dominate the MW division?

    He better hope lil’ Josh Koscheck doesn’t come up and wrestle him again. God forbid he has to fight wrestlers that are actually his size or bigger. Plus, punching Yoshida and Tommy Speer and Charlie Brenneman is a WAY different game than dudes like Vitor who came DOWN to MW… good luck dude… good luck

  23. slacker says:

    I’ll take Vitor in this one.

  24. First real fight at mw and he’s a threat? Vitor FK this FOOL up.. Koscheck his dumb asss!

  25. ja2s says:

    he isnt hitting the roids , hes always been big but now hes put on more muscle mass so he’ll still be cuttin alot of weight lol ,

  26. Fortyb4five says:

    i wish wish andy silva wud triangle me… id go in thea with open mouth

  27. 91781 says:

    Kos made Rumble say uncle… and was able to stand with him…somewhat…

  28. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. So much anger over here O_O and arguing
    why can’t we focus on the fight, it’s gonna be a great fight, I even predict fight of the night .[-

  29. Ninjaman says:


  30. magoo says:

    I’m gonna say Rumble 2nd round tko !

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