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Monday, 01/23/2012, 05:10 am

UFC NEWS – Anderson Silva Does Not Pick Any Brazilian Fighter Over Jon Jones

Don’t Understand Portuguese? Here is a translation:

“There’s not much to say about Jon Jones. I don’t see any Brazilian in conditions to face him, even more so because Brazilians don’t tend to completely study what happens in there, there needs to be more studying done by the Brazilians in that division so that they can understand what really is going on in there. But it’s hard for me to say this, because I’m Brazilian and I wish there was a Brazilian with the conditions to beat Jon Jones, but, this is a personal opinion of mine, I don’t see anyone in Brazil that can beat him, at least not for now.”

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47 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Anderson Silva Does Not Pick Any Brazilian Fighter Over Jon Jones”

  1. DAMN! says:

    Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa? Is this a joke?

    • phace says:

      It sounds like he’s saying Shogun and Machida didn’t study the guy enough and that neither of them can beat him right now. He may also be saying they need a guy like him to step up and beat this guy….since he studies 😉 We’ll see what happens after the Chael fight(well I hope there’s a Chael fight).

      • DAMN! says:

        Trust me dude, Machida studied JBJ very well, only through that elbow did JBJ stun machida for him to choke him out but standupwise, Machida was the first guy ive seen tag JBJ with a combination that shook JBJ. As far as studying goes, any brazilian who wants to take a crack at JBJ must follow the blueprint layed out by Machida.

        • Shawn says:

          I totally agree. That elbow threw Machida completely off. And when Jones does that to someone, they don’t have time to recover. I’m pretty sure if it had gone to the second round, Machida would have been able to adjust. But that is just after thought now. Jones won that fight definitively.

        • phace says:

          Don’t forget the explosive takedown that happened before the elbow. He does that to opponents at will and that’s where a major problem exists for Machida facing a guy like Jones.

  2. THE INUK says:

    We all know Silva is very humble and doesnt like challenging other fighters…… with that said, of course JDS could beat jones but hes not in that division… and Also, Silva could beat him too! thats prob all though!

    • jacob lee says:

      No SIlva isn’t humble, he sucks! Chael has stated the truth time and time again! he is cared and he sucks! and anytime he beats anybody means nothing until he remathches chael. Come on haters jump.

      • Paul says:

        Spider haters are hilarious, he is the greatest pound for pound mixed martial artist in the history of MMA, and you idiots continue to trash talk him, even after he makes a truly humble statement like this one. Critics criticize weakness, morons criticize greatness because they themselves are not.

        • Dom#1 says:

          Whos has silva fought thats any good? Chael and Hendo? Dont say leben dont say lutter dont say okami dont say rich franklin dont say forrest. If you do say it (where are they right now?) After chael dismantles this guy hopefully he will lose to jon jones for his career ender. He has nothing in his arsenal that can beat jones. Jones is a wrestler with great BJJ, silva sucks at fighting wrestlers and has good BJJ. His advantage is his legs and reach and they wouldnt be there against jones =) Fall of anderson!!!!

        • sandman says:

          how do you know jones has ‘great’ jitz and silva just has ‘good’ jitz? take a look at the tape and see the facts. jones has potential for greatness, while silva has already demonstrated his. u prolly don’t want to remember phael in a triangle & hendo (my boy) getting the RNC.

          silvas statement may be the first of many hyping the possible bout between him and jones for a TON of money via the bosses, PPV royalties, sponsors and endorsers. could bring in the most in history if done right. these guys have to be businessmen about their short careers to pull in the biggest lump of dough

        • Christian says:

          Anderson has fought the very best in his division and beat them all. Having never lost a fight in the UFC is an achievement in itself. And it’s not only who you beat, but how you beat them, Anderson has 31 wins, 18 of those by knockout. Chael has 26 wins, 15 by decision.

          And as for that whole speech chael has said a 1000 times “in the streets of Oregon if you punch a man in the face 300 times and he wraps his legs around your head for 8 seconds, he is not the winner!” Anderson took all those punches and never gave up. Chael got caught in that triangle and gave up. If they were in “the streets of Oregon,” and there wasn’t a ref there to pull Anderson off, then goodbye chael sonnen.

        • lolziez says:

          so like a truely close-minded dumbfuck that you are, you clearly just counted out all those people that Silva has beaten and calling them “nobodies”? are you really that fuckin stupid? all those people were “somebodies” back when Silva fought them. what about Vitor? oh wait, another nobody right? plz study the people youre tryin to talk smack about before you come on and lay out a ignorant post like that.. What is it with people? a fighter comes to the UFC and dominates people, suddenly they FINALLY get in trouble in a fight and BAM! they suck all of a sudden just because he didnt win in a dominant factor..How bout you grow past your forskin, climb in a ring with the spider and see what happens, it could happen since you stated all he fights are “nobodies”…. fuckin dumbass

        • Dante says:

          ^^^ this kids a retard

        • jacob lee says:

          right on brother!!!!

        • Zoeldog27 says:

          hes the greatest fighter in MMA history my arse what a load of crap A.Silva will never beat Jon Jones Or GSP even on his best day you all need to get off his dick hes the champ of the worst division in the ufc if he is so good why hasnt he cleaned out the division twice ike GSP has cause hes overrated he doesnt step up and take hard fights and really apart from Lutter, Hendo or Sonnen whos he beaten NO ONE id love to see him step up and take on Jones because he will be destroyed hence why he wont take the fight i mean hell he doesnt even wanna fight Sonnen so hows he gonna beat Jones keep dreaming you Silva lovers cant wait til he gets knocked of his perch Munoz , Weidman & Sonnen will beat him u watch!!

        • jacob lee says:

          exactly, finally a guy who sees through Anderson Silva’s web

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        another clueless hater…

    • io31 says:

      Right, he is humble and doesn’t call anyone out unless the other guy is in a lower weight class, 4 inches shorter and walks around 35 lbs or so lighter than him.

  3. Kevin Cormier says:

    i dont think silva could beat jones, I dont think silva thinks he can beat him either which is why we wont see the fight.

  4. BeanOfGTG says:

    I wonder what Machida has to say about this

    • Mike T says:

      Machida’s loss definitely supported Anderson in saying this. I still think Anderson has a chance against JBJ.

    • BX81 says:

      I think it started with Rampage. Rampage showed what needed to be done to beat jones. Machida took it a step further. I would like to see Jones Machida 2 and machida use more leg kicks. If you take jbj’s skinny legs away then I think it’s a wrap. Jones is no where on the skill level of anderson silva but he makes great use of his size and this allows him to gain experience and confidence with out getting into trouble as much. I think someone has to take it to jones if you want to beat him. He’s still young and having the title is no make up for lack of experience. Jones will always be one of those guys on the top in the future unless he just completely stops learning. I will say this for jones. He’s quickly gaining ground in the learning dept.

  5. Anderson is so fast and accurate, he’d win vs JJ.

  6. Thetude says:

    JDS and Silva himself definitely have the skill set to get inside of jones’ reach, but whether or not they could beat the man is somthing we could all talk about for hours but nobody knows for sure, lets make one of these fights happen dana white, If jones steps up to heavyweight he still has a reach advantage over everybody in the division and the guy walks around at 225. I would like to see jones square off with a power puncher like Cain Velaquez before he is really tested by JDS. Silva vs Jones would bean epic monster of a match

    • Zoeldog27 says:

      it will never happen Silva ducks hard fights and settles on the easy ones he knows he can win Jones fights anybody anywhere anytime and wins this fight wont happen because Silva is a little bitch if ur going to be a pro fighter then fight everyone just cause your the champ dont mean u get to pick and choose you fight who your told to fight Silva seems to be the only fighter in the UFC that doesnt understand this and for people to say hes the pound for pound king well guess what people theres no pound for pound belt,tournament or weight class or anything you might as well talk about how good Silva would do against Batman its the same shit what a load of crap how many of you dumb fucks on here have actually gone to an MMA gym and trained not many you all think you know about MMA by watching thats like me saying if i watch Slash play guitar for 10years ill be able to play as good as him , its a dumb statement its idiotic and its unrealistic wake up and smell the roses and get off world of warcraft and go live in the real world dickhead!

  7. clay says:

    Machida can beat jones the first fight said alot and seeing that fight has convinced me that silva can beat jones too ….. silva is a humble guy unless u talk smack u show respect to get respect ….the fight with chael was a good one no matter how u look at it he tapped and gave up silva did go into that fight not wanting to knock him out but to win with a submission for all the crap sonnen was talking about noguera jitsu that was on silvas mind that was his goal and he achieved it he is the greatest hands down

  8. The Rock says:

    Bones is a solid all rounder. Only way he will get beat is from a JDS bomb or a Silva master class though a Bones vs Silva fight would be a much closer fight than any other potential match up

  9. Chartmonster says:

    Now we know: Anderson is scared of Chael and Bones!

  10. clay says:

    I would like to see machida and jones again the first round and a half jones was getting worked over despite what anybody says a gash on the forehead changes a fight not taking anything away from jones he is a great fighter most complete fighter in lhw but machida can do it and the oh shit look on jones face the first round and a half says it all jones will be great for a long time …… silva is faster more precise with more ko power than machida watching. machida. own him in the striking makes me believe silva would beat him ….. jones would have to male it a wrestling match as that is his strength …… jones and machida would be a good fight to watch the second time around

    • Zoeldog27 says:

      are you kidding did you see the same fight we all did or are you talking about the fight that took place in your head Machida didnt beat Jones he didnt even get close what he landed a couple of punches big deal did it win him the fight no he got chocked the fuck out if u love brazillians so much go live there, Jones could beat Silva Machida Rua and JDS just wait and see no one has even gotten close to Jones and if you think the UFC is going to give Machida another shot keep wishing he got smacked just like everyone else who tries to fight Jones will too there isnt a fighter on planet earth that can beat this man and you all know it id love to see Silva step up and fight him he’d get absoulutly destoryed

  11. davee says:

    machida was beating jones until jones decied take it bafk to wresling and the takedown…jon joones is too well rounded..he is amazing on the feet and if he has trouble he has his wreslting and pweer for the takedown and his bjj skills,..anderson is the only man who can beat jon joones…if anderson really dont want fight cheal again…(if he really is scared like peope say) he should move up aand fight jon jones for 1 more big money fight

  12. clay says:

    Lol Silva ain’t scared of anybody if he was he wouldn’t have ever fought above his weight class looking for more competition the only reason he won’t stay in lhw cuz of his best friend machida but the couple fights in light heavy he did showed just how dangerous he is when he fights at cloae to his walk around weight

    • Zoeldog27 says:

      what he goes up to LHW and fights the most unathletic fighter thats ever fought in the LHW division tell you what why dont you get on a plane to Brazil got to blackhouse and ask Silva if you can be his personal shit talker seeing how u love him so much maybe he will let you swallow if your lucky he might even fuck you do you have any idea how stupid you sound??

      • Es Kay says:

        You know that most unathletic fighter was a former champ right? You sound like an idiot go back under your rock now.

        • Zoeldog27 says:

          yeah under my rock whatever dickhead thats why im at training 5 days a week come down to my gym anytime u like fanboy ill school ya.

        • Zoeldog27 says:

          go back to your xbox and keep playing undisputed you wanna be what u put up aa photo of ur kid on twitter big man comes on a forum slagging people of then puts his kid up as his photo gee arnt you just the man, loser keep playing xbox live thinkin your all that LMAO!!!!!

  13. Donnybrook says:

    Anderson’s right… even he wants nothing to do with JBJ.

  14. clay says:

    Thats what i’m saying in the comment above jones got to wrestle these two guys which is his strength silva and jones would be a great match up as silva is faster more elusive and more ko power than machida especially fighting in light heavy which he shows devastating power in his hands but as long as machida is fighting in that class and a contender for the belt silva won’t do it

    • Zoeldog27 says:

      MORE ELUSIVE, then how come Sonnen I repeat SONNEN took him down at will cause hes so elusive hey , and your argument has nothing behind it Machida lost buddy he lost got choked the fuck out and for u to say he wont fight Jones because Machida is in the division just shows that Silvas fans are as dillusional as he is if Silvas the best then he should fight the best not pick n choose who he wants to fight and its as simple as that!!!

  15. cody says:

    truth is silva shows you respect if u show him respect nothing wrong with that..but i cant stands bones but damn whos gonna beat him hes got a way of controling a fight like ive never seen cause at the end of the day no matter how good someone looks against him he can take u down and control u with his size and length im saying the only guy at 205 with a good shot phil davis especially if he looks good against rashad think about it

  16. Jujitsu Player says:

    Including himself. JJ would rag doll him.

  17. Chael Twitterbird Sonnen says:

    Paps Blue Ribbon is giving Chael a sponsorship because they have realized how many rednecks are Chael fans

  18. Jacko says:

    You have the video subtitled in english at

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