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Thursday, 11/17/2011, 11:11 am

UFC NEWS – Anderson Silva: "Chael Talks To Much, I'm Read To Fight Chael"

“I don’t like [Chael Sonnen]. This guy [wants to] fight me? Go to Brazil. No problem… Chael talks too much. I’m ready to fight Chael. But you have the chance – go to Brazil to fight me.”

Anderson Silva tells that he is not happy with his would be title challenger Chael Sonnen and for once he states publicly that he will gladly battle it out with the brash Oregon native again.

In Brazil? Would Chael even make it to the fight alive or would he have to have an army of security guards around him in order to be able to compete on fight night.


175 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Anderson Silva: "Chael Talks To Much, I'm Read To Fight Chael"”

  1. Dante says:

    FUCKKK YAAAAA…. lets get ready to rumble!!

  2. Mo says:

    I predict another submission but it would be nice to see Chael get Ko’d. Silva > Sonnen

  3. magoo says:

    I could care less were Chael fights you,I just hope he kicks your ass again!

    • magoo says:

      But it would be sweet if you did it in a stadium filled with Silva fans…..EPIC I SAY

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        I second this. Of course Sissy Silva wants every advantage (since he doesn’t get to pick his opponent this time), but getting his ass handed to him again in his home town would be epic.

        • Ben says:

          I didn’t know Joe Silva took fighter recommendations when determining the #1 contender…Funny how Silva could pick his fights when he doesn’t have that control. Great thing about fighting for an organization and not yourself; you don’t get to pick your opponents.

        • Xaninho says:

          He never picked his opponents dumbass. He fights whoever he gets from the UFC. He just had a problem with beating the same douchebag twice.

          And every advantage? First fight was in the USA? Why should Sonnen have the advantage TWICE?

          Ass handed to him? That’s why Sonnen squeeled like a pig and tapped? That’s why Sonnen looked like a clubbed seal and Silva didn’t have a mark on him?

          These Sonnen fanboys are ridiculous…

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          I totally agree. Some of these fools act like they really believe that Sonnen won that fight, even though he basically had to ask someone to pull Silva off his ass before he left outta the octagon with one less limb. He delivered over 300 strikes, and still looked like, as you say, a clubbed seal, while Silva barely showed any damage.

        • Brandon Wheaton says:

          SILVa got punched in the face a record number of times,

          ANd yes, Silva might not sit in on the meetings when fights are being made, but ANYONE who has participated in MMA knows IF YOU SUCK THE PROMOTERS DICK, YOU GET FAVORS>

        • Brandon Wheaton says:

          ALso, I’m no Sonnen fanboy. I can’t stand disrespectful fighters like Sonnen or Diaz. I just like overratd (when was the last time Silva faced a worthwhile opponent BESIDES Sonnen) fighters and cheating fighters (like Greaser) even less.

          WAR SONNEN!

          WAR DIAZ!

        • Mike R says:

          get your shit straight, you can choose who you fight despite who the UFC and Joe Silva offers you, just like boxing. Anderson always has a choice on who he fights therefore Anderson can pick his opponents, dumbass, he could have easily said no to Chael and he rather fight Mark Muñoz. UFC cant force him to fight some one unless there is no other true contender. Think of how many people UFC said is number contender and things changed like Nick Diaz over Condit, even Mark Muñoz vs Chris Leb was suppose to be winner gets title shot, its all based on the fighters choice or else there be no such word as Ducking a fight in world of fighting.

        • henry Kobasky says:

          What is it about the concept of “luck” that you can’t grasp? Silva finding the opening for that triangle, after helplessly absorbing a 23 minute beating, is like someone finding a $100 bill on the sidewalk. Pure luck. Sometimes a fighter pulls off a miracle that he has no chance in hell of ever repeating. Just ask Matt Serra, idiots!

        • Karate guy says:

          wow dude i get sick at my stomach every time you comment

        • tony says:

          he might not get to pick his opponents but that doesn’t mean he always has to except the challenger they put in front of him

        • jacob lee says:

          wo wo wo ease up henry…im on ur side and i agree with most of the things up write on here. U are one people who makes reasonable statements….my stomach comment was in regards to Xaninho

        • henry kobasky says:

          i’m gay and why is jacob lee pretending to b karate guy…any ways just wanted to say im gay and o love big hairy men

        • That’s right bc he’s a puzzy! Las Vegas MUTHERFKRs!

        • henry Kobasky says:

          Karate guy, maybe you get a stomach ache because the truth (for some people) is hard to swallow, and even harder to digest.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          gsp fights all the time in canada why cant the undisputed p4p king have more than one fight in brazil?

      • Bertram says:

        by again do you mean, never? lol. how do you kick somebodys ass when that somebody looks like he just got a sweat on for 23 minutes and sonnen was the one who was battered and bruised haha. oh right, and then he tapped out and LOST. sonnen says he’s such a badass but he refused to stand with brian stann, refused to stand with nate marquardt, refused to stand with anderson, refused to stand with okami even. and every fight he’s in he comes out looking worse than the guys he puts these apparent “beatings” on lol. silva will ko him and would have last time if he wasnt hurt. get off the sonnen bandwagon cause other than wrestling the guy has 0 skills

        • the truth says:

          dude i agree with u man how can ppl be fans of sonnen seriously? he stands for nothing positive he is not a role model. BTW Sonnen lost he did not win he lost get over it ppl.

        • Tyler Kartler says:

          Why would Sonnen stand… He’s a wrestler.. of course he’s going to wrestle…..

        • Slayer says:

          Sonnen is a bitch , you cant be a champ being one dimentional, he used his beloved wrestling n took him down n punched him countless times n still couldnt hurt him, so what he had wasnt enough, you cant lay n pray. so quit ur fkn cryin..

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        unlike gsp in his hometown anderson serves his fans with epic performances at home. gsp pisses on his fans with his crap performances.

        • Doomybrook says:

          You’d probably enjoy it if GSP pissed on you’re head hey you little perverted homo shit kid.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          lol demented old fuck here dont worry gsps record is still fabulous, its just his fights that suck! bring your poncho i know u like his golden showers!

        • Doomybrook says:

          Oh you sick little shit kid… you young little bastards keep coming up with new more disgusting things to entertain you’re selfs with. What’s next junkie?… putting rodents up uncomfortable places? Come on son, grow up!!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          from our responses to each other its quite obvious who the homphobe/homolover is, and its you OLD MAN!

        • Doomybrook says:

          Your the one wanting to know how GSP’s boneless babies taste you sick little fruitcake… I don’t play for that team junkie, as much as you were hoping I did because your kind are always looking for more recruits. It’s obvious you have a crush on Georges seeing as how your always bring him up even in articles that aren’t about him… I hate to break this to you junkie fruitcake I’m pretty sure GSP’s not gay.

    • mr Andy says:

      sory when he bit him?

    • Calabama says:

      Silva also asked to fight Rich Franklin in his own home town… oh and Sonnen must not have much “luck” with triangles seeing how he always loses by them…

    • Ryan M says:

      If you could care less…. You care. Learn how to write. Stupidhead.

  4. THE INUK says:


  5. Julio says:

    after all Chael is no threat for the Spider… he already defeat him by sub and all you people must remember that he was injured and besides that he won… and you most remember too that the Clown Sonnen was failed the doping test…. so there is no sense making this fight… the best fighter of all times against a CLOWN who already lost 11 times…

    • RJ says:

      No threat? Really dude? He beat Anderson down for 4 and a half rounds. Then yes Anderson tapped his ass out but you can’t really say he is no threat. I think he is Anderson’s only legitimate threat.

    • magoo says:

      Lets hope Silva is injury free,cause after Chael drops the hammer on him,and wins the strap,I don’t want to listen to one fkn excuse as to why Silva the CLOWN lost!

    • Mike says:

      The best fighter of all time got dominated for 4.5 rounds by a clown? I’m not a fan of Sonnen’s, but some of you Silva fans are ridiculous.

      Legitimate Silva fans, the ones who truly believe he’s the best fighter in the world, want this fight to happen, so he can prove that last time was a fluke.

      Then there are fans like you, who bitch and moan saying the one guy who has presented any challenge to Silva, doesn’t deserve a shot, and should be passed up by guys like Bisping(a guy who brings nothing new to the table against Silva), or, even worse, Belfort(a guy Silva knocked out in the first).

      It’s people like you who make me dislike Silva.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        yeah, but he was on roids for the millionth time. He was cheating don’t you get that? Plus Anderson had a broken rib &&&& he still won. You wait til’ he faces a healthy Anderson & Chael isn’t all juiced up. he’s going to get his ass handed to him pal.

        • Mike says:

          He wasn’t on roids, why can’t you get that? He was using a substance that many athletes in the game use. He suffers from abnormally low testosterone levels(possibly due to past use of steroids, but irrelevant) and had informed the commission of using them prior to the fight. The elevated levels of testosterone, I’m sure, had very little to do with his performance that night.

          And injuries don’t count for anything after a fight. If you’re injured, don’t fight. It is an invalid argument afterwards.

          If you’re so sure Anderson will win, stop making excuses for him. And do a little research before posting.

          You guys sound as ridiculous as Chael does when a microphone is put in front of him. The difference is Chael tries to sound ridiculous.

        • Zack says:

          Suffers from low Testosterone? Suffers? Stfu u idiot. Hmmm why does chael have low levels? Is it because he was juicing? Yes you idiot. People who need trt need it because roids fucked up their testosterone. this is why children should speak only when spoken to

        • GRT 3000 says:

          whatever dude; check out your hero at 1:23.

          lolz – what’s the roider yelling there? & yes it is irrelevant to mention Anderson’s broken ribs. Not irrelevant to mention that he won though…and Chaels little nuts due to steroids; very serious condition indeed. Not irrelevant to mention that he lost though right…? ne-way, yer boyfriend is 5-4 in the UFC; champ of fuck all – way to pick em’.

        • Sully says:

          Lol, ‘Because his drugs-of-abuse scan was clean, the positive test must have come from a banned performance-enhancer. ‘ Mike says ‘He was using a substance that many athletes in the game use’. Loool.

          Anyway, sure Sonnen pushed Silva to the edge but Silva showed what a true champ does – survived and won when it looked almost certain he would lose.

          How a fighter, who was banned for illegal drug usage, can come back, have 1 fight and be next in line in beyond me.
          Joe Silva and Dana White need to stop listening to this egotistical moron shouting about how he wants a fight, and give someone who DESERVES it a shot.

  6. Daniel says:

    How quickly people seem to forget Silva’s fight with Maia, that was not being respectful. Silva is just as cocky as Chael, Chael just doesn’t hide it.

  7. Cory says:

    Wow, there are some really ignorant comments on here. First off, there aren’t any reports other than from Silva’s manager stating Silva had broken ribs BEFORE the fight. Second, Silva isn’t HUMBLE AND RESPECTFUL, just look at all the trash talking he did inside the ring and outside with Damian Maia and Vitor Belfort. And Furthermore, Chael’s testosterone levels weren’t elevated enough to truly make a difference on fight night. Now with ALL of that being said, Silva would knock him the fuck out and bash his face in with knee’s, because his PRIDE won’t let there be a repeat of their first encounter.

  8. lmaooo omg lulz look at this glass jawed punk silva. Chael called him out in front of MILLIONS of people and he sat their like a fuckin fruit cake. idk what else he wants chael to do. Silva wants him to come to brazil so he can have him killed. SILVA = BUM, COWARD, AND PUNK. SONNEN= TRUE MW CHAMP, MAN WITH BALLS, AND A REAL FIGHTER.

    • Xaninho says:

      Chael Sonnen was making a fool out of himself AND the UFC. Silva sat there and had too much CLASS to go up there and act like the moron Sonnen.

      He wants him in Brazil cause Sonnen had the home advantage the first time. Not that it helped much, cause we all know Sonnen TAPPED LIKE A BITCH!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Glass jaw? When was the last time you saw Silva KO’d? Or beat for that matter? If Silva has a glass jaw, Phael must have brittle limbs.

    • MJJ says:

      It’s funny cuz if he wants to fight Chael he can come to Oregon, he lives in West Linn and trains @ Team Quest in Portland. Pedro, the fact that he would need so much security and have death threats, speaks more to the people of Brazil, than to Chael and his words.

  9. Alex says:

    I really want to hear what all the sonnen fans are going to say after he LOSES again! Regardless of how the previous fight went point is he lost, the almost doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as an almost win people! Bottom line is silvas record speaks for itself. No need for the champ to open his mouth and look like an ignorant jackass.

  10. jroch says:

    Wish everybody would stop riding the Sonnen wagon! Yes he is a good fighter and yes it will be a good fight, but he’s the only embarrasement in the UFC! Singlehandedly turning it into the WWF road show! He should shut his mouth and do the talking in the cage period! The UFC should have put a gag order inplace for this moron!!!! Win or lose against silva, he will always be a joke!!!

  11. dan says:

    You can tell who is Brazilian or silva fans here. Being honest with everyone, silva is not the greatest fighter ever. He has only ever fought 1 big name, that was Dan Henderson. Some of you will say “well he fought at lhw, he eat Jamie irvin, forest griffin” those 2 are the best aren’t they? NO.

    If silva had a record with wins over rampage, Evans, machida (who beats silva in training) Lidell, Ortiz, Jones, shogun then yeah, I would class him as a great fighter. But he chose a division he knows he can beat. Good strategy though. But middleweight has no great fighters. Some good some mediocre, but no great fighters.

    Sonnen will not fight in Brazil, Dana white will not allow it. Silva is trying to duck out the fight cause he knows Sonnen will not fight in Brazil.

    • Xaninho says:

      Why should Silva have to fight Sonnen on his hometurf for the second time? It’s nothing but fair that Silva get’s the chance to fight on his hometurf now.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Sonnen might miss out on his chance for the title if he refuses to fight in Brazil to Mark Munoz.

      Also he is one of the best strikers in the UFC. Besides Dominic Cruz he has the best foot work and head movement for a fighter in the UFC. I don’t like Silva because he acts like a tool in the cage but I do respect his skills. Having said that a true test to his legacy would be a win over Suga Rashad because I think he is the best lhw right now over Jon Jones.

    • robert says:

      dan you may be the only intelligent one on here these mfrs are so stupid. silva fights who he wants and only does that once every 18 months or so. whats wrong with these people,do grown men need heros that bad

      • Xaninho says:

        Silva doesn’t get to pick his opponents idiot. He fights whoever the UFC puts in front of him. In fact nooneF gets to pick to pick, they can call out for a fighter and hope the UFC grants them their wish, but none of them can make his pick…

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        only person fighting who he wants is gsp. “i dont wanna fight condit i wanna fight nick diaz.” “i have to gain weight to fight anderson silva.” gimme a freaking break, everyone gives silva so much crap but he accepts all challenges, has beaten champs in higher weight classes and he still gets dogged on by losers who think theyre mma analysts. chael sonnen is a punk and he lost like a punk, one minute left in a fight u had in the bag and u lose it? lmao yeah thats something he and his fans should really be proud of. anderson showed no matter how much you beat him down theres always a threat he will finish you. unfortunately for chael hes not that skilled to finish his opponents and has to resort to clock management to win fights. and thats hard to do against someone as dangerous as silva. so sonnen fans out there, suck a dick.

  12. Ally says:

    Let’s see if Chael can go 5 rounds w silva without juice now. Oh wait, he was a politician, will he find another way to cheat? People give Chael so much credit but keep forgetting what he did. Nate Masquart got fired for doing same thing yet Chael gets title shots after losing a fight n winning another. Let’s see if he will actually do what he says which is quit UFC when he loses. Let’s see if he’s a man of his words then.

    • Pochizzle says:

      You do realize why nate got kicked out, after many fighters got caught up in the same boat as sonnen. Sonnen started it, thats why most of you anderson humping fans think he was so juiced up on that fight night. He man handled stann without testing positive. You guys really think silva is stronger than stann. Please stop giving silva a bad name.

  13. Ninjaman says:

    Brandon Wheaton you are wrong! Anderson Silva is not a sissy, he has never fought a weak fighter in all of his matches in the UFC. He has beat the best to become the best! He is very humble as well. So what if he dances arounf the octogan when the UFC sets up fights with Patrick Cote and Damian Maia what else is he supposed to do? He has always conducted himself with professionalism and integrity. If Sonnen thinks he is going to walk through Silva like he did last time, he is wrong too!

  14. Eric says:

    silva is going to win again, poor chael…

  15. BestEver says:

    All you guys that are calling Silva a pussy are stupid ya’ll are just hating hard. yep he was getting dominated BUT he came in the fight with a broken rib and sonnen failed his drug tests! im sure silva will tko/ko him in the 1st round in their rematch. and i agree with everyone else that sonnen needs to go to brazil to fight him, hes been calling out brazil and ranting about how much the country sucks and there fighters. hes obviously the onloy pussy here. all of yall need to hop off sonnens nuts. idiots

  16. Hostile hunter says:

    Theres no way in hell Silva is Stoping those nasty Sonnen takedowns.You Silva fans better hope he catches him coming in or learns how to do the Big Nog sweeps.Im sure all Chael is doing right now for training is his sub-defense.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      What makes you think he’s gonna start training sub defense now, when Silva was far from the first person to sub him? He shoulda started tightening up his sub defense game a long time ago.

  17. BJ Penn Fan says:

    why does anderson have so many haters? i think he’s awesome and a great fighter.

    is it so hard to believe that chael should fight a few more fights before getting a crack at the belt?! don’t get me wrong, i’d like to see this fight. but i’m not as “devastated” as all these other people when they were thinking chael wasn’t gonna get a shot. its not uncommon to have to string a few fights together before getting a shot at the belt. i mean bj and shogun got immediate rematches but that was b/c there was controversy over the decision, chael legitimately losts. no question.

    anyway, i’m excited about this fight… and more so if its in brazil. chael’s kind of been a real racist dick to the brazilians in order to get a fight with anderson. it’d be super cool to see him lose in brazil, but i really just hope for a good fight. definitely pulling for anderson tho. chael comes to fight, but anderson is the man.

  18. Spencer says:

    I feel like Anderson’s got this one in the bag. If fights were judged on damage, Chael would lose alot of those decisions where he just takes people down and hold them there. Check his face after the Marquardt and Anderson fights. He takes a beating in peoples guards and cant quite deliver the same from the top position.

    • MJJ says:

      He got through Stann very easily, not alot of fighters can say that, and in his fight with Silva he was winning the fight on the feet also, go back and watch.

      • BJ Penn Fan says:

        yeah… you’re right. but for some reason, i feel like anderson wasn’t even trying. doesn’t make sense but he does it all the time, its just usually he’s winning while not trying. i think somewhere in anderson’s head, he just didn’t think he could lose no matter what he did. its weird.

        i’m sure he’ll be trying from the bell and his wrestling/take-down defense will be better. think i’m gonna go w/anderson with some sort of stoppage.

  19. raul says:

    Everyone on here speaking about Chael will beat Silva’s ass…..r fukn ignorant. lm not even gna waste my time with explaining why Chael would get destroyed. All I gotta say is why should someone who already lost to the champion get a rematch u tapped like a bitch it didn’t go to decision so u dnt get a rematch ….. u gotta beat the champ to be the champ and chael u will never be a. Champ

  20. bizzle says:

    Silva will embarrass the clown they call Sonnen.. 100% Silva equals first round KO.. If he was a sissy champ like GSP there wouldn’t even had been a first fight as he would have pulled out due to his injury..

  21. Ruben says:

    Chael wont make it out of brazil alive

  22. Vincent says:

    I agree with Bj Penn fan silva is an entertaining fighter to watch he’s one of the best and he’s well rounded. Some people put too much hope in chael he’s a great wrestler but that’s it, everybody knows silvas weakness is wrestling but he’s never been stopped by a wrestler because of his jiu jitsu. In my opinion chael doesn’t have a chance, he’s never had a chance to beat silva. The only people who think chael has a chance probably just barely started watching UFC… Any real MMA fan knows silva doesn’t suck he’s a finisher he’s never been beat up and chael doesn’t stand a chance.

  23. Billybongster says:

    read to rumble

  24. The Unknown says:

    The almighty best p4p fighter in the world has spoke again. Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen in Brazil to determine once and for all who reigns superior. Chael you picked the fight, and you gotta response. He’s ready when you are. That’s if you grow a set of balls(not that they would grow anyway since I believe they’ve shrunk down to the size of a rat’s brain) to go to Brazil. I for one admit you had his number the first bout. But as a fan and practitioner of the sport I state that you will have your ass torn to shreds if you agree(which you most likely will) to the bout. You could try to wrestle Anderson all you want, we all know that’s all you’re good at. Anderson is a perfectionist and will find the recipe in training to zip up that mouth of yours. MEDIUM RARE! Sound familiar? That’s about how red your face, ribs, and legs are going to look by the time he disposes of you. Chael will be exposed in devastating fashion. Can I get a TAP!

  25. Skinner says:

    Silva should win the rematch probably in a more dominating fashion then the first. Sonnen fought the perfect fight rocked him in the first took him down in every round was ahead four rounds to none and lost the fight if you think he can repeat that against a silva that is healthy and has more time to prepare I just don’t see it happening.

  26. Lex w says:

    Can not wait I hope their security is on point

  27. dude really says:

    im read to finish chael??? come on man

  28. mellow fellow says:

    its cute anderson silva has the most nut riders almost as much as kobe. wat i see is silva took hella long to except the fight dnt wana take the same fight twice ok then move up. -_- oh dnt wana do that huh? ok lets except the fight bt go to brazil. weird Dana already said he wudnt do it there bkuz of safety reasons oh bt u knew that huh silva wat i see is a bitch move. ur the champ fight him anywhere anytime he called u out why are u jst getting around to it? Diaz called out GSP and he took the fight that night like a real champ. i love u silva ur 1 of the greatest if not the greatest to ever live bt you are fake and scared sumtimes silva dick riding fans feel free to be upset at this

    • Hello Fellow says:

      Ohh shut it ur just as much as a dick rider as everyone else on here. If you care enough to speak about him and claim he’s the best in the world than you indeed are a dick rider. DICK RIDER!

      • Zack says:

        He had shoulder surgery fucktard. It normally takes 6 months for any kind of shoulder injury to heal. Pretty sure it hasn’t been six months since Anderson knocked okami out. Oh Gsp took the fight when Diaz called him out then fuckin ducked him and had uncle Dana pull Diaz from the card and then pussy out 3 days before condit. You are ignorant

  29. Jr Barendregt says:

    Stop being a Lil bitch silva and just fight and fight here in the U.S that is a U.S title not a brazil title.

  30. Jacob says:

    Chris Leben, Rich Franklin, Travis Lutter, Nate Marqurdt, Rich Franklin (2), Dan Henderson, James Irvin, Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, Forrest Griffin, Demian Maia, Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami.

    Before you call Anderson Silva a sissy or a pussy or whatever, consider these MMA-fighters. I don’t think I even need to tell you that Anderson beat them. All of them.

    I will not talk any shit about Chael though, I don’t like him in any way, but this fight has to happen, and I will be rooting for Anderson Silva.

    • MJJ says:

      So your saying Anderson has only beaten 1 great fighter in his career?(Hendo)

      • dan says:

        Thank you! Henderson is the only great fighter silva has fought. The rest are all ok to good fighters. Rich Franklin was classed as 1 of the future treats when he beat shamrock at ultimate fighter 2 finale, then silva beat him and he’s not that great anymore. Someone will come along & challenge silva to a fight, & he will be better than him, its just a matter of time.

        Silva needs to move up to LHW to really seal his legacy with wins over rashad Evans, shogun & machida. I know silva would never fight machida, teammates friends etc, but machida would be the guy to finish him.

        A lot of fighters go on about not fighting teammates/friends, but this is a sport where its only you. It’s not a team sport. If my boss told me to fight my sparring partner, I would as if you want to be the best, you fight the best.

  31. Ninjaman says:

    The title belongs to Anderson Silva and Anderson Silva is Brazilian, so…..

    Who cares where the belt is from, lets just enjoy the fight. Sonnen is the reason why 90% of planet earth hates America.

  32. TC says:

    The fight realistically can not happen in Brazil, its way to much of a safety issue. The Brazilians were going to arrest him at the airport when he was coming to corner Okami, so what makes you think they’d let him fight, and when he beats Anderson they’d arrest him for that too. They fight needs to happen in Chicago, just sayin.

  33. Zack says:

    Nighty night chael. This fight would be awesome in Chicago cuz I live so close and could go but they fought last time in the states so why not let Anderson defend his title in his home. Gsp fights in Canada almost every fight

  34. Cagin says:

    If they fight in Brazil and Chael wins.. He better get the fuck out of that stadium fast! Riots would erupt.

  35. Tru24 says:

    Internet toughness at its finest. Anderson is the man since he want with blackhouse. He cocky so what Muhammad Ali was cocky. If people don’t want him dancing around stop him. Cheal is criminal and cheater who has lost all his fights by submission(even forrest submitted him)

  36. Jake says:

    Anderson Silva fans suck big monkey nuts.

  37. Cnorbom says:

    I dont understand why people make such a big deal about anderson wanting it to go down in brazil. Gsp alllwaayysss gets home field advantage, and thats how it should be, you earned it.

  38. lol says:

    Lets make this fight happen.. If/when Silva beats chael I am sure they will probably try forcing him to jump up weight class because he cleared it out for a while. I want him to fight GSP after that 1.

  39. brandon thomas says:

    Sonnen is scared I don’t think this time silva will be dancing around if he don’t go right after him and kick the shit out of him in the first round then he really isn’t as tough as everybody thinks he should be able to walk right through sonnen and if he can’t then maybe dancing with the stars is best for him a lot of hype he’s the best pound for pound then prove it where ever any city let’s see it that’s bjs attitude so you would think the hardest dude around could shut up a shit talking bitch like that in mere seconds I would really like to see anderson mad in the ring chasing sonnen around just bitch slapping him after all the shit he talks if he said that about my wife or family I would smash that faggot right now I never heard or seen sonnen with a woman anybody ???

  40. jlopz says:

    A healthy Chael couldn’t finish off an injured Anderson… don’t need to say anymore.

  41. BJPennrules says:

    You asked for it Chael SONnen…good night..dont forget to brush your teeth before the fight..

  42. j mann says:

    sonnen walked through stann who was going to be getting a shot at the title soon. mark munoz is a less talented wrestler so I cant see anyone wanting to watch that fight. get em sonnen

  43. JMango says:


  44. SaberTooth says:

    Let’s break this down nut-huggers. We’ll start in 2006 with Leben. White, UFC, etal. bring in Silva to fight Leben a young and inexperienced fighter and we see what happenned. Then White gives him a title fight with Franklin (that’s how bad the UFC was then, when UFC had Franklin as a champ, lol). So now Silva is the champ. So now White, Fertita, UFC etal, get all giddy and excited about having a Brazilian champ that they can promote since they need one to build their Brazilian brand and that fucking Nog kept getting his ass beat so Silva is the horse in 2006. So they say, hey we need to feed him tomato cans so he won’t get beat, hopefully! So then comes Lutter, Marquardt and Franklin again (lmao) = TOMATO CANS. Then White and the gang, after buying Pride because they need better fighters in the UFC, decide to set-up Hendo and Silva. (White has never liked Hendo and thought he was washed up but would be a good sell as a Pride Champ). So the fight starts and Hendo beats the shit out of Andy in Round 1 and White and the UFC gang are shitting their pants, thinking that there goes our Brazilian champ and our Brazilian MONEY. But then Hendo gets submitted in round 2 and White and the gang sigh relief. But this has taught them a lesson that their Brazilian champ really sucks when it comes to real fighters and so they need to feed this dude more tomato cans until they can get and develop better Brazilian fighters. So here comes, Irvin (LOL), Leites, Griffin = tomato cans. Now it is 2010 and Brazil is close to being in the UFC pocket, so let’s get 2 Brazilians together and whoever wins, we have a Brazilian champ. Win:Win. Silva shows his real colors of his low character by getting his bell rung by a grappler and running like a bitch and refusing to fight a superior fighter than he is. What a bitch. Now White knows Brazil is good and it’s time to get rid of Andy who is starting to spoil the UFC brand. White and gang KNOWS that Sonnen is better and will beat this guy’s ass. So we’re at the Fight, Sonnen is beating his ass like everybody that knows anything about fighting knew he would. Then with about 30 seconds to go a tired Sonnen makes a mental mistake by allowing bitch Silva to control his wrists, and pays for it by getting caught and loses. White, even though he wanted Sonnen to get this pink shirt wearing ,crooked hat punk out of the UFC , he being the ultimate promoter, was prepared for this by saying he is the best and we need to make superfights to make supermoney from all you nut-hugging idiots. But inside White wanted his ass out. So we are now in 2011 and he decides to give The Phlop a chance and yah he got his face kicked in and bam phlop(tomato can) he went. Oh well. Now White and company are wishing Sonnen was available to get this dude out of here, but he wasn’t so they decided that it would be great to have a Japanese champ for their push into the Japan market, but please even White knew this was a long shot. Now we are here in Nov 2011, Sonnen is up and Andy’s days are close to ending and he is going to wiggle and squirm all he can to postpone this so he can, hopefully, get Sonnen to fight someone else and maybe lose. But it ain’t happenning, mediocre Silva has overstayed his welcome and his time is up. Nobody is on top forever. Sonnen knows what he did wrong and he is gonna Filho 2 him. And then all will lbe right in the UFC!!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      there you go again speaking of records when sonnen has lost to guys anderson has beat. snaggle tooth youre a moron who bit hard on the bs known as chael. the guy is an above average fighter WHEN HE IS ON PEDS lol if hes not on anything he taps faster than the lord of the dance. keep hoping he does the impossible but be ready to use the tissues you usually use to catch your sperm for another part of your body oozing out fluids, YOUR TEARS!

      • SaberTooth says:

        Hey Ice Junkie, Just Say No to drugs and Yes to Sports – I just laid out Silva’s career and you still think he’s the shitz? The only 2 good fighter’s he’s faced since 2006, has beat his ass prior to being submitted. I do have to agree though that Silva is the luckiest dude in the UFC. He must have made a deal with the devil. And well, the devil is coming to collect and Silva’s gonna pay. He’s done, he’s over. Anybody, who KNOWS fighting knows this. Wake UP dipshit, you’re asleep!!

        So you know a lot about body fluids and tissues???!!!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          the only one who sold is soul to the devil is sonnen. and even with the devils help he couldnt beat the god given talent known as anderson silva. maybe you would like to lay out chaels illustrious career. submitted by non bjj champions forrest griffin and jeremy horn (twice!). has lost EVERY championship fight hes been. his best streak of his career came against okami, marquart and dan miller (now that would make any mma fan laugh). oh btw thanks for discrediting marquart it shows that chaels road to his championship is even more pathetic than andersons. every move you make to discredit anderson just makes chaels accomplishments look that much more insignificant. chaels biggest highlight of his dismal career is ALMOST winning a fight but never actually ever winning. wow u sure know how to pick em buddy!

        • SaberTooth says:

          You obviously have NO idea about fighting and who is a good fighter and who isn’t. I cannot believe that after watching this clown Andy and his behavior in the Maia fight, you would still be nut-hugging him. That dude pissed in your mouth and made you say it was sweet wine from “The Spider”. LMAO, LMAO! It’s good to know that all of Andy’s fanbitches are piss drinkers.

          (Hey Einstein, did you forget Filho2, Sonnen punished that bitch and WON, even when he came in over weight, Damn you’re looking stooooopid)

        • CB says:

          umm arent you supposed to be talking shit about anderson ??

        • SaberTooth says:

          Errh, I thought I did. Do you see something else CB?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          filho didnt even try in their second fight its was more obvious than the penis in your moms panty (shes a hermaphrodite in case you didnt know). filho came in over weight and looked lost and paid chael no attention in the fight and chael still couldnt finish him lol, LMFAO!!! so yeah anderson made a fool of himself in the maia fight that was how many fights ago and his last decision fight. sonnen on the other hand only wins by decisions and stann gave him the arm triangle. and back to filho in case you didnt know since filho came in overweight it was no longer a championship fight so even though chael won filho was still the champ, HAHAHA get it even when chael wins the other guy is STILL THE CHAMP hahahaha. oh man karma loves fucking your mom and chael sonnen!

        • SaberTooth says:

          Little Brother Junkie, just say NO to drugs. Let’s see here, since Maia, he got his ass beat by Sonnen before a lucky devil deal kicked in, Then he fights a washed up Belfort and because the Phenom is no longer he gets kicked out cold before the fight actually starts, then he fights Okami (please). And you still support this douche. Now that said, even though Okami is only top 10, Andy did look good in that fight and took him out pretty convincingly. But Okami, can’t beat any of the top 5 or 6 MW’s. Unfortunately, many of the top MW’s aren’t in the UFC. But once Rumble dispatches Belfort once and for all he may give Sonnen a run. Either way, Silva is out, His deal with the devil is over and his time is up?

          But hey baby bitch, you can cry about it and remember all those good memories when your hero was the Champ and WAS the p4p….puche.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          lots of ifs and whens and devil talk. lets hope your black magic and voodoo dolls work cuz if doesnt it looks like a bunch of repetitive years of loserdom for you!

        • SaberTooth says:

          Come on Junkie – I’ve been schooling you for some time now. Don’t you have anything better than ad hominem’s (yah, I know you need to google it to see what it stands for, go ahead google, I’ll wait……..tictoctictoc…..). You need to at least pepper in a few good points with the ad hominems. Damn baby brother, I EXPECT more form you. How are you going to become an Alpha like your big brother snaggletooth?

          Maybe instead of a deal with the devil, Silva is actually the real devil….hmmmm…..Well even the devil doesn’t always win.You know what happenned to him when he went down to Georgia and tried to make a deal. Either way, he’s done for, his time is up…We deserve better than Andy….All Hail Chael the new King!!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          we deserve better than andy that maybe true but if that is what youre searching for than you’re going backwards of u think the answer is a trt enhanced losing machine named chael sonnen. its nice to see you use all the different types of ad hominems on me its real flattering but unfortunately everything you say is fallacious and untrue. anderson has had a much difficult road than chael and continues to have tougher challenges than chael, not to mention he already beat the guy. so deflect mislead or whatever other method u wanna use to not deal with the reality of the situation you live in and that situation is one most non haters are living in and thats accepting the fact that anderson is the shit and chael is nothing more than shit.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Dude, I know you don’t like Chael and that’s ok, but what I have been trying to point out is that behind that Silva curtain there are other wizards pulling knobs and levers to keep him from getting beat for awhile. Don’t ever forget the UFC is in it to MAKE MONEY NOT TO PUT ON THE BEST FIGHTS. These two are NOT exclusive. Silva has been groomed to be and stay champ for this long. He hasn’t fought any real good fighters for years EXCEPT Hendo and Sonnen, who both were beating his ass until they got submitted out. My point is that Silva’s time is up and whether it is Sonnen or someone else after Sonnen, Silva will get beat soon. The dude really does suck in fighting and in his character. He is an embarrassment to real fighting.

          Hey man, I think your future is very bright and I like your arguments and the fact that you don’t back down to my shit. But I want you to think and challenge any bias you may have. It will make your future and life even brighter…Peace Out!!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i can sorta see where youre coming from on the ufc wanting to make money and the possibility of rigging fights for their groomed cash cow. the problem i see with that theory is that anderson, for all his accomplishments, isnt really that big of a cash cow for the ufc. i know shocker. and hes been in fights where he came damn close to losing like his lutter and sonnen fights. i dont think the ufc can influence chael to give up in the last minute of the last round in a championship fight, i believe other factors like karma played a role more than your theory. but hey only time will tell and i will be hear to take your crap or to feed you. we’re only 2 montsh away from andersons proposed bout to fight chael in brazil in january or 3 months away from chaels proposed bout superbowl weekend first week in february. we shall see then whos right older bro.

        • Sonnen lost the fight w Anderson bc of arrogance , he thought the win was in the bag and it was and Anderson being smart enuf to realize Chael was letting up w a minute left went in for the last ditch attempt and snagged the wild boar in his trap. Anderson never gave up.. we all see that and that why he’s still the champ.. Chael had that from the beginning and became overconfident and it but him in the dick! Won’t happen again .. Chael will come hard until the end and hell will try to finish Anderson bc he will come in w INSANE cardio and strength and there’s nothing Anderson is going to do..period! My saying I adopted: a champions greatest weakness is believing in his own invincibility.. that was Chael. Anderson knows its coming and hell is coming him!

        • Dog chapman says:

          Hey bra im a ice junkie was sup like swing y thy call u sabertooth thy dawg kuz in jail I gave it doggy stylee and I say ur reason ur name is that is kuz bruddah u sir give toothy bjs

    • GRT 3000 says:

      Holy shit clown, get a life. That’s a long line of bullshit you rattled off there. ne-who I’ll keep it nice and neat 4 u; Silva’s the man, and you are full of shit.

      • SaberTooth says:

        Yah, i’ve got size 13 boots so I may just be bozo, but you bitch are a dumbass. Not much hope for you weasel.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Sabertooth you have to be the biggest all time doochbag ever. How can you even root for such a scumbag cheater in Chael sonnen. what it tells me is you are also a STEROID-ABUSER- DRUG ABUSER yourself as it is obviosu you are all iced out with your endless ranting about how great sonnen is. Sonnen is mostly lay n pray boring and he looked horrible against bisping. Sonnen drops huge amounts of weight to make 185 so i wouldn’t doubt without being able to have a 3400 testosterone leve; for the next Silva fight your boy CHEAT Sonnen is going to get KO’d real bad and i doubt the ref is going to be in any hurry to stop that final blow just like the Hendo H-Bomb that made Bispings toes curl back after he was already unconsious. Sonne is going to get hurt real bad and I can’t wait. i would be willing to bet anything Sabertooth will not have the balls to come on her after Sonnen gets his ass beat again. cheaters liek Sonnen and Sabertooth can’t fac e up to nothing they BOTH don’t got the balls (if you know what i mean)

    • jersey says:

      god damn u couldnt have said it better, i 100% agree with everyword us said

    • The General says:

      Franklin a can?Leben inexperienced?if 20 odd fights count as inexperienced then most top guys today don’t know shit according to you,Wow mate that was some longwinded dribble right there.

      • SaberTooth says:

        First Aussie, I’m NOT your mate. You must be confusing me and your girlfriend Ho. Damn using ‘mate’ is so gay. Queer Aussies.

        Now, if you think Franklin and Leben are top quality fighter’s than there is NO hope for you. You are a stump your so dumb.

        Have you ever fought or trained???

        This story is more close to reality than any of that fantasy going through your gay mind. STFU!

    • Kyle says:

      Sonnen has 8 out of 11 losses by submission so it ain’t hard to beat him if your a rounded fighter. If it goes to the ground he will tap again period… but more than likely get caught with a knee to the head going for a takedown and get ko’d as Silva will be 100% this time . Do you have any idea what broken ribs do ? I used to play rugby leauge and have had broken and cracked ribs before and this is how it effects you : Limited mobility, Hurts to breath, Hurts to walk or do any other kind of cardio training … something as simple as lifting your knee to around waist height feels like you just got stabed with a knife… so if you are fighting with an injury like that you might be at about 30 to 40% at best. Plus all the Sonnen fans seem to not notice that he hits like a girl.
      The real mma fans should make you guys a deal “When he loses again you guys never comment on a mma fight ever again” because you all have no clue.

    • Theo says:


      more like saberBrains.

      Asside the fact that anderson beat every fighter who beat chael before, brazil has alot of champions who won’t be beaten anytime soon, like jose aldo and jds.

      So … No, just no mr retarded.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Sabertooth you just stole 5 minutes of my life with the biggest TROLL RANT i have ever endured. Sonnen is adiscrace to MMA and if he wasn’t all ROIDED up with his TRT he would get tapped out just like he did in Maia fight (BEFORE TRT) Sonnen lost the Silva fight and he was ROIDED up beyong what any doctor ever thought was possible. Do you have a clue how much TESTOSTERONE Sonnen had to be injecting in his ass to be able to get his levels up to 3400? I know someone who has LEGIT LOW T and he injects 200 MG week and his levels ahve never been above 600. Sonnen was injecting literaly 1000’s of mg testosterone weekly before teh Silva fight so you idiots need to quit acting like that was some kind of huge accomplishment when in FACT sonnen was just CHGEATING like he has done with everything in his life. The man is PURE SCUMBAG.
      FOR THE RECORD SABERTOOTH YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT and even worse youa re a Sonnen nuthugger

  45. Dethy says:

    I can’t imagine why they would be worried about Sonnen… Brazil seems like a pretty safe place!

  46. Xaninho says:

    Where is the stupid storyline about Silva only getting cans picked out by the UFC coming from? He CLEARED OUT the whole 185 division. He fought every possible contender out there, denying that is ignorance.

    There is just no worthy opponent available, but that’s not his fault. He’s just too good.

    And the ‘cans’ Silva has beaten, are the same ones Sonnen lost to. So why the fuck are Sonnen’s fanboys even bringing that up?

    • Zack says:

      Cuz they can’t face the fact that chael is a douche and they are too

      • Xaninho says:

        Yeah, that’s probably it. It’s almost surreal man. Sonnen lost by tap out, and calling himself “the true champ”, and” He’s willing to defend his title”, I mean wtf?

        And to top these delusional comments he even has fanboys following him and actually being in the same denial stages he is in!

        It’s like a cult of brainwashed zombies!

      • SaberTooth says:

        And that comes from an A1 Zackass douche like you. You wouldn’t know a real fighter if he and, in your case, she stepped up to you and dumped you on your clueless head. What a zackass.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Ok Foreskin, you been due for a beatin’. You are quite adept at fingering huh and damn this comes from an Andy d-licker? I got a q for you, did you ever help out as a boy at penn state? Go get therapy weasel.

          btw: your mommy says hi.

  47. SanSooRob says:

    Did sonnen take offer lol

  48. Kali130 says:

    The only concern I have is Anderson’s age. Will he still have the speed, stamina and hand eye coordination that he once possessed. But it would also be interesting to see how Chael responds with out his roids.

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