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Monday, 11/28/2011, 06:07 pm

UFC NEWS – American Fans Are Jealous I Like The Japanese Fans More, Says Rampage

“Back when I was fighting here, I had so much energy. I just wanted to put on a good show for the fans because all the energy they give. In America, you’re under so much pressure to win at all costs because the fans talk shit to you if you lose even if it’s a good, exciting fight. In Japan, it’s just a different energy. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take more chances and not care because it’s all about the crowd. I react to the crowd. I don’t care about the people watching on TV … In Japan, I used to slam a lot and put on more of a show because the energy from the fans gave me power and I don’t feel the same energy in the US. So, I can’t honestly say I improved or evolved in a good way since leaving Japan. I’m all about putting on an exciting fight in Japan. One thing I love about Japanese fans and why I love them the most is that they don’t care if you win or lose. All they care is if you have samurai spirit, that you put on a good fight. That’s why Japanese fans are my favorite. And American fans are jealous that I say that all the time.”

At today’s UFC 144 pre-fight press conference in Japan, the former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rampage Jackson told the media in attendance that he likes the Japanese fans better than the American fans.

For Rampage, who spent a good portion of his career under the PRIDE banner, it makes sense that he may have a kinship with the Japanese fans who took him in as their own back when he was climbing the world rankings. There is something to be said about the Japanese spirit and their respect for the martial arts.

But jealous? Is anyone jealous of the fact that he is partial to the Asian crowds?

Thoughts please…

(quote via Daniel Herbertson from today’s UFC press conference)

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56 Responses to “UFC NEWS – American Fans Are Jealous I Like The Japanese Fans More, Says Rampage”

  1. Scott Toomey says:

    Whatever helps him sleep at night, I guess.

  2. brad t says:


    • THE INUK says:

      your the perfect example LOL shut the fuck up you little girl!! Can you blame him? fighting in japan is most likely 100% more fun, and stress free… but there is a reason he came to the u.s. the same reason all aspiring mma fighters do.. money!

  3. Mitch Webbs says:

    I’m very jealous…

  4. magoo says:

    Maybe if you put on a show in the good ole US like you use to in Japan the americans might show you a little more Japanese love!…I dunno

  5. JAT says:

    honestly dont care as long as its a great fight. I hope to see some Rampage slams lol

  6. Jason Phalen says:

    Care? What’s to care about? The man has a preference. I don’t think this is much of a surprise. I mean, Rampage DOES tend to give his honest opinion when provoked.

  7. Eric El Bestia says:

    I’m latino. Rampage is the shit. No matter if he would it say the same bout latin fans, I respect that straight up mofo.

  8. bertram says:

    cant blame him. mainstream mma fans are fuckin idiots and know fuck all about the sport aside from wanting a knockout every single fight. its sad, and i can understand why he would feel that way. the guy gets shit on every time he doesnt ko somebody and gets questioned about heart and lack of skill besides his punching power. true mma fans could care less about winning and losing, or ko’s. fans who get the sport, and live it, simply want a fighter to give it his best and show improvement in his skill set. anything beyond that is icing on the cake

    • tiki says:

      well said player!

    • SmoothAssNigga says:

      Real talk thats how I feel about my favorite fighters, give it ur all win or lose but sadly I didnt leave the Jones vs Rampage fight with that feelin honestly

      And yes American MMA fans fuckin suck, not sure how it is in the UK or Canada but they’re arent many people I meet that I can have a decent MMA conversation with. Most of the bitchin haters r usually fagget computer nerds anyways which makes up 90% of the people on this website. The rest r just ignorant as hell, the type of fans at the events screamin when the camera comes around with a beer in their hand hopin for a knockout.

      • Shawn says:

        Ya know. Not much different in Canada. It’s that WWE mentality ingrained in most mainstream fans head. Which is where most came from. The best MMA fans outside of Japan are the ones who actually train, and are fighters themselves. Because they understand the fight game, the little nuances of fighting. We understand it’s not all about the big KO’s, or even the quick submissions. It’s the everything that leads to those. Sometimes great fights can be had without finishing. Not very many people understand that or appreciate it. They want their KOs with their blood. Anything else would be unsatisfactory.

    • King says:

      Amen to that brotha

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      ^ +100

    • Leefal says:

      Nicely stated.

    • baldy says:

      yup…very true.

  9. How can u not love rampage!?

  10. Xaninho says:

    He’s right..In Japan it’s even custom for retiring fighters to lose their last fight. In the US and Europe ‘fans’ demand a win and have the nerve to booh them. In Japan a fighter gets a standing ovation to honor the fighter and his career.

    Japanese fans understand the true warrior Martial Arts spirit.

  11. Nick Diaz wants to get humped by GSP says:

    Bader will out wrestle and KO Rampage. Tito got lucky and well, we know how good Jon Jones is. Bader will be back on track and Page will be back on crack, looking for some more black on black crime.

    • andrew J says:

      you racist motherless dog!, here in japan, we don t say things like that we honor all fighters that do well, and rampage san will knock the fuck out of bader and you can suck the scrotum out of a monkeys balls.

  12. Nick says:

    I’m half Asian, so yeah. I would be considered an American fan for sure, but I always back him up win or lose. I don’t criticize him at all. I can understand why he would say that. His American fans that don’t know that shouldn’t say a damn thing, they’re not in there.

  13. T.FAGGOT says:

    You’re a fag.

  14. stone cold says:

    maybe… he’s not as aggressive and carefless lol. but yeah some us fans suck, they boo for no reason ignorant people

  15. e says:

    it’s all about the DIE HARD/REAL FANS. they’ll stick with ya. it’s the fairweather/bandwagon fans that shit all over you when they’re not happy. it just so happens that AMERICA has a shit load of BANDWAGON/FAIRWEATHER fans that doesn’t share the same mentality and appreciation of the fights/fighters as the Japanese (and others) fans do.

  16. Brandon says:

    We don’t chant “USA!” “USA!” “USA!” during a match.

    We boo our own fighter if they GREASED or CHEATED in the past.
    (Mark my words, sexyama’s gonna get booed in UFC 144)

  17. Jb says:

    Be hilarious if he gets KO infront of his favorite fans lol

  18. MJJ says:

    Love to hear how much more enlightened the Japanese fans are, Japan is the same place where Bob Sapp was a huge star and Jose Canseco fought, no one made you come to the U.S. and fight, but it is where the money and the talent are. Ever notice how the best fighters in Japan aren’t from Japan?

  19. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. That’s why I wanna move to Japan .[-

  20. TrigenicKin says:

    Japanese fans have more energy? They sit there in silence the whole time. At least you GET a reaction from the U.S. crowd. And by the way I trust BJ fans way more than those Fedor fapping Sherdog goers.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      us crowds suck. best crowds are the ones not full of opinionated losers who boo warriors. best crowd ive seen so far was brazil.

      • TrigenicKin says:

        Best? They’re just nationalistic as all shit. The Brazil crowd is the best crowd if you’re Brazilian.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i liked the chanting and excitement in the air. you didnt hear booing or chants of usa from all the american haters. so imo i thought it was the best crowd. and im not brazilian.

        • Long-Strong says:

          totally agree with you. I thought it was really rude and shameful that the Brazilian crowd booed Stanislav Nedkov for KOing Luiz Cane. No respect whatsoever. The Europeans didn’t boo Carlos Condit when he KO’ed Dan Hardy. It really showed their immaturity and impoliteness if you ask me. Either that or the beer price there is way too inexpensive.

        • Brandon says:

          Brits booed Condit when he ktfo Dan Hardy!
          They even booed the 30-27 decision to Hamill for fuck sakes!!
          Everyone who watched that fight knows that Hamill won and Bisping got his ass whooped!
          The judges gave it to Bisping, and the crowd cheered that cunt even though that decision was CONTROVERSIAL!!

          UK Crowd = Sucks
          USA Crowd = Brainwashed robots who chants “USA!” “USA!” “USA!”
          Brazilian Crowd = Energetic
          Japanese Crowd = Respectful
          Nuff Said

      • magoo says:


  21. smh says:


  22. mike says:

    can’t blame him. as a fighter i’d want a pumped up crowd. doesn’t mean he dislikes us fans, but let’s face it, we can suck sometimes

  23. Long-Strong says:

    yeah… rampage always says something dumb. this is one of them.

  24. Fabian says:

    I’m Brazilian and To Be Honest, I Like American Crowd ! They are always given a good Energy to The Fighters. The American Crowd have too much respect for the Fighters no matters they came from. The Problem is the Tv Fans !!! The Internet Fans !!! A lot of Trolls in the WolrdWideWeb !!!

    • Brandon says:

      I completely disagree about your “The American Crowd have too much respect for the Fighters no matters they came from.” BULLSHIT.
      Japanese, English, Brazilian fighters gets “USA” chants everytime they fight in US.
      American fans are like brainwashed Nazi Robots. Lol.
      “USA! USA! USA!” my ass, gtfo. This ain’t no World War III.

      • Fabian says:

        It is Normal ! Respect has nothing to do with Cheer. I Don’t see any problem about US Crowd cheer for their fighters. Have you already Seen a Wanderley Fight ? Once Again: “Respect has nothing to do with Cheer” Have you Seen Shogun Vs Hendo? Absolutly Normal the American Crowd Screaming: “USA”, “USA”, “USA”, Did you expect them screaming “Brazil” “Brazil” “Brazil” ??? In Some Points of the fight they have screamed “Shogun” “Shogun” “Shogun” But The Most Important After the End of the Fight Both have earned a lot of Applauses !!!

        • Xaninho says:

          I would expect them to cheer for the fighter they want to win. If they were chanting: “Hendo!”, “Hendo!” it would have been fine.

          It’s not about the USA, not about Brazil or any other nation any of the fighters were born. It’s about two fighters trying to be the best. Cheer for the fighter you want to win, but leave the stupid Nationalistic nonsense out of the cage please!

  25. brett says:

    if rampage reacts to the crowd so much then I would of expected him to throw some punches when they were booing him his last couple fights for being inactive. Just shut the hell up and fight

  26. Shawn says:

    I agree Forty. And I agree with Rampage’s comment. Not all North American fans, but a good majority. I know for a fact that all the hardcore, old school, fans (who have trained, still training, and respect the fight game…any fighting discipline), never boo. They get disappointed (as anyone would), if the fight was lack luster and boring, with no effort by either fighter. But never boo. Booing is a sign of disrespect. Even the fighters I’m not very fond of as people, I never boo them. I do wish them a good fight, but always have a smile on my face when they are getting their ass handed to them. If they win, well, I get a little disappointed. But if it’s a good fight, I’m giving them props. Example, not a big fan of Sonnen these days, always been a fan of Silva long before he left Japan, but I gave mad props to Sonnen for his skills.

    And that’s how all Japanese fans are like. They cheer for the warrior spirit of both fighters. And they are a culture deeply based on the samurai spirit. It’s in everything they do. There is no WWE, good guy vs bad guy mentality there. Just warrior against warrior. May the better warrior win. But respect to both none the less. There hasn’t been one UFC event I’ve gone to that someone wasn’t yelling obscenities at certain fighters, and they didn’t even have a clue on who he was. Only the fact that they weren’t American, or Canadian. I also remember when Shogun first fight in the UFC in Montreal against Liddell. I was cheering for Liddell too. But when Shogun came out, I was pretty much the only guy in my row (and couple of guys in front of me) cheering for him. People went silent in my area. They had no idea who he was. Some of them booed only because he was fighting the fan favorite. Then he TKO’d Chuck. And the three of us were jumping up and down. Now everyone else has jumped on the Shogun bandwagon.

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