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Thursday, 01/19/2012, 05:04 pm

UFC NEWS – Alistair Overeem's "The Reem" Season 2 Episode 10 (Video)

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28 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Alistair Overeem's "The Reem" Season 2 Episode 10 (Video)”

  1. The REEMMONSTER is a rockstar! Junior going to get his ass beat!

  2. Berm says:

    Berm aka mmaislandjunkie here and im here to say the reemmonster is gonna be choking on dos santos’s monstrous cajones!!!

    • About time flunkie..lay off the hallucinogen bc yr not in yr right mind brah! This is year of the Reem! : )

      • Berm says:

        everyone knows u cops steal from the evidence room, thats the only reason u think reem has a chance, all those drugs ur on that u stole lol.

        • kryzosystika palazewsozyninanenskinisitsky says:

          eh….overreem has loss to rua(twice), Nogueira (twice) and to chuck liddel, and i dont think anyone can stand and trade strikes to jds

        • Xaninho says:

          I respect your opinion and I think JDS is a great fighter too, it certainly won’t be easy, but if anyone has the chance to beat JDS it’s Overeem. JDS’ striking is amongst the ebst, if not THE best in MMA, but that goes for the hands. Overeem’s legkicks and knees are devastating and his hands are amongst the best too….So in my opinion Overeem is overall the more complete fighter, this one can go either way with a slight edge to Overeem.

          Don’t forget those losses were primarily the result of horrible weightcuts.

        • Kp..What do u know you can’t even spell your name right u idiot!

        • Xaninho says:

          lol Chart why you always so hostile man?

        • Bc it’s interesting xan! Notice I kaid off u bc yr a Reem fan. Ha ha

  3. : ^ ) says:

    so quiet today…

  4. Is this the video where they catch him eating the horse meat?

  5. bigfoot343 says:

    inception soundtrack

  6. Thom says:

    Looks like the site is dying.. bum

  7. Xaninho says:

    Overeem has the best videoblogs.

  8. daveee says:

    looks like evryone wanted that cocky 1 trick poney to lose,,,,reem was moving like he had been in a 5 round war after that fight,,,he seems to get hurt easy

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