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Tuesday, 01/17/2012, 08:22 am

UFC NEWS – Aldo Only Moving To Lightweight For Immediate Title Shot

[box_light]”It won’t happen for now, unless he goes straight for a title shot. Not, “Oh no, he left the featherweight belt, moved up to lightweight and started from the beginning,’ no way.”[/box_light]

Leader of Brazils Nova Uniao and trainer of UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, Andre Pederneiras, comments on the possibility of his champion moving up in weight to test himself amongst the UFC”s lightweight division.

After last weekend’s first round destruction over Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo has seemingly cleared out his division. The featherweight champion has now defended his world title a total of five times and in the process taken out the elite of the division that he reigns over.

Many ask what could possibly be next for the champ who has cemented himself amongst the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters.

One option is a move up in division. Aldo is known to be larger than his divisional peers and a move to lightweight would offer new and intriguing matchups for the Brazilian based fighter. However according to his head coach the challenges at lightweight are not worth vacating the belt unless promised an immediate shot at Frankie Edgar.


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85 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Aldo Only Moving To Lightweight For Immediate Title Shot”

  1. KingRon says:

    I say give him the Bendo/Edgar winner. Maynard isn’t getting another shot anytime soon and Miller and Guillard both lost their previous fights.

  2. Elua says:

    Aldo vs Bendo for the LW trophyo!

  3. MikeO says:

    That would be an awsome fight… !!! I say go for it aldo… Even if you loose… you can go right back down and challenge for your belt back.. Two title fights back to back.. Big pay day and two awsome fights.. ( i dont think he would loose though) If he wins then he goes on the short list of fighters to have two belts in diffrent weight classes… WIN WIN>

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Aldo probably wouldn’t have to give up the belt. BJ fought GSP for the welterweight belt when he was still lightweight champ. After he lost, he went back down to lightweight and successfully defended against KenFlo in his next fight.

    • Mike says:

      He’d be the first to hold two UFC belts simultaneously as well. I believe he’d be only the second to even attempt as well.

      I’d actually give Ben a better chance against Aldo than Frankie at the moment. But Frankie always surprises me.

      • JMad says:

        I definitely think that Bendo would do a lot better against Aldo too. I think Frankie would get demolished but Aldo/ Bendo could be like another Bendo/ Pettis. And I dont think Andre Pederneiras has to worry about not getting an immediate title shot, if Jose moves up Dana is not gonna make him fight anyone besides the one who has the title.

  4. lalo diesel says:

    go aldo..and grab the fence again ….every time edgar takes you down…

    • Chris says:

      Not really sure why people are so mad about that. Its against the rules but its certainly not disqualification worthy or anything like that.

      • lalo diesel says:

        because it prevented a takedown..and maybe changes the fight course….aldo was allowed to cheat…in his country

        • Breno says:

          Yeah, cause no USA citizen does it in USA, right?

        • Xaninho says:

          Mendes did it again after that warning and Aldo got right back up again. Made no difference at all.

          I think we’re reaching a turning point in MMA. The edge wrestlers used to have is fading. Stand-up specialists are more and more prepared to defend the take downs.

        • JMad says:

          It’s awesome isn’t it.

        • Tre says:

          Y’all are sounding like a bunch of bitches, it’s instinct to grab sum wen ur about to fall it’s not like he was holding on for dear life or did it 5 times in one match like Tito did wit Rashad, and he couldn’t even keep him down, and like dude said, y’all actin like no amarcan does it cause I can pull up bout 100 fight where they did, and im american born and raised in va and I can still say that, so stop tryna b mr mma anylist wen you sound like a crybaby!

        • Chris says:

          “Allowed to cheat” is way too strong. He got warned and Yamasaki made sure he didnt grab it again. He should have gotten deducted a point but it wouldnt have changed the outcome at all.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Just gotta find reasons to hate, and excuses for your fighter to lose. Haters are gonna hate…

      • sandman says:

        yeah, but really the rules / scoring / judging is what really needs to change. the points scored for the take down vs the penalty for grabbing the fence to avoid said take down.
        i said this last weekend, and i’ll say it again, aldo moving up to light weight fighting edger who walks around at 155 may be the first walk around weight title fight. this is as long as the two fighters don’t pack on a bunch of muscle before the fight then have to cut down to 55. neither fighter wants to lose speed vs gain strength.
        i really hope dana & the UFC make this fight happen. it could be the first step to changing the need to cut weight, which can damage the body, effect performance, and gain unfair advantage is size (rumble). cutting weight should not be rewarded like a skill or talent. it’s time to make this original biological competition that all living things on earth do to survive (fight to live) even more organic and real without needlessly dehydrating the body.

        • UFC Fan says:

          You make an interesting point, but what happens with the HW division? Guys like Overeem who walk around way more than 265. Would they need to lose muscle mass to ~265 or do you remove the 265 limit?

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          create a super HW division maybe a solution, but is there enough fighters heavy enough to merit the addition of a heavier division?

        • Michael says:

          There is only a couple fighters cutting weight in the HW division. Brock is retired, Carwin was cutting weight to make 265 but not anymore he slimmed down to 256. Alistair actually doesn’t cut weight to make 265. I believe he stated in an interview he was around 260. If you watched the weigh-ins for the brock fight he weighed in @ 263 with his jeans / belt on.

      • Zoeldog27 says:

        BULLSHIT if u grab the cage you should lose a point instantly espescially when its a blatent as when Aldo did its cheating plain and simple that slam couldve taken the fight in a different direction who knows but he broke the rules and he shouldve lost a point for it

        • chrisK says:

          I’m guessing you are only looking for a reaction… nobody is this dumb.

          I’ll be ok deducting Aldo 100 points (or more if you want) for grabbing the fence if that will make all the haters STFU. It didnt go to the cards anyway!!

  5. Patrick says:

    Give Aldo a shot later this year after he fights the Korean Zombie and Edgar fights Bendo. I think it would be a great match up. Edgar comes to fight and Aldo is Aldo but he can be beat

    • Michael says:

      I agree with this. Chan Sung Jung should get a crack at Aldo first…and Maybe Dustin Poirier? He did beat Josh Grispi, who was the number one contender at the time.

  6. Chris says:

    Sounds good to me. Especially now that the LW division seems to have calmed down a bit (regarding who’s a top contender and who’s not).

  7. Justen says:

    Defiantly a good idea. For the fans atleast. Aldo vs. the winner of Henderson n Edgar really makes sense.

    • RCS says:

      I like the Idea against edgar but not against Ben. Super fights are more fun when they both have a history of being seasoned champions. If ben winnes there is as much hype.

      grabbing the fence creates a bunch of IF’s and thats the problem. if it would have happened again should have lost a point.

  8. DanaBrown says:

    I would love to just see these fighters speak for themselves..

  9. hogg says:

    if edgar loses to bendo i think he will move down to fight aldo , then when aldo finishes edgar he will have to move up

  10. Xaninho says:

    Sounds like a plan to me!

  11. jose alvarez says:

    aldo would not be able to beat edgar. edgar is far too tough and has way too much heart. another point is look at the aldo vs hominick fight by the 4th round aldo was tired as hell and barely hung on in the 4th and 5th round. edgar doesn’t get tired you can see that.

    • DanaBrown says:

      You don’t think Aldo has been working on cardio? Aldo finishes fights, Edgar gets decisions

      • lalo diesel says:

        aldo finishes cans……

        • Breno says:

          Aldo can finish everyone. Edgar would get his @ss whooped by Aldo for sure!

        • lalo diesel says:

          aldos’s mma record sucks….full of cans…like a.silva’s mma record….

        • primalmasher says:

          Just like Dick Niaz?

        • Breno says:

          MMA record of A. Silva sux? OMG man, I think you should stop using drugs cause they are affecting you pretty bad, So Sonnen. Maia, Franklin, Belfort, Griffin and pretty much every figther he faced since 2006 (when he lost to a DQ for Okami) suck?

          Dou you know who suck? You brow…

          About Aldo, he just faced and destroyed everyone that wanted to fight him. If he fights Edgar he will easily cause he is not going JUST to win a round in 10-8, he will knock the fck out. If he faces Bendo, things will be more interesting cause he is stronger and better wrestler, but still I’m with Aldo all the way.

        • Zoeldog27 says:

          HAHA love it

    • Mike says:

      It was from a bad cut, though. At lightweight, I have no doubt that his cardio would improve greatly. Also, if Aldo catches Frankie the way Maynard did, he’ll finish it.

      Don’t get me wrong though, I’d still lean slightly towards Edgar. The guy constantly surprises me and has the heart of a lion.

    • cheap says:

      aldo wasn’t healthy in the hominick fight. his faber fight was a better representation of what he can do for 5 rounds. heart doesn’t matter much when you’re gettin destroyed on the feet.

    • Xaninho says:

      I think Bendo is going to beat Edgar so it would be a Bendo-Aldo match up…

      If Edgar does happen to beat Bendo he won’t be able to run around like he does after two or three of those sweet legkicks Aldo throws.

    • MikeO says:

      Yeah a lot of things happend in the past… I imagine that if a guy on the internet can see a hole in aldos game so can his trainers… I am sure that those issues have been addressed… and that these guys are always evolving and training to get better… i think the lessons he learned from the hominick fight helped him win his last fight… as far as heart goes.. Heart wont stop you from getting knocked out…LOL

    • Jonny says:

      Aldo vs Edgar would be brilliant. Edgar has great cardio because he doesn’t cut weight, if he where to fight Aldo at Featherweight he would have to cut and if Aldo moved up he wouldnt have to cut weight, boosting his cardio. Either way, what a fight!! All that aside, Edgar has his work cut out against Bendo, Edgar definitely doesn’t take any easy options, True fighter.

      • JB Spencer says:

        not sure about now cuz aldo did look alil smaller in this last fight but he walked around at over 170. So hell still be cuting weight, plus hell prolly put on 5 to 10 lbs of muscle if hes gona fight lw

    • Joshua says:

      aldo won’t need the 4th and 5th round against edgar, people say edgar is tough, what are these claims based off of… his fight with gray? gray is not a finisher, aldo is. plain and simple.

  12. not surprised says:

    They’re talking about a quick move IMO. There are still a few guys who could put up a fight. Diego Nunes/Eric Koch/Siver(new featherweight)/Ross Pearson(new)/Da Zombie. Probably will be awhile. They need a good champ to build the featherweight divion to the new eyes. A face and a star…23million viewers in Brazil? DAMN.

  13. A.James says:

    Edgar is the best right now. He’s doing what we want the other fighters to do and that’s obtain the belt at a higher weight class. Aldo would not have a remedy for Edgar.

  14. Mick says:

    Pretty sweet dreamfight…two of the toughest little scrappers on the planet…Jerseyboy might take him! But if Aldo cracks him like Maynard did he’s finishing him

  15. catmanfando says:

    i would love to see aldo and edgar fight.

  16. JaredO says:

    @Sandman – aldo cuts from more then 155, i would even go as far to say that he walks around heavier then frankie pre-cut but closer nonetheless.

    I think you all have it twisted. I want to see Frankie move DOWN to 145 and fight Aldo for the title. Both divisions are pretty good, lightweight although better doesn’t have much drawing power ATM.

    I don’t see Frankie beating Bendo though. <3

  17. Nick says:

    Edgar would get put to sleep. In all honesty the only way this fight would go down is if Edgar wins which I doubt will happen.

  18. better than him moving down weight like some people tryna bully the smaller guys…..

  19. Aldo would torch Frankie. 1 leg kick and his movement is gone

  20. Julio Figueroa says:

    first of all i think bendo will win over Edgar… so we have Bendo vs Aldo… in that case
    Aldo Wins by decision…

  21. James says:

    I believe this would be a great matchup, jose vs frankie. i dont see why this fight couldnt happen. when bj penn moved up weight class he got to fight GSP right off the back and jose is just as incredible as BJ was and in my opinion still is. plus frankie looks like a featherweight as well. i think this matchup would make alot of money promotion wise and the UFC would have to be ignorant to ignore it if presented with the chance to make this fight happen.

  22. David says:

    I think its too early for aldO to fight frankie

  23. nep says:

    Aldo will eat frankies lunch nothing else to say let’s see if he has the webos to move up a division like Penn did

  24. JB Spencer says:

    Ive been wanting this fight to happen for a while, however if franky beats bendo you could argue that mabee he should be the one to move to fw and get a title shot. Hes got a way to go befor he can say he cleared out the division though but hes not big for a fw. Aldo prolly walks around 10 lbs heavier than franky, i would even bet that at the ufc where they wer on the same card, aldo was heavier than edgar on fight night

  25. e says:

    if aldo moves up he deserves to fight for the title. i want to see him move up already. he may own the LW division but I also think he will be put to the test more than what we’ve seen with him in the FW division.

  26. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Go for it! It would be an exciting fight.

  27. ahbustae86 says:

    I’d like to see Edgar go down in weight to fight Aldo. Everyone keep saying he’s a natural 145lb fighter, I’d like to see him make weight and fight at 145lbs.

  28. piyush says:

    aldo vs edger is may be awesome match

  29. 10dan says:

    Edgar and Aldo both smart fighters. Edgar will ko Benson who lost to Pettis badly. Edgar beat the Prodigy twice. Aldo hasn’t had the same level of competition as Edgar, time for Aldo to go to Hollywood and make more money for himself he banked a whopping 40k in Rio, not sure what he was so excited about afterwards.

  30. Natural says:

    What happens when Edgar destroys bendo Aldo has no chance against bigger guys in div Nate, Donald, sherk, grey bendo would all walk over Aldo he better stay at 145 if he knows whats good for him

  31. 10dan says:

    Yeah you pumpkin pie haired fence grabbing freak .. tick tac sir?

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