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Monday, 12/12/2011, 05:45 pm

UFC NEWS – After Lengthy Deliberations Surrounding Steroid Screenings, NSAC grants Alistair Overeem A Conditional License

Today the Nevada State Athletic Commission held a hearing involving Alistair Overeem and his application for a fight license in their state for his upcoming UFC 141 main event against Brock Lesnar.

According to testimony, Alistair Overeem for one reason or another failed to submit a urine sample for his pre-fight steroid screening in a timely manner in accordance with the regulations the NSAC require. The initial request was sent out to Overeem on November 17th and due to circumstances Overeem did not undergo sufficient testing until December 7th.

It appears as if once requested by the commission he hopped on a plane to Amsterdam to tend to his ill mother who is suffering from cancer. While it is unfair to not believe Overeem on his intentions, the commission questioned him about the matter surrounding the testing due to the timing of events.

Overeem submitted both a blood and urine sample to testing labs from his home in Holland through his personal sports doctor which apparently was not OK with the commission and due to the compounding list of events they required testimony from all parties involved to determine whether or not to license the heavyweight to fight Lesnar at the end of this month.

For his part, Overeem answered all the questions delivered by the commission and seemed calm and collected throughout the process. In his opinion he thought that he was complying in a timely manner to the commission’s requests for a urine specimen.

According to testimony from both parties he has submitted more than one sample, but the problem is the timeline he submitted them, the facilities he used to collect them and the processing of the samples. The commission has yet to receive any results from these screenings.

Towards the end of the hearing one commissioner stated that their concern is whether or not he tried to avoid the testing and she point blank asked Alistair, “Have you made any efforts to try and avoid or delay the random test for steroids we have requested of you.”

His response, “I have not and furthermore I have done exactly what I have been told to do.”

The commission first motioned to give Overeem a conditional license to fight as long as the test taken on December 7th comes up negative for items of abuse. The proposed motion also stated that he must submit to a post-fight sample and get two additional test done within the next six months at his own expense.

The first motion however was denied and the commission deliberated further.

Upon final deliberation , they have agreed to license Alistair Overeem. He must submit a new urine sample within the united states pre-fight and pass as well as two additional test within the next six-month.

Overeem is now officially licensed.


70 Responses to “UFC NEWS – After Lengthy Deliberations Surrounding Steroid Screenings, NSAC grants Alistair Overeem A Conditional License”

  1. Sweet says:

    Night Night Lesnar!!

  2. David says:

    Lesnar for the win by TKO or Unaminmous decision I just hope that time off hasn’t give him any Ocatagon rust he just needs to show off some his stand up and use his wrestling to neutralize any potential threat Overeem poses just like he did to Frank Mir at UFC 100

  3. Jb says:

    Brock is dead man walking…. Good lord I wouldn’t want to scrap with Reem… Nightmare walking

  4. Dillon says:

    Im a big AO fan but I have a bad feeling one of the tests are going to come up hot

  5. Xaninho says:

    Can’t wait to see this!

  6. bobby says:

    no way in hell can this overratted fool beat brock and anyone who thinks he can get that lucky shot in should stop watching MMA

  7. A.James says:

    This is nigga is suspect!

  8. hayden g says:

    brock is a tank he just needs to get him down to the ground. and submit him like he did shane carwin. that was a deadly fight even tho they should have stopped it in the first round. shane carwin and cain velasquez should scrap!

  9. Xaninho says:

    I don’t think he used.

    If he does test positive, and I mean without a doubt. He loses at least one fan…me. I hate cheaters, whether it’s one of my favorite fighters or not.

    But like I said, I really don’t think he’s juicing.

  10. chon209 says:

    If the NSAC has doubts, and this all does seem convenient for o-verated-reem, it is only fair us mma fans have our doubts becuase when a guy puts on wieght in a short period naturally they would look more like Frank Mir not like AO

    • A.James says:

      Yeah because this guys physique is nearly flawless. No homo.

      • Jerome says:

        What a funny thing to say. Why do you think NSAC has doubts??? Because haters suspect. He has NEVER tested positive EVER but you doubt? I say fook you all if my mother needed me I would be on a plane in a heart beat regardless of a piss test or not, what the NSAC doesn’t tell you is that on their letter it NEVER said “SUBMIT BY THIS DATE” they are just falling in line with all the haters that have never been able to prove Reem has ever juiced. If he fails a test then I will eat my words, but I have met Reem and even did a bit of sparing with him, the dude is cool hands down and I don’t think he juices, when he was LHW he had to cut and it was killing him doing so he went to HW and started lifting weights now that he could actually eat and not worry about the weight cut. Hell in 6 months I got big just by doing lots of weight lifting with a real weight trainer, just imaging this was reem bulking up over a couple of years not just 6 months

        • mike says:

          well if you spared with him an survived then i guess brock has this one in the bag then lol.

        • A.James says:

          lol woah!

        • Jerome says:

          nice one liner, at least instead of being a keyboard comedian (by the way don’t give up your day job) at least I do try to push myself both inside and outside of MMA. No where did I say I beat Reem, only that I spared with him when training. What an idiot

  11. magoo says:

    positive or negative don’t matter……hill billy brocks gonna smash that dutchtouch!

  12. Long-Strong says:

    i’m rooting for Brock lol? *crickets


    • bizzle says:

      This place is no longer about the fans.. Used to say powered by the fans.. Now apparently the fans got dropped worse then Cain..

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        i got an idea, why not make the forums link the news link and make the community? =)

        im sure us fans can keep the news and updates rolling on the main page, anyone who wants the hard hitting stories from staff can go to the link-just switch forum to NEWS…all in favor? lol

    • bjpenndotcom says:

      I understand your concern. But actually it was really maybe 15 guys tops that kept that community forum moving. You are 1 of the 15.
      Everyone is commenting on these news articles. Growth is needed.

      • People are commenting on these news articles because they see them on the home page easily. The community tab is hidden. I think nobody is posting in the community section because they dont know there are seperate forums in that tab the old site had it on the right side so it was more visable.

  14. Harry says:

    Yo this dude is juicing and it’s just that simple. Look at some of his early fights in pride and now look at him, I see red So he’s like wine; he just gets better with time.

  15. LesnarFan1 says:

    So Overeem is taking steroids just to beat Lesnar.

  16. Brock vs Overroid for the steroid

    • mike says:

      haha anyone that thinks neither of these two dudes took steroids at some point are completely ignorant. In order to make it into the WWE it is mandatory to test positive for steroids and Overeem is NOT NATURALLY that big. Whether either of them are taking them as of now probably not but your full of shit if you believe that both of them are clean.

      • King says:

        I seen pictures of Brock progress through college. If the human body can develop that much muscle that quick, I’d be shocked! Same with Reem. He wasn’t that muscular as a 205 pounder, now he’s a monster. It’s hard to believe, but Im not totally discounting it. Maybe they have some goldy genetics.

  17. I WANT THE COMMUNITY SECTION BACK.While everyone does comment on these stories.It has also given rise to a host of trolls.Who don’t even need to make an account to comment.PLEASE GIVE US THE COMMUNITY SECTION BACK.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      no one wants to make an account cuz you have to give your life story to join. I started to fill out my application, but eventually said fuck it. If this Site wants a community to propagate they should have the sign-up be no more than 5-6 questions. If they want to milk your life story for business (demographic) reasons there are several other options for doing that. 8 pages of sign-up will only stifle a community; I’m an online biz wiz, trust me on this one.

  18. Overeem has not proven himself against any opponents that come close to his own size and athletic ability. While he has fought great opponents here and there… his past schedule at heavy weight has been completely mis-matched in his favor. When the ‘Reem’ gets in the cage with Lesnar, I think he will be tested for the first time. 1. on his cardio… and 2. on his take down defense. If Lesnar can land a punch, the ‘Reem’ will feel it…but the ‘Reem’ is a natural boxer… so if I was Lesnar I would be looking for the take down….. and once he has him down… pay attention to the ‘Reem’ and his knees. ‘Reem’ will tire out quickly if contained by Lesnar on top….if Lesnar can do this once a round… he should have the victory. I like the ‘Reem’ but if anyone thinks he is just going to come in a dominate Lesnar… they are smoking crack.

    • Pieter Oo says:

      The reem is no natural (kick)boxer, he is a natural grapler. Although he is an accomplished stand up fighter, this is something what has been learned in his period with golden glory. The reem is natural grappler, so when he lands on his back, he could surprise us with a submission.

      I think however, it will end with a knock out, within a few minutes with a high random factor.

      • If the Reem was a natural grappler he would use it more in his fights. In his past 6 or 7 fights as a heavy weight he has used knees and punches… no grappling what-so-ever. A boxer. End of story.

        • Pieter Oo says:

          ah end of story… good argument.
          So if one is a wrestler he would use only GnP (Chuck anyone?)

        • Absolutely not… but to classify Overeem as a Grappler is misleading. You have to look to the fights and not what they do in training. Overeem has boxed/kick boxed in 90% of his fights in the past 4 years. The proof is in the pudding. Not to mention in his ground game… Overeem has been overwhelmingly either submitted or changed his game plan to re-engage in the stand-up.

          Lesnar has a better ground game the Overeem. It is irrefutable. Lesnar also is learning to dirty box…and could definitely put Overeem against the cage between take downs. Overeem will be wiped out after round 2 if it goes that far. Lesnar will just need to pace himself and not go all out in the first 45 seconds like he usually does.

  19. bizzle says:

    I agree I break the news j/k

  20. bizzle says:

    lol, somebody in chat said it was Prodigy’s troll threads that caused the community forums to get yanked..

  21. bizzle says:

    Yup either my Overeem Iole post or Prodigy’s Thiago Silva thread. Or nothing to do with us and this was all in the plans and only a matter of time.. Either way I don’t pay the bills here so who am I to complain? :)

    Btw HW rankings need to be updated.. Overeem ranked over JDS? And Cain still HW champ?

  22. ANDYBOY says:

    how do you guys get your profile pic displayed on the news articles? mine only works in community? that’s why i usually only stay in community and not comment on the News, it’s easier to tell who the real members are and not people putting regulars as their name when it’s not really them. i agree tho the old site was waaaaaay better, then you guys got us used to the new page, which turned out to be actually better BUT then you flipped it again and brought us this new site…….still a member for life but the new format sucks.

  23. You said one is on the new forum. Make the mma news section into our community forum. Doesn’t seem like anyone wants to be here anymore. The site is just a news section now..we’ll just comment on the news I guess.

  24. These must be a serious issue if Chart and Junkie are in agreement on something.There might be hope for the middle-east

  25. We agree on almost everything except Chael..Anderson n Diaz! Oh yeah ..the Saint!

  26. mmaislandjunkie says:

    indeed! we just take hard stances on what we support and one thing is for sure, the old forums were the shiett.

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