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Wednesday, 01/16/2013, 08:00 am

UFC Names 20 Stikeforce Fighters Who Are Headed To The Octagon | UFC NEWS

20 Strikeforce fighters have been named as newly signed UFC fighters.

The news comes way of last nights UFC on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight”.

While many names on the Strikeforce roster are not present on the announcement, such as the likes of Josh Barnett amongst others, the current list of imports is an impressive starting point which will likely grow in the coming days.

Currently the official list of Strikeforce fighters making the promotions leap is as follows:

Daniel Cormier (11-0 MMA, 8-0 SF)

Gegard Mousasi (33-3-2 MMA, 4-1-1 SF)
Gian Villante (10-3 MMA, 3-2 SF)

Roger Gracie (6-1 MMA, 4-1 SF)
Tim Kennedy (15-4 MMA, 6-2 SF)
Lorenz Larkin (13-0 MMA, 4-0 SF)
Champ Luke Rockhold (10-1 MMA, 9-0 SF)
Ronaldo Souza (17-3 MMA, 7-1 SF)

Roger Bowling (11-3 MMA, 4-3 SF)
Jason High (16-3 MMA, 3-0 SF, 0-1 UFC)
Nate Marquardt (32-11-2 MMA, 1-1 SF, 10-4 UFC)
Champ Tarec Saffiedine (14-3 MMA, 6-1 SF)
Bobby Voelker (24-8 MMA, 4-1 SF)

Ryan Couture (6-1 MMA, 6-1 SF)
Pat Healy (29-16 MMA, 7-1 SF, 0-1 UFC)
Kurt Holobaugh (8-1 MMA, 0-1 SF)
Adriano Martins (24-6 MMA, 1-0 SF)
Champ Gilbert Melendez (21-2 MMA, 11-1 SF)
K.J. Noons (11-6 MMA, 3-4 SF)


33 Responses to “UFC Names 20 Stikeforce Fighters Who Are Headed To The Octagon | UFC NEWS”

  1. Artex says:

    what about Josh?

  2. BRYANT says:


  3. B-rad says:

    Safferdine is on there.. No tyrone woodley though lol thank god, with the terrible edition of colton smith the ufc cant afford another lay n pray fighter. Surprised not to see josh barnett on there.

  4. Secludedly says:

    Dana wouldn’t want to sign Josh Barnett. He dislikes him, and Josh keeps trash talking him. He’d never make the jump.

    It’s great to see Roger Gracie in the UFC though!

    Looks like Marquardt is getting a second chance and Dana is allowing him into the UFC even after being caught using anabolic steroids. I guess that’s what happens when you help in The Ultimate Fighter.

    Jacare is also a GREAT new addition to the UFC roster and with his much improved game I can see him being a top contender.

    I’m not a Rockhold fan, and dislike his fights, but it’d be unfair if he wasn’t absorbed into the UFC. He deserves it.

    • Alex says:

      Since Marquardt has dropped to welterweight, steroid use to build and mantain lean muscular mass is not necessary for his size. I’d be shocked if he gets cought again.

  5. Supposedlyasa says:

    so… is rockhold also getting a direct shot at Anderson Silva?

  6. HANNINEN says:

    I doubt he will right away, unless Silva wants to fight him Rockhold. If Bisping win’s over Vitor then he will likely get the next shot at silva.

  7. d says:

    what about jorge masvidal and josh thompson?

  8. KingOfQueens says:

    MIssing Masvidal, Thompson, Barnett, Ovine St. Preux, and Feijao. Also the women like Tate and Kaufman.

  9. Thom says:

    I always wanted to see all the SF guys in the UFC but now that they’re finally here (a lot of big names already being here for a while) it hardly seems to be worth the downfall of a good competing MMA org.

  10. Sasquatch says:

    I don’t mind this podcast, but I think MMASucka Radio is better. Sucka Radio brings on more interesting guests, and I like that their show is no more than an hour. But this show is growing on me.

  11. tehehe says:

    Mamed Khalidov…please make it happen Dana

  12. chance says:

    Am I missing him or have they not brought Josh Thomson back to the UFC. If they dont bring him over its going to be a huge bummer he puts on some great shows. I know his UFC record was mediocre but he has improved with age. I actually thought he beat melendez the last time they fought.

  13. hey yo says:

    Barnett is a douche. “Kill your enemy blah blah blah”. REALITY CHECK: no one dies. it’s a sport.

    • Sp00p says:

      i guess you are dumb enough to take that shit 100% serious and no understand that he does interviews like he was a pro wrestler. it’s a character / an act. you do know about his pro wrestling past right?

  14. JDMMA says:

    i don’t care who Dana like or dislike! its about talents!!! what about Feijao? King Mo? Josh Barnet?
    seriously???? that’s rediculous if you gotta sign someone coz you like them!
    anyway i’m glad Roger, Jacaré and Mousasi made it!

  15. Me says:

    No masvidal ?????????? COME ON UFC HES EXCITING AS SHIT. SCRAPPY, VERY QUICK HANDS, GOOD HEAD MOVEMENT, AND VERY GOOD WRESTLING. give him at least a few fights in the UFC all his fights are entertaining.

  16. SICK1 says:

    No Lawler? I was hoping he would come over to fight leban….

  17. Tom says:

    Where’s Josh Thompson??

  18. ballsackface says:

    no josh thompson but they have KJ noons?
    KJ fucking noons

  19. Khaos says:

    Once again because of Dana whites ego and personal grudges were robbed of exciting fighters in the UFC …Josh Barnett 9-1 last 10 fights wtf why isn’t he in the UFC ..cos he failed a drug test v randy like 8 years ago or some shit?! I wanna see Josh Barnett v Frank Mir !

  20. Jon says:

    What about Jorge Masvidal?

  21. Scotty says:

    These are newly SIGNED fighters, meaning they already signed a contract with the UFC.. Thompson is coming over he just hasnt signed a contract yet along with some other fighters

  22. dave says:

    first of all josh barnett has signed he is just not announced here..look at shutup idiots,,robbie lawler should be back in the ufc

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