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Tuesday, 05/08/2012, 06:38 am

MMA in NY? Not In 2012 – Bill Fails To Pass

Madison Square Garden is arguably one of the most historic and renowned venues in the United States. Unfortunately any type of MMA action in the historic building will have to wait yet another year.

The New York Assembly Democratic Conference recently spoke about the MMA sanctioning bill. It was brought to light this week and again decided that it would not go to the floor for a vote this year, the New York Daily News reported. Speaker Sheldon Silver said there were not enough votes for the bill to pass, so it is unable to advance to the floor for voting.

“It will not come to the floor this year,” Silver told the Daily News. The conference, he said, “was pretty evenly divided.”
There has been an abundance of believers that thought the bill was on the verge of passing and the sanctioning of MMA in the state was inevitable. Though, year after year the thought is shot down and the thought of it reaching the floor is looking more and more bleak.

Dana White in speaking as a guest on the Mark Levin show gave his opinion on why the Empire State will never allow the sanctioning of the sport we all love so much.

“In a nutshell, my partners, the Fertittas, own a company called Station Casinos. It’s the fourth largest gaming company in the country. They’re non-union. So the union in Las Vegas, has been using their pull to keep us out of there.” stated White.
“It really has nothing to do with mixed martial arts.”

Whether White is correct or not, New York is still without any MMA events and who knows when or if we will ever see an octagon in the state.


8 Responses to “MMA in NY? Not In 2012 – Bill Fails To Pass”

  1. James Wolfe says:

    This is just pathetic!!! Typical brain dead politicians getting in the way of private enterprise…bloody morons. The same thing happened up here in Ontario, Canada for years. The only reason we could not go see live MMA was because of politicians. Well all of a sudden our economy is crumbling as the province goes heavily into debt, then poof its allowed in Ontario…$$$ We don’t need scum bag, parasitic politicians telling us what we can and can’t do.

    How stupid are these people? Well take a long at all the debt mounting in your state and all across the country idiots. You think it might make sense to bring in more tax revenues from MMA?

    Wake up New York, these politicians do not represent you, they are beyond brain dead. They are turning down millions in tax revenue…how does this make any sense???

  2. Xaninho says:

    It’s NY’s loss.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This is idiotic. The UFC should sue the state of NY over 1st amendment rights like everyone else does.

  4. Mike McMack says:

    So basically the Mafia in Vegas is in cahoots with the Mafia in NY to keep MMA out of NYC, it’s politics. New York politicians are probably getting rich by voting against this bill, it’s disgusting. One thing I’ll say about the UFC is that they do everything by the book which is a stark contrast to the way guys like Bob Arum have done things in the sport of boxing.

  5. bdizz says:

    corrupt politicians – I don’t trust any of those pricks.

  6. Tincat says:

    You’d love to be a NY politician though, lining your pockets with all those bribes. Must be a nice. Douches.

  7. MMAN says:

    Follow the money and check union donations to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and you will see exactly why this did not get a vote. This is nothing more than union bankrolled payoffs, intimidation, and retaliation against the non-union Fertita casinos and a quid pro quo from the politicians receiving hefty campaign donations. Silver is receiving 10s of MILLIONS of dollars in campaign contributions by the unions that oppose MMA purely because of a beef with the Fertitas and their non-union casinos. Silver is up for election in 2012 and New York supporters of MMA would be wise to vote this man out of office.

    Assembly Member Sheldon Silver
    Top Industries
    Public Sector Unions $30,400.00
    No Employer Listed or Found $29,650.00
    Non-Contribution $28,573.00
    Real Estate$28,050.00
    Lawyers & Lobbyists $22,400.00
    Beer, Wine & Liquor $19,900.00
    Uncoded $18,880.00
    Insurance $13,600.00
    General Trade Unions $8,800.00
    Health Professionals $7,557.00
    Employer Listed/Category Unknown $6,800.00
    Health Services $6,600.00
    Accountants $6,300.00
    Transportation Unions $6,100.00

    campaign contribution information came from:

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