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Monday, 04/09/2012, 01:38 pm

UFC Middleweights Sonnen, 'Mayhem' Miller Engage in Twitter War

By George Deutsch:
UFC middleweights Chael Sonnen and Jason “Mayhem” Miller exchanged some heated words today on Twitter.

Miller, smarting from his recent defeat to Michael Bisping and looking for his first UFC victory against C.B. Dollaway at UFC 146, launched the first attack, tweeting that “Chael berating someone on their test level is like me making fun of someone’s bad haircut.”

Never at a loss for words, Sonnen responded “MayHem: Due to time constraints I am currently confining my Twitter wars to active, relevant fighters ONLY. Buy a T-shirt on your way out.”

Miller replied that Sonnen was “one beatdown away from obscurity” and that he’d “be happy to beat your head in—that’s if it’s not still on a pike in Rio.”

The two men previously met at “HFP 1: Rumble on the Reservation” in 2002, a fight which Sonnen won by decision.

Miller has said that he will quit mixed martial arts if he loses to Dollaway in May. Sonnen will next face UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva when the two square off in what many are considering the most-anticipated rematch in MMA history at UFC 147 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


37 Responses to “UFC Middleweights Sonnen, 'Mayhem' Miller Engage in Twitter War”

  1. Zack says:

    Chael is a douche. He has no room to talk about reems failed test. Mr 16:1

    • Matt says:

      Except he had a reason behind his levels. Overeem has offered no explanation so far whereas Chael confirmed he had a medical condition(look it up). Back on topic, I think Mayhem better watch out cause even if he did pull of a fight with Chael, it would be a beatdown.

      • mean170 says:

        There is no reason for having a 17:1 ratio unless you are abusing TRT. Medically testosterone is used to raise a lowered ratio back to 1:1 or so.

      • Xaninho says:

        He had a reason to bring it back to normal levels, not superhuman 16:1 levels. He cheated just like Overeem cheated, just accept it and don’t try to defend Sonnen, cause 16:1 did not happen by taking normal prescribed shots of TRT.

        • rundymc says:

          Everyone on this thread doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They tested his Epitest to Testosterone ration NOT his free test ratio. A 16:1 ratio is ONLY indicative of him doing TRT/PED, nothing more. This is the same with Reem. He could have a 20:1, it doesn’t tell us much about the testosterone in his blood.

        • Joe Bidden says:

          It tells how much he has in ratio, though. And considering a “normal” man has a 1:1…He has 17x more.

          I don’t understand how you’re trying to defend it? Sure, you don’t know the exact dosage of testosterone he had, but are you saying he just has a shit low epi level?

          By that logic, he could have had 6 kilos of testosterone in him. He could have had jacked epi levels too, making it even worse than what 17:1 sounds.

          Terrible argument, he cheated, regardless of if he had a license. His license was for a 6:1 limit. He broke it. It’s time for people to stop hand picking who are labeled as cheaters.

          He cheated, Barnett cheated, Overeem cheated, and everyone else that has been tagged with upped test levels are cheaters.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        A reason? More like an excuse. There’s a difference between the two…

  2. baldy says:

    phael is a d-bag….and would probably crush miller. he (miller) probably should just focus on dolloway….dolloway’s not a big name but it would be a big mistake to look past him…

  3. KGB says:

    Chael clearly can talk about his test levels since he has a medical condition (hypogonadism) where Overeem just likes to eat horse meat and loves to be juiced.

    I like Mayhem he is hilarious and cool. But seriously he look like something left behind in the toliet bowl after a huge bowel movement against Bisping. He would get killed against Sonnen. Because Sonnen can clearly go 5 rounds, Mayhem can only go about a round. Mayhems standup his horrid, his ground game is subpar, and his trash talking game is A+.

    I think Mayhem should go eat some horse meat with Overeem.

    • joshuah says:

      Lol must be somethin in that water in Oregon 1st hendo then chael? Rampage & hendo r/were super close they all have the same “condition” …. sounds more like medical marijuana to me.

      No one should “be careful” talkin trash here, both r pillow dusted fighters I’d give chael the edge striking but no ko’s just better, more willing to trade.

      Mayhem could pull off a sub, but not likely

      I like both guys, I’d like to see it.

      • bertram says:

        i realize mayhem looked borderline awful against bisping, but i guarantee he would submit chael. he was 2 seconds from finishing shields, who at 170 or 185 is capable of submitting anybody. the only difference between the reem and sonnen is sonnen got to fight first before he got caught. i dont give a rats ass about free testosterone or epitest to testosterone. if either is higher than allowed, there is evidence of tampering with your body beyond allowable levels. chael is a moron, and hopefully pays for everything he has done and said, with one solid punch or kick via anderson silva.

    • Xaninho says:

      Yes he can go 5 rounds ……with the testosterone levels of 17 men! And I don’t know which one of those two would win a fight against eachother. They both lost to Bisping.

    • jones says:

      maybe you should try watching something other then ufc and then u would know about fighters like miller other then what ufc taught you,,,miller has gone to decision many times….he took shields most recently to decision and would have put him to sleep if the round did not end….miller has cardio i just have no idea what happen in that fight with saying this and i dont even liek miller

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I think its funny that the Bisping nuthuggers consider whenever he doesn’t get KO’d that means he won the fight. Bisping clearly lost the Sonnen fight although it was within a mile of the beating he took at the hands of hamill.

  4. joshuah says:

    If mayhem wins & chael loses, actually a good match up. …. as long as mayhem gets his cardio in order.

  5. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Yea, I think if Miller beats Dollaway and Sonnen loses to Silva, the UFC would set it up. Both guys are undoubtedly marketable and have pretty big followings. My first inclination is to say Sonnen would destroy him, but that’s what everyone thought he was going to do to Bisping. Thus, I think it would actually be a very fair matchup.

  6. jbeamazing says:

    miller is a bum he should start beefs with bums like him self go Dollaway

  7. chris says:

    One of the few times I’ll agree with Chael fans, that shit was funny.

  8. josh says:

    Pretty sure bisping deserves a rematch with chael

  9. Jpeech says:

    Why? Bisping lost 1st and 3rd lol Chael is a better fighter

  10. Scott says:

    Miller would actually have a decent chance of beating Sonnen if they fought. Miller is a great submission specialist and Sonnen has been known for getting caught in submissions various times in the past. Not like this fight will happen but if it did I think Sonnen would have more difficulty than he imagined.

  11. zeppdogg says:

    You wanna know whats funny… Sonnen doesn’t even use twitter….. This is some troll who created a twitter account under his name. I love when people actually make a big deal of Sonnens “twitter” statements cause its not even him.

  12. Willie monaghan says:

    What alot of shit watch the bisping sonnen fight again bisping won FACT, but I know sonnen would destroy miller


    If Chael won’t use TRT, I think he can’t beat Mayhem.

  14. B L says:

    I don’t get the hate against Chael and Mayhem they are 2 real cool cats. I enjoy them inside the octagon and outside. Its just straight up crap that you hate on Sonnen for using TRT, I use TRT. I had to use TRT four times in my life, and I remember in high school I was asked by UIL why my test levels were 9:1 and I submitted my medical papers and they said I’m free to go and finish competing. I had a great game was 32 of 49 passes for 353yards. Mayhem needs to figure out a weight class that works for him. Would be interesting to see him drop down to welterweight again.

  15. Dick Diaz says:

    weren’t these guys part of Team Quest? even training partners?

  16. drew says:

    miller is a joke, his fight with bisbing is the only time ive ever rooted for the count, go back to mtv and get ur ass beat in the stand up by amatures that have never fought a pro fight, sonnen already beat this clown, obviously hes just tryin to stay relevant, dollaway is gonna beat him by decision and then he can go back to BBD and say lame ass one liners, at least chael can back his talk up

  17. Fuck You says:

    Sonnen wont trade with anyone, miller looked bad his last fight but at least he didn’t look bad even after being in the juice. Sonnen is a wrestler who throws patty cake punches to the ribs while he’s lays on you and hopes for a decision victory! So I’d have to say miller deserves the respect here!

  18. Chael Sonnen medium rare steak says:

    Every fighter use TRT and it always has been like that. Did you guys ever an Indian running around like these fighters. Take a look at your self in the mirrow and ask your self how these fighters are so big or so fast. It’s all about how you mask it. And Alistair was really stupid enough not to mask it

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