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Monday, 05/21/2012, 01:01 pm

Mark Munoz | Lombard Doesn't Deserve A Title Shot | UFC News

Mark Munoz in an interview with

Munoz comments on Hector Lombard potentially getting the Middleweight title shot.

“Hector Lombard? Shoot, I got respect for that guy. He’s a good fighter and he’s already mixing up the water, I mean, he’s already doing that. But at the same time, I’ve been in this organization for over two years (actually over three, just sayin) and I’ve been earning my stripes. He needs to do the same. So this fight against Brian Stann, should he win it, I don’t think he deserves a title shot. I don’t. Just being honest, just being real. For me, I’ve gone to the brink of where I was fighting for a title shot when I fought Yushin (Okami). I lost that fight, but now I’m on a four-fight winning streak, so now I feel like I deserve that fight should I win against Chris Weidman.”


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