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Tuesday, 05/08/2012, 06:28 am

VIDEO | Marcus Davis Falls Short, Gets Knocked Out Cold

By: Edward Fernandez:

The 38-year-old UFC veteran Marcus Davis gets KO’d during a kickboxing match in Dublin, Ireland. Davis took on Mark Casserly for an ISKA championship fight with K-1 rules.

Davis, a former pro boxer, tried standing with Casserly, closing the distance and using his hands. Casserly gets some distance and lands a huge head kick that sends Davis to the mat.

The fight lasted less than two minutes.

The KO is at 2:20.


29 Responses to “VIDEO | Marcus Davis Falls Short, Gets Knocked Out Cold”

  1. Night-Wind says:

    Two words.


  2. jeremy says:

    That was Nasty! he should give it up already they cant be good for you especially at his age!!

  3. KneesAndElbows says:

    Literally looks like he got shot and dropped dead. Dude needs to retire.

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    He just got caught coming in… He was winning the point battle.

  5. Michael dolgos says:

    He didn’t get caught coming in he just hit caught he sucks time to go

  6. Mrjbeee says:

    Saw that kick coming a mile away..

  7. Ian says:

    Anyone who KOs Davis gets props for life from this guy.

  8. Tellurmomhi4me says:

    @michael dolgos watch it again, he got caught coming in lol. He threw the right and got hit with the kick.

  9. The Godfather says:

    That sucks. I think he’s at a point where he just needs to focus on his schools. No more fighting, just teaching.

  10. Fedor says:

    That poor man.

  11. tiga says:

    now that’s just not right he’s out be 4 he hit’s the mat

  12. Jb says:

    So sad to see him in that kind of circuit after his battles in the octagon. Hope he’s recovering


    Davis forgot that it was a KICKboxing match emphasis on the kick. He didn’t throw one kick the whole bout. Marcus knows better than that. Only hurting himself(literally) being one dimensional

  14. joshuah says:

    Lol Jesus some of these comments is y I hate 95% of combative sports fans.

    Davis doesnt suck, he wins or goes out on his shield, I’d rather watch a Davis fight than a cro cop fight, @ least Davis fights, cro cop signs contracts to fight and hugs up on his opponents.

    Nothin but respect for a Guy like davis


      I never said Davis sucks he used to be one of my fav. fighters and is one tough dude. I’ve trained for years and i still wouldnt like to be in front of him. I just simply said him being one dimensional in a kickboxing match was his downfall.

      • Jim says:

        He stuck to his advantages, as many people do, and was winning the fight until that point.

        His downfall was that he got caught, otherwise the fight would have been his, however scrappy.

    • Jim says:

      Agreed.The majority of people commenting I am 90% sure have never set foot in the ring.

      That being said, even a fan of fight sports should know that shit happens..

  15. Jon Jones says:

    Knocked out or Killed!? I dont think I saw him move even after they rolled him over! Also, in the intro paragraph, he tried to stand with Mark Casserly… What a nut case, who would stand with anyone in a kick boxing fight! (insert sarcastic face here)

  16. monkey juice says:

    Fuckin cool.

  17. LOL says:

    the only thing missing was his body blowing up and into the air. It looked like he jumped onto a handgrenade, in Ireland to make it even more cliche

  18. NoName says:

    HE SHOULDN’T OF DROPPED HIS HAND!! watch closely as he drops his left hand swinging the right!

  19. D-yan says:

    ohhhhhh! 2:24 if you don’t feel like waiting. oooooh!

  20. ma mama said mma says:

    what has he got left to prove fighting at his age in a shit show like that

    • Primal Fighting Championships says:

      Marcus has nothing to prove, he has been in some wars, and has been a great fighter. Also ma mama said mma, there was nothing shit about our show.

  21. Fabio says:

    He done noting that was effective in the fight, came into mark the same way all the time dropping his right hand swinging walked onto everything body kick long knee an sparked out, hope he’s alright after that cause he was in a bad way

  22. Bjj BB says:

    Id love to see him at 155

  23. bob says:

    It’s the same type of comments from fat pricks who know nothing bout true warriors of the fight game that Piss me off spend your time analyzing people who put everything on the line when they step into the ring or cage , I bet 99% of you would shot yourself at the prospect of a real fight, rant over

    • Eire says:

      @ ma mama said mma, ur a d** like to see you in a ring with M.Casserly..just because there isnt big lights and big money doesnt mean its a shit show..ignorant shit

  24. damn….hate to see a guy like Davis on his way out;(

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