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Wednesday, 01/09/2013, 10:56 am

UFC Lists Benson Henderson As Best Fighter Of 2012 | UFC NEWS

The good guys over at have compiled what they are calling the unofficial top 10 best UFC fighters list for last year.

AS to be expected the likes of Anderson Silva and Jon Jones made the list, but in first position was UFC lightweight champion, Benson Henderson.

Here is the UFC’s top 10 list for 2012.

10. Constantinos Philippou (3-0)
9. Anderson Silva (2-0)
8. Mike Pyle (3-0)
7. Cub Swanson (3-0)
6. Stefan Struve (3-0)
5. Cain Velasquez (2-0)
4. Matt Brown (4-0)
3. Demetrious Johnson (2-0-1)
2. Jon Jones (2-0)
1. Ben Henderson (3-0)


16 Responses to “UFC Lists Benson Henderson As Best Fighter Of 2012 | UFC NEWS”

  1. The natural says:

    I agree but you gotta notice that the only reason he won those two fights were bad decisions by judges we seen the scorecards and we all no frankie won the fourth round and is the real champ bendos just a paper champ I’m sure he knows it too.

  2. Frodo says:

    Mike Pyle… Rory deserves to be on this list over Mike Pyle. I think he should be up there demolishing Che Mills, sure not the best mma fighter but then also demolishing B.J. Penn.. He deserves to be on that list.

  3. Time To Wrestle says:

    Obviously bias has run amuk here….Did Edgar do a good job?, yes but he didn’t win either fight. Bendo had ring control the whole time and dealt Frankie more devastating blows. Bendo was just a bit more dominant and clearly won. That being said, Frankie will school Aldo and make him look like JDS after the Cain fight. Frankie won’t stand in front of Aldo like he is used too. He’ll wear his ass out and beat him up in the 4th and 5th.

  4. The-Boi says:

    Silva no. 9? hahahaha fuckin retards

    • Kenshiro says:

      Yeah that just discredits the whole entire list… the 2 performances Silva had in 2012 were second to none… NOBODY can do what he does… which makes him the BEST and even if they didnt want to put him on the nr1 spot, he shouldve been top 3 at least. I get that some of the fights that lasted longer had MORE exciting moments throughout the fights but Silva at 9 is a fucking joke!

    • jbeamazing says:

      its a 2012 list sonnon and stephan bonnar wasnt impressive enuf

  5. slowpoyseen says:

    I can’t believe Silva only makes no9 in the top 10 after destroying Sonnen and Bonnar, both devastating 1st round stoppages.

  6. Mark says:

    Matt Brown should be in the number 1 spot

  7. Mmabrain! says:

    AS should have been top 3! Bendo is getting a lot of hate now days but I’m sure with a few really good performances he can redeem himself and show the he is the true LW champ!

  8. CrAzyBk64 says:

    You Ben Henderson haters are so f******* annoying I swear and obviously ignorant, ben dominated the first fight Frankie didn’t even deserve the second fight, the second fight was a lot closer but Ben beat him again Frankie landed one got strike and you think he wins remember ben dominated round one and most of round 2 droped Edgar like 3 times in that round, the rest of the fight sucked honestly, Ben def beat Frankie both times stop bitching wee have a great champion at lightweight who actual goes for finishes Frankie fights like he’s sparring and is only exciting when he’s getting his ass kicked, get over it you haters ben earned his status give the man his credit, fake fans I swear

  9. G says:

    Henderson? No. He didn’t finish anyone in 2012. Horrible list.

  10. Jujitsu Player says:

    I’d probably give it to Cain because he came back after his loss, absolutely destroyed Bigfoot and dominated JDS to re-gain his title. that was performance of the year for me.

    You can’t give it to Silva for putting away a journeyman like Bonnar! are you guys crazy….

  11. The God says:

    Benson lost to Frankie 2nd fight. Award goes to Jon Jones. Sorry Benson. He’s actually 2-1…

  12. Sickx71 says:

    Well deserved, seriously it’s very valid. 3 title defenses in one year consider who he fought. Frankie Edgar who beat a list of who’s who in the lightweight division lost the first fight and though the 2nd one was closer it goes by rounds and there was 1 round that could’ve went either way and that is why it was split. He’s not actually 2-1 he is 3-0, if that’s how your gonna judge it then no ones record is valid, everyone has a fight that could of been a different decision. He deserves it he’s been on a run, Bocek, Guida, Miller, Edgar, Diaz, come on, never out worked, out paced, and was just a beast in his last fight, congrats Ben!

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