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Tuesday, 08/14/2012, 04:28 am

UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson Talks Frankie Edgar And Blueprint To Beat Diaz | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson comments while appearing on the MMAHour.

This past weekend at UFC 150 Henderson defeated former champion Frankie Edgar via a split-decision. However a large portion of fans and media alike did not agree with the judges decision.

Henderson comments on the decision and thinks he did enough to get the victory and defend his title.

“I don’t begrudge anyone their opinion if they had it for Frankie. It doesn’t bother me, that’s cool with me. I’m glad the three guys who were judging it had it for me. I definitely felt I did enough to earn the decision. I definitely won, yeah. Deep down in my heart of heart, I felt I won decision. Of course going into any decision in MMA, you have to be nervous, you have to be a little bit worried. Decisions are historically an iffy thing. I for sure felt I did enough to get that W and earn my hand being raised. I felt I didn’t push the pace enough. That is the one thing I should have done more of. I didn’t get tired at all, I didn’t gas, I didn’t have that muscular fatigue where I was worn down and tired. I felt like I could have pushed the pace a lot more. But I did not for whatever reason. I can’t say it was all me. It wasn’t like I didn’t do my job, I didn’t do this and I didn’t do that. Obviously a big part of it goes to Frankie, he did a great job, not allowing me to do what I wanted to do. I wanted to go down there and beat him up really bad and everything. It’s not just about me in there, there’s another guy in there. You gotta take your hats off to Frankie, he’s a tough fighter, one of the best fighters ever in rematches.”

Some fans have even claimed that Henderson is not the true champion however Henderson does not have any hard feelings and he states that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

“It doesn’t bother me at all. No. There are people out there who still think Michael Jordan wasn’t the greatest basketball player ever. There are people out there who think the New England Patriots shouldn’t have won this Super Bowl because of this rule. There are a lot of people out there who think the New York Giants suck and they should have never won the Super Bowl. There are people out there with all sorts of opinions and ideas. I don’t begrudge anyone their opinions, you can think differently than me, it’s OK. I’m cool with that. We don’t have to see eye to eye on everything.”

Since his return to the Lightweight Division number one contender Nate Diaz has looked very impressive submitting Takanori Gomi and Jim Miller and defeating Donald Cerrone via a unanimous decision. However Henderson is happy to face Diaz and states that there is a blueprint to defeat him.

“Knowing your next opponent, knowing who’s next for me, is a good thing I think, A lot of times champs have to sit down and wait to see, ‘oh, we have to wait and see who’s next for [Georges] St. Pierre’ or ‘he’s dominated the whole division and we have to see who’s next for him.’ For me, 55 is stacked, it is stacked full of killers out there, so it’s nice for me to know who I’m going to fight next. I know Nate Diaz is next. As far as how to beat him, I think any time a fighter, sometimes a fighter loses, there’s a game plan on how to beat him. Sometimes, there was a fluke head kick in the first 30 seconds of the fight, it’s a fluke head kick … sometimes it happens. Sometimes when guys lose there’s a blueprint on how to beat him. If you want to beat a guy, all you gotta do is A-B-C. Against Nate Diaz, that blueprint is out there.”

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17 Responses to “UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson Talks Frankie Edgar And Blueprint To Beat Diaz | UFC News”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    Diaz is gona be the new champ

  2. Mike b says:

    Nate is my favorite lightweight,let’s go Nate.i like a lot of fighters at lightweight right now,it’s so stacked.its hard to have a favorite in that division,I would have to say nate tho.benson is exciting to watch also,cant wait for this one.

  3. CombatRusse says:

    I like Henderson
    But he did’nt earn the W with his “hand on the mat knees guard”.
    Concerning his fight with Diaz, I think that he’ll copy “juice McDonalds” strategy.

  4. 808 says:

    Benson’s mid/outer range striking is limited to that flicking jab and a setup right into a leg kick. His stand-up only shines when he and his opponent stand in the pocket and trade punches; even then, it looks sloppy. Given his size advantage he’ll win almost every exchange like we saw in the Guida match. We see him use that side stance from time to time, but I am not impressed. The key to winning for Henderson is his wrestling and dropping bombs from top.

    For Diaz, he needs to watch his range. Positioning is key to winning this and Nate has the tools with that reach advantage. He needs to keep it a boxing match and stay just outside of the pocket with high volume striking so that Henderson can’t setup into any kicks/takedowns. If Benson kicks or shoots without setting it up at that range, it’s not going to work. As long as Diaz keeps it standing, this win is almost guaranteed. If taken down, he’s a savvy enough black belt to submit or stand right back up.

  5. maurice says:

    diaz is is going to continue his assault on the lw division. bendo striking defense and offense is terrible. his best bet is to get nate to the ground and try to land bombs for 5 rounds straight. thats not going to happen tho. i think diaz clowns bendo on the feet then subs him with a guillotine or triangle choke. nate will be the first man to sub bendo in the ufc. ill be shocked if bendo last till the championship rounds.

  6. Irie nation says:

    Are all these Diaz fans also fans of Edgar? I actually like Diaz but come on Henderson will be champ for a very long time…he doesn’t get ko’d and is impossible to submit…he’s very good at what he does…his arsenal is good…he can wrestle he can kick he has some vicious ground and pound and slick submissions…sure he hasn’t finished a fight in awhile but look at the guys he’s faced in the UFC…bocek miller guida and Edgar 2x….those guys aren’t slouches…they are tough to put away for many people…however he did win those fights pretty easily and I would say that with Edgar’s last fight…Edgar is a points fighter you know when he says “I think I did enough”…no Frankie enough would be finishing the fight and staking your claim that night as the best…he left in hands of judges the first time and wasn’t happy maybe he should learn his lesson…Hendo beats Diaz in their matchup

    • 808 says:

      I wouldn’t call Edgar a point fighter. He connects well with his strikes and he does engage. There’s a reason why he got the title shot against BJ Penn before Gray Maynard and that’s because his fights were exciting. I’d say the reason why he has a hard time putting guys away is because he is a bantamweight that is hanging with the lightweights. If Urijah Faber outweighs you by 5-8 pounds, it’s time to consider going down a division or two. In my opinion, he has the best tools to dethrone Jose Aldo and Dominick Cruz.

    • Dylan Taylor says:

      Henderson doesn’t let knocked out? This is Benson, not Dan lol. Did you see what Pettis did to him? And everyone can be submitted, it just takes the right person to do it.

      • Dylan says:

        dude, the guy was out for like less than 1/2 a second on the way down from a full on kick to the face. He DOES NOT get knocked out. We all need to face the reality of it…. Hawaiians have granite chins, and are probably (genetically speaking) the toughest dudes on the planet. That being said, Nate Diaz will pepper him in the face and organs until he goes for broke and tries to wrestle him. Diaz by submission for sure.

  7. MellowFellow says:

    Smooth with another defense. Diaz is a hell of a fight bt duznt really have the k.o power to win it. & regaudless how good diaz is at subs. Miller, cerrone & bocek are also beast at subs & smooth gets out of em. Everytime. So he wont submit him “forsure” diaz can win by points if smooth fights like he did wit edgar 2 bt i believe diaz is weak against kicks & wrestling both smooth duz very well. Bt over all shud be a great fight

  8. Wisdom of BJ Penn says:

    Utilize leg kicks and extreme aggressiveness and he will win over Diaz.. if he doesnt he will lose!

    You have to go in there and dominate the Diaz brothers.. there’s something about them that makes people “wake up” when they meet in the octagon.. respect them 100% and you will be able to beat them.

    If your good enough that is 😉

  9. tutorman says:

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