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Tuesday, 05/29/2012, 08:09 am

Just Scrap Radio Returns Today At 1pm ET Live on BJPENN.COM

“Just Scrap Radio” is back with another killer lineup this week.

We will start the show off with a member of NASCAR’s royal family, Jeffrey Earnhardt. Jeffrey recently made his MMA debut and we plan to go all in with him to get his thoughts on the sport, his favorite martial arts styles and what it was like making the crossover from racing to MMA.

We will also catch up with longtime BJPENN.COM supporter and friend, Jacob Volkmann to discuss the snapping of his 5-fight win streak last weekend at UFC 146.

Switching things up a little bit, we are going to get personal with our host, Jens Pulver and Abel will turn things on him and put Jens in the spotlight to answer all the tough questions everyone wants to know as well as talk about his upcoming fight!

Tune in here at 1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. PT to get the scoop!

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3 Responses to “Just Scrap Radio Returns Today At 1pm ET Live on BJPENN.COM”

  1. bacon says:

    I was at Jeffrey earndhardts fight he fought a 40 yr old man with no wrestling, who was 0-3 as an AMATEUR….not impressive he has no jits, I have seen white belts at renegade tap him out….he will quit once he fights someone who beats his ass

    • NIK says:

      Bacon, people like you live in the shadows your entire existence, you never accomplish anything of value, you hide behind false identity’s and critic those who dare step out on life’s stage and attempt to archive success.

      It seems fitting that you named yourself Bacon, it’s the most inexpensive, lowest quality cut of pig meat, it’s derived from the German word “bacho” meaning “buttock” or “ass”, a spot on moniker I would guess.

      I would call you out as a man, but hey, you named youself after a swine’s ass so how much pride can you have.


      Cowards die many times before their actual deaths – Julius Caesar

      • Kulog says:

        Bacon wrapped aruond a water chestnut then drenched with Terriyaki sauce mixed with brown sugar and honey, and baked until crispy. You can also make the sauce and boil it. As the sauce comes to a boil, drop the bacon wrapped water chestnuts in, and boil them for about 1/2 hour. Pull them out, and serve warm. mmmmmmmm

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