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Monday, 06/24/2013, 09:10 am

UFC Judges Busier Than Ever With Rapidly Decreasing Finishing Rate

From the UFC’s inception up to current date there has been a 50% decrease in finishing rate for fights taking place inside the Octagon.

This staggering decline in finishes is broken down by Reed Kuhn from Fightnomics :
How many UFC fights end inside the distance? The overall percentage is 60%, which includes fights all the way back to 1993. But at the halfway point of 2013, that number is only 50%, year to date. I’d say “roughly 50%” but it’s not — it’s precisely 50%. Out of 176 fights so far in 2013, 88 have been finished by (T)KO or submission. That’s exactly half. How does that stack up with prior years in the UFC? Well, here’s the annual finish rate for UFC fights by year, with 2013 recorded through UFC 161.

The bad news for fans of highlight reel finishes is that the overall trend is down. But the good news is that the recent trend is completely flat, which is a level of stability never before seen in the UFC. As in troubled economies, after a steep decline “flat” starts looking like the new “up.” But there are other patterns underlying the movement of this line.

A closer look at the historical finish rate reveals how this metric is impacted by various drivers. First, notice that all fights ended in the first two years of the UFC. That’s because there was no other option; fighters fought until one of them won. There were no time limits, and no judges. When time limits were introduced in 1995, we see that immediately some fights went the distance, though they were all “draws” at first. Judges were brought in at the end of that year to declare winners of fights that went the distance, and the overall parity of competition improved throughout the decade forcing their involvement more frequently.

But it was the institution of weight classes that give us the best insight into the trends during the modern Zuffa era. When finish rates hit a decade high of 75% in 2005, it was the first full year the UFC went without lightweight fights. Lightweights were officially brought back in 2006, and by 2007 the division became the most commonly competed weight class, with more fights taking place at 155 pounds than in any other division. (That has remained true every year since.) During this time, finish rates dropped 13% overall, reflecting the mix of smaller fighters. Rebounding in 2008, the finish rate hit 68% in a year where slightly more fights occurred in heavier divisions than in years prior. But this composition of divisions quickly went on a diet, and over the next two years fighters began migrating down weight classes and tilting the scales towards smaller divisions.

This period in 2009-2010 saw the greatest decline in finish rates combined with the rapid increase in televised UFC events, and likely an overall increase in the competitiveness within the UFC. In 2010 the first featherweights were introduced before the year’s end, with the WEC merger taking full effect in 2011. By 2012 the first flyweights hit the Octagon, and by then half of all UFC fights occurred at lightweight or below.Continue reading…


38 Responses to “UFC Judges Busier Than Ever With Rapidly Decreasing Finishing Rate”

  1. Tuan says:

    And… they use GSP as the headliner photo LOL

  2. I call it as I see it... says:

    First of all, look at GSP’s picture, no way he is NOT on steroids! Secondly, fighters don’t want to fight wreck less anymore and get “caught.” They fear if they do and lose, they will get cut which leads to no more income.

    If the UFC was more relaxed on their cut procedures, more fighters would “go for the kill,” which translates to more exciting fights and more finishes.

  3. Dana White says:

    This is why people love Anderson Silva and Jon Jones way more than GSP. They FINISH fights in spectacular fashion. GSP is boring.

  4. zzzzz says:

    back in those when There were no time limits, and no judges. i wonder what a jon fitch vs dung hyun kim would go down?

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) THANKS DANA says:

      Why do you think back in 2002-2006 Jon Fitch was NEVER invited to fight in Pride?

      Fitch would have had to be a stow away on a freighter to get home from Japan because they would have fined him every dime he had for stalling (YELLOW CARDS) Too bad the UFC didn’t adopt the Pride yellow cards. Jon Fitch record today would be closer to 2-26 or he would have been released 8 years ago and that 1.6 million the UFC LOST paying Fitch would have never made it to Fitch’s bank account.

      Fitch is a disgrace to all the “REAL” MMA fighters that come to fight and don’t use FLAWED sh’t ass rules to HUMP a LEG and stall out boring a’ss wins. What’s even more hilarious is almost every time Fitch actually tried to fight he got his a’s KO’d or dominated or CHOKED OUT.

      IF one out of 10 fighters were as boring as Jon Fitch the UFC would have been bankrupt 10 years ago. So for you hand full of Fitch fans in the entire world you think about that next time you hear Fitch crying about how Dana and the UFC abused him (how is paying a guy $ 1.6 million more than he was ever worth abusing someone?) Fitch ran off so many UFC fans over the years that it is impossible to know how much money that alone cost the UFC in PPV revenue. Fitch had the smallest fan base of any ranked fighter in the world. NOONE ever paid to see Fitch on a PPV.

  5. GET RID OF Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (FOREVER) says:

    No doubt whatsoever GSP has been on HGH,EPO’s, designer un-detectable steroids (VICTOR CONTE) inside rumor in the MMA training world Conte’s steroids (barry Bonds special) are being distributed by none other Kyle Kingsbury and Co. at AKA. Kyle Kingsbury was a well known steroid abuser and distributor at Arizona when he played football there.

    Mark my words someday the WHOLE TRUTH will come out about GSP’s CAREER LONG PED usage and he will forever be remembered as the Lance Armstrong of MMA. Just because the UFC and NOT ONE MMA commission in the world does OLYMPIC/VADA caliber testing doesn’t mean a fighter is clean. NOONE in MMA has more money to buy all the best LEAST detectable PED’s than GSP. IMO its real easy to see which fighters are JUICED and which ones are not. Compare the Nick Diaz’s, BJ penn’s Andersen Silva’s, Machida’s. Grover Teixeira’s to the GSP’s and don’t even try and throw any bullshit like GSP trains harder than any of those guys. ASK any Olympic trainer what a dead giveaway is on whos’ using steroids and who isn’t (CONSTANTLY BEING INJURED) GSP is suppose to be this Adonis super athlete but he can’t take a dump without getting injured. I have been around athletes all my life and its real easy to tell who’s on PED’s and who’s not and it doesn’t always have anything to do with who’s more ripped or whatever. I can spot a CHEATER 2 blocks away and I spotted GSP 10 years ago and I knew from first time I ever laid eyes on him he was on a whole regiment of cutting edge “DOPING” Even his boy ROIDY can’t stay healthy because his body can’t take all the PED’s being shoved in it and his ligaments are being over worked/stretched and can’t keep up with power/explosiveness all the TRISTAR cutting edge PED are doing to it. IMO GSP’s body is ravaged and extremely weakened from all the years of PED usuage.

    GSP may be the nicest guy around but besides being a CHEATER/GREASER NOONE in MMA career is more EXACTLY a VERY CLOSE copy of being the “REAL LIFE” Ivan Drago portrayed in ROCKY 4.

    Too bad the world will never get to see GSP take a TRUE surprise random VADA blood test. Dana white and the UFC would never let that happen. AMAZES me how many fans still believe that if a fighter passes a lame ass test done by someone like The Nevada Athletic commission then that has to mean they are clean of all PED’s. Oh my god that could not be further from the TRUTH. THE ONLY steroids anyone will ever get busted for is the old run of the mill CHEAP crap from the 80’s like Stanzonol/wintrol (GUYBORG), or NANDROLONE/DECA (Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt) or BOLDENONE (Bonnar, Raphael Cavalante etc. MOST common PED that is used by athletes all over the world and IMO best for MMA is EPO’s (ENDLESS CARDIO) as Lance Armstrong proved as being his secret weapon in helping him win 7 or 8 Tour De Frances. Then of course at 30 to 50k a year easy GSP’s best friend no doubt whatsoever is HGH (tested for in all other sports except MMA) ONLY IMO maybe 2-3 fighters in ALL MMA can afford it and use it closest substance on gods green earth to the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. As I said though ONLY MMA DOESN’T TEST FOR EPO’S ie: ( B L O O D D O P I N G )
    Lance Armstrong was being tested during the competition itself and he still was abale to beat the test going all the way abck to late 90’s. So I ask you how easy can they make it for GSP when they don’t even test for EPO’s in MMA. No fighter in all MMA IMO has more (SYNTHETIC/MAN MADE) advantages. GSP’s last 4 titles fights were in Canada where as WE ALL KNOW they have ZERO drug testing which is a waste of time anyway unless you are a pot smoker or take pain pills. Not to mention GSP’s actual ( TRUE ) weight at the weigh ins for Diaz fight were covered up by Canadian commission
    No doubt in my mind GSP is probably using the exact same substance that barry Bonds used to help him hit 80 home runs at almost 40 years old. Victor Conte designer steroids are very expensive (unless you’re Kyle Kingsbury) and 98% of MMA FIGHTERS IMO can’t afford them but I’m sure the price has come down since 10 years ago when Conte was selling them to ONLY the wealthiest athletes in world. There is now a very expensive test that can detect Conte (Balco so called designer undetectable steroids) but they will never in a million years have the funds in any of the athletic commissions around country. They won’t even pay to test for HGH, EPO’s

    Hello EVERYONE knows where Conte is talking about where he working with his right hand man Kyle Kingsbury under the fasad of selling supplements and nutritional advice. Conte was kicked out of AKA after this story broke last year about all fighters at AKA Conte claimed who came clean (NO PUN INTENDED) that they were in fact using PED’s (phil baroni)MIke Kyle OBVIOUSLY, kingsbury, his best buddy on planet Luke Rockhold (HCG’s) for massive weight cutting, I still think Fitch and Rockhold are using hcg and EPO’s to be able to cut upwards to 40 lbs to make weight and still be able to keep all their cardio weight (NOONE IN MMA p4p cuts more weight than Luke Rockhold and Jon Fitch and In MY OPINION probably the only 100% CLEAN fighters at AKA at that time when Conte had the inside FACTS and TRUST was Cormier and Cain

    IMO the LACK of VADA quality testing has created the perfect storm for massive epidemic of PED abuse in MMA. Why is it retired fighters like Krzysztof Soszynski say 85-95% of all MMA fighters are on PED’s?

  6. K2 says:

    So should they be putting bricks in all the lightweight’s gloves? And as far as fighters playing it safe to keep from being cut, Dana would rather have fighters loose exciting fights than win boring ones. Garcia is a great example of that. He was on like a 5 fight loosing streak, but every fight he went in there and fought his butt off.

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