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Tuesday, 05/08/2012, 06:16 am

Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson In The Works For Labor Day Weekend

By: Chris Taylor:

Yesterday, UFC president Dana White confirmed that the organization was targeting an early September date for the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion’s next title defense, likely on Labor Day weekend (September 1st). With UFC 150 set for August 11th at the Pepsi Center in Denver and UFC 152 slated for September 22nd in Toronto, it is safe to assume that Jones vs Henderson will be headlining the UFC 151 event. No location for the ‘UFC 151′ event has been confirmed.

Jon Jones is coming off his third straight title defense, after a decision victory over Rashad Evans at UFC 145. He has now defeated 4 former UFC champions in his past 4 fights (Shogun, Rampage, Machida and Evans). Jones used his reach advantage very effectively against Evans and will look to do the same against Henderson this fall. ‘Bones’ will have more than 13 inches of reach advantage to use on Dan this September.

Dan Henderson last fought at UFC 139 against Shogun Rua, a fight that earned both men “Fight of the year” honors and ‘Hendo’ a decision victory. Dan has been waiting for his promised title shot since that fight and will now get his 3rd chance at UFC gold. Dan has won 7 of his last 8 fights, including a Heavyweight win over Fedor Emelianenko under the Strikeforce banner.

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has taken out most of the top fighters in the light heavyweight division and has cemented himself as one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world. But the 41 year old, Dan Henderson, plans on derailing the young champion with one ‘H Bomb’ to the chin this fall!


13 Responses to “Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson In The Works For Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Fett says:

    I am rooting for Hendo, but Jones will probably win.

  2. Thomas says:

    And still…

  3. Tiny atom says:

    Henderson couldn’t h bomb rua so how comes he will h bomb jones? Won’t happen just another opportunity for the golden oldie to get another decent pay day…. Jones wins Henderson will be put out to pasture …..

  4. Mike K says:

    Ok Hendo is pretty old he knows if he losses he wont be getting a title shot anytime soon, this is pretty much his last chance, with that being said look at the guys he took out getting here…..are you serious? im sure alot of people think that fedor would have a good chance of beating jones, and guess who knocked him the f out? Hendos got nothing to lose its everything or nothing this time. Machida showed that jones could be hit, and hendo hits hard. Cant wait for this fight cuz i wana see what hendo brings, that plus jones had a grapppling advatage on machida, not the case in this fight thats for sure. All it takes is one right from hendo, (Maybe 2 in jones case) but it can and will be done. WAR HENDO

    • Reality says:

      Jones actually does have a grappling advantage over Hendo here. The only grappling advantage Hendo has is if he puts Jones on his back. Otherwise, based on the fact that Shogun and Rampage put Hendo on his back I think it’s safe to say Jonny Bones can do the same. I think the H-bomb is his only way..however, you never know in an MMA fight. I see Jones finishing him by round 3 or less. Anything after round 3 is probably Hendo losing based on fatigue in addition to the punishment.

  5. BabyJ3 says:

    The reach advantage for Jones is just silly

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hendo I hope uses a Mike Tyson like strategy. The H-Bomb is landing on Jones chin despite the reach disadvantages. Hendo won’t take this opportunity for granted. All the fights I’ve seen him in he has never showed fear of engaging his opponent. That fear of engaging with Jones is the main reason he keeps winning.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      One more thing… I hope this card doesn’t thrive solely on Jones vs Hendo like Jones vs Evans card did.

      • Reality says:

        I just thought about that this morning when I saw that announcement 😀 .. I think they’ll stack it though. It’s not as much of a draw as Evans vs. Jones was and they know that. Jones vs. Evans brought out a lot of mainstream people who don’t normally follow MMA.

  7. Ollie says:

    If you arent rooting for Hendo in this fight, you arent human.

  8. cubs says:

    I would love to see Dan win

  9. highjumpkick says:

    i think hendo can win, jones has some holes in his game that hendo can exploit
    you can watch jones’s last fight here and you’ll see what i mean:

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