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Tuesday, 05/29/2012, 12:44 pm

Jon Jones Pleads Guilty to DWI | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones pleaded guilty on Tuesday morning to DWI charge.

The incident was on May 19th and Jones drove his Bentley into a telephone pole however no other vehicles were involved.

According to WBNG News Jones pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain with the District Attorney’s office in Binghamton City Court. Traffic violations for an improper turn and deviating from a direct course were dismissed.

The plea agreement would have Jones fined and also receive a conditional discharge meaning Jones sentence is served as long as the probationary conditions are met. If not met it could see the full penalty reinstated.

Jones New York driver’s license was immediately suspended by the Judge and he will be back in court on June 19th, Jones must also complete an alcohol abuse and dependency assessment prior to sentencing.


27 Responses to “Jon Jones Pleads Guilty to DWI | UFC News”

  1. Clay says:

    I want to know how everything turns out, but I’m already tired of all these articles on here. And the dumbass shit talkers that come with it..

    • Rashad E. says:

      I wonder how disappointed his father is.

    • Chill out Guida, everything is gonna be OK! If it was me I would’ve had a designated driver, but I’d also like to say that we all do dumb shit from time to time so I can see giving him a mulligan.

      • allmightysandman says:

        …you wouldn’t give him a mulligan if he rear ended you and hurt someone you love…so no mulligan.

        He is young, he has done something really stupid and dangerous and if it negatively affects his career then so be it. He needs to wear this.

        No one gets a “pass” for drunk driving…that shit kills people…including my best friend years ago, so no mulligan.

      • Clay says:

        Dude your right. How does the HW champ of the world not have a limo lol? Or a taxi? He’s a millionaire right? Why drive yourself

  2. D-Rock says:

    Damn if only the DA would give me a plea bargian. Because if it was any of us we would have spent some jail time plus the fine, and in NY I think the penalty is atleast a year in jail.

    • poisontheadam says:

      nah 1st offense in NY is 1 year suspension of the license and a year of probation and $250 a year for 3 years for a drivers assessment fee.drunk people in NY love hitting telephone poles. 5 of my friends have done the same thing with far less fancy cars and my ex did it with me in the car going 35 mph they all got the same thing.try doing the same thing in PA , in PA you get jail time and all of that jazz.

      but i also recall not to long ago JBJ preaching he would never do this typr of thing and low and behold here he is wrecking expensive cars, he’s probably smoking with cigarettes and listening to that rebellious jazz music too!

      • D-Rock says:

        Shit I ain’t going to PA just going to stay in Montana where they won’t bust my ass with all these dirty roads.

        But true that on JBJ he said we will never see him do anything like that, but go figure he hid that other incident very well the one where he was busted going into the titty club. The only thing he needs to do if pull an Eddie Murphy and pick up a tranny hooker.

      • James says:

        When Jon Jones gets asked why he did it he will reply: “Cause it’s fun to do bad things”
        But Jon don’t you care that you could have hurt someone? “No”

  3. Your mom says:

    And here comes all the haters….

  4. Bjj BB says:

    @ allmightysandman, are you on here talking about john jones or the driver that killed your best friend? Cause last i checked john jones did not hit or hurt any1 but his pride and maybe some of his fans so dont come on here talking about what could of happened when it did not, tired of you dumb fucks coming on here talking about what could of happened!

    • allmightysandman says:

      first of all go phuck yourself for calling me a “dumb fuck” for commenting on this post. To dumb it down…way down for you…I was commenting on the act of driving under the influence and whether a guy gets a mulligan for it or not.

      I’m not sure why you took exception to my comment when I was simply saying that drunk driving is not something to fool around with and it kills people.

  5. joe says:

    @d-rock jail time really lol NY is one of the most lax states of all when it comes to dui or dwi is a 90 day suspension. Just about any other state is an automatic 6 months

  6. Paul Harris says:

    Send him to heavy weight

  7. DMAC says:

    I wonder if this was on his life board. This type of shit happens when you fake the funk, keep it 100, if you even know how.

  8. suspend him for a year and fine him 35 thousand dollars.

  9. drew says:

    i think bones had weed in his system…i had a dwi meaning i was a little buzzed, yes i know bones was drunk, but i got caught with dwi cuz weed was in my system…dui is just alcohol…dwi is drug related in someway

  10. Josh Colson says:

    You have that backwards Drew… DWI-Driving While Intoxicated DUI-Driving Under the Influence
    As far as all this goes with Jones…He should have sme punishment. For anyone to say that what could have happened doesn’t matter is really stupid. I’ve had a DWI and what I regret most about is what could have happened. I could have killed myself, my friend who was with me, or someone else. The thought of the possibilities of what could have happened eat at me lke a sickness. I was only over the legal limit by one hundreth of a point, but impaired is impaired and I got what was coming to me. I thank God that nothing happened and I was just pulled over for littering and the cop tested me. I was only 17; that’s a dumb kid making a mistake… Jon Jones is far from a teenager and should not have been given any deal. If Dana White fires guys for “not being serious enough” what do you think he should do to Jones. I have no problem with Jon as a fighter and his personality is not important to me. I hope he learns his lesson, but he should not get a free pass. Title stripped and suspended for at least a year. Sorry Jon.

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