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Thursday, 05/17/2012, 07:36 am

JDS on Mir | He Is Good But He Talks Too Much | UFC NEWS

“He likes to talk a lot, and I don’t agree with that. Yeah, as a fighter, he is a pretty good fighter. He got pretty good jiu-jitsu skills and he is a good striker too, but he likes to talk, and that is not so good to me to hear when he says something stupid. When he fought “Big Nog” my mentor, he said a lot of things, and now, he says he is going to smash my joints in the fight. I saw in the PRIMETIME too, he said that. But, you know, I don’t care about that because I know he likes to promote the fight. But, sometimes it isn’t too good to hear. (But)It’s never personal for me, it’s my job, I don’t know him personally and he doesn’t know me personally. It’s very professional, I just want to win the fight. I don’t want to hurt him or get hurt. I just want to beat him in the fight. I don’t care who the UFC wants me to fight. Now, it’s Frank Mir and I’m looking for a war in the cage with him.”

“I know Frank Mir is going to try to take me down and use his very good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he got good strikes too, but I believe so much in my hands, and all the fights start on the standing, so I think I can take advantage on that and keep this fight on feet and I will be looking for the knockout for sure. I want to knock him out and I will give my best to knock him out. If the fights goes to the ground, I don’t want to put the fight on the ground, but if he takes me down or something like that and holds me there, I will show my jiu-jitsu for everybody. I can tell you I’m ready to fight, it doesn’t matter where. I can surprise everyone fighting on the ground, too.”

The UFC heavyweight champion of the world, Junior dos Santos, was recently a guest on “The MMA Hour” and of course the obvious topic of discussion was his upcoming title bout with the former two-time champion Frank Mir.

Mir has a tendency to talk trash in the lead up to his fights, a mental strategist; he uses the tools at his disposal to invoke emotion out of his opponents in the pre-fight games.

According to this interview the champ isn’t fond of the talk and isn’t buying into it, but the fact the he is talking about it could mean Mir’s magic is working yet again.

Will Mir be able to get under the skin of the champ even more before the fight comes up and if so, will this affect the champs mood and hunger come fight night?



10 Responses to “JDS on Mir | He Is Good But He Talks Too Much | UFC NEWS”

  1. Not You says:

    Man it would he great if JDS snapped Mir’s arm.

  2. Mike says:

    Calling jds 2 nd round ko

  3. Tate says:

    JDS is keeping that belt

  4. Artstunna says:

    JDS is going to murder Mir, and I warranty the fight will never go to the ground, he said he will strike with Dos Santos? Watch he is not that stupid! We are going to see a frustrated. Mir,give up just like he did with carwin, I hate fighters. Who talk lot of shit, just look at the ufc champs most of them are humble, a every trash talker never win they just bully’s looking to intimidated,sorry that shit never work

    • Jaedr says:

      You realize mir is a former champ right? and that the UFC has had plenty of champs who were not humble…. ortiz, lesnar, shamrock, just to name a few.

  5. MMAFAN says:

    I agree with JAEDR!

  6. Nando says:

    Weird, dos Santos has been hyping the fight more than Mir has. I think he’s talking too much.

  7. toneloc24 says:

    What bothers me about Mir is he has a massive ego. Hes a good fighter, one of the best HWs of all time with top notch jj I just wish he was more humble. Its really gunna hurt that ego when JDS leaves him face down and unconscious on the 26th

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