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Sunday, 05/27/2012, 01:07 am

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Cut From UFC After Backstage Incident | UFC NEWS

By Jonathan Kirschner

Despite being only two fights into his most recent UFC run, Jason “Mayhem” Miller has been released by the company and is “done” with all Zuffa owned promotions after a backstage incident.

Dana White made the announcement during the UFC 146 post-fight press conference on Saturday night. After confirming that Miller had been released by the company due to a backstage incident, White would not reveal any other information besides it was because “some crazy **** happened backstage” and that it was “nothing physical”. Miller was not available to respond to any questions.

Prior to the press conference, Dana White was asked if he thinks Miller should fulfill his promise of retiring if he lost on Saturday. “I think that’s a great idea.”. White elaborated, “The thing is with Mayhem Miller— his last fight was embarrassing that he had with Michael Bisping after his season of The Ultimate Fighter. Then he still comes out with pink **** on at the weigh-ins or whatever the hell he was wearing… The guy doesn’t take it serious and he looked it tonight.”

Jason “Mayhem” Miller signed with the company earlier in 2011 and was brought on along with Michael “The Count” Bisping as a coach for ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. The two put on an entertaining season filled with jokes and pranks but when fight time rolled around, Bisping was the only one laughing. Miller’s performance was not up to par with what the UFC brass and fans were expecting, and he stated he was embarrassed after getting dominated by Bisping for three rounds before the bout was called to and end.

Just this past Saturday night at UFC 146, Miller and his fans (dubbed “Mayhem Monkeys) were excited for his octagon return. Unfortunately, C.B. Dollaway put an end to all the excitement by smothering Miller for three rounds in a dominant performance. Miller’s night was not without a few shining moments, however, as he sent his opponent staggering back with power punches a couple times only to find himself on his back moments later.

After an unimpressive two fights in the world-famous octagon, Jason “Mayhem” Miller is no longer with the UFC. White finished off with, “He’s done… He’s not with us anymore”.

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57 Responses to “Jason "Mayhem" Miller Cut From UFC After Backstage Incident | UFC NEWS”

  1. 'Ekahi says:

    not surprised at all. The Kalihi boy can come here and fight; he’ll probably draw a crowd here in Honolulu.

  2. Ko_King says:

    I heard McDonald’s r looking 4 staff!

  3. stephen Riddle says:

    He is going to release a movie later this yr about how his ufc career was one big prank! Smh!

  4. JSP says:

    I guess he will recover from that knee injury and head off to Bellator or WWE that would suit his flamboyent style

    • And if he goes to Bellator or the WWE he will make more money than Dana pays!! He is one of the most entertaining fighters in the sport, and 9 out of 10 times, he can back it up!! Dana needs to get a sense of humor!! The boos were for CB not Mayhem!

  5. Hugh says:

    I wonder whats the status on his knee. I saw that thing buckle pretty bad and that caused alot of problems for him. I do say either his striking improved or dolloway couldn’t take a punch because he got rocked twice. yet mayhem is a great character but his fighting is pretty subpar

  6. Xaninho says:

    I guess Mayhem and DW had an argument backstage?

  7. banks says:

    I wana know wut the incident was? but to be honest i think miller is a clown and a second rate fighter at best. that being said cb was boring and i kinda wanted to see miller knock him out as the fight went on but either way im just happy miller is done

  8. Runem says:

    I love this, especially after the clowning and shit talking by Miller

  9. Kirk says:

    I was excited when the UFC signed mayhem. But what a disappointment! He is a fucking joke. I can see how someone could lose to Bisping. But C. B. “fartface”Dalliway. He should retire. And never mention mms again. What a bitch.

  10. Kirk says:

    I was excited when the UFC signed mayhem. But what a disappointment! He is a fucking joke. I can see how someone could lose to Bisping. But C. B. “fartface”Dalliway. He should retire. And never mention mma again. What a bitch.

  11. Kirk says:

    I posted twice by trying to fix my mms blunder. Pressed s instead of a.

  12. Bigtittiesandthekids says:

    Mayhem lost end of story… But these refs need some consistantcy. In the fight between belfort and Johnson, rumble got a take down and was stood back up soo fast because he wasn’t active enough….cb dolloway took a nap on mayhem during the fight. Can the refs or whoever just get everyone on the same page because even with 1 leg if the ref would have stood them up in the later part of the fight mayhem probably would have ko’d glass jaw dolloway

  13. daniel says:

    word is he got cut because he tried to pick fight with CB’s corner men backstage and security had to break it up

  14. jk says:

    man, I would much rather see Miller fight, win or loose, than see CB fight!

  15. DMAC says:

    CB has no business in UFC, no one wants to see your hands clasped behind someone back for 3 rounds. I don’t recall him fighting like that in the past I was in shock and completely disgusted by both guys. I was embarrassed for them putting on a fight like that for the sport, that was a horrible representation of MMA.

    Mayhem needs to go back to beating up little Asian dudes. There’s no way in hell he trains his ass off no way! He looked like someone fresh off the street in their first sparring session. Like someone said above were going to soon find out his entire return was a prank or some shit. I feel sorry for the guy but if you can’t scrap and don’t keep your eyes open when your throwing hands your in the wrong profession.

  16. Nasty-Nate says:

    After Mayhem hurt his knee, CB knew it and took advantage of it by GSP’ing him and laying on him the whole fight. If this were a Pride fight CB would have owed the UFC money by the end. CB knew Mayhem couldn’t force himself up with one leg, so I cant blame CB for the way he fought, but lost respect for him because he took the easy way out. If he would have finished him on the floor it wouldn’t be a thing. Mayhem was at least trying to keep it standing up as much as he could, he really had no other choice with his busted knee. CB is more to blame for the lame fight than Mayhem.

    • MAgog says:

      Well nasty nate, you basically pride fagged.

      That’s where you say some shit “well I like the ufc but”

      you started off whining about lnp. that’s cbs game. and he’s a about C level when it comes to wrestling.

      Miller knew that going in.
      Miller was suppose to fight Aron simpson when he showed up to the ufc.. (which he would lost).

      and he fought CB who’s not even gate keeper level and lost. Is millers leg fucked up? sure. but he was in a must win fight. he didn’t win.

      If he was held down by gsp that would been one thing.. but this is CB dollway LOL son.

      MIller doesn’t belong in the ufc he can get lnp by someone that crappy.

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Lol…. Cb. Stands for can’t box….. He’s a layn pray guy…. Just like Frankie …. The pity pat…. Sissy…. I’m not a fan… Miller.. Wow… Lol… He didn’t look good….. But… I couldn’t help but root for him…. Cuz I hate layn pray guys…. Bj never gave us that crap…. And would put both of these … Let’s take our shirts off and use vasaline guys to sleep…. Lmao

  17. Hugh L says:

    yahoo sports put out a story that it was how he went with the pink boa and ghetto blaster and hello kitty undies at the weigh ins and that his walk out was him wearing a brown paper bag

  18. MAgog says:

    They were looking to cut miller, and honestly for what ever reason that fight wasn’t the best.

    Wow, i don’t get the mass under this post, but what ever. Looks a step down from camel dog.

    • jones says:

      magog……..for whatever reason that fight was not the best,,,ahhhh yeah cuz cb fukin sux shit ..and so does miller..i do feel bad for miller though cuz he got fuct,,,he should have pulled out that fight but did not cuz he was afraid he is cut for his knee giving out..i hate miller and actuslly felt terrible for him seeing his knee give out..he would have won if he had good knee ,when he had cb done and triping all over the ring miller could not even run str8 with that knee ,,and falling once again when he got near cb..u could see he could not even post up AND STANnd with that knee also…it is very sad that knee was jacked..,,but miller is an asshole i member him beating sakraba (not spelled right) and showing off to the camera about beating old washed up asian bitch…same with this shit giving a noogy..then losing ,,back to MTV buddy,,,go to bully beat down…diaz was right now to fight him,,,miller was shit and trying make a name from fighting diaz

  19. Wimp wailer says:

    Does the B in CB stand for Bitch

  20. Broman145 says:

    Mayhem Miller. Fluke of the year

  21. Mike cannon jr says:

    I’m tired of Dana … And his personal shit effecting… With fighters …. Getn in the way… Of the best fights … Dude needs to quit standing in everybody else’s spotlight…I’m really pissed at Dana white…reminds me of a white don king…. Just a total waist of oxygen …. Watch how over the years how he’s tryin to turn the UFC into the WWE …. Classless…. And how his personality has changed… Even the ultimate fighter… Is all about Dana…nutt rider

  22. Mike cannon jr says:

    For example…. If I was the best fighter in the history of forever … Lol.. Humor me.. I’m tryin tO make a point..if u don’t kiss danas ass…. No one will ever know… I can’t be the only person to notice how big his ego is… And how all the fighters Hafta work around it… Piss him off … And he won’t let u fight …. Seems criminal to me…. I’ve been on board as a fan of the UFC… Before Dana …. But I’m not sure I will be after Dana ….

  23. Mike cannon jr says:

    UFC usta be about the fighters…. Now…. It’s all about Dana …. And what he thinks and wants… Fuq him…!!!

  24. Mike cannon jr says:

    If theirs a better fighter than the champs he pix… You will never know.. Until they can be trained to kiss his ass…

  25. lex walker says:

    Mayhem will bounce back after his knee heals he couldn’t even post on his leg to stand back up, if he was injury free he would of won….I’m not really a mayhem fan I just hate to c fighters lose b/c of an injury when he should of just pulled of the fight u can’t beat a wrestler with 1 leg

  26. Nick says:

    Mayhem looked great til he hurt his knee. Nasty buckle. To be honest Miller looked better in defeat than CB looked in victory. Dollaway looked like crap and was lucky he won. Any one of those punches could of ended the night.

  27. jbeamazing says:

    Mayhem is bum candy James Toney looked more impressive lol

  28. 50 Tyson says:

    It was still a bad performance by mayhem though dude his stand up was bad and his black belt skills was giving up his back the whole time wtf I love mayhem but he should just hang up the gloves after this there’s no point of competing anymore it’s over with the UFC

  29. slmichael714 says:

    I was expecting Mayhem to really take it to Bisping, but instead his “performance” was completely unimpressive. I don’t think he was even close to “in shape” for a fight….Mayhem Who??????????

  30. touramericasaledayie says:

    Thanks for the helpful information! I would never have discovered this on my own!

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