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Friday, 08/16/2013, 07:12 am

UFC interested in Ben Askren, not pursuing Paul Daley

UFC President Dana White said his promotion may very well be interested in Bellator welterweight champion and current free agent Ben Askren (12-0 MMA, 9-0 BFC):

“We’ll talk to Ben,” White said following Thursday’s pre-UFC Fight Night 26 press conference. “Yeah, we’ll talk to him.”

The four-time collegiate All-American wrestler, Askren, began his MMA career in 2009, going 3-0 on the regional circuit before signing with the Bellator promotion. Since defeating Lyman Good to earn the Bellator welterweight strap, Askren has defended his belt four times.

Askren’s latest effort saw him score a TKO victory over Andrey Koreshkov at last month’s Bellator 97 event in New Mexico. The win served as Askren’s second stoppage victory in a row, this after having won six straight fights by decision.

Dana White was also asked to comment on the possibility of signing knockout artist Paul Daley (33-12-2 MMA), who fought three times under the UFC banner before being released after a post-fight suckerpunch of Josh Koscheck at UFC 113 in Montreal.

“I think I’ve been pretty clear about where I am on Paul Daley,” said White. “I’m not saying that Paul Daley couldn’t change. But what he did, he was only guy that’s ever done that in the history of the UFC, our UFC since we’ve been here, literally walked over after you’ve just fought a guy for 15 minutes, it’s all legal, you can do whatever you want, and after the fight he walks over and suckerpunches him in the face. I hate it.”

“I’m not saying that he couldn’t be forgiven and it couldn’t change, but he’d have to win some fights and… I don’t know what he’d have to do. I’m not there though.”

Would you like to see Ben Askren join the UFC roster? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!



20 Responses to “UFC interested in Ben Askren, not pursuing Paul Daley”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Noooooo not another lay n pray fag! Just got rid of Fitch and now they want to add some other snoozefest bum to the roster?

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      You just have ZERO knowledge of ground fighting. I feel so sorry for you. Get off the weed it might clear your perceptions and you could then see the light that and give up your karatedodo and pick up wresssstling….hahahaha

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

      If this writer knew anything about Ben Askren he would just call him a 4 times all American wrestler. How about a 2 time D-1 National Champion and a 4 time finalist and 2 time Hodge Trophy winner which is the College wrestling (HEISMAN TROPHY) How about 2008 Olympian. Askren is wrestling PHENOM. Any idiot who tries to compare Jon Fitch to Askren is just that and IDIOT. Askren had more pins in one season that Fitch had wins his entire 5-6 years ar Purdue. Askren was 153-8 with 91 pins where as Fitch was like 32-68 in college. ON a scale of 1-10 wrestling skills Fitch is a 1 and Askren is a 10. Askren would embarrass Fitch 10 times worse than Maia did.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        This is MMA idiot. I don’t care about his wrestling career. I’ve seen him fight in Bellator and it’s boring lay n pray shit.

        • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

          If you had a half of brain you would know Askren is insanely dominant and he finished 2 very talented fighters in his last 2 fights. I can’t help if you are just a total dipshit and don’t know the difference between being dominant and lay n pray. Fitch and Sheilds are lay n pray where they hump a leg for 15 minutes never once improving their position.

          Askren is an Olympian against high schooler out there and he would do the exact same thing in the UFC

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          He needed the help of incompetent judges to steal a win from Jay Hierron! What the hell are you talking about? His last two fights were stoppages, but hardly impressive. He’s boring and you know it.

  2. Ddddddddd says:

    I agree he’s had some boring as$ fights but his last couple have been good. If Goerges had an outing like Bens last fight everyone would say he was a genius. Ben at least is trying to up the level of entertainment. If he got a shot at Goerges that would be a legitimate super fight. They would match up well in my opinion and I would buy it for sure. Duke would put together a plan that would be able to deal with the solid fundamentals in Goerges’ boxing and probably find a creative way in on him. Hire him and book it. You’d have to think Bellator would fight for him as hard as they did for Eddie though.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      NONE, ZERO, ZILCH is the amount of boring fights he has had, They have ALL been top level ground fighting displays. The fact that you have no knowledge of what a ground fight is must be the reason for thinking this way….or you are on weed?? Lol…

  3. 757 says:

    Yes! My favorite fighter in the world! I can’t wait to see him lay on guys in the ufc, gonna be boner popping fun

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

      The dream fight would be to see Askren vs Nate “THE CHEAT” Marqaurdt in his first UFC fight. I would love to see Askren just school Nate “THE ROID CHEAT” and embarrass the hell out of him and during the entire fight Askren would be saying shit to him like “where’s all your ROID strength now. If you remember right NOONE was more outspoken about Marquardt getting busted for the 3rd time for ROIDS than Askren and BJ penn. They both had marquardt crying. I think its funny how Marquardt refuses to answer any questions to media regarding his career long steroid abuse. Please Dana bring Askren over so we can all see him put an ass whopping on Nate “THE ROID CHEAT” My guess is Lombard will probably already have Ko’d Marquardt by then and Nate “THE CHEAT” will have already been released by time Askren makes it to UFC. More than likely that scumbag criminal BYORK Rebney will try and RUIN Askren’s career like he did Eddie Alveraz’s. Why anyone would ever sign with Bellator is beyond me or should I say any QUALITY fighter that wants to make it to the UFC someday

      GAYGOYLE your boy Lay n pray Fitch RUINED MMA for countless thousands of MMA fans and you are the only one that can’t admit FITCH SUCKS

  4. KIDD433 says:

    I’m sure Gaygoyle is beating off to hearing this news

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      @KUNT433 – we just now need to get a rid of most of the steroid taking bitch slapping Brazilians and the UFC will be perfect then!!! Lol..Oh Yah and this site will see a huge uptick once you’re gone in December as long as you got any balls next to that KUNT of yours….Whoop…

  5. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    OH YAH BABY!!! Gotta love this PIC here, The Best Striker and GOAT and The Best Ground Fighter of the World together. Yah let’s raise the quality of the 70ers. Askren will beat GSP. This is GREAT News. UFC is gonna grow now!!!

  6. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

    I would bet anything that Askren would beat GSP. 99.9% of UFC/GSP nuthuggers base GSP’s wrestling skills on GSP being able to take down a fighter that throws haymakers and or kicks and in their minds that makes GSP the best wrestler in MMA. If any of them had a clue they would know Ben Askren is the best wrestler in MMA hands down no disputes. Askren would school GSP end of story. Will Dana white ever let that happen? I doubt it. GSP is on his way out because he knows the “new breed” of MMA fighters will catch him like Serra did. I doubt GSP even shows up for Hendricks fight. LIke I said 6 months ago my prediction is GSP drops out about a week before the Hendricks fight (AS PLANNED all along by TRISTAR) and meanwhile ROIDY will have been training the entire time for Hendricks. Hendricks vs ROIDY in October you heard it here first. GSP is and always has been a coward and only fights when he knows he can win. Askren will be the #1 WW in the world in next 2 years

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I’m with you on this one almost 100%. As much as I admire GSP’s skills and abilities, Askren would make him look like a kid. He is the best ground fighter in MMA, probably the world.

      • GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) THANK GOD says:

        When you are you going to learn the difference between being an insanely dominant ground fighting wrestler like Askren and a boring ass LAY N PRAYER like Fitch. Only fight where Fitch did anything other than lay n pray was the Eric Silva fight because his job was on the line and he knew it. He was also almost finished a number of times in that fight against a guy who wasn’t ranked in the top 20. Fitch spent his entire UFC career being a leghumper who used his considerable size advantage he had over most of his opponents to hump a leg and NEVER improve position or try for submissions or do anything more than pitter patter 5 seconds before ref was going to stand him up. Fitch best skill in the world is weight cutting. If MMA had next day weigh ins Fitch would have retired 10 years ago. According to his own coach Crazy Bob Cook Fitch walks inot the cage at fight time at 204 lbs. IF the UFC/MMA had the anti-stalling rule like College wrestling and or Yellow cards Fitch would be closer to 3-25 mma record. NOONE has ever been called for stalling more than Fitch was during his 5-6 years at Purdue.

        What I dislike about Fitch the most is his mouth and crying his entire career telling all fans and the UFC that NOONE understands how great he is and how the world has given him so many injustices. Fitch is and always will be a cry baby bitch. Josh Burkmann and Jihny Hendricks should have been awarded a million dollars a piece for making Fitch cry and the GOOD they did for MMA in general. Fitch is like a virus that needs to be wiped out and made to go away for ever.
        I just saw where WSOF gave him an easy fight against a B rate fighter who is even more boring and a bigger cry baby than Fitch, Gerald “OVERRATED” Harris. Too bad they didn’t make Fitch fight Steve Carl who IMO would have kicked Fitch’s boring ass. WSOF is going to give Fitch nonstop easy fights so they can justify giving him a rematch with Burkmann. They also should have made him fight Aaron Simpson who Fitch already backed out of a fight with once because he knew he was a bad matchup. Simpson a way better wrestler and has a big right hand and fight would have made perfect sense since both Fitch and Simpson are coming off losses to Burkmann. I know Fitch’s camp turned down Simpson just like they did in the UFC.

        Awesome picture at top of page of 2 PHENOMS
        Bj Penn and Ben Askren

  7. smokethatgoodshit says:

    what you got against weed homie, and wtf would you know about what it does to your perceptions,you don’t know shit. narrow minded bitch

  8. alton says:

    Gsp would destroy askren who has fought ? Beletor bums they may have the same ground game but gsp is way better overall period.

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