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Wednesday, 05/09/2012, 08:32 am

Hendo's Coach On How To Combat Jon Jones Reach | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Dan Henderson’s boxing coach Gustavo Pugliesi in an interview with TATAME.

Pugliesi comments on how they plan to overcome Jon Jones reach advantage.

“I don’t hope for anything less than a knockout, but it’s not easy on Hendo. He’s putting his hands on him, buddy”

“If he didn’t have this advantage things would be much simpler,he has many flaws on his defensive system. But there’s no unbeatable reach.”

“We’re having him doing sparring with guys the same size as Jones so that Dan get used to it. It’s important not to rush things and want to punch him right away. We have to cut well the octagon, putting pressure but not rushing into things. We have to try to make the octagon small, leaving no space out for Jones to escape Henderson. We have to use a lot of flow, combine kicks, move the head and work on the reach”.

Pugliesi feels Jon Jones will opt to take the bout to the ground in an attempt to avoid Henderson’s striking.

“I guess he’s going to surprise and will want to take him down right away but Dan is aware of it and has been working to avoid Jon’s advantage on that aspect too”.


31 Responses to “Hendo's Coach On How To Combat Jon Jones Reach | UFC News”

  1. kenji says:

    JJ has so many arsenals that to think that he may do this…like shoot for a takedown…is far fetched. R. evans found that out with JJ’s standing elbows. This kid is not only a great fighter but becoming a great strategist…aka gsp. For Hendo or his coach to think that he is just some other heavy weight with a long reach is beyond me.

    • !2exx says:

      a wut? great strategist? Hahaha, das all greg jackson.Greg jackson is probably the smartest coach current in mma, without him Jones wouldnt probably be were he’s at without him. So most of the credit should b given to Greg.

      Jones is most improving fighter i have very seen, i do see alot of flaws in his game. Of course das easiler say then done, he uses his reach very well. He had most verstaile Judo/Wrestling game i have very seen and use his size very well when in the clinch.

      When Hendo caughts a guy, he knows he hurt the other guy, and jumps on him very effectively. Probably in my opinion the best finisher. For Hendo to win, i think he should go for the body, i dont see alot of guys attacking the body alot, especially against Jones.
      Jones always pushs the other guy by always sticking out his arm, which will make it very hard for Hendo. Hendo will win if he attacks the body

      Will have to give it to Hendo, cause simply i love a underdog story. And Hendo his a underdog, alot of people will count him out cause he facing the next face for the ufc in Jones. And once Jones loses i hope he will become more humble. personally i think Jones getting way over cockie about himself.

      • Nuitari X says:

        Did you see greg jackson coaching that canadian kid in Maximum Fighting Championship the other night? That kid was passing out in the corner from the shit ton of blood that leaked out of his head all over the octagon, and all greg jackson was sayin was “wake up we can do this” when he clearly should have thrown in the towel for the fighters safety. It wasn’t a very smart decision on mr. jackson’s part, its like he was treating this kid like he was rashad or jj. It looked bad from a coaching standpoint and it really made me wonder about him.

    • Hayden says:

      one arsenal, many weapons in it

  2. ieatvag says:

    when hendo legally gets juiced up on trt, he’ll get his hands on him, and we’ll see whats up. i look forward to jones losing.

  3. dlo' says:

    As much skill Jon Jones has is the same amount of flaws that he possess, but areas where he lacks he also has the athleticism height and reach advantage to cover up for those mishaps

    • kermitforney says:

      You could apply the same logic to Henderson’s skill set minus the athleticism. Henderson is a “one-punch” pony. He is not going to wrestle hump JJ, he’s not going to submit JJ, so his only chance is to knock him out (technically or otherwise).

      Here is how I see this fight going. JJ will keep Dan at a distance eventually swarming him with strikes ala Nick Diaz. Dan may go for the ill fated long distance shoot in desperation to no avail. Hendo is a small LHW to begin with, then take into account his height and reach in contrast with JJ’s and he is at a huge disadvantage.

      JJ by TKO second round.

      • Chris says:

        swarm him wit strikes? Diaz mainly uses his fist. Jones wouldnt b able to swarm hendo wit strikes like Diaz cause, personally i still dont think Jones has a chin for that type of style. Hendo has a chin and heart.

        I can see Jones finishing on the ground but he wont finish Hendo wit strikes

  4. CanILive says:

    hahah yea Hendo take “your time” and find the bomb, in the mean time get picked apart by Jon

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Anyone else notice his coaches name is Pugliesi… It almost sounds like pugilistic.

  6. Mike Diaz says:

    Hendo and his coaches should realize that all they are preparing for is Hendo’s own funeral! Go ahead and take the time to pick out your casket, your hertz, and the suit…….get that burial insurance too! LOL Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hendo is probably Jone’s smartest opponent. You guys counting Hendo out are setting yourselves up for an upset.

  8. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Yada, yad, yada… I’ve heard this “here’s how you beat JBJ” schtick before. Guess I’m tired of reading the same bs which eventually leads to the same results. Best of luck, Hendo, but at the end of the day, I see you catching an “L” just like the four other former champions that Bones has faced

  9. Rashad vs Machida 2 says:

    What a difference a fight makes. Prior to Jones/Rashad, the voices were for Jones to lose…badly. Against Hendo (one of my all time faves), people are bashing Hendo left and right. The argument you hear in favor of Hendo? He’ll get Jones with that big right hand and that’ll be it. Other than that, nothing else for Hendo. That’s bad for Hendo.

    But the article, in theory, would make sense if Jones just stood there and allowed Hendo to be the aggressor. But Jones is a champion, and champions do the stalking. Jones will be the one cutting off the cage, getting kicks in, not to mention the most vicious “elbow jabs” in MMA. The dude is double-jointed in the shoulder!!

    Jones by decision, 50-45.

  10. Mr.Rusk says:

    If any one can its hendo for sure

  11. dr Kildare says:

    get his Hertz? What do you want him to get a rental Car?? or do you mean hearse? like the vehicle they take corpses in

  12. bw says:

    Thank you for posting the photo of the Bisping KO, that might have been the greatest ko in history!

  13. GRT 3000 says:

    The more I see JBJ in the media the more I end up not liking him. I think he kicks ass in the octagon no question, but he comes off as…I dunno…I think phony is probably best. That comment he made abt Dana wearing black on black the best sucked; he just needs to be himself & nevermind with trying to project a certain image. I hope Hendo can lay it on em’ but sadly I don’t think that’ll happen.

  14. JBroce says:

    untill he moves to HW, no one is going to be able to overcome his freakish reach advantage. Its the trump card that no one can overcome. Maybe Gustafson, since hes almost as tal and just as wierd in his striking, but I doubt even him.

  15. i am nick says:

    easy win for jon jones..hendo’s KO power is overrated.

  16. H-BOMB4Prez says:

    Look at the advantages JJ has reach and height weird unorthodox stance a great wrestler and is very creative with his strikes which is why he’s so good in the LHV division…Hendo hits you with sledge hammers when he connects especially with his right hand great Greco R. Wrestling his clinch beat you up H. Bomb style. An beat anyone bigger stronger then himself just ask feijao and fedor and the faster guy in shogun…it’s funny that every fighter that Hendo takes on knows exactly what he’s going to do in the cage. It some how can’t defend against it very well. Hendo wins by KO or decision JJ is going to win by submission ala A.silva that’s the only way I see this playing out

  17. lex walker says:

    If dan can’t beat him then I can’t c anybody at 205 beating him

  18. ganjaneerUSMC says:

    This fight reminds of of jds vs carwin. One punch is all that’s needed, yea well tell that to carwin who got worked over my a faster, more athletic, and better striker. Same thing here, jones is a nutbag in my mind, but he’s faster, way more athletic, younger, bigger, stronger, way better striker. I like hendo but this isn’t a street fight, these are seasoned world class fighters, having one good weapon doesn’t really cut it against jones, but I would love to see them match up gustoffson after this fight, at least he’s got the height and lenght and weird striking to hopefully make it interesting and possibly beat jones, he was very impressive against silva.

  19. parker says:

    I want Hendo to win because if not then I’m scared for the 205 division, after Hendo there really is no one to fight Jones other then gustaffson

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