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Wednesday, 05/09/2012, 08:24 am

Henderson vs Edgar Rematch Officially Taking Place At UFC 150 In Denver | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Dana White sets the date for the Lightweight Championship bout between Ben Henderson & Frankie Edgar on ‘UFC Tonight’

UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson will take on number one contender and former champion Frankie Edgar at UFC 150 in Denver, Colo., on Aug. 11, 2012.

The UFC 150 card is still relatively unknown, Another Lightweight bout featuring Dennis Hallman & Thiago Tavares are rumoured to be on the card. Jake Shields vs. Ed Herman is also rumoured for the 150 card.


14 Responses to “Henderson vs Edgar Rematch Officially Taking Place At UFC 150 In Denver | UFC News”

  1. ieatvag says:

    who cares
    i don’t really care
    im sure there will be other good fights on the card, but i don’t see me and my friends buying this fight.
    you can bet the farm that bendo will hold the title, and prove that frankie didn’t even come close to winning the first time and didn’t really deserve a rematch.
    i would have had more respect for him and wanted to watch the rematch, after he proved himself against another top 55er, effectively climbing back up the ladder to really earn a rematch.

  2. The natural says:

    Shut up troll Frankie won that fight dropped his ass took him dwn at will and bendo did what still trying to figure it out o wait he was bigger then Frankie and like bj had no marked on his face after fight that must mean he won o wait but he did get one shot off wen Frankie was on top of him punching himin the face from his feet with hendo on his back got that lucky upkick So did that end the fighter knock him out don’t think so what else did bendo do too beat the champ I seen Edgar out striking and doing what ever he wanted to a guy twice his size yes there in same weight class but wen a guy half ur size fight with u and u really could c the fight goin either way the smaller guy wrked u and shld get win hes half ur size and put on a even fight wut u that’s a bum

    • GET RID OF BAD GRAMMAR (forever) says:

      Nigga please! Henderson is going to dominate Edgar again.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I’m sorry. Half the shit you posted was unreadable.

      First, Edgar took him down, what 6 times? And out of those six times, how many did Edgar actually keep him on the ground? Once, maybe twice. The rest Henderson popped back up just like Nate Diaz did against Cerrone when Cerrone kept sweeping him in the second round. Edgar far from capitalized, so why should he get points for just taking his opponent down? Shouldn’t Henderson get points for quick escapes too?

      Second, I can’t decipher from your incoherent ramblings whether you are talking about Henderson’s or Edgar’s face. I hope your talking about Edgar’s because his face was mangled. For the record, Henderson landed more significant strikes than Edgar during the course of the fight and not just the upkick.

      Third, how is Henderson twice his size? That would mean he came into the fight weighing more than 300 pounds. Henderson made weight didn’t he? And the weigh-ins are what, the day before the fight? Jesus Christ, how much weight could a man gain in a single day?

      Aside from the takedowns, which should not have any significance at all considering Edgar did NOTHING with them, Henderson prevailed in every other aspect of that fight.

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      Damn dude are you denial or what. hendersen beat the hell out of frankie. he dominated in every stat not to mention Frankie looked like he got run over by a bus. s far as frankie being only 165lbs it becausehe is scared to death of Aldo because he knows he won’t be able to run away from 145ers like he does at 155. Dana offered Frankie the moon to get an immedaite title shot against Aldo and OF COURSE Frankie turned it down he knows damn well Aldo way way stronger, faster, 10 times better jits, 10 times better mauy tai, hits like like a tank. quit using frankie 165lb size as an excuse its getting OLD already. Frankie is afraid to fight at 145 he said it himself he would lose his only advantage. Mark my words noone in MMA has taken more dmage in shorter amount of time than Edgar and he is going to pay for it in end when he has to retire in a few years. at least a dozen concusions all because he was afraid of Aldo. Also if he ever does have balls to fight Aldo he will get KO’d. Frankie is a good kid with ton of heart but his career will be cut short real soon. Dana white said it himself he is very worried about Edgars longevity in this sport

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      Bendo/Frankie wasn’t even close. Besides the FACT Frankie looked like he got hit by a bus the stats told the story. Frankie got his ass kicked and Bendo didn’t have a mark on him. tell me how a fighter won a fight but didn’t leave one little mark? i mean nothing. Frankie has RUINED the LW class all because he if afraid to fight Aldo. so tired of idiots crying about Frankie being small. Frankie himself said he walks around at 165lbs and wouldn’t want to cut anymore weight because he feels he would lose his cardio. WOW bendo had 5 lbs on frankie and thats end of world. Jon Jones looked 2 weight classes bigger than Rashad but you didn’t hear him crying about it. Frankie has stolen so many decisions in fights where he took most of the damage. I just will never understand how the guy who gets his ass kicked almost every time he fights but his nuthugger fans say he won despite what stats say and what his face says and the countless concusiosn he has received. Pitter patter and flash takedowns don’t win fights for anyone BUT FRANKIE. Its almost like judges award him because they feel sorry for the massive amounts of brain trauma he receives in almost every fight. Every decsion he has won was given to him on heart and his ability just to survive. I do feel sorry for Frankie after he loses to bendo again and he has to honor his promise to dana taht he will drop down and fight Aldo who is faster, stronger, has massiver power in his kicks and mauy tai. I just think frankie’s running away style and pitter patter is going to be horrible matchup for him against Aldo.

  3. A.James says:

    Bendo. I’m buying this one.

  4. Homer pimpson says:

    Had Edgar wiining this fight like many others, looking forward to another great fight

  5. ,., says:

    It really does suck that Frankie and Ben are fighting again just because what happens if Frankie wins is Nate not going to fight for the title then? He said he wouldn’t fight Frankie or Gil, so I am assuming if Frankie were to win Nate would probably move up to 170 again.

  6. Nick says:

    Frankie had to cry his way to a rematch. I’m tired of this. Ben needs to put him away.

  7. Rashad vs Machida 2 says:

    The thing about Edgar fans thinking that Edgar won the first fight is that they think that moving and dancing around your opponent should earn him points during a round. That tactic got Frankie the belt in Abu Dhabi, but it lost him the belt in Japan. Henderson beat Edgar up and deserved the LW belt that night. For the record, Henderson was NOT dropped by Frankie’s right hand in the 5th: Henderson was dropped by his own left foot. He somehow twisted it at the moment that Edgar threw that right. Lucky timing for Edgar, but not a drop.

    Edgar is tough. He took so many shots to the face and didn’t go down. But dancing and moving away from your opponent and being able to take numerous punches shouldn’t count in favor of your score. And it didn’t that night. That is why Benson Henderson is that UFC LW Champion.

    • marlon a says:

      agree and not to mention that he kept catching bens kicks after they had already hit him. so people who say that edgar was winning because he kept catching the kicks is mistaken because he caught them after they did the damage.

  8. Bjj BB says:

    @Thurgood jenkins & get rid of fitch (forever)


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