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Thursday, 08/01/2013, 03:43 pm

UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez Skips Final Leg of UFC World Tour 2013 in Rio de Janeiro


| News has broken that UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez has skipped out on the final leg of the UFC Word Tour 2013, which closes out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  on Friday.

The opening leg of the tour ran all the way across the US, hitting major cities like LA, San Jose, New York, and Houston. Velasquez’s upcoming opponent, Brazilian Junior Dos Santos, accompanied him the entire way but it looks like Cain is not going to return the favor when the tour heads to Junior’s home country of Brazil to close the tour. first reported Cain’s decision to pass on the final stop of the tour and several sources have since confirmed the news. Velasquez’s camp explained that he will not be making the trip to Brazil but also stated that he was never intending to go, even though the UFC was announcing that he was.

“He’s never been sceduled to go,” Heidi Seibert, a rep for Velasquez’s camp, told MMA Junkie. “This isn’t anything new. There’s many reasons why he isn’t going.”

Some sources are citing security reasons for the Champs absence in the ending phase of the media tour although other American fighters, including Phil Davis, who is currently in Brazil to fight Lyoto Machida this weekend, have stated that they don’t feel that its a hostile environment.

“To each his own,” Davis said. “If he felt that need was there for him – I’m not Cain Velasquez, I’m just a lowly Phil Davis. So it’s hard to say exactly what dangers exist for him. But I haven’t felt imminent danger in this city. But again, everything is relative.”

Cain Velasquez is scheduled to defend his title against Junior Dos Santos in a highly anticipated trilogy fight in October for UFC 166 in Houston, Texas.

What do the fans here at think about this news? Is Velasquez being unfair or disrespectful toward the UFC and JDS for skipping his assumed responsibilities or is this just being blown out of proportion. Let’s hear some opinion, fight fans.

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0 Responses to “UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez Skips Final Leg of UFC World Tour 2013 in Rio de Janeiro”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Not exactly fair towards JDS. I guess Cain’s beginning to develop diva tendencies.

    • stfu says:

      Wow.. “Diva” tendencies?? Tell me, in all the time he has held the belt.. What has he really done that has made him a “diva”… You have no idea if he has had death threats (like serious ones.. Maybe he had other obligations.. Maybe a family issue. Maybe he was just tires.. Why don’t you think before jumping to conclusions.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        JDS made the trip to the states. He did his part and now Cain is not doing his part.

      • Eric says:

        LoL @ you.

        Closing out your brackets helps as well…. but… maybe… you… can use… so many… periods… that… you.. look.. confused…

        He needs to pull the plug on his vagina and let all that sand fall out. Even Chael Sonnen went to Brazil after everything he said.

        Oh wait, am I ‘jumping to conclusions’?

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Sounds pretty chicken shit. Doesn’t sound like something a Chicano would do. Diva shit indeed Dutchman, for doing this they should make the fight in Brazil.

    • Another Brazillian Nuthugger says:

      Why don’t they just put all the articles in Portuguese for the Silva, jds, machida, Brazil nuthuggers that call this site home. I TOTALLY understand why he didn’t go there. The ufc fan base is about as biased towards all Brazilian fighters, just like 90% of the people on this site. I am sorry, but whenever there is anyone NOT BRAZILIAN (Mainly form the US), the crowd just heckles and boo’s, no matter who it is.

      See, here in the United States, we just cheer the fighter we enjoy to watch fighting, not because of what country they are from. During Silva’s fight, there are wayyyy more cheers for Silva than if he were fighting an American, but NOT ONE TIME have I heard the Brazilian crown EVER cheer an American fighter in Brazil if he is fighting someone from their native country, or even if he’s fighting someone from another country, like Canada. They have a dislike towards American fighters, and especially now, after we De-throned their GREAT Andy…. Go Cain.. Do whatever you want.. you are the champ..

      Wait a minute.. I’ve heard that soo many times before.. oh yeah, when Andy was champ, and he did something that other people didn’t agree with, they would always say “he’s the champ, he can do whatever he wants”.. But now, when cain decides to bail on a country that’s known for violence and their hatred towards people who beat up their hero’s.. HE’S A MONSTER.. WHAT A TERRIBLE GUY!!!.. Fuck off. Cain is a great champ and so was JDS. Cain’s never done anything to disgrace the ufc in any way, so chill with the biased, fanboy bullshit..

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        That is such a load of CRAP! Whenever it’s an event in the states and an American fighter is fighting a fighter with another nationality the American part of the crowd is always chanting USA! USA! USA!.
        So No it doesn’t happen more in Brazil.

  3. A. Chung says:

    Cain is a great fight but he is acting like a pussy.

  4. B-rabbity says:

    Its a fighters right to refuse a fight and if he said “No” a long time ago, then why should there be any hate on him turning it down? *sigh* the internet… As Davis said, to each his own. Cain will have his reasons.

  5. maddkillah says:

    well, its not like cain & JDS are best buddies so doesn’t really matter..for all we know, dana told him not to go to create more hype in the match..this is all BS and most people fell for it..

  6. Ddddddddd says:

    I think it’s a little unfair. If you don’t have media obligations to tend to you can train more. When Diaz didn’t show everyone sh!t their pants. I think it should be your duty to promote the fight not just for the fighters but also the organization.

  7. 123 says:

    true but JDS is liked everywhere, i guarantee Velasquez is hated in brazil.. if i was him i wouldn’t go either.

  8. Again.. says:

    This is pretty shitty he was not going to get killed. What ever Cain is annoying to watch when he fights, at least he’s using a little bit of striking he was like watching a hump contest… JDS end this guys boring career.

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