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Tuesday, 11/13/2012, 10:08 am

UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos Signs Deal with Nike | UFC NEWS


Nike has added a third UFC champion to their stable as they have recently signed heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos to an endorsement deal. UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones are the two other UFC fighters who have preceded him.

In a report posted on Brazilian website SporTV Nike and Dos Santos came to terms on a deal which unlike Jones is not global, but will primarily be promoted in his home country of Brazil.

Dos Santos is preparing to defend his title for the second time against the man he won it from a year ago, Cain Velasquez. The two will meet in the main event of UFC 155 in Las Vegas on December 29. In his first title defense Dos Santos defeated former champion Frank Mir via 2nd round TKO at UFC 146 this past May.

Dos Santos and Velasquez met in November of last year on the historic first card televised on the Fox Network. Their bout was the only televised fight of the night and it took Dos Santos just 64 seconds to hand Velasquez his first career loss.

JDS is 9-0 in the UFC with 6 wins by knockout. He has defeated Shane Carwin, Fabricio Werdum, Mirko Cro Cop and Stefan Struve among others.


8 Responses to “UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos Signs Deal with Nike | UFC NEWS”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    What’s going to happen to that deal when Cain turns him into mince meat?

  2. Dana Is Greedy says:

    Congrats to JDS..His timing is good considering the Cain fight is around the corner Nike won’t be able to take his contract back regardless of outcome…

  3. Quinn says:

    Couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy! Congrats Cigano!

  4. Xaninho says:

    JDS knows…

    Cain can’t win this. He doesn’t have the tools to beat JDS.

  5. scotty says:

    This is the same deal Anderson Silva started off with when he was first signed by Nike.. He beats Cain and maybe another title fight, possibly turn into a global account like Jones and Silva.. Looks like Nike is going after Champs in the UFC.. Wouldnt be surprised if Jose Aldo beats Edgar he gets a Brazilian Nike sponsorship as well.. Nike would probably go after GSP if he wasnt under Under Armor.. Just good to see Nike giving big sponsorship away in MMA!

  6. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    No fighter deserves a Nike deal more than JDS. JDS is the complete opposite of Jon Jones. JDS doesn’t act or treat anyone any different than when he had nothing. NOONE is a better representative of MMA than JDS. I pray that Cains $10 Brown Pride tattoo makes him exempt from ever representing Nike. I mean is that any differnt than some white dude having “white Pride” tattooed on his chest. Sorry i think cain is a racist against White people. All i know is he should have at least waited until he could afford more than $5 it cost for stencils and spray paint from walmart to have one of his compodres put that cheap ass billboard size tattoo on his chest. I see 1000 times better art driving thru city everyday on side of dumpsters.

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